Tax Roll from Philadelphia, columns v-ix
AM 8954 (= SB V 7621), 310 -324 AD

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Background and Physical Properties

Publ./Side: recto
Material: Papyrus
Items: 1 of 6 pieces
Size: 32.8 x 72 cm
Lines: (v) 15 lines (vi) 22 lines (vii) 12 lines (viii) 21 lines (ix) 12 lines
Negative: Transparency
Conservation Status: Broken both sides.
Status: Published

Date: 310-324 A.D.
Provenance: Philadelphia
Acquisition: AM 8954
Language: Greek.
Genre: Documentary
Author: Unknown
Type of Text/Title of Work: Tax register
Content: Granary receipts, receipts to cover transport dues. Several columns contain receipts for money payments. Half the granary receipts are written by Aurelios Alypios [cols. (vi), (vii), (viii)]; the remainder are by an unknown scribe [cols. (v), (viii), (ix). Tax payments are made for wheat, barley, primipilon, ploion thalassion. All payments in the roll are in the name of Thaeis, daughter of Sarbas, and Harpokration the veteran.
Information on Publications
First Edition
Monograph: A Papyrus Roll in the Princeton University Collection
Author: Kase, E.H.
Year: 1933
Photo: No
Second Edition
Series and volume: Archiv 30
Editor: Bagnall, R. S. Worp K. A.
Year: 1984
Pg/Nr: 53-82.
Photo: No