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Policies and Procedures

Marie Wange-Connelly Interim Reserve Librarian
Office phone: 8-3231
Lorie Cerbone Library Supervisor/Automated Unit
Office phone: 8-3224

The Reserve Department encourages faculty, departmental staff, and students, to use the Reserve Services to ensure the availability of required course readings and broaden the scope of course study through supplemental material. Only material intended for use in a registered course or completion of departmental requirements may be placed on reserve by an authorized individual. This could include books, journal articles, lecture notes, magazines, newspapers, computer disks, and video material. The Reserve Department does not offer facilities for the support of video material or computer disks and does not have the ability to monitor defects. Please note that exams, tests, sample papers, and problem sets may not be placed on reserve because of their sensitive nature.

To ensure that items designated for course reserve are processed in time for the start of classes, we encourage you to submit the entire reserve lists to the Reserve Department of Firestone Library by the deadline date: August 1 for Fall semester and December 15 for Spring semester. Exceptions to the guarantee would be book orders (see below), items that must be recalled from borrowers, and missing books. Reserve lists submitted after the deadline dates will be processed in the order in which it is received to ensure fair treatment for all courses. All reserve materials should be submitted to the Reserve Office, not at the Reserve front desk, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., or through campus mail. The department is not responsible for any material sent through campus mail or submitted after 5:00 p.m. In the event that a deadline falls on a weekend, the Reserve Department will accept course reserve submissions until 5:00 p.m. on the Monday immediately following.

How to Submit Reserve Requests

The Online Reserve Request Service (ORRS)

The Online Reserve Request Service (ORRS) enables requests for books, articles, and packets to be submitted online through Netscape or other compatible browsers. The service is accessed through the Reserve website a or you can find us on the Library’s homepage under Collections & Departments. In order to encourage faculty and staff to take advantage of the online service, we have included instructions and an easy to use tutorial for practice on the ORRS website. The ORRS is designed to store course reserve lists, so that after the first time submission, the list only has to be approved online each semester. We recommend saving the course list to disk or printing it out if major additions or deletions are made. As with the pink slips, accurate and complete information for online reserve requests allows us to locate and process materials more efficiently. If you have any questions about the online service, Reserve staff can be contacted by phone, email, or you can stop by the Reserve Office. We also offer individual and group training for departmental staff and faculty. Contact the Librarian or Library Supervisor to arrange for training. When you are ready to submit the formal requests, please email to request your departmental password for using the online service.

Pink Reserve Request Forms

New lists or additions to existing lists must be submitted using the pink reserve request forms available from the departmental secretaries or the Reserve Office. A pink request form can be used for any type of material, including monographs, journal articles, course packets, lecture notes, diskettes, etc. To ensure that your request is properly processed with no delays, please fill out all information on the reserve request form. The fourth part of the form can be kept for your records. Please type or clearly write each request, and for holdings in the Firestone Library Catalogs use the entries for author, title, and call number. For help in locating the correct call number or verification of a title, call the Reserve Office or Reference Desk (x3180). Fill in course abbreviation/number, professor's name, semester, and expected or current enrollment in the designated spaces. Check off required, optional, or required for purchase so that the material loan type and location will be processed correctly.

Required = closed 3hr reserve / circulates for 3 hours at a time and overnight after 9:00 p.m. / 1 copy per 15 students.
Optional = open 24hr reserve / circulates for a 24-hour period / 1 copy total.
Required for purchase = closed 3hr reserve / Available at U-store / number of copies is tailored to students' needs - usually 1 copy per 30 students.

Private Copies/Photocopies/Course Packets

Uncataloged items, including personal copies and photocopies of articles, will be located in closed reserve on a shelf under the name and number of the course. Photocopies will be considered the professor's private copies and will be returned to the department via campus mail at the end of the semester. Please note that personal copies of books will be processed for circulation requiring labels and a barcode to be attached to the material.

Copyright law allows the library to photocopy only one copy of an article or one chapter from a book. Any additional copies or longer photocopying will have to be provided by the department. For assistance with the Copyright Law, please refer to Princeton University's Policy on Copying (available from the Reserve Librarian) or contact the Office of General Counsel (x2500).

To request a journal article, fill in the author and title of the article on the request form and the journal title, volume, and page numbers immediately below. Generally, the journal volume itself will not be placed on reserve because this restricts its accessibility. Please note if an entire issue of a journal is needed and a copy will be ordered if available. If not available, a photocopy may be provided by the department in compliance with the Copyright Law.

Course Packets will be processed in the same manner as photocopied material, and one copy per fifteen students can be submitted. The Library will not purchase packets or photocopy material for a course packet. Any large amount of photocopied material should be submitted bound or in an acceptable binder. A limited number of spring binders are available from Reserve on a first come first served basis.

Book Orders

The Reserve Librarian maintains a book fund for the purchase of books to be used for course reserves and only requests made through the outlined procedures will be processed. Please be aware that any book which must be ordered can take up to two months or longer to be acquired. Therefore, new titles or increased enrollments should be brought to the attention of the Reserve Department as early as possible. In some cases, we will try to acquire books from the U-store if needed quickly; however, the normal ordering procedure is through the Library's Order Division. Whenever requesting new titles provide author, title, ISBN number, publisher, publishing date, and edition. Any other bibliographic information is always appreciated. The Reserve Department will report any problems with book orders, such as out-of-stock or out-of-print, as soon as possible so that other arrangements may be made. Books that are missing from the shelves are searched a number of times before ordering and may take additional time to be received.

Please contact Reserve Office if at anytime you have questions or a problem. We are committed to serving your library needs and will do our best to make available the reserve materials needed by your students.

rev. 6/25/02