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ORRS Online Reserve Request Service

See also: ORRS Main Page
Table of Contents


  1. What is ORRS?
  2. Why ORRS/What does it save you?
  3. How to access ORRS?
Using ORRS
  1. Select a course.
  2. Main course page.
  3. Add/Edit the list of professors.
  4. Change/Add enrollment figures.
  5. View/Add/Edit books, coursepacks, journal articles, book chapters, and other items.
  6. Approve a course for processing.


1. What is ORRS?

The Online Reserve Request Service enables reserve requests to be submitted to the Reserve Department online through Netscape or other compatible browsers. The web pages are self-explanatory with easy to follow instructions. We encourage you to first read this document and then try the tutorial version. When you are ready to submit the formal request(s), please email, or call 8-3224 to request the user id and password for using ORRS.
2. Why ORRS/What does it save you?
After the initial phase, the ORRS database will contain most of the information pertaining to a course's reserve list. After the initial submission, the course information can be retrieved, edited, and resubmitted for processing. It also increases the efficiency of the Reserve Department by providing a well sorted and structured database of request information, from which various useful reports can be tailored and run.
3. How to access ORRS.
You may access ORRS from the Reserve Department's homepage or go directly to the ORRS main page.

Using ORRS

User ID and password are required to use ORRS. Please call 8-3224 or email to request the user ID and password for your department.

1. Select a course.

Select either Fall or Spring semester by clicking on the appropriate circle. Open the department lists by clicking on the button on the right of the box and highlight your department. Enter the course number if you know it. Click on the send button. If you entered a course number you will go directly to the course's main page. Otherwise, a list of all the department's courses will be listed for you.
2. Menu for the course page.
After you've selected a course, a course page will show up. The course number and title will be displayed. If a professor has been added and the enrollment figure has been given, they will be displayed as well. See example below:
History 207: History of East Asia to 1800.
Enrollment: 23
Peterson, Willard J, East Asian Studies, 209 Jones Hall, 609-258-5267,
REMOVE instructor
  • Change information on professor, click on the professor's name above.
  • Add professor.
  • Change or Add class enrollment (an exact number or good estimate is required).
  • Review course list.
  • Approve course list.
  • Add a different course.

3. Add/Edit the list of professors teaching the course.

Add professors:

Click on "ADD Professor," you'll be prompted to enter in the last name of a professor. Type in the professor's last name and click on "Submit." The database will be searched and a list of professors with that last name will be provided. Click on the name you want to add. If you do not find the name you want on the list, click on "Add" new professor and a form will be provided. Please fill out the form and click on "Submit." It takes 24 hours for us to add the professor's name to the ORRS database. We will send you an email message when it has been added.

Edit information on a professor:

In the course's main page, simply click on the name of the professor whose information you want to change. A form will come up which will allow you to make changes. Once you have edited the information click on "Send" to submit the changes.

Delete a professor from the list:

Clicking on "Remove" professor will remove the professor's name from the course.

Submit changes:

It is important after making any changes to click the submit button for these changes to be reflected in our database. Clicking on "Return to the Course Page" will avoid sumitting changes.

4. Change or add enrollment figures.

Course enrollment is required. Please provide an estimate if final enrollment figure is unavailable. You may click on "Change or Add" class enrollment to view and update the enrollment figure.

5. View/Add/Edit books, coursepacks, journal articles, book chapters, and other items.

You may add reserve items to book/coursepacks, journal articles/book chapters, or other items. For now, the category for "Other Items" is only for the Electronic Course Reserve Pilot Project.


At the main course page, click on "Review Course List." This will bring up a tabulated list of the items on reserve for that course from past semesters, if they had been previously submitted via ORRS. You may make changes and resubmit. If nothing has been previously submitted online, then the list will be empty. You need to add items to create the list.


To add items to your list, click on "Add Additional Books." Enter the first few words of the title or the last name of the author to search the ORRS database to see if we already have the item listed. This will save you the trouble of filling out a form with all the details. A list of matches to your search will be presented. Click on the circle you require and select the correct use category, and then click the submit button. The item will automatically be added to your course list. If you are not able to find the item you want, click on "Enter New Information." A form will be provided. Fill out the form and select the correct use category before submitting.


Clicking on the title you want to edit will bring up the current information on the item. You may change the use category or delete the item by clicking the circle next to "Change Use Category" or "Delete Item," and then click on "Submit." The information will be updated automatically. If you want to change the bibliographic information, click on the circle next to "Change Bibliographic Information" and then make the changes. After you submit the changes, it will take 24 hours for the Reserve staff to update the bibliographic information for you.

Clicking on the "Return to the Course List Page" or "Return to the Course Page" will take you to those pages without sending the corrections.

6. Approve a course for processing.
You have to approve the course before we can process it. When you are ready to submit the list, click on "Approve the Course List." It can be found in the main course page and the course list page. You can make changes as many times as you want and approve them as many times as you want and we'll be notified. However, we would like you to make your changes in bulk to make our work easier. Remember to make sure that you've satisfied all the requirements listed on the approval page. Also, your name is required for submitting. The final step is to click on "Approve the Course List" again at the bottom of the page. "The above course has been updated and approved" will show up if the course has been submitted correctly.

If you decide to work on another course, you may click on "Return to the Course Page." It will take you to the first page of the process.

Thank you very much for trying out our Online Reserve Request Service.