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Photoduplication Orders and Payment

Orders must be prepaid by check or money order in U. S. currency made payable to the Princeton University Library. Be sure to include all postage and handling charges. The Department keeps all negatives. Color transparencies are rented only and remain the property of the Princeton University Library.  

Publication/Broadcast Fees

In addition to the cost of photoduplication, there are publication and reproduction fees for one-time, non-exclusive use of items in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. One-time use means photomechanical, film, electronic or any other reproduction of an image or text in a specific work, presented in a single edition or medium either for commercial or non-commercial (including academic) purposes. Subsequent uses such as a paperback reprint or electronic edition will require written permission and additional fees. Fees must be paid prior to publication, transmission or other forms of reproduction. Discounts may be offered for permissions granted in quantity. Requests for permission to reproduce will be accepted in writing only. Permission for one-time, non-exclusive reproduction should be requested from the Associate University Librarian for Rare Books and Special Collections, 1 Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544  

Copyright and Credit Statement

The reproduction must be accompanied by a credit line for the Princeton University Library. The text of the credit statement will vary with the item reproduced, the medium, and the departmental unit in which the materials are found. Specific wording may be required with certain materials. Please bear in mind that in most cases Princeton University only owns the physical item and therefore does not assume any responsibility for copyright or any other legal issues involved in the publication and reproduction of items in its collections. In the case of both textual and visual materials (including photographs and works of art), it is the responsibility of the user to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder.  


For your information, our charges are:  
$15.75          5x7 inch glossy print
$18.00          8x10 inch glossy print
$23.25          11x14 inch glossy print
$ 8.50           35 mm color slide
$52.50          3-month rental of 4x5 inch color transparency [$25/mo for each additional month)
Postage and handling: Prices for the Woodrow Wilson series only   

$6      1-5 prints  
$10     6-10 prints  
$12     11-15 prints  
$14     16-20 prints  
$16     21-25 prints  
$18     26-30 prints
For all other series postage and handling costs vary. In addition there may be additional Special Handing, Search, Custom Processing and / or Rush fees charged.

If questions, email the Department's Photoduplication Assistant at
Posted July 1998