Isocrates, Trapeziticus §44-§48
P.Princeton inv. AM 4097 (= P.Oxy. IX 1183)


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Background and Physical Properties

Publ./Side: Recto.
Material: Papyrus
Items: 1.
Size: 27 x 18 cm
Lines: (i) 24 lines (ii) 29 lines (iii) 30 lines
Negative: Transparency
Conservation Status: Full height of text preserved. Broken off on both sides.
Status: Published

Date: Late I A.D.
Provenance: Oxyrhynchus, Oxyrhynchite nome, province of Egypt.
Acquisition: AM 4097
Language: Greek.
Genre: Literary.
Author: Isocrates
Type of Text/Title of Work: Trapeziticus
Content: §44-§48
Information on Publications

First edition
Series and volume: The Oxyrhynchus Papyri IX
Editor: Hunt, A. S.
Year: 1912
Pg/Nr: 1183
Photo: No