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"My name is ANTONIO SOLARO. I am an Italian journalist, born in Alexandria (Egypt) in 1927. My father was Italian and my mother Greek.

I am based in Rome from 1966 as a correspondent of the Greek daily AVGHI.

During the "colonels" dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974), I published a news bulletin in Italian, called 11 La Voce della Greciall and collaborated at the publication of the Greek weekly "ELEFTHERI ELLADA" [= Eleuthere Hellada) together with other Greek journalists exiled in Italy; I also participated at the propaganda activity against the "colonels" regime in various Greek publications abroad, as well as in other Italian publications, mainly in the communist newspaper LI UNITAI, where I worked till 1983.

During those years I received many printed materials frqm Italy and abroad and also information, letters and messages from Greece ... My address is: ANTONIO SOLARO  VIA DELGI ORTI GIANICOLENSI, 5 00152 ROME (Italy)"

-in a letter from Rome, 1/20/95

  BOX 1  Folders
1 Communist Parties of Greece  6
2 Greek Communist Party  3
3 Antidictatorial Patriotic Front  2
4 Dictatorship Propaganda Booklets  2
5 "Eleuthere Helladall of Rome, Letters to  4
6 Antiaictatorial Greek Documents from Abroad, Miscellaneous 3
7 7 Greek Communist Party of the Interior  5
8 8 Colonel's Regime, Documents  5
9 9 Theodorakis Mikis - Documents from and about the composer 1
10 10 Resistance and Prisons in Greece - Messages, Documents, Information 5
  BOX 2   
1 Italy - Antidictatorial Activity  5
2 EDA (Heniaia Demokratike Aristera)  2
3 Antidictatorial Documents from Abroad- Miscellaneous 5
4 Dictatorship's Propaganda Booklets 1 1
5 Center Union and Greek Socialist Party Documents  4
6 Greek Communist Party of the Interior, Documents in Greek 4
7 Miscellaneous  3
  BOX 3   
1 Greek Leftist Publications Abroad, Miscellaneous 4
2 Panspoudastike  1
  BOX 4  Number of Issues
1 Eleutheros Nautergates  9
2 Spitha  4
3 Agonistes  6
4 Courrier de la Resistance Grecque  4
5 Antistase  5
6 Agonas  27
7 Demokratia  43
8 Grecia  38
9 Bulletin d'Information (Comit6 Suisse)  28
10 Delto Plerophorion  16
11 Heridanos  5
12 He Kolophotia  4
  BOX 5  
13 Poreia  24
14 The Greek Gazette  11
15 Nea Epoche  15
16 L'Autre Gr6ce  14
17 Greek Report  15
18 Information- from Greece on Greece  5
19 Quaderni Della Resistenza Greca  5
20 Machetes  16
21 Noticie Dalla Grecia  87
  BOX 6  Number of Issues
22 La Voce Della Grecia  148
23 Hellenikos Tachydromos  3
24 Nea Demokratia  5
25 Greek News Agency  42
26 Rizospastes  34
27 Hodegetes  8
28 Auge  46
29 Rizospastes- Machetes  47
30 Bulletin D'Information  21
31 Miscellaneous  



Additional papers, etc

  A Roman Observatory Of Greek Politics: 1967-74

 File: Antonio Solaro File Nr. 1
1. Original Document By The Military Authorities On The Punishment Of A Student Condemned By Military Court.
2. Italian Fascists' Leaflets Supporting The Greek Military Regime
3. Original List Of Books Forbidden By The Regime 
4. The Front Page Of The Regime's Newspaper "Elefth Eros Kosmos' (1 0. 1 9.1967)
File Nr.2
5. Data About Political Prisoners
6. Letter Of An Officer On Torture In The Army
7. Letter Of A Greek Parliamentarian To The European Council About The Situation Of Imprisoned Greek Women
8. Memorandum Of Greek Political Prisoners To the European Council
9. Message From Political Prisoners About Torture
10. Greek Political Prisoner Disappears Message
11. Booklet: Le Livre Blanc Des Prisonniers Politiques Grecs - Edited By Comite Suisse Pour Le Retablissement De La Democratie En Grece.

File Nr.3
12. Photocopy Of Underground Students' Newspaper- January 1973
13. Message Of Ernesto Che Guevara Published By The Left Youth Organization "Righas Ferraios"
14. Two Copies Of "E Ghenia Mas" Published By The Left Youth Organization "Lambrakis"
15. A Report On The Situation In High Schools Published By The Athens Newspaper "To Vima" With A Commentary By The "Greek Socialists Movement"
16. Two Statements By The Student Movement Date Athens, 1968, But Written And Published Probably In Italy.
17. The Statute Of The Left-Wing Youth Organization "Lambrakis" Reprinted Abroad In 1970
18. A Statement By "Righas Ferraios".
19. Letters From Greece.
20. A Letter From Athens (1.1 1,1969)
21. Statement By The Students Union Central Committee Dated Athens, February 8,1969
22, A Communiqu@ By The Athens Committee Of "Dimokratiki Amyna-, November 1968.

File Nr. 4
23. From The Report Of Mr. Van Der Stool To The European Council - May 1968. 24. Grece 1968 - Rapport De Me Denis Langlois, Avocat A La Cour De Paris, Observateur Judiciaire De La Federation Internationale Des Droits De L'homme.
25. Report Of Recent Visit By Mr. Paul Rose To Greece - 25th June, 1968.
26. League For Democracy In Greece (Uk) : Human Rights Violated In Greece (Leaflet).
27. Press Releases By The Commission Internationale De Juristes. 
28. Document In French Language Published By International Organisations Of Solidarity With Greek Democrats
29. Leaflet On George Papandreou's Funeral In Athens.

File Nr. 5
30. Two Letters Of The Archbishop Ieronymos Published In The Athens Weekly "Tachydromos" (1.11,1974). Satement By Helen Vlachos Before The Subcommittee On European Affairs Of The American Congress.
31. Article By Helen Vlachos In The New York Times, October 15,1971.

File Nr.6
32. Statements And Other Documents On The Collaboration Between Pam & Pak After The Meeting In Rome Of Andreas Papandreu With Antonis Brillakis
33. Interview By Andreas Papandreu At Stockholm.
34. Press Release On Andreas Papandreou Speech At Montreal.
35. Speech By Andreas Papandreou At The European Communities Congress - Nice June 17, 1972.

File Nr. 7
36. The Last Lesson Of Prof. Georgios Mangakis At The Athens University
37. An Article By The Socialist Leader S.Someritis From Paris (1972)
38. Speech By Marcos Dragoumis At Munchen
39. An Article Of The Greek Writer Aris Fakinos (Paris, 1968).
40 A Letter From An Unknown Greek Woman And An Also Unknown American Woman To The Greek Weekly "Eleftheri Patrida", Published In Rome. (1968).

File Nr.8

41. Miscellaneous Leaflets Against The Military Regime 
File Nr. 9
42. Statement By Greek Anti-Fascist Students In Bologna (Italy).
43. Bulletin Du Comite De Pise Pour La Grece (Maiaout 1967).
44. Appeals By Italians And A Letter.
45. Bulletin Communiste International
46. Appeal: Les Grecs Democrates A L'etranger
47. Ligue Pour La Defense Des Colonels Diffames A Travers Le Monde - Le Cas Des Grecs -1968 (Booklet).
48. Bayerische Rundfunk - Auslaender Programm - Griechische Redaktion.
49. Statement By Eda Of Genes
50. Speech Of Vanghelis Sakkatos At A Meeting In Germany
51. Anonymous Booklet
52. Statement By "Groups Of Young Revolutionary Workers And Students Abroad
53. Statement By 4th International Condemning Russian Invasion In Czechoslovakia
54. Manos Markakis, "The 21st April Dictatorship And Its Prehistory, Published By 4th International (Abroad)
55. Under The Banner Of Socialism - Booklet Published In Paris, 1972
56. The Greek Translation Of An Article By Eftoushenko
57. Statement By The Anti-Fascist, Anti-Imperialist Greek Students In Italy "Aaspe", In Occasion Of The Elections In Their Organizations
58. Rules For The 4th Congress Of The Greek Students Federation In Italy.

File Nr. 10
59. Statement By Communist Youth Organization In Rome (Kne)
60. Motion By The Kke Organization In Belgium
61. Letter Of Eda To The Political Leaders Of Greece
62. Letter From Karl Marx Staat Greek Communists.
63 KKE Politburo Resolution
64. BBC On Greek Communist Crisis
65. Letter From Unknown Communists On Internal Crisis.
66. A About Crisis Of The Greek Communists 
67 About Crisis
68. Resolution By Greek Communists In Czechoslovakia About Crisis In Their Party 
69. Bulletin Nr. 1 (January 7. 1969) Of Kke Organization In Czechoslovakia About Crisis. 
70. Document And Statement Of The Temporary Commission Of The "Independent Left".
71. Miscellaneous Documents Of Kke.
72. Commentary Of The "Voice Of Truth", The KKE Radio Abroad.
73. Documenti Dei Comunisti Greci Sulla Unita Del Partito ("L'unita-, 5.15,1968). 
74. Statement By The Bureau Of The Kke Of Interior
75. Statement By The Temporary Commission Of Edainitaly
76. The Social And Political Developments In Greece And The Evolution Of The Communist Movement, Booklet Published By The Communist Youth Of Greece
77. Before A Turning Point, Article By Dimitris Vlandas, Former Member Of The Kke Politburo.
78. Letters From Greek Communists Living In Germany.
79. Letter From Greek Communists Vassiliadis Thymios And Theodora Living In Budapest
80. Letter From Greek Communist Hostelidis Vassilis, Living In Budapest.
81. Program Of Economic Claims For Working People. Booklet Published By The Kke Of Interior.

File Nr. 11
82. "Nea Poreia" Published By The Greek Students Movement Abroad, Printed In Trieste (Italy) - 8 Issues
83. "Exodos" Monthly Published By Greek  Intellectuals Living In Paris - 40 Issues From 1971 To 1974,