Census Roll
AM 8918 (= P.Princeton III 123), early I c. AD

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Background and Physical Properties
Publ./Side: recto and verso
Material: Papyrus
Items: 1
Size: 27.9 x 23.7 cm
Lines: (i) 37 lines (ii) 35 lines (iii) 30 lines
Negative: Transparency
Conservation Status: Broken on bottom and both sides. Parts of an upper margin remain.
Status: Published
Date: Early I A.D.
Provenance: Philadelphia (?)
Acquisition: AM 8918
Language: Greek.
Genre: Documentary
Author: Unknown
Type of Text/Title of Work: Census List
Content: List prepared by the officials preparing the census, giving the name of the taxpayer, the names of his parents and his age.
Information on Publications
First Edition
Series and volume: Papyri in the Princeton University Collections II
Editor: Kase, E.H.
Year: 1936
Pg/Nr: 15
Photo: No