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2005 Fall Term Electronic Course Reserves

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Course Title
AAS 311 An Introduction to Black Women's Studies Rooks, Noliwe
AMS 201 American Places: An Introduction to American Studies Tritter, Thorin
AMS 321 History on Film Bernard, Shelia
ANT 201 Introduction to Anthropology Borneman, John
ANT 301 Ethnographer's Craft Lederman, Rena
ANT 306 Current Issues In Anthropology: Narrative and Remembrance in the Analysis of Culture Robert, Christophe
ANT 343 Magic and Power in Modernity Clark-Deces, Isabelle
ANT 406 Theoretical Orientations in Cultural Anthropology: Politics of Human Rights Robert, Christophe
ANT 422 Nationalism and Gender in South Asia Visweswaran, Kamala
ANT 541 Topics in Anthropology: the Sense of State Greenhouse, Carol
APC 350 Introduction to Differential Equations Reznikoff, Maria
ART 219 Northern Renaissance Art Acres, Alfred J.
ART 242 The Expierence of Modernity da Costa Meyer, Esther
ART 248 The History of Photography McCauley, Anne
ART 312 The Arts of Medieval Europe Prado-Vilar, Fransico
ART 350 Chinese Cinema Silbergeld, Jerome
CEE 102 Engineering in the Modern World Billington, David
CHE 260 Engineering in the Real World: The Technology, The Markets, and The Common Good Benziger, Jay
CLA 219 The Roman Empire 31 B.C. - 337 A.D. Champlin, Edward
CLA 503 Survey of Selected Latin Literature: Roman Literary History Kaster, Robert
CLA 546 The Age of Marius and Sulla Flower, Harriet
COM 349 Texts and Images of the Holocaust Zeitlin, Froma
COM 500 Comparative Literature Graduate Teaching Seminar Nazarian, Cythnia
EAS 232 Introduction to Chinese Literature Kern, Martin
EAS 413 Japan and the World Togo, Kazuhiko
ECO 100 Introduction to Microeconomics Uwe Reinhardt
ECO 324 Law and Economics Leonard, Thomas
ECO 341 Public Finance Rosen, Harvey
ECO 353 International Monetary Economics Kenen, Peter
ECO 379 The Chinese Economy Chow, Gregory
ECO 461 Trading and Securities Baruch, Shmuel
ECO s500 Mathematics for Economics Williams, Noah
ECO 503 Microenomics Theory Williams, Noah
ECO 513 Advanced Econometrics: Time Series Models Sims, Christopher
ECO 521 Macroeconomics I Reis, Ricardo
ECO 525 Financial Economics I Scheinkman, Jose A.
ECO 531 Economics of Labor Rouse, Carolyn
ECO 551 International Trade I Grossman, Gene
ECO 553 International Monetary Theory and Policy I Ray, Helene
ECO 562 Topics in Development Deaton, Angus
ECO 571 Survey of Population Problems Espenshade, Thomas / Tienda, Marta
ECO 577 Lab Experiments in Economics and Politics Palfrey, Thomas R
ENG 300 Documentary Poetry Braddock, Jeremy
ENG 404 Forms of Literature: Shakespeare on Film Danson, Larry; Wood, Michael
FRS 105 Tragedy: The Example of Hamlet Roche Jr., Thomas
FRS 115 Cain and Abel Breidenthal, Thomas
FRS 117 Division in Red and Blue: Cultural Schisms in American Society Newman, Katherine
FRS 121 E. Pluribus Plures or E. Pluribus Unum? Hispanics and the American Future Tienda, Marta
FRS 129 Screening the Ethics of War Kiss, Erika
FRS 155 Elements of Life Stiefel, Edward
FRS 161 Economics of Environmental Protection Brunnermeirer Smita
FRS 163 German Experssionist Architecture de Costa Meyer, Esther
FRS 173 Dying for God: Origins of Martydom Shaw, Brent
HIS 384 Gender in America: Colonial, Revolutionary and Victorian Society Stansell, Christine
HIS 398 Technologies and Their Societies: Historical Perspectives Mahoney, Michael
HIS 400jj Daily Life in Historical Perspective Weissman-Joselit, Jenna
HIS 479 Society, Politics & Ideas in 1980's America Rodgers, Dan
HIS 513 The World and the West , 1300-2000 Tignor, Robert; Adelman, Jeremy
HIS 555 Books and Society: France & England Darnton, Robert
HIS 587 Readings in Early American History Morgan, Philip
HUM 216 From Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Literature and the Arts Rosen, Lawrence; Gallo, Ruben; Rabb, Theodore; Anderson, Sarah M.
JDS 301 Topics in Judaic Studies: Prejudice on Trial Diamond, James
LAS 401 Globalization and Development in Latin America Martin, Scott
LAS 436 Education, Inequalities and Political Violence Degregori, Carlos
LAT 333 Virgil's Aeneid Kaster, Robert
MAE 345 Robotics and Intelligence Systems Stengel, Robert
MAT 574 Topics in Ergodic Theory Lindenstrauss, Elon
NES 216 Love & Death from the Bible to Contemporary Israeli Fiction Diamond, James
NES 220 Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Middle Ages Cohen, Mark
NES 416 Nation State and Empire: the Ottoman, Romanov, and Hapsburg Experiences Reynolds, Michael
PHI 315 Philosophy of Mind Bennett, Karen
PHI 419 Seminar in Normative Ethics Appiah, Kwame A.
POL 210 Political Theory Pitts, Jennifer
POL 220 American Politics Trounstine, Jessica
POL 304 Conservative Political Thought Mueller, Jan-Werner
POL 320 Judical Politics Pitts, Jennifer
POL 325 The Presedency and Executive Power Lewis, David
POL 372 Political Economy of Western Europe Pontusson, James
POL 381 Theories of International Relations Gowa, Joanne S.
POL 388 Causes of War Bass, Gary
POL 397 National Security Lyall, Jason
POL 411 Seminar in Political Theory: Sexuality, Gender and Politics Jamieson, Kiki
POL 440 Seminar In International Relations: Self Determination Gardner, Anne Marie
POL 509 States, Citizens, and Violence in 20th Century Europe Mueller, Jan-Werner
POL 521 The Study of Comparative Politics Widner, Jennifer
POL 551 International Politics Christensen, Thomas
POL 576 Formal Political Analysis II Palfry, Thomas
POL JRS International Institutions Gowa, Joanne S.
POL JRW9 Cities and Instituitons Trounstine, Jessica
PSY 200 Research Participation Staff
PSY 237 Psychology and Philosophy of Rationality Shafir; Johnson Laird; Herman
PSY 307 Educational Psychology Wilder, Gita
REL 236 An Introduction to Islam Marmon, Shaun
REL 261 Christian Ethics and Modern Society Gregory, Eric
REL 328 Gender, Desire, and the Body: The Islamic Tradition Marmon, Shaun
REL 363 Perspectives on Religious Ethics Stout, Jeffrey L.
REL 371 Religious Radicals Raboteau, Albert
REL 504 Origins of Jewish Mysticism Kimmelfarb, Martha
SOC 201 American Society and Politics Starr, Paul
SOC 300 Claims and Evidence Adams, Laura
SOC 514 Stratification and Inequality Western, Bruce
SPA 207 Studies in Spanish Language & Style Iversen, Reem
SPA 319 Topics in Hispanic Cinema Brancos, Antonio Monegal
SPA 350 Topics in Latin American Studies: Globalization Nouzeilles, Maria
SPA 543 Seminar in Modern Spanish Literature Surtz, Ronald
SPA 547 Narrative Prose in Latin America: La Ficcion Paranoica Piglia, Ricardo
SPA 548 The Sixites in Latin America Nouzeilles, Maria
SPA 583 Seminar in Literary Theory Nouzeilles, Maria
TPP 301 Junior Seminar in Literary Theory Kent, Todd
TPP 401 Senior Seminar on Learning and Teaching Klugman, Jason
WOM 323 Austen, Bronte, Eliot: Abandoning the Marriage Plot Nord, Deborah
WRI 120 The Meaning of Home Wilkins, Amy
WRI 133 Small World Fisk, Gloria
WRI 144/145 Community Building and Social Change Watterson, Nancy
WRI 148/149 Shakespeare on Love Cutts, David
WRI 154/155 Religion, Ritual and Symbol Fabian, Stephen
WRI 156 Witches and Witchcraft Johnson, Hannah
WRI 164 Treason Mirante, Rand
WRI 168 Genes and Human Behavior Meyer, Christine
WRI 187 The Politics of Friendship Shuster, Amy
WWS 307 Economics and Public Policy Bogan, Elizabeth
WWS 321 Theory and Practice of International Diplomacy Danspeckgruber, Wolfgang
WWS 324 Education Policy Scovronick, Nate
WWS 401d Promoting Change Agents in Conflicts Prone Transitions Barton, Frederick
WWS 401e Child Health in Developing Countries with a Focuc on South Africa Le Roux, Ingrid
WWS 401g Inequality and Incarceration Pouncy, Hillard
WWS 401h Housing Crisis and the Role of the States Kinsey, David
WWS 401i The Chechen Wars Lyall, Jason
WWS 457 International Instituitons and International Law Keohane, Roibert
WWS 459 Democratization and Decentralization in Latin America Fernandes, Sujatha
WWS 460 History of Financial Crises James, Harold
WWS 475 Global Environment Issues Mauzerall, Denise
WWS 483 Bioethics and Public Policy Shapiro, Harold
WWS 501 Politics of Public Policy Canes-Wrone, Bradice; Hutchings Robert; Lewis, David
WWS 503 Management of Organizations Blumenthal, Barbara
WWS 504 Policy Issues and Analysis of Nonprofits, NGO's Katz, Stanley
WWS 507b Quantitative Analysis Oppenheim, Giovanni
WWS 515b Program Evaluation Grossman, Gene
WWS 515c Program Evaluation Quantitative C Track Peikes, Deborah
WWS 521 Domestic Politics Arnold, Douglas
WWS 524 Advanced Macroeconomics: Domestic Policy Issues Reis, Ricardo
WWS 525 Mircoeconomic Analysis of Government Activity Sheshinski, Eytan
WWS 527c Urban Economic Development Shorris, Anthony
WWS 527f Domestic Policy Analysis: Public Analysis: Public Management: Tools for the Common Enterprise Goldmark, Peter
WWS 541 International Politics Ikenberry, John
WWS 544 International Macroeconomics Rey, Helene
WWS 549 National Security Policy Freidberg, Aaron
WWS 555b International Justice Bass, Gary
WWS 561 Comparative Political Economy Yashar, Deborah
WWS 571a Development Policy in Africa Widner, Jennifer
WWS 581c Poverty, Inequality, and Heath in the World Deaton, Angus
WWS 591b Policing and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Peake, Gordon
WWS 591c Managing Mineral Resources in Fragile States Ballentine, Karen
WWS 591d Reintegrating Youth and Ex-Combatants Colleta, Natalie
WWS 591e Policy Workshop Temporary Workers Tienda, Marta
WWS 591f Stemming Proliferation of Enrichment and Reprocessing Plants von Hippel, Frank; Einhorn, R.
WWS 593i Policy Workshop: Evaluating a Rights-based Approach for Universal Primary Education Flaherty, Martin
WWS 593a Race and Public Policy Clampet-Lundquist, Susan
WWS 593b Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights Trussell, James
WWS 593c Policy Analysis: Reforming the United Nations Klein, Jacques
WWS 593d Policy Analysis: Humanitarian Crisis Management Klein, Jacques
WWS 593i Federal Budget Klumpner, James
WWS 597 Political Economy of Health System Reinhardt, Uwe
WWS 599 Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity Armstrong, Elizabeth; Shapiro, Harold


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