Receipt for Poll Tax.
GD 7615 (=P. Princeton II 43), 141 AD


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Background and Physical Properties

Publ./Side: Recto
Material: Papyrus
Items: 1
Size: 9.5 x 34.0 cm.
Lines: (i) 5 lines (ii) 5 lines (iii) 5 lines
Negative: Transparency
Conservation Status:
Status: Published

Date: 141 AD
Provenance: ArsinoŽ
Acquisition: GD 7615. Gift of Robert Garrett, 1942
Language: Greek
Genre: Documentary
Author: Unknown
Type of Text/Title of Work: Receipt
Content: Receipt for Poll Tax
Information on Publications

First edition:
Series and volume:
Published: E. H. Kase, Papyri in the Princeton University Collections II (1936); P. J. Sijpesteijn, "Corrections on Some Princeton Papyri," ZPE 68 (1987): 143-148