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Master List of Special Collections in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library (Excluding Mudd Library Holdings)

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Abbott Family

Abbott Family Collection
Contains original poems, correspondence, and a commonplace book of the Abbott family of New Jersey, but the bulk of the collection consists of family documents, such as marriage certificates, deeds, bonds, promissory notes, receipts, surveys, and bills of sale, as well as other legal papers. 

Abbott, Charles C. (Charles Conrad), 1843-1919

Charles Conrad Abbott Papers
Consists of Abbott's papers--diaries, manuscripts of essays on natural history, correspondence with family members, publishers, and learned societies, documents, and photographs--with some family papers of the 1700s and 1800s. The collection reflects Abbott's life-long interest in the investigation, observation, and description of nature and Indian archaeology in the Delaware River Valley of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Abeel, Neilson, 1902-1949

Selected Papers of Neilson Abeel
Consists of selected papers of Abeel (Class of 1924), including typescript and carbon copies of about 24 poems ("New Jersey Evening," "Gay Head," "Homecoming," etc.); letters by John Finley, Wilson Farrand, Edith Bolling Wilson, and others; and miscellaneous documents, photographs, and printed matter. 

Adamic, Louis, 1899-1951

Louis Adamic Papers
The papers contain a wide variety of material spanning roughly 30 years of Adamic's life. The manuscripts of 15 of his books, many of his short stories, articles, and lectures, as well as sketches, paste-ups, and proofs of Adamic's own journal T & T, are all included in the collection. Among the books are Cradle of Life, Dinner at the White House, Dynamite, The Eagle and the Roots, From Many Lands, Grandsons, The House in Antigua, Laughing in the Jungle, My Native Land, My America, Nation of Nations, The Native's Return, and Two-Way Passage. In addition to the manuscripts, which comprise nearly one third of these papers, a significant body of correspondence with many individuals, among them prominent American literary and political figures of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, is also preserved here. These communications relate to Adamic's business, political, and social involvements, his on-going interest in American society, and, in his later years, his interest in post-war reconstruction, foreign policy, and world understanding. 

Adams, Edwin Plimpton, 1878-1956

Edwin Plimpton Adams Papers
Consists of writings, correspondence, notebooks, and printed matter of Adams, Princeton instructor/professor of physics (1903-1943), relating to Meteor Crater (formerly Coon Mountain) in Arizona and the Elliptic Function Formula. There are typescripts of reports, lectures, and correspondence, including letters by Daniel Moreau Barringer, vice-president of the Meteor Crater Exploration & Mining Company, Henry Norris Russell, F. R. Moulton, and Elihu Thomson. Papers of others include six lectures on mathematical rheology by Markus Reiner. 

Adams, Hank, 1944-

Hank Adams Papers
Consists of copies of court documents, correspondence, and clippings of Adams, an Assinboine-Sioux Indian, who worked for the National Indian Youth Council and the National Congress of American Indians, and as national director (1968- ) of the Survival of American Indians Association (SAIA). The papers relate to Adams' activities concerning the issue of Indian fishing rights, especially in Washington state, and other Indian causes, and his participation in the Trail of Broken Treaties caravan (1972) and the occupation at Wounded Knee (S.D.) in 1973. 

Adler, Elmer, 1884-1962

Elmer Adler Papers
Consists of the personal papers of Adler as well as the business archives of two of his adventures in graphic arts, the Pynson Printers and the Colophon. Included is correspondence relating to his early interest in graphic arts through L. Adler Brothers & Co., a family-owned clothing manufacturer, and the Memorial Art Gallery, both of Rochester, N.Y. Subsequent career developments, outside of New York, are also documented, including Adler's tenure as Curator of Graphic Arts at Princeton (l940-l952), a department which he was instrumental in creating, his educational lecture tours, and the establishment of La Casa del Libro, a typographical museum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is also an autograph collection of 18th and 19th-century material, including New York and Massachusetts deeds. 

Agate, Frederic J.

Frederic J. Agate Papers
Consists primarily of letters written by Agate to his wife, Helen, while he was a driver for the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps in Italy during World War I (1918). The letters include detailed content about driving wounded soldiers on the front to safety, talking with Austrian prisoners, and the good treatment he received from the Italians. The 26 June letter describes how he brought back an injured and abandoned soldier while under heavy fire from the Austrians. According to a note written by a family member on an envelope, Agate was an acquaintance of Ernest Hemingway and his story was used in one of Hemingway's novels. Also included is a diary that documents Agate's sea voyage from New York to England, Paris, and Milan, two photographs of Red Cross ambulances, a cablegram and a telegram sent to Agate by his wife, and a small selection of miscellaneous material.

Aguirre, Margarita, 1924-

Margarita Aguirre Correspondence
Consists of correspondence between Aguirre and novelist and fellow countryman Jose Donoso. 

Alexander Autograph Collection

Consists of approximately 500 miscellaneous letters, most of which fall into one of the following categories: letters addressed to members of the Alexander family of Princeton, notably the Rev. James W. Alexander (1804-1859), the financier James W. Alexander (1839-1915), and the artist John W. Alexander (1856-1915), from a wide variety of mostly American clergymen, educators, and political and literary figures, and many French and American artists; a lot of 7 Confederate Civil War items addressed to Robert E. Lee from the field, with a note from Lee to Jefferson Davis; 50 unrelated signed, autograph letters of Italian artists, writers, composers, noblemen, patriots, and public officials from the 16th-19th centuries, including a letter of Giuseppe Mazzini in French. 

Alexander, Chalmers W. (Chalmers Whitfield), 1908-

Princeton Letters of Chalmers W. Alexander
Consists primarily of letters of Alexander written to his mother, Marina Whitfield Alexander, during his student years (1928-1932) at Princeton University. Included are approximately 500 letters, as well as various college examinations, schedules, report cards, and church calendars. 

Alexander, James W. (James Waddell), 1839-1915

Alexander Family Collection
Consists of family correspondence of James W. Alexander (Class of 1860), genealogical records, a photocopy of a picture of Mrs. Isaac Halsted Williamson (his grandmother), newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and a scrapbook of letters, resolutions, and other documents relating to the death of the Reverend Henry Carrington Alexander. 

Alexander, James, 1691-1756

James Alexander Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, and manuscripts of James Alexander, the bulk of which relate to the allocation of land, primarily in New Jersey, or to the legal and government problems arising from its ownership during the period Alexander was surveyor-general of New Jersey and, later, New York. Indian deeds, surveys, and a "Copy of the Jersey Commission for running the Division Line betwixt the Province of New Jersey and New York" are included, with petitions and correspondence regarding land riots (1740) and those arrested during land disputes, and the petition of Alexander and William Smith for reinstatement after their disbarment in the libel trial of printer/publisher John Peter Zenger. In addition, there are letters and documents signed by colonial governors of New York and New Jersey, including William Burnet, Robert Hunter, Edward Hyde Cornbury, Cadwallader Colden, and Jonathan Belcher, as well as letters by David Ogden, and Richard Stockton. 

Alexander, John White, 1856-1915

John White Alexander Costume Designs
Consists of a collection of Alexander's watercolor costume designs for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and for The Birthday of the Infanta, a play based on a tale by Oscar Wilde, plus scrapbooks of source materials for the drawings. The scrapbooks include pictures of costumes of various nationalities from the l4th through the 20th centuries, as well as pictures of Greek sculpture and architecture, heads, children, servants, and uniforms. Some drawings are included in the scrapbooks. 

Allen, Woody, 1935-

Woody Allen Manuscripts
Contains copies of Allen's articles, essays, and short stories which appeared in The New Yorker, New Republic, Kenyon Review, and Playboy. There are also mimeographed screenplays for Bananas, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Don't Drink the Water, Front, Play It Again, Sam, and Stardust Memories, and the original drafts, revised with holograph corrections, for Take the Money and Run and Play It Again, Sam. In addition, there is printed material from newspapers and periodicals about Allen. 

Alward, Jonathan Pennington, 1812-1841

Selected Papers of Jonathan Pennington Alward
Consists of works, correspondence, and journals of Alward (Class of 1836) of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Included are sermons, school essays, and letters to his parents, brother, and sisters while a student at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton) and the Princeton Theological Seminary, and as a missionary. Journals (1839-1840) describe his lengthy ocean voyage on board the Saluda, visits to various places in Liberia, West Africa, where he and others were seeking to establish a mission in the interests of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, and their return to the United States after deciding on Cettra Kroo, Liberia, as a suitable place for the mission. Also present are a letter (ca. 1840) by Alward to Walter Lowrie presenting an account of his travels and letters by his younger brother, Joseph (Class of 1853), and other family members. 

Ambruster, Howard W. (Howard Watson), 1878-1961

Howard W. Ambruster Papers
Consists of Armbruster's works, correspondence, miscellaneous material, and printed matter. The collection contains typed drafts and galley proofs of Treason's Peace (1947), as well as articles, copies of statements delivered before the Senate Subcommittee on Trading with the Enemy Act, and notes regarding future works. Much of Armbruster's works and correspondence deal with his opposition to post-World War II reparations to Germany, the return of German assets vested by the United States during the war, and the return of the General Aniline and Film Corporation to I. G. Farben. The collection reflects his support during World War II of the Alien Property Custodian who was authorized to seize all patents controlled by the enemy and to make them freely available to American industry, as well as his opposition to the Committee for the Return of Confiscated Property after the war. In addition, there are clippings of articles Armbruster wrote for The Daily Compass and The New York Post Home News

American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities

American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities Archives
Consists of financial records and reports concerning the founding and history of the American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities, including the organization's articles of incorporation and material relating to its publication, Humanities Report

American Ballet Theatre

American Ballet Theatre Programs
Consists of programs of performances of the Ballet Theatre dance company from its first performance in 1940 until 1979. (In 1958 the name of the company became the American Ballet Theatre.) There are also two souvenir programs for the seasons of 1976-77 and 1977-78, as well as a 1978 copy of On Point (IV, No. 1), the magazine of the American Ballet Theatre. 

American Caricatures and Cartoons Collection

Consists of 20th-century caricatures and cartoons by American artists.

American Institute of Electrical Engineers

American Institute of Electrical Engineers Collection
Consists of papers, and accompanying letters, of scholars from both academe and industry dealing with advances in computer technology and sent to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers for presentation at the AIEE's general meetings. The bulk of the papers and cover letters are addressed to Edward C. Day, assistant secretary for technical papers, and Claude Kagan, vice-chairman of the Computing Devices Committee of the Institute. 

American Minstrel Show Collection

Consists, for the most part, of advertisement material promoting American minstrel performances from the 1850s through the 1920s. The collection includes broadsheets, posters, newspaper clippings and programs, as well as pictures and photographs of minstrel show performers. In addition, a small portion of the collection contains sheet music and song and joke books.

Anderson, Alexander, 1775-1870

Alexander Anderson Collection
Consists of wood engravings by Anderson, the first engraver on wood in America and a follower of Thomas Bewick's white line style. Anderson's engraved headpieces for the American editions of Arnaud Berqun's The Looking-Glass for the Mind show his close study and familiarity with the English artist's techniques, as do the vignettes for Robert Bloomfield's The Farmer's Boy done in the early 1800s. Illustrations that appeared in various journals and magazines are also included, as is the diploma awarded to him from the American Academy of Fine Arts in 1818.

Anthony, Edward, 1895-1971

Edward Anthony Papers
Contains several manuscripts, including a 528-page autobiography, "My Big Cats," co-authored with Clyde Beatty about animal training in the circus, and a collection of poems. Also included are a few letters, a calendar date book for 1928, and other miscellanea.

Anthony, Robert Warren, 1880-1960

Robert Warren Anthony Papers
Consists of diaries, notes, reports, correspondence, and photographs of Anthony (Class of 1902). The collection contains diaries kept by Anthony in Italy in 1937 when he was the guest of the Waldensian Church, in 1945 when he served as the representative of the World Service Committee of the World Council of Churches, and in 1953 and 1956. In addition, there is a diary kept from December, 1943, through May, 1944, when he was secretary of the Servicemen's Council of the Federation of Churches of Greater New York. Also included are notes from a conference on science, philosophy, and religion at Columbia (1941), photographs taken in Italy, and miscellaneous papers concerning Christian relief in post-World War II Italy. 

Anton, William T.

William T. Anton Collection of Southern Territorial Documents
Consists of nine Southern Territorial legal documents collected by William T. Anton, Jr., and his son, William T. Anton III (Class of 1988). Seven of the documents are from the Mississippi Territory, dating from 1802 to 1817, and include a document appointing William Johnson as collector of Territorial taxes, signed by David Holmens, then governor of Mississippi Territory and later, first governor of the state of Mississippi, as well as documents concerning legal actions in Claiborne County, Mississippi Territory. There is one document (1816) from the Missouri Territory, an order to the sheriff to summon William Cabean to appear in circuit court, and one document (1809) from the Territory of Orleans ordering that witness testimony in a civil legal matter be sent to the Superior Court in New Orleans.

Aplington, Henry

To Be a Marine
Consists of a typescript copy of Aplington's unpublished autobiography "To Be a Marine" and two related letters he wrote to Princeton professor Samuel Hynes. Aplington served as an officer in the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines during World War II and fought in the South Pacific. His manuscript begins while he is a student at Princeton University in 1939 and follows his military training and action through September 1944.

Architectural Illustrations of Theaters

Consists of etchings, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other printed matter relating to exteriors and interiors of theaters worldwide, including the United States, England, Greece, France, Italy, and Germany. 

Arenas, Reinaldo, 1943-1990

Reinaldo Arenas Papers
Consists of personal amd working papers of Arenas. Included are typescript drafts and some galley and page proofs (with holograph corrections) of the novels and novellas Arturo, La Estrella mas Brillante, El Asalto, El Color del Verano o Nuevo Jardin de las Delicias, La Loma del Angel, Lazarillo [de Tormes] (adaptation), Otra Vez el Mar, El Palacio de las Blanquisimas Mofetas, and Viaje a la Habana (Novela en Tres and Viajes); drafts of the short stories collected under Termina el Desfile and of the unpublished collection Adios a Mama; drafts for the play Persecucion; drafts of the poetry collections El Central, Voluntad de Vivir Manifestandose, and Leprosorio; and notes and drafts of essays, and articles, most of which were published in Necesidad de Libertad. The original draft of Arenas's autobiography, published as Antes que Anochezca, is closed to the public until the year 2010. In addition, there is material about the author, such as interviews, essays, and newspaper clippings.

See also the Liliane Hasson Collection of Reinaldo Arenas
See also the Dolores Koch Collection of Reinaldo Arenas

Armstrong and Kaines Autograph Collection

Consists of letters, mostly autograph, from twenty-one United States Supreme Court justices, collected by Edward Ambler Armstrong and Richard Kaines. 

Armstrong, Edward C. (Edward Cooke), 1871-1944

The French Metrical Versions of Barlaam and Josaphat by Edward C. Armstrong
Consists of notes and the typescript of Armstrong's monograph The French Metrical Versions of Barlaam and Josaphat, No. 10 of the Elliot Monographs in the Romance Languages and Literatures, in which two of the three 13th-century French poetic versions of the medieval religious romance are studied, one by Gui de Cambrai and one anonymous. 

Armstrong, F. Wallis (Francis Wallis), 1907-1956

F. Wallis Armstrong Collection
Consists of manuscripts collected by Armstrong (Class of 1931) relating to whaling in the 19th century and the exploration of the Congo River in Africa (1879-1882). Included are four logbooks (1819-1886) kept by captains and seamen of the Adelia Chase, Essex, Stonington, and Sylph ships on whaling voyages out of New England to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, recording accounts of cargos, numbers of whales killed and barrels of oil filled, weather, and other impressions of their travels. There are also several large shipping documents, including three certificates of safe passage signed by John Q. Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren, and four wooden stamps of whales.

See also F. Wallis Armstrong Collection of Christopher Morley

Armstrong, William M. (William Martin), 1919-

William M. Armstrong Collection on Edwin Lawrence Godkin
Consists of Armstrong's works and research material on Edwin Lawrence Godkin (1831-1902), a founder and editor of The Nation (1865-1881) and editor of the New York Evening Post (1883-1900). The collection contains typed manuscripts with holograph corrections of Armstrong's biography E. L. Godkin (1978) and The Gilded Age Letters of E. L. Godkin (1974), as well as photocopies, microfilms, and typescripts of correspondence, particularly of that between Godkin and James Bryce, indexes to correspondence at Harvard and other libraries, bibliographies of Godkin, and photographs of such colleagues and friends of Godkin as Wendell Phillips Garrison, William James, Charles Eliot Norton, Frederick Law Olmstead, Carl Schurz, Henry Villard, and Horace White. In addition, there are offprints of articles about Godkin by Armstrong and others. 

Arrufat, Anton, 1935-

Anton Arrufat Papers
Consists of writings by Anton Arrufat and others, and correspondence. The collection includes poems by Arrufat, a notebook for the novel La Caja Esta Cerrada, poems and short stories by Virgilio Pinera, and a partial manuscript of a Spanish translation of Witold Gombrowicz's novel Ferdydurke. (Gombrowicz is a Polish writer who lived in Argentina for 25 years.) The strengths of the collection are the original writings of Arrufat and his correspondence with Argentinian writers Julio Cortazar and Jose Bianco, Cuban writers Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Virgilio Pinera, Calvert Casey, and Jose Triana, and Mexican writers Juan Vicente Melo, Juan Jose Arreola, and Jose Emilio Pacheco. 

Artists' Portraits

Consists of over 1000 self-portraits by artists of all countries and all periods. The collection is especially strong for American and German artists of the first half of the 20th century, and those who were important as printmakers and book illustrators. Included are three self-portraits by Max Beckman, four by Kathe Kollwitz, two by Raphael Soyer. Other artists represented include Felix Bracquemond, George Du Maurier, Antonio Frasconi (2), Francis Seymour Haden, Childe Hassam, Max Liebermann, Robert Nateuil, John Sloan, and Hans Thoma. 

Asturias, Miguel Angel, 1899-1974

Miguel Angel Asturias Papers
Contains correspondence of Asturias, Seymour Lawrence, Gregory Rabassa, Jose Castillo, Tom Maschler, and others mainly concerning Rabassa's English translations of Asturias' works, such as Strong Wind (Viento Fuerte), The Green Pope (El Popa Verde), and The Eyes of the Interred (Los Ojos de los Enterrados), and their publication in the United States and abroad. Also included are photographs of Asturias, publisher's contracts, and clippings of book reviews. 

Atkinson, E. Stanley (Edwin Stanley), 1887-

E. Stanley Atkinson Autograph Collection
Consists primarily of two parts: 1) letters and documents from the Revolutionary War period (1778-1780), most of which are addressed to or by Moore Furman, deputy quartermaster general for New Jersey at that time, or William Livingston, the New Jersey governor; 2) autograph letters by pre-Civil War (1857-1859) politicians and congressmen to A. J. Smith, autograph collector. Historical figures represented in the first group include Elias Boudinot, Nathanael Greene, John Hancock, Samuel Huntington, Henry Lee, Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, and George Washington; included in the second are Schuyler Colfax, Jefferson Davis, Millard Fillmore, Samuel Houston, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, John Tyler, and Martin Van Buren. In addition, there is a folder of autographs of congressmen (1830-1870).


Atlantis Collection
Consists of business records of Atlantis, a Greek-language American newspaper published in New York City. Included minutes of annual meetings of the Board of Directors (1920-1948); correspondence, particularly of Helene and Marie Vlasto; some photographs of its founder, Solon J. Vlasto; some issues of the newspaper; stock ledgers; and several issues of its offshoot magazine, the Monthly Illustrated Atlantis.

Atteberry, Julia Burt, 1915-

Julia Burt Atteberry Papers
Consists of correspondence between various members of the Burt family--writers and ranchers in Wyoming--and some of their manuscripts, miscellaneous correspondence, documents, and journals. Included are letters by Atteberry to her parents, Struthers (Class of 1904) and Katharine Newlin Burt (1925-1952), and to her brother, Nathaniel Burt (Class of 1936), Nathaniel Burt to his parents (1922-1973), and Struthers Burt to Katharine Newlin Burt (1911-1918), as well as general correspondence of Katharine Newlin Burt concerning family, financial, and literary matters. 

Attwood, William, 1919-1989

The Man Who Could Grow Hair by William Attwood
Consists of the typed manuscript of The Man Who Could Grow Hair,a book by Attwood (Class of 1941) based on his experience as a foreign correspondent in Europe. 

Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss, 1813-1883

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater Papers
Consists of lectures, lecture notes, published essays, printed matter, and a small amount of correspondence of Atwater, a professor of logic and moral and political science at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), as well as some papers of other people. Included are bound volumes of lectures and exam questions given by Atwater, attendance lists, newspaper clippings collected for research purposes, tax forms and other administrative papers. Also present is a volume of lecture notes taken by Atwater's son, Edward Atwater (Class of 1862), while a freshman at Princeton in 1858, and tearsheets of articles by various authors published in the Princeton Review

Audubon, John James, 1785-1851

John James Audubon Collection
Consists of original manuscripts, photostats and transcripts of additional manuscripts, and printed material relating to Audubon, his life and work. Original manuscripts include several descriptions used in his Ornithological Biography; manuscript descriptions to accompany plates 1-7, 10, 13-17, 19, 23, 25, 28, 31-32, 34, 36, 38, 40-41, and 45 in his Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America; and over 50 letters by Audubon to his wife (Lucy Bakewell Audubon), his sons (John Woodhouse and Victor Gifford Audubon), Robert Havell (the English engraver of Birds of America), and others. In addition, there are original letters by Mrs. Audubon, his sons, John and Julia Bachman, members of the Bakewell family, and Francis Herrick. 

Auerbach, Herbert S. (Herbert Samuel), 1882-1945

Herbert S. Auerbach Collection on Mormons and Indians
Consists primarily of copies of letters, documents, stories, newspaper articles, reports, tables, and extracts from various sources collected by Auerbach and relating to Mormons and Indians. Included are a brief history of the Mormons; letters and reports regarding official Indian business in the Southwest and Northwest, often sent by the local Indian agent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs or to local governors; documents found in the Indian Office at Washington, D.C., some of which concern the Mountain Meadows Massacre (Utah) in 1857; accounts of discussions regarding the restoration of refugee Indians to their homes in Indian territory (1883); a copy of a journal kept in 1849 by Isaac Foster en route to Alta, Calif.; a history (1888) of the Nauvoo (Utah) Legion relating an incident of the Black Hawk War; an itinerary of the mail route from Great Salt Lake City to San Francisco (ca. 1850); and a table of distances of the overland daily stage line from Kansas to Utah (1862). 

Austrian Prints Collection

Consists of prints by various Austrian artists, dating mostly from the first half of the 20th century and demonstrating a wide variety of printing techniques: woodcut, drypoint, etching, aquatint, and engraving.

Ayala, Francisco, 1906-

Selected Papers of Francisco Ayala
Consists of three carbon copies of corrected typescripts for the novella Muertes de Perro (1958) by Ayala, the exiled author and a visiting professor of romance languages (1956-1958) at Princeton, as well as miscellaneous notes and articles primarily in Spanish. 

Azal, Jelal A.

Jelal A. Azal Papers
Consists of original and Xerox copies of letters by Azal in Cyprus to William McElwee Miller, Presbyterian missionary, regarding the Babi-Bahai movement, documents referred to in the letters, and photographs of Bahai houses of worship in Israel and Chicago. The letters contain Azal's comments on Miller's translations of Bahai material, suggested amendments to Miller's writings, and historical background on the development of the Bahai movement. 

Azoy, A. C. M. (Anastasio Carlos Mariano), 1891-1965

Paul Revere's Horse, Essays by A. C. M. Azoy
Consists of the corrected typescript of a collection of essays by Azoy (Class of 1914) on 18th- and 19th-century United States military history, entitled Paul Revere's Horse (1949). 


Bache and Hodge Family Papers

Contains primarily correspondence representing five generations of the Bache and Hodge families as well as members of the Scott and Wistar families of Princeton and Philadelphia. Some prominent family members represented are Sarah Franklin (1744-1808), daughter of Benjamin Franklin, and her husband, Richard Bache (1737-1811); their son, Dr. William Bache (1773-1814), and his wife, Catharine Wistar Bache (d. 1820); their daughters, Catharine Wistar Bache (1805-1886) and Sarah Bache (1798-1849); and Charles Hodge (1797-1878, Class of 1815), the husband of Sarah Bache, and several of their children, including Mary Elizabeth Hodge (b. 1825) and her husband, William McKendry Scott (1817-1862), as well as their son William Berryman Scott (1858-1947), Class of 1877). During the early years of their marriage, the latter couple lived in Danville, Kentucky. 

Bache/Wistar Family Correspondence

Consists of thirty-five letters of the Bache family of Philadelphia, direct descendents of Benjamin Franklin, and of a related family, the Wistar family, also of Philadelphia. Among those family members represented are Catharine Wistar Bache, Sarah Franklin Bache, and William Bache. 

Bacon, George B. (George Bement), 1835-1890

Civil War Correspondence of George B. Bacon
Consists mainly of letters (1860-1865) by Bacon to his wife, Lavinia, during the Civil War when he served as a lieutenant-commander in the U.S. Navy. The collection also includes about thirty official letters and documents (1855-1936) relating to Bacon's naval career, as well as undated fragments of letters and several newspaper clippings. 

Badeau, Adam, 1831-1895

Civil War Letters of Adam Badeau
Consists of 79 autograph letters from Adam Badeau to James Harrison Wilson, dated 1862 to 1865, most of which were written while Badeau was General Ulysses S. Grant's military secretary in the Civil War. One letter describes the Confederate surrender at Appomattox and the meeting between Generals Lee and Grant. Also included is a letter (1909) by Wilson and a few newspaper clippings about him. 

Bailey, Philip James, 1816-1902

Philip James Bailey Collection
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, page proofs, clippings, and miscellaneous material relating to Bailey. Included are The Mystic and Other Poems, interleaved and bound with pages of explanatory notes and additional verse; an autobiographical sketch in Bailey's hand; 14 letters by Bailey; and 2 copies of Festus with autograph notes. 

Baird, Thomas, 1923-1990

Thomas Baird Papers
Consists of papers of Baird (Class of 1945): writings, correspondence, travel notes, publishing contracts, royalty reports, and newspaper clippings. The collection contains drafts of his unpublished as well as his published novels and stories, such as Triumphal Entry (1962), The Old Masters (1963), Sheba's Landing (1964), Nice Try (1965), Finding Out (1967), People Who Pull You Down (1970), and Losing People (1974). Included are preliminary notes and ideas, drafts with revisions, galley proofs, and correspondence between Baird, his publishers, editors, and friends. In addition, there are reviews of his works by critics and his reviews of other authors' work. In 1979, Baird traveled to San Cristobal, Mexico, where he examined the culture and researched material for articles and stories. These notes and the related correspondence are also located in the collection.

"Talking to Women," Thomas Baird's Interviews About Maya Women
Consists of seven cassette tapes with typed transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by Baird (Class of 1945) with anthropologists who had talked with Maya women in Chiapas, Mexico. Collectively entitled "Talking to Women," the interviews contain conversations with Walter F. Morris, Duncan Earle, Dona Joacina, Kazuyasu, and John Burstien. 

Baker, Carlos, 1909-1987

Carlos Baker Collection of Ernest Hemingway
Consists of the working papers and biographical files about Ernest Hemingway compiled by Baker, Princeton English professor, in preparation of his biography Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story (1969). The working papers contain Xeroxes and typed copies of correspondence between Hemingway and friends, publishers, and family, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, C. T. Lanham, Maxwell Perkins, and Mary, Patrick, and Hadley Hemingway. There are drafts, a final typed version, and proofs for the biography, as well as a mock-up copy of the book. In addition, there are transcripts of articles written by Hemingway for the Toronto Star and Esquire, periodical articles by and about him, letters to Baker about Hemingway, copies of reviewers' comments, magazine interviews, material relating to Hemingway's winning of the Nobel Prize in literature (1954) and the Pulitzer Prize for fiction (1953), a Xerox copy of the original manuscript of Hemingway's Islands in the Stream (1970), and a scrapbook. 

Baldeagle, J. Paul (Joseph Paul), 1897-1970

Selected Papers of J. Paul Baldeagle
Consists of selected papers of Baldeagle (Class of 1923), a Sioux Indian, who was a schoolteacher for 35 years at the William MacFarland High School in Bordentown, N.J. Included are correspondence, letters from elementary school children, miscellaneous writings, photographs, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings. 

Baldwin, James Mark, 1861-1934

James Mark Baldwin Collection
Consists of correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed material relating to the professional career and personal life of Baldwin (Class of 1884), with much of the collection reflecting the various academic positions he held as a psychologist and philosopher at Princeton, Johns Hopkins, the National University in Mexico City, the French Provincial Universities, and the Ecole des Hautes Sociales in Paris. A large part of the collection deals with the Baldwin family's experiences in World War I, particularly in the sinking of the Sussex in the English Channel in which a daughter was injured; the family settled in France in 1915. 

Ballet Souvenirs Collection

Consists of souvenir books, programs, and advertising materials on various ballet companies, arranged alphabetically by company name.

Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850

Honore de Balzac Collection
Consists mainly of photostats of correspondence between Balzac and his mother, Madame Surville, and the editor Hippolyte Souverain. In addition, there are miscellaneous passages from his books Physiologie du Mariage and L'Album Historique et Anecdote, and photostats of architectural plans and views of the Hotel de Balzac. 

Bamford, William B. (William Brokaw), 1878-1945

Selected Papers of William B. Bamford
Consists of (1) eight notebooks containing an unpublished, autograph and typed manuscript by Bamford (Class of 1900), a civil engineer, entitled Random Scientific Notes, in which he applies metaphysical ideas to science in an attempt to explain scientific principles from a philosophical viewpoint, and (2) some loose documents and correspondence. 

Bargmann, V. (Valentine), 1908-

Valentine Bargmann Papers
Consists of papers of Bargmann relating to his role as an assistant to Albert Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Study and as a professor of physics at Princeton University. Included are lecture notes, typed recollections as Einstein's assistant, typescripts of Einstein's Collected Papers (Volumes I and II), some correspondence, photographs, Bargmann's Berlin University record (1926), several medals, and printed matter.

Barlow, Thomas Oldham, 1824-1889

Thomas Oldham Barlow Correspondence
Consists of selected correspondence of Thomas Oldham Barlow, an English mezzotint engraver, best known for his engravings of the works of John Phillip and Sir John Everett Millais. Included is an album of 89 letters sent to Barlow in 1873 congratulating him upon his election as associate engraver of the Royal Academy of Arts; 23 miscellaneous letters, 1864-1888, to Barlow; 23 letters, 1856-1887, by Barlow to his daughter, Lucy Barlow, and letters to Lucy Barlow by her mother, Ellen Cocks Barlow, Henry O. Barlow, and a few other friends and relatives.

Barnes, James, 1866-1936

James Barnes Papers
Consists, for the most part, of correspondence to Barnes (Class of 1891) from friends and contemporary writers, most of whom are represented by one letter, such as Joseph Choate, William Lyon Phelps, and Edith Wharton; more correspondence exists for Poultney Bigelow, Robert Reid, and Booth Tarkington. Also included are carbons of some of Barnes's letters, a few documents, and his 3-page appreciation of Carlton T. Chapman. The rest of the collection comprises obituaries of Barnes's friends, memorabilia, and papers of other persons, highlighted by an inscribed photograph of Bigelow, a signed carbon of Joseph Jefferson Holland's "The Vanity of an Actor," and a copy of John Paul Jones's letterbook for 1778-1779. 

Barricklo, William R. (William Reed), 1857-1933

William R. Barricklo Collection
Consists of correspondence and documents relating to the Revolutionary War period and notes and correspondence concerning the genealogies of the Barricklo, DeKlyn, FitzRandolph, and Lalor families collected by Barricklo (Princeton Class of 1878). The collection includes many letters to Moore Furman, deputy quartermaster general of New Jersey (1776-1792), correspondence concerning the pardon of Richard Stockton, and several letters by William Livingston, governor of New Jersey. Also included are documents such as promissory notes issued by the State of New Jersey to army enlistees, land petitions, and general returns of stores and provisions issued to the army. 

Barringer, Daniel Moreau, 1860-1929

Daniel Moreau Barringer Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, ledgers, photographs of the Meteor Crater (Ariz.) site, and printed matter of Barringer (Class of 1879). The correspondence contains letters which deal with scientific and business activities in mining and meteorology, including those of several companies which Barringer founded or developed, such as the Hanover Bessemer Iron and Copper Company, El Palmarito Leasing Company, the Texas Iron Association, and the Meteor Crater Exploration & Mining Company (general manager, George M. Calvocorresses, a major correspondent). The collection reflects Barringer's accomplishment in being the first to advance the theory that Meteor Crater was caused by the fall of a meteoric cluster, probably a small comet. There are also letters by fellow college classmate Woodrow Wilson, whose correspondence indicates that Barringer was not only a friend but also a personal adviser on mining and geological matters. In addition, the correspondence includes letters by Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wister, General Leonard Wood, and Elihu Thomson. 

Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry), 1809-1854

W. H. Bartlett Collection
Consists of 26 original watercolors of travel in Italy, Greece, and Palestine, many of which were engraved as illustrations in period travel books. 

Bashkirtseff, Marie, 1860-1884

Marie Bashkirtseff Collection
Consists of newspaper and book reviews about Bashkirtseff's published journal and later biographies about her; one engraved portrait; one engraved illustration.

Batak Manuscripts

A Short Catalog of the Batak Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library

    see also P. Voorhoeve Collection of Batak Manuscript Translations

Baxter, Anne, 1923-1985

Anne Baxter Letters to Russell Birdwell
Consists of 175 letters (1952-1960s) by the American stage and screen actress Anne Baxter to her publicist and friend Russell Birdwell. The letters discuss Baxter's activities while working in various productions and traveling, impressions of other actors, and her feelings towards Birdwell. 

Bayard, Samuel J. (Samuel John), d. 1879

Samuel J. Bayard Papers
Consists, for the most part, of autograph manuscripts in prose and verse of Bayard (Class of 1820) and correspondence of Bayard, the Bayard family, John B. Guthrie, and Bayard Guthrie. Included is a signed, autograph manuscript of The Life of General George Dashiell Bayard (472 pp.), Bayard's biography of his son. Among the correspondents are Frederick Freylinghuysen, Rodman M. Price, Robert Field Stockton, Nathaniel P. Tallmadge, and others. A genealogical chart, deeds, documents, broadsides, and other related material are also included. 

Bazaine, Achille François, 1811-1888

Achille François Bazaine Correspondence
A collection of 74 letters and documents, 1862-1866, concerning the efforts of the French to establish and maintain an empire in Mexico under the rule of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian (1832-1867). Almost all the letters were sent to General Achille François Bazaine. Bazaine was commander-in-chief of Napoleon III's French Expeditionary Corps of Mexico from 1863 to 1867. Under his command the French troops seized control of Mexico from the legal government of Benito Juarez. Because Bazaine controlled all military activities, several of the letters have important military content, including battle and spy reports. Others illuminate the more mundane affairs of running a country from day to day--reports on railroads, executions, collecting taxes, paying bills, prisoners, public works, etc. Many of these letters have Bazaine's autograph remarks on their contents. Also included are several other personal letters not sent to Bazaine that give insight into everyday affairs of ordinary citizens. Finally, there is an autograph letter from Bazaine himself. Bazaine's correspondents include a wide range of military and political figures, both Mexican and French.

Beach, George R. (George Raimes), 1903-1990

George R. Beach Travel Journals
Consists of bound typed trancripts of journals kept by Beach (Class of 1926) on his travels around the world with family and friends, spanning the years from 1956 to 1988. During the 32 years covered by these 39 volumes, the Beaches visited many countries, including Spain, France, South America, Mexico, India, Iran, Africa, Thailand, Tahiti, Australia, Scandinavia, and England. Several of the journals are accompanied by volumes of photographs, and many volumes are bound in such exotic materials as fur, bark, fabric, and leathers from elephant, ostrich, and various reptiles. 

Beach, Sylvia, 1887-1962

Sylvia Beach Papers
The collection is substantially a complete personal archive of Beach, proprietor of Shakespeare and Company, the Paris bookshop which was a meeting-place for French, English, Irish, and American writers during the 1920s and 1930s. The papers consist of personal correspondence and manuscripts of Beach; correspondence with literary figures; and photographs, artwork, and other memorabilia relating to the bookshop, the publication of James Joyce's Ulysses, and Paris during the German occupation in World War II. Correspondents include Sherwood Anderson, George Antheil, Ford Madox Ford, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Robert McAlmon, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, Arthur Symons, Alice B. Toklas, and Richard Wright.

Jackson Mathews Collection of Sylvia Beach
Consists of correspondence (1955-1962) by Sylvia Beach to Jackson Mathews and his wife, Marthiel; copies of letters to Beach from Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, Adrienne Monnier, Andre Gide, and others; and correspondence of Mathews with others primarily regarding the "Hommage à Sylvia Beach," which he prepared in 1963 for the Mercure de France. These last materials include letters and typescripts containing remembrances of Beach by Malcolm Cowley, Allen Tate, Katherine Anne Porter, Archibald MacLeish. Furthermore, there is a small selection of miscellanea, including Beach's manuscript "Inturned," which describes her captivity by the Germans during World War II; an untitled manuscript by Yves Bonnefoy; material on Shakespeare and Company's library; material regarding the sale of James Joyce's papers to the University of Buffalo; and unpublished photographs of Beach and her friends in the Mediterranean (1961-1962). 

Beals, Carlton, 1893-1979

The Great Circle by Carlton Beals
Consists of the printer's copy of Beals's travel book The Great Circle (1940), containing descriptions of his travels in Tunisia, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Germany. 

Beam, Jacob Newton, 1869-1954

Jacob Newton Beam Correspondence
Contains personal correspondence of Jacob Newton Beam (Class of 1896, professor of German, 1899-1927), including a file of letters from his son, Jacob Dyneley Beam (Class of 1929), while serving at the American embassies in London, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Indonesia. 

Beardsley, Aubrey, 1872-1898

Aubrey Beardsley Collection
Contains drawings from Beardsley's early Art Nouveau work, book illustrations, borders, chapter headings, title pages, and posters. In addition, a signed autograph manuscript of "The Art of Hoarding," notes for a Volpone prospectus, its revision, and introduction are included, as well as notes for a short story, "The Celestial Lover," which Beardsley never developed, and portions of the original holograph manuscripts of "Under the Hill" and "The Ivory Piece." 

Beatty, John, 1749-1826

John Beatty Family Collection
Consists primarily of letters and documents relating to John Beatty (Princeton Class of1769) and the Beatty family: John's father, the Rev. Charles Beatty, John's brothers Erkuries, Charles Clinton, and Richard, and their sister, Elizabeth. ‡b Also included is correspondence with Enoch Green, Princeton Class of 1760, who was a cousin of John Beatty; Gov. Richard Howell; James McHenry; Benjamin Guild; and 13 letters from Charles Clinton Beatty to his sister, Elizabeth. In addition, there are accounts of expenses for the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) for money received from Samuel Stanhope Smith (treasurer); an oath abjuring Beatty's allegiance to Great Britain and affirming his allegiance to the State of New Jersey; memoranda; a mortgage document signed by Beatty and John Stockton; a document of accounts of Beatty, audited and signed by Isaac Snowden; and several handwritten notes of the genealogy of the Beatty, Green, and Guild families.

Beauharnais, Eugene de, 1781-1824

Eugene de Beauharnais Archive
Contains correspondence, reports, and documents of Beauharnais, primarily accumulated by him in his capacity as viceroy of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814), relating to European military affairs during the Napoleonic era. Also included are papers documenting Beauharnais' position at the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815), his establishment in the Bavarian duchy of Leuchtenberg (1817), and his later life as Prince d'Eichstatt (1817-1824). There are approximately 6000 letters and reports received by Beauharnais from all the important military and administrative officials (with the exception of Napoleon) of the French Empire, including Louis-Alexandre Berthier, Henry Clarke, Jacques Menou, Auguste Sorbier, Joachim Murat, Joseph Fouche, Sextius Miollis, and Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers, and such notable Marshals of France as Louis Nicholas Davout, Jacques Lauriston, and Auguste Marmont. The correspondence deals, for the most part, with military matters, but also covers naval and maritime affairs, finance, engineering, fortifications, and the civil administration of the Kingdom. 

Beebe, William, 1877-1962

William Beebe Papers
Consists of journals, writings, correspondence, scrapbooks, documents, photographs, and printed matter of Beebe, primarily relating to his association with the New York Zoological Society (NYZS). There are 75 journal volumes beginning in 1890 and including diary entries, natural history notes, collection lists, essay material, and course notes taken at Columbia University. From l903 to l961 the journals focus mainly on Beebe's many expeditions for the NYZS as its first curator of birds (l902-l916) to Mexico, the West Indies, Venezuela, and Guiana, and as founder (l916) and director (l923-l952) of its Department of Tropical Research (DTR), which made terrestrial expeditions to Guiana, Trinidad, the West Indies, Venezuela, and Singapore, and oceanographic expeditions to the Bermuda Islands, the Galapogos Islands, and the Gulf of California. Beebe continued conducting research at the Simla Station, Trinidad, after his retirement until his death in l962. Beebe and the DTR were responsible for the discovery and description of over 800 new species of fish, insects, mollusks, and animals; cataloging and preserving specimens; publications and exhibits; and the collection of live specimens for the NYZS. 

Beerbohm, Max, Sir, 1872-1956

Max Beerbohm Caricatures
Consists of six original drawings by Beerbohm: caricatures of Sir Arthur W. Pinero, Harry Furniss, William Watson, Stephen Phillips, Hall Caine, and the Prince of Wales (Edward VII). 

Belasco, David, 1853-1931

The Heart of Maryland and Other Plays, Edited by Glenn Hughes and George Savage
In 1941 Princeton University Press published David Belasco's The Heart of Maryland and Other Plays, edited by Glenn Hughes and George Savage, as volume 18 in its series America's Lost Plays. Of the five plays selected by the editors, four have been copied from manuscripts held in the Theatre Collection of the New York Public Library: La Belle Russe (1881); The Girl I Left Behind Me (co-authored by Franklin Fyles, 1893); The Heart of Maryland (1895); and Naughty Anthony (1899). The fifth, The Stranglers of Paris (1881), is credited by the editors as having been taken from a pirated edition of the play held by the Division of Drama Library, University of Washington. Princeton's collection consists of the edited manuscript, marked for typesetting, of the work by Hughes and Savage. 

Belknap, William W. (William Worth), 1829-1890

William W. Belknap Papers
Consists primarily of correspondence, documents, and miscellaneous material of William Worth Belknap (Class of 1848) and his father, William Goldsmith Belknap (1794-1851), of Newburgh, New York. Included are official correspondence of William Goldsmith Belknap, a career soldier, covering his service in the army at the battle of Fort Erie, Canada, during the War of 1812, in Florida (1841-1843) during the Seminole War, and in Texas (1844-1851), where he fought in the Mexican-American War. Correspondents include William Jenkin Worth, J. T. Sprague, and Henry Whitney. There is also a series of letters (1835-1851), to his wife, Anne Clark Belknap, from various military posts in the Southwest, Florida, and Texas. 

Bell, Alan

Alan Bell Sermons
Consists of the manuscripts of twenty-one sermons preached by Bell, with details of the dates and places where they were delivered.

Bell, Clive, 1881-1964

Clive Bell Correspondence
Consists of letters received by Bell from the following correspondents:  the editor and literary and art critic Raymond Mortimer (1926-1962), the journalist and biographer Harold Nicolson (1924-1961), and the novelist and literary critic V. (Victoria) Sackville-West ["Vita"] (1922-1961). Their letters are both personal and professional in nature.

Bell, Madison Smartt, 1957-

Madison Smartt Bell Papers
Consists of papers of Bell (Class of 1979) of Nashville, Tennessee. His parents were friends with such writers of the Agrarian Group as Allen Tate, John Crowe Ransom, Robert Penn Warren, and Madison Jones, leading Bell to specialize in the Agrarians while at Princeton University. He received his M.A. (1981) from Hollins College, Va., and later, after living and working in New York City, Bell consciously moved away from the Southern influences in his writings. He then settled in Baltimore, Md., with his wife, the poet Elizabeth Spires, where they both teach at Goucher College. 

Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953

Hilaire Belloc Letters to Maria Hornor Lansdale
Contains 99 letters and 5 postcards by Belloc to Maria Hornor Lansdale. Also included in the collection are two poems printed for Belloc, with autograph corrections, and two typed manuscripts by Belloc on travel in Spain and in Belgium, France, and Switzerland, written as guides for Lansdale. 

Bendiner, Alfred, 1899-1964

Alfred Bendiner Collection
Consists of original drawings by Bendiner of performers in the theater, on the screen, and on the concert and operatic stages. 

Bennet, Silvia S.

Silvia S. Bennet Collection on the Olyphant Family
Consists of Bennet's works about, and research papers of, various members of the Olyphant family of Charleston, South Carolina, and New York State. The collection contains Xeroxes of typescripts, with the author's corrections, of four manuscripts--Pursuit of Happiness, A Fleeting Show, Fortune's Buffets and Rewards, Men of Enterprise--as well as genealogical papers (originals and Xeroxes) of 18th- and 19th-century Olyphant family members, including David W. C. Olyphant (1789-1851), merchant, his father and mother, David and Ann Vernon Olyphant, his wife, Ann Archer Olyphant, and son, Robert Morrison Olyphant. The papers contain correspondence, both business (Talbot, Olyphant & Company) and personal, and documents, such as deeds, statements of account, articles of partnership, invoices, and inventories. 

Bennett, Joseph D. (Joseph Deericks), 1922-1972

Joseph D. Bennett Papers
Consists of various drafts--most of which are incomplete--for several works of fiction of Bennett (Class of 1943), as well as transcripts of radio broadcasts, photographs, documents, printed material, and papers of other persons. Novels represented are In the Shadow of Etna, Sons of Rich Men, Strawberry Leaves, and The Trevor and Townshend Fortunes; his novel Luxury Cruise is represented by reviews, advertisements, and a hardbound copy of the book, but only a synopsis of it exists in holograph form. In addition, there are his letters to Dr. and Mrs. Percy Wood and a copy of his will. 

Bentley, Gerald Eades, 1901-1994

Gerald Eades Bentley Papers
Consists of papers of Bentley, a professor of English and Shakespearean scholar at Princeton University, 1945-1970, and Assistant Librarian for Rare Books and Special Collections there, 1971-1973. Included are notes, typescripts, and galleys for three works, The Jacobean and Caroline Stage (1941-1968), The Profession of Dramatist in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642 (1971), and The Profession of Player in Shakespeare's Time, 1590-1642 (1984), as well as various speeches, articles, and correspondence about his works. One file of correspondence concerns Bentley's edition of The Arte of Angling, 1577 (1958). Also present are a journal, 1927-1932, and correspondence with organizations, educational institutions, friends, and associates, such as, John Leeds Barrold, Roland Frye, the Princeton University Press, and Louis B. Wright. 

Berliner Ensemble

Berliner Ensemble Collection
Consists of programs, photographs, and posters of the Berliner Ensemble state theater of the German Democratic Republic from the 1950s and 60s. Much of the material relates to Bertolt Brecht, the actor, writer, and most important member of the Berliner Ensemble. Though most of the collection is in German, there are several programs from the English National Theatre. The photographs include pictures not only of the Ensemble but also of Brecht, Vittorio De Sica, Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, and Paul Robeson. 

Berman, Eugene, 1899-1972

Eugene Berman Collection
Consists of pen-and-ink and wash designs by Berman for theatrical sets and costumes. Included are: three set designs for productions of Romeo & Juliet and Igor Stravinsky's Giselle and Danses concertantes; three costume designs; and exhibition ephemera.

Bernhardt, Sarah, 1844-1923

Sarah Bernhardt Collection
Consists of newspaper and magazine clippings, theater programs and playbills, photographs, and other materials on Bernhardt

Berthier, Louis-Alexandre, 1753-1815

Louis-Alexandre Berthier Collection
Contains Berthier's hand-drawn, hand-colored topographical maps (111 of them) depicting the historic overland march of the French and American forces under General Rochambeau from Philipsburg, New York, to Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781 and their return march to Boston, Massachusetts, in December of 1782. Accompanying these maps is Berthier's journal (in French), providing a detailed description and explanation of the routes covered by the maps. In addition, there are documents and memoranda concerning military events in America, Berthier's departure from France in 1780, and his return to France via the West Indies in 1782-83. 

Besant, Walter, Sir, 1836-1901

Sir Walter Besant Correspondence
Consists of approximately 100 letters by Besant, an English novelist and historian, to his publisher, Chatto & Windus (London), from 1881 to 1901; 9 letters, 1891-1901, to Lord Monkswell; and various letters, 1876-1901, written and received by Besant, partly in his capacity as one of the founders (1884) of the Society of Authors, from a variety of correspondents, including Sir Henry Irving, Herbert Spencer, Andrew Lang, and Hall Caine. There are also several letters of others, including a letter by Theodore Watts-Dunton to Lady Besant. 

Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828

Thomas Bewick Collection
Consists of a small amount of Bewick's correspondence with E. Walmsley and Jonathan Couch, and 4 of Bewick's small wood engravings.

Beyer, Preston

Preston Beyer Collection of John Steinbeck
Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and ephemera by and relating to John Steinbeck collected by Preston Beyer, a businessman and cofounder (1966) of the John Steinbeck Society of America. Included is a large amount of correspondence (ca. 1939-1993) of Beyer with bibliographers, critics, collectors, biographers, universities, friends, and relatives concerned with the life and works of John Steinbeck. Some of these correspondents are Gwendolyn and Elaine Steinbeck (former wife and widow, respectively), Carlton Sheffield (Steinbeck's roommate at Stanford), John Hargraves, Adrian H. Goldstone, Robert J. Demott, John Ditsky, Warren G. French, author of John Steinbeck's Fiction Revisited (1994), Tetsumaro Hayashi, author of A New Steinbeck Bibliography, 1871-1981 (1983), Roy S. Simmonds, Nelson Valjean, and Robert Wallsten, editor, with Elaine Steinbeck of Steinbeck: A Life in Letters (1994). Also present is correspondence with university libraries containing collections of Steinbeck books and manuscripts, such as San Jose State University and Ball State University. 

Bianco, Jose, 1908-1986

José Bianco Papers
Consists primarily of correspondence of Bianco, but includes pages from his diaries, two tape recordings ("Grabaciones de Lezama Lima y de Nicolás Guillén" and "Nicolás Guillén Reading from his Poetry"), and two short manuscripts by other authors. Bianco is an Argentine writer who is known for his psychological fiction which includes Las Ratas (1943) and La pérdida del Reino (1972). He also translated Henry James, Paul Valery, and many other French writers into Spanish. During his career, he also worked as an editor of Sur (1938-1961), the Argentine literary journal. The major correspondents are Mexican writers Elena Garro and Octavio Paz, and Argentine writers Silvina and Victoria Ocampo (sisters). Other correspondents include Julio Cortázar, Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda, César Fernández Moreno, Juan García Ponce, Jorge Guillén, Eduardo Mallea, Ezequiel Martínez Estrada, Adrienne Monnier, Daniel Moyano, Maurice Saillet, Alejandro Rossi, Ernesto Sábato, Eduardo Schiaffino, Virgilio Piñera, and Gabriel Zaid. 

Biddle, Livingston, 1918-

Main Line, A Philadelphia Novel by Livingston Biddle
Consists of both an autograph manuscript and typed manuscript of Main Line, A Philadelphia Novel by Biddle (Class of 1940).

Biddle, Nicholas, 1786-1844

Nicholas Biddle Collection
Consists chiefly of Biddle's correspondence with John Sargeant, John Cumming, General S. Smith, and Samuel L. Southard regarding the Bank of the United States, and with Biddle's brother and his friend "Watts" from Athens, Greece. ‡b The collection also includes correspondence and documents relating to a suit of the Spanish government against Craig and Oliver, two merchants who were represented by Biddle. Also present is a three-page manuscript signed by Biddle and titled "A valedictory oration on the part of the Cliosophic Society, composed and delivered on the twenty fifth day of Sept. [1800] by Nicholas Biddle."

Bigelow, Arthur L. (Arthur Lynds), 1909-1967

Arthur L. Bigelow Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, drawings, blueprints, sheet music, miscellaneous financial material, and printed matter of Bigelow, carilloneur of Princeton's Cleveland Tower carillon. The collection includes his technical and musical articles about carillons, correspondencee with churches and foundries, and photographs of carillons, individual bells, and churches. Much of the collection reflects Bigelow's research into the acoustics of bells and the carillon, and there are many tonal graphs. He was also a carillon architect, and the collection contains blueprints, dimension charts, and drawings of carillons for specific church sites, such as St. Vincent's Seminary (Germantown, Pa.). In addition, there is material from the American Standards Association which sets the standards by which bells and carillons are tested. 

Biggs, John, 1895-1979

John Biggs Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald Estate Papers
Consists of the correspondence and legal documents of Biggs (Class of 1918) accumulated as executor and trustee of the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Class of 1917). Included are copies of Fitzgerald's will, publishers' contracts, royalty reports, tax returns, and papers concerning the posthumous publications of The Last Tycoon (1941), Tender Is the Night (1944), and The Crack-Up (1945). There is correspondence with Edmund Wilson, Maxwell Perkins, Harold Ober, Frances Kroll, Nancy Milford, Scottie Fitzgerald Smith (Fitzgerald's daughter), Arthur Mizener, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and the law offices of Barry Brannen, as well as papers concerning Zelda's hospitalization and death. Also present are an extra carbon copy of The Crack-Up, a photograph of Scott and Scottie, and miscellaneous articles and printed matter about Fitzgerald. 

Bill, Alfred H. (Alfred Hoyt), 1879-1964

Selected Papers of Alfred H. Bill
Consists of the first and final drafts of Fighting Bob, Bill's biography of Robert Field Stockton; a copy (Xerox of a typed manuscript) of another biography, The Sea King of the South, which is about Raphael Semmes, the Confederate naval commander; a photocopy of his essay "The Revolutionary War"; and related correspondence. 

Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979

Elizabeth Bishop Letters to Ilse and Kit Barker
Consists of 225 letters (1952-1979) written by Bishop to her English friends Ilse and Kit Barker. She describes her years in Brazil, a move to San Francisco in 1968, and her years of teaching at Harvard, and comments on her own work and that of fellow poets, such as Robert ("Cal") Lowell. 

Bishop, John Peale, 1892-1944

John Peale Bishop Papers
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, documents, drawings, printed materials, and memorabilia of Bishop (Class of 1917). The collection includes manuscripts of 4 novels, including Act of Darkness and Many Thousands Gone; 26 short stories; about 950 poems; 6 plays; and various anthologies, articles, and book reviews. In addition, there are checklists--spanning many years--of birds Bishop noted seeing, as well as 15 folders of his colored pencil drawings of birds, mostly ducks. There are also architectural drawings for Bishop's house in South Chatham, Mass. Correspondents in the collection include e. e. cummings, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Archibald MacLeish, Ezra Pound, and Edmund Wilson. 

Black, Alexander, 1859-1940

Alexander Black Lantern Slides Collection
Consists of 144 glass slides (3.5 x 4 inches/10 x 8.5 cm.) made by and/or collected by Black. Includes slides for the stereopticon picture plays "A Capital Courtship," "Girl and the Guardsman," "Miss America," Miss Jerry," and "Modern Daughters."  Also includes a typescript (photocopy) of "Miss Jerry : a picture play," used by Black while presenting his picture play. ‚b The identified slides constitute a third of the collection. Of the remaining slides, some are clearly related to the plays, perhaps taken but not used. Others seem completely unrelated to the plays and were perhaps purchased from commercial stock. The slides are stored in Black's original boxes. Some of the slides are hand-tinted.

Black, Charles C. (Charles Clarke), 1858-1947

Selected Papers of Charles C. Black
Consists of documents (1881-1929) relating to various judicial and other appointments and letters received by Black (Class of 1878) from Abram H. Wintersteen, Herbert S. S. Smith, James R. Macfarlane, William T. Kruse, and others primarily concerning the activities of the Class of 1878. 

Black, Cyril E. (Cyril Edwin), 1915-1989

Cyril E. Black Papers
Consists of articles, lectures, addresses, correspondence, notes, and other research material of Black, a Princeton University professor of history (1946-1970s) who instituted the study of Russian history at Princeton. He also taught courses on comparative revolutions and comparative modernization. Included are articles and notes on the history and modernization of Russia, modern world history, the Balkans, Yugoslavia, and George F. Kennan, as well as material relating to the false accusations of espionage against Black by the Bulgarian government in 1945 and the subsequent spy trials, his association with the State Department, and his role as a member of a delegation to observe elections in the U.S.S.R. in 1958, where he met with Nikita Khrushchev. 

Black, Floyd H. (Floyd Henson), 1888-1983

Floyd H. Black Papers
Contains six bound volumes of transcripts of Black's papers, including an unpublished autobiography (Memoirs, 1888-1955), diaries (1939-1977), correspondence, and miscellaneous material reflecting both his personal and professional life as a teacher (1911-1925) at Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey, and later as its president (1944-1955), and as president (1926-1942) of the American College of Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition, there is a package of material containing an account book (1860) listing the expenses of the Boys' School in Plovdiv which later was incorporated into the American College of Sofia, and a chronological account of Black's life by his son, Cyril E. Black. The collection also provides political commentary on World War II, during which Black served as special assistant to the United States consul general in Istanbul.

Floyd H. Black Collection of Diplomas
Consists of copies of approximately seven hundred diplomas of graduates of the American College of Sofia, Bulgaria, collected by Black, the college president. 

Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900

R. D. Blackmore Collection
Contains 120 letters by Blackmore, most of which is personal correspondence. Four autograph manuscripts are included in the collection; one is a short prose work on the difficulties of translation, and three are Blackmore's translations of passages from Homer's Odyssey and Virgil's Georgics. Among the photographs of Blackmore, one is inscribed, signed, and dated 1893. There are also several documents in the collection relating to the author's ancestors: one, dated 1630, pertains to the leasing of property; another is a pronouncement issued by George III regarding a legal case of Richard Blackmore (1742-1802). 

Blackmur, R. P. (Richard Palmer), 1904-1965

R. P. Blackmur Papers
The collection amply represents three facets of Blackmur's life and career: his creative work in novels, poems, plays, short stories, and prose sketches; his critical output of essays, reviews, and monographs; and his teaching, substantiated with lectures, notes, and student papers that he graded. An extensive correspondence, including letters from former students and prominent American literary figures; notebooks filled with his responses to his reading; documents, such as appointment books, house blueprints, canceled checks, contracts, and royalty statements; and photographs, including an album of pictures taken on a trip to Japan--these provide a more personal approach to one of the men most responsible for promoting the "New Criticism." 

Blair and Lee Family Papers

Consists mainly of papers of five members of the Blair and Lee families of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania--Francis Preston Blair (1791-1876), his daughter, Elizabeth Blair Lee (1818-1906), her husband, Samuel Phillips Lee (1812-1897), their son, Blair Lee (1857-1944), and his cousin, Andrew Alexander Blair (1848-1932)--reflecting their various political, journalistic, naval, and domestic interests.

Blair, John Insley, 1802-1899

Blair Family Papers
Consists primarily of travel diaries, scrapbooks, and photograph albums composed by John Insley Blair and his family. There is also a small selection of letters of Clinton Ledyard Blair regarding a fight over Woodrow Wilson's reforms at Princeton University and Blair's relationship with the University's Board of Trustees. 

Blair, Samuel, 1712-1751

Samuel Blair Sermons
Consists mainly of a collection of holograph sermons, some complete, some fragmentary, of Blair (Class of 1760), several of which are accompanied by fair copies in other hands. There is also a commonplace-book containing poetry and miscellaneous jottings, as well as a brief biography of Blair by an anonymous author. 

Blake, William, 1757-1827

William Blake Collection
Consists of prints, drawings, and a watercolor by Blake. Includes an early example of Blake's colored printing attempts from The First Book of Urizen and an original watercolor that was reproduced in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Both items are framed and glazed and have bookplates and inscriptions from A. Edward and Caroline Newton on the frame backings. Also included are 22 engraved plates from Illustrations of the Book of Job.

Blanco White, Joseph   see White, Joseph Blanco, 1775-1841

Blaney, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1866-1944

Blaney Melodramas
Consists mainly of typescripts of melodramas written by Blaney, though several represent collaborations with others, including his brother, Harry Clay Blaney. Most of the typescripts are copies, although some are working scripts with holograph editing notations and stage directions added. 

Blanshard, Paul, 1892-1980

American Freedom and Catholic Power by Paul Blanshard
Consists of the first draft (typescript) and final draft (mimeo) of Blanshard's American Freedom and Catholic Power, along with related printed materials and one letter (carbon). 

Bleakney, Walker, 1901-1992

Walker Bleakney Papers
Consists of papers of Bleakney, Princeton professor of physics (1932-1969) and chairman of the physics department (1960-1967). Included are published and unpublished reports, drafts of articles, graphic data and photographs of experiments, and other material concerning Bleakney's defense-related research on shock waves at the Princeton Gas Dynamics Laboratory, as well as lecture notes and correspondence. Additions to the papers include personal and general correspondence, reports, research papers, Bleakney's notes while at the University of Minnesota, Princeton University lectures and notes for classes, and correspondence related to his involvement in various research and defense organizations, such as the National Defense Research Committee, the National Research Council, Sandia Corporation, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Office of Naval Research. 

Blessington, Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of, 1789-1849

Correspondence of the Countess of Blessington
Consists of some original letters to Blessington and notes used by R. R. Madden in editing The Literary Life and Correspondence of the Countess of Blessington (1855). Included are a letter by Walter Savage Landor and copies of letters by Isaac D'Israeli, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

Bloch, Stella, 1898-1999

    see    Stella Bloch Papers Relating to Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Blom, Frans Ferdinand, 1893-1963

Diaries of Frans and Gertrude Blom
Consists of copies of diaries kept by Blom and his wife, Gertrude Duby Blom, from 1943 to 1959 in 14 volumes. The diaries concern the Bloms's explorations and search for Maya ruins in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico, including ruins at Bonampak, and the life of the Lacandon Indians in the Lacandon Jungle of Mexico. 

Blydenburgh, Jesse Smith, 1830-1900

Jesse Smith Blydenburg Papers
Consists of Blydenburgh's correspondence, both personal and business, five ledgers (1859-1880), two photographs, and a diary (1869). Letters, originals and copies, written by Blydenburg to his brothers, Judson and Richard, during trips to South Carolina, California, Yokohama (Japan), and Hong Kong, form the bulk of the family correspondence. The business correspondence deals with Blydenburg's New York City import-export business, much of it in the tea trade, and includes letters from associates such as the firm of Smith, Baker & Co. 

Bogan, Louise, 1897-1970

Louise Bogan Papers
Consists of selected notes, drafts, holograph and typescript manuscripts, and correspondence of Bogan. Included are her translation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel Elective Affinities and a large number of critical essays concerning the works of W. H. Auden, R. P. Blackmur, Elizabeth Bowen, Isak Dinesen, Paul Eluard, Andre Gide, Goethe, Henry James, Ezra Pound, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Rosenfeld, Paul Valery, Virginia Woolf, W. B. Yeats, and others. Also present are book and poetry reviews for the New Yorker; lectures on poetry; essays on folk art and literary criticism; poems and galley proofs for Poems and New Poems (1941); a small selection of poems by Herbert Cahoon; and correspondence containing some letters from Jerome Mellquist. 

Bok, Curtis, 1897-1962

Curtis Bok Collection
Consists of several versions, reflecting the printing stages, of Backbone of the Herring, Bok's fictionalized look at courtroom justice seen through the eyes of a judge: the typed manuscript (carbon) of the book under its earlier title, Midmost of the Fish; a later typed copy marked for the printer; first galleys with corrections; and partial author's proofs. 

Boker, George H. (George Henry), 1823-1890

George H. Boker Collection
Consists chiefly of manuscripts of poems and plays by Boker (Class of 1842). Most of the eleven plays in the collection appear in several versions; generally, there is an autograph manuscript and typescript copy for each, but for many of the plays there are also revised versions and actors' copies. Francesca da Rimini, for example, is represented by five versions dated from 1853 to 1882. Other plays included in the collection are All the World a Mask, Anne Boleyn, Glaucus, and The Widow's Marriage. There are folders containing Boker's poems and sonnets, both published and unpublished. Many of these are complete; several appear to be fragments, notes, or drafts. There are folders containing Boker's poems and sonnets, both published and unpublished. Many of these are complete; several appear to be fragments, notes, or drafts. Also present is some original correspondence, typescript copies of 102 letters to Richard Henry Stoddard (1849-1869), and a poem "To J. Lorimer Graham, Jr., November 16, 1866".

Bonfils, Félix, 1831-1885

Félix Bonfils Photographs Collection
The Félix Bonfils Photographs Collection consists of photographs taken by Bonfils in the second half of the 19th century of images and people in the eastern Mediterranean.

Approximately 850 additional Bonfils photographs are available in the Rudolf-Ernst Brunnow Papers (C0396).
Additionally, there are 69 photographs by Bonfils in Photographs of Syria and Palestine, v. 2, located in the Graphic Arts Division.

Bonner, Paul Hyde, 1893-1968

Paul Hyde Bonner Papers
Contains typed manuscripts and/or galley proofs of eight of Bonner's novels, including Amanda, Ambassador Extraordinary, Art of Llewellyn Jones, Good-bye, Come Again (unpublished), Excelsior, Malianche (unpublished), SPQR, and With Both Eyes Open, two collections of short stories, and one play, Dangerous Medicine. Eight of his personal diaries and notebooks are also included in the collection. 

Bookbinding Collection

Contains bookbinding specimens, vendor samples, and prints of decorative bookbindings. The specimens include a filigree binding, early and modern oak boards, paper boards, clamshell boxes, and decorative paper and leather bindings.

Bord, Gustave, 1852-1920?

Gustave Bord Collection of French Historical Material
Consists of correspondence, documents, legal papers, notebooks, and notes relating to French history, particularly the French Revolution, collected by Bord. The collection includes papers, 1626-1877 (but chiefly from the era of the French Revolution and Napoleon), relating to the Bord family in the French town of Bourges and in the district of La Chatre, Department de l'Indre; notes on emigration probably taken by Henri Forneron (1834-1886) while researching his Histoire Generale des Emigres Pendant la Revolution Francaise; letters, 1761-1790, to Paporet de Maxilly, secretary to Louis XVI, pertaining to the fiscal and judicial administration, chiefly in the 1770s and 80s, of landed estates in Aubusson, Gueret, and other places in the Department de Creuse; 19th-century notes for a French dictionary and notes for a glossary of names with etymological information; and a notebook of dictionary entries with comments on usage. 

Boudinot, Elias, 1740-1821

Boudinot Family Collection
Consists of correspondence of various members of the Boudinot family of New Jersey, discussing family, business, and political affairs. Most of the correspondence is related to Elias Boudinot and his brother Elisha but includes many letters by their nephew Richard Stockton (1764-1828). Represented as well are Annis Stockton, Gerard Beekman, Tench Cox, Elias E. Boudinot, Hannah Boudinot, Richard Rush, John Woodhull, and Robert Stockton.

Elias Boudinot Collection
Consists of miscellaneous letters and documents of Boudinot, many of which concern his land dealings. Historical figures and significant New Jersey correspondents represented in the collection include Samuel Bayard, Elias Dayton, John Dickinson, Ashbel Green, William Livingston, James Madison, James Morris, Lewis Pintard, and George Simpson. Included are Boudinot's drawing and description of the Boudinot coat of arms and his letter (23 Oct. 1782) to New Jersey governor William Livingston regarding congressional discussion then in progress concerning the admission of Vermont as the 14th state in the Union.

Stimson Collection of Elias Boudinot
Consists of papers, mostly correspondence, relating to the Boudinot family, particularly the brothers Elias and Elisha, from the Revolutionary War period and several decades thereafter, collected by Frederick B. Stimson. Among the family correspondence are 43 letters (1758-1798) by Elias to his wife, Hannah, sister of Richard Stockton, and 14 letters (1777-1784) to his daughter, Susan, wife of William Bradford. Bradford's sister, Rachel, was Elisha's second wife, and the collection contains 13 letters (1798-1800) by her to him. Other correspondents include Samuel Bayard, Clement Biddle, Ashbel Green, William Griffith, and Lewis Pintard.

Thorne Collection of Elias Boudinot
Consists of correspondence, documents, and printed material relating to Elias Boudinot and the Boudinot family, collected by Langdon K. Thorne. Much of Boudinot's correspondence is addressed to his wife, Hannah, sister of Richard Stockton, while he is traveling with the Continental Army as commissary-general of prisoners (1777-1778); other letters deal more directly with his prisoners-of-war work, and there are many to his brother Elisha, covering (1777-1819) the whole range of Boudinot's public service: New Jersey member of the Continental Congress (1781-1783), president of that body (1782-1783), member of the National House of Representatives (1789-1795), director of the U.S. Mint (1795-1805), and founding member and first president of the American Bible Society (1816). 

Bound Manuscripts    see Manuscripts, Bound [Miscellaneous]

Bowman, Heath, 1910-

Heath Bowman Papers
Consists of 68 diaries kept by Bowman (Class of 1931), spanning the years 1923-1989 (with the exception of 1931 and 1952). During the 1930s, Bowman traveled in South America and Mexico, publishing four books on those travels and a novel. After a stint in the Navy during World War II (stationed in Washington D.C.), he became a public affairs officer with assignments in Chile, Italy, France, and Yugoslavia. Also present are photographs taken by Bowman in the West Indies and various South American countries including Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. 

Boyce, George Price, 1826-1897

Pre-Raphaelite Correspondence of George Price Boyce
Consists of letters from approximately 40 English Pre-Raphaelite (and other) artists to Boyce. Correspondents include Ford Madox Brown, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, W. Holman Hunt, Frederic Leighton, William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Ruskin, and William Bell Scott. 

Boyd, James, 1888-1944

James Boyd Papers
Consists of manuscripts and galleys for four published novels by James Boyd (Princeton Class of 1910)--Drums (1925), about the American Revolution, Long Hunt (1930) and Bitter Creek (1939), about the American frontier, and Roll River (1935), set in his native Harrisburg, Pa.--as well as autograph and typed manuscripts for many articles, short stories, and verse.

The Free Company Presents..., Compiled by James Boyd
Consists of manuscripts of the three plays in, and the introduction to, The Free Company Presents..., compiled by James Boyd. Two versions of Boyd's introduction give the background of this group of authors and actors who presented American propaganda plays over CBS radio in the spring of 1941. A copy of Boyd's "One More Free Man" (final title) and a mimeograph copy of Orson Welles's "His Honor, the Mayor" (annotated, probably by Boyd) exist in the collection. The third play, "Above Suspicion," is ascribed to Sherwood Anderson, although the play was not completed at his death. Anderson's idea was developed by the company, and the play was presented in tribute to him. 

Boyd, Julian P. (Julian Parks), 1903-1980

Julian P. Boyd Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, notes, photographs, and printed matter of Boyd, Princeton University librarian (1940-1952) and professor of history. The bulk of the collection consists of organizational or topic-oriented correspondence relating primarily to Boyd's positions as a member of the board of directors (1952-1962) of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation; president and member (1964-1969) of the American Historical Association, which formed the Joint Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Historians Under the First Amendment with the Organization of American Historians in response to the lawsuit of Helen C. Frick against Sylvester K. Stevens and his book Pennsylvania: Birthplace of a Nation; and president (1973-1976) of the American Philosophical Society which sponsored the bicentennial celebrations in Philadelphia and the acquisition of the Battle Abbey and Battle of Hastings sites for return to the British nation. 

Bradford, A. W. (Augustus Williamson), 1806-1881

A. W. Bradford Collection
Contains some miscellaneous papers of Bradford, governor of Maryland during the Civil War, but the collection consists primarily of speeches, correspondence, documents, and printed matter of Bradford's son, Samuel Webster Bradford (Class of 1875). Included are wills for both father and son, and addresses, letters to the editor, account books, and some legal correspondence of the son. 

Bradford, Willard H. (Willard Hall), 1868-1933

Willard H. Bradford Princeton Collection
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and documents relating to the College of New Jersey and the locale of Princeton, collected by Willard H. Bradford (Class of 1891). Manuscripts included in the collection are "An Abridgement of the Riot of 1817" in Nassau Hall, articles of agreement between Charles Steadman and the Whig Society concerning the construction of the Society's building, legal opinion regarding granting of franchise to the Camden Amboy Railroad, certificate of incorporation for Trinity Church in Princeton, and the will of Richard Stockton. Represented in the collection are alumni of the College of New Jersey, such as Elias Boudinot, William Dayton, Richard S. Field, and Richard Stockton. 

Bradley, Will, 1868-1962

Will Bradley Collection
Contains seven printer's proofs on Japanese tissue by Bradley, of which five (two in color) are cover designs for The Inland Printer: A Technical Journal Devoted to the Art of Printing (Chicago, 1894). There is also one book illustration, a small design for the Chicago Sunday Tribune (1894), and a letterpress copy printed by The Typophiles to honor Will Bradley on his 80th birthday, (July 10, 1948).

Brandt & Brandt

Brandt & Brandt Contract Files
Consists of contract files from Brandt & Brandt, the New York City literary agency, primarily for published works where the rights have reverted to the author. Some represented authors are Margaret Banning, Bessie Brewer, Raymond Chandler, Arthur Machen, Mary McCarthy, Derek Patmore, and Edna St. Vincent Millay. 

Brant, Irving, 1885-1976

James Madison, The Virginia Revolutionist by Irving Brant
Consists of the original typed draft with holograph corrections of Brant's biography James Madison, The Virginia Revolutionist, including photographs and notes to the publisher regarding placement of the pictures in the book. 

Brecher, Edward M. (Edward Moritz), 1911-1989

Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher Collection on William Francis Mannix
Consists of papers gathered and generated by Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher while researching the life of William Francis Mannix (1870?-1920), a journalist, soldier of fortune, grafter, and literary forger, for a proposed biography that was never completed. Included are manuscript drafts; correspondence with Ralph D. Paine, Mabel Scudder, Mrs. Mannix, and others about Mannix; copies of his birth, marriage, and army records; and other letters, notes, and clippings on Mannix's background, psychopathic personalities, and literary forgers. 

Brett-Smith, H. F. B. (Herbert Francis Brett)

H. F. B. Brett-Smith Papers
Consists of papers of Brett-Smith reflecting his position as literary editor (1920-1928) of the Shakespeare Head Press. The Shakespeare Head Press was founded in 1904 at Stratford-upon-Avon, England, by A. H. Bullen (1857-1920). Included are 86 letters received by Brett-Smith from Basil Blackwell, Herbert Farjeon, S. Gaselee, Sir Sidney Lee, P. Lister, R. B. McKerrow, and Bernard H. Newdigate.

Brewster, Benjamin Harris, 1816-1888

Benjamin Harris Brewster Papers
Consists mainly of correspondence and legal documents of Brewster (Class of 1834), such as testimonies, depositions, summonses, court papers, and miscellaneous material, much of it related to the Star Route prosecutions during Brewster's tenure as attorney general under Chester Alan Arthur. The collection also contains personal papers, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia related to Brewster and his family. In addition, there are letters by presidents Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Alan Arthur, and Grover Cleveland. 

Bridges, Robert, 1858-1941

Robert Bridges Collection
Consists of correspondence and miscellany pertaining to Bridges' editorial work at Scribner's, as well as material relating to Princeton (particularly his Class of 1879 and the Princeton Club of New York), the Century Club, and the Coffee House Club, in all of which Bridges was an active member. Included in the collection are numerous letters from a variety of authors, hopefuls, and others, as well as notes, clippings, and memoranda relating to the Scribner firm. Virtually every letter is accompanied by a carbon of Bridges' response. Persons represented in the collection include Ray Stannard Baker, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Pupin, Edith Wharton, Bernadotte Schmitt, Bernard Baruch, A. S. Dashiell, the Scribners, Corrinne Roosevelt Robinson, and Whitney Darrow.

British Sigillography

Bruce C. Willsie Collection of British Sigillography

Briesen, Arthur von, 1843-1920

Arthur von Briesen Papers
The papers housed in the Arthur von Briesen Papers document the later years of Arthur von Briesen (1843-1920), a
New York City lawyer and philanthropist. Von Briesen, a German-American patent lawyer, served as President of the
Legal Aid Society of New York (1889-1916), and as president of the Alliance of Legal Aid Societies of America.
Aside from emphasizing his work with the Legal Aid Society, the papers also highlight a variety of other
areas--professional, political, and philanthropic--actively pursued by von Briesen. The papers illuminate the passionate
side of von Briesen in the private correspondence with his family and others, as well as his cultural interests and
engagement within the German-American community of New York City.

Briggs, William Harlowe, 1876-1952

William Harlowe Briggs Papers
Consists of selected papers of Briggs, a playwright and editor at Harper & Brothers, and his parents. Included are 24 scripts for plays such as Behold Thy Wife (1910), By Dawn's Early Light (1936), Benjamin Franklin (1938), and Keepong Up With Lizzie (1911), co-authored with Irving Bachellor; family correspondence (1894-1936), juvenalia; playbills; and copies of the Prairie Grove Leaflet edited by Briggs in 1889. Also present are articles, lectures, commonplace books, and diaries (1864-1901) of Briggs's mother, Amanda R. Hebard Briggs, and a few diaries (1876-1885) of Briggs's father, Henry C. Briggs. The diaries document the family's moves from Massachusetts to Michigan and then to the Dakota Territory.

Bright, John, 1811-1889

John Bright Letters
Consists of over forty letters by Bright written while he was a member of Parliament and addressed to various individuals. Among the topics discussed in these letters are the Poor Laws, the question of Irish independence, the American Civil War and the issue of slavery, and the Corn Laws. 

Bright, Mary Chavelita   see Egerton, George, 1860-1945

Brinkerhoff, Abraham

Abraham Brinkerhoff Business Records
Consists of Brinkerhoff's business records relating to his dry goods (especially cotton) business in New York City. The collection contains the accounts of individuals and companies, such as the Oriskany Manufacturing Company, orders, receipts, shipping invoices, records of property purchased and land holdings, and miscellaneous other business papers. In addition, there is a letterbook containing copies of correspondence, accounts, and invoices. 

Bronson, Walter J., 1908-

Walter J. Bronson Photographs of China
Consists of 168 photographs (with negatives) of China taken in 1916-1917 by Bronson when he was eight-years-old traveling with his family. Since photographs by foreigners were forbidden at that time in China, Bronson's camera was hidden in a wooden box from which he surreptitiously took pictures. Included are views of villages, rivers, railroad stations, temples, "Tientsin," peasants, and military officers. 

Brook, Alexander, 1898-1980

Myself and Others by Alexander Brook
Consists of a Xerox copy of a typed manuscript of Myself and Others, the unpublished autobiography of Brook, containing many observations on the art world of the 1920s and 1930s. 

Brooks, John, 1920-1993

John Brooks Novels
Consists of the typed rough draft and corrected version, with editor's emendations and notes, for a novel by Brooks (Class of 1942), The Big Wheel (1949), as well as typed manuscripts with author's corrections and notes for The Pride of Lions (1954) and The Man Who Broke Things (1958). 

Brown, Francis C. (Francis Cabell), 1936-

Francis C. Brown Collection of French Royal Marriage Contracts
Consists of 31 bound volumes, each containing an original, French, royal marriage contract with supplementary biographical sketches and portraits of the witnesses who signed the contracts, collected by Brown (Princeton Class of 1958). The contracts span the years 1607-1846, from the reign of Marie de Medicis to Louis Philippe, linking various members of the King's and Queen's courts and the noble houses in France (i.e., House of Bourbon), such as the marriage of Antoine Potier to Anne d'Aumont (1620) and Louis, Marquis de Vieuville, to Marie Fouquet de Belleisle (1722). Many of the contracts were signed by the reigning sovereigns and other nobility, such as Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, Philippe, Duc d'Orleans, Anne of Austria, Marie de Medicis, Armand Jean du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, and Henri Jules de Bourbon.

Francis C. Brown Collection on Slavery in America
Consists of documents collected by Brown (Princeton Class of 1958) relating to slavery in America, primarily in Louisiana and, to a lesser degree, in Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Alabama, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and North and South Carolina. Included are accounts of escaped and recaptured slaves, deeds of manumission, freedmen's papers, auction records of plantations including their goods, animals and slaves, mortgages of property and slaves, many bills of sale for slaves sold to Andrew Hynes of Tennessee and others, a Civil War army discharge for a Negro sergeant, doctor's bills, and other miscellaneous documents and printed matter referring to slaves and the slave trade. Many of the documents from Louisiana are in French. 

Brown, Frederick T. (Frederick Thomas), 1822-1893

Frederick T. Brown Family Papers
Consists of selected papers of the Frederick Thomas Brown family, which originated in Ohio, but at various times lived in Indiana, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Included are letters by Frederick Thomas Brown (Class of 1845) to his children, sermons, notes on his ancestry, a document appointing him chaplain (1862) of the U.S. Hospital at Georgetown, D.C., signed by Abraham Lincoln, and Presbyterian newspapers (New Orleand Protestant, 1846-47, Presbyterian Standard, 1865) containing articles by Brown. Also present are letters by son Frederick Walworth Brown (Class of 1897), letters by daughter Mary Lanier Brown, a scrapbook compiled by her including photographs taken on a trip to Mexico in 1897, and letters, photographs, and miscellaneous papers of other members of the Brown family. 

Brown, Gwyneth King, d. 1985

Gwyneth King Brown Drawings
Consists of nine pencil drawings by Brown of dancers in various poses, some personifying emotions such as "fear" and "remorse," while others are studies for costume groupings and figures from the ballet. 

Brunnow, Rudolf-Ernst, 1858-1917

Rudolf-Ernst Brunnow Papers
Consists of notes, photographs, inscriptions, tables, and descriptions by Brunnow, Princeton professor of Semitics post-1910, in Greek, Latin, German, French, Turkish, Assyrian, and English. The collection contains six volumes of descriptions of Roman monuments, two volumes of historical inscriptions, three volumes of chronological tables of the Roman period (AD 312-AD 640), fourteen volumes (= 14 boxes) of Felix Bonfils photographs of "Die Provincia Arabia," ten volumes of photographs and description of sites in Arabia, used in the preparation of Die Provincia Arabia auf Grund Zweier in Den Jahren 1897 und 1898...(1904-1909) by Brunnow and Alfred v. Domasweski, fourteen volumes of notes and quotations concerning Syria and Persia, and five volumes of notes taken when he was a student at Strasbourg in 1876-1878. Volumes 8-14 of "Die Provincia Arabia" are comprised of photographs of the Levant (including Jerusalem, Damascus, and Baalbek) and Greece, which were issued by the firm of French photographer Felix Bonfils. In addition, there are miscellaneous single volumes including a dictionary of Assyrian ideographs, a geographic index of northern Syria, Phoenician inscriptions, a Middle Eastern time-line (800 B.C. - 200 A.D.), and a bibliography of the geography of Palestine. Also present is a small group of letters (1909-1914) in Arabic, to Brunnow from Markus al Batarsi mostly concerning social life at the end of the Ottoman Empire. 

Bryan, J. (Joseph), 1904-1993

J. Bryan Papers
Consists of letters to Bryan and the corrected typescript and page proofs of Merry Gentlemen (And One Lady) (1985) by Bryan (Class of 1927), which contains biographical portraits of such humorists as Robert Benchley, Nunnally Johnson, S. J. Perelman, Dorothy Parker, and other writers who were connected with the Algonquin Round Table and The New Yorker. The letters to Bryan are from three of his fellow humorists and friends, H. Allen Smith (about 160 letters, 1954-1976), Frank Sullivan (about 100 letters, 1938-1975), and Finis Farr, Class of 1926, (about 500 letters, 1935-1981). 

Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973

    See David Lloyd Agency Files of Pearl S. Buck

Bumas, Jonathan

Jonathan Bumas Collection
Consists of seven book jackets for contemporary fiction and nonfiction, a letter to John Bidwell, a 1999 New Year's greeting card, a pencil portrait of Bumas' nine-week-old son (Adam), and an eight-page humorous booklet written about Adam. All items were created by Bumas.

Bunbury, Richard Hanmer, 1813-1857

Richard Hanmer Bunbury Letters to His Father
Consists primarily of 45 letters, 1827-1839, by Bunbury, an officer in the British Navy, to his father, Sir Henry Edward Bunbury (1778-1860), while on naval duties in the Mediterranean near Greece, Malta, Corfu, Corinth, the Gulf of Kalamata, and Zante. The letters describe the Battle of Navarino (Oct. 20, 1827) during which Bunbury lost his right hand, and other naval actions against the Turkish and Egyptian fleets. The ships Bunbury served on include the HMS "Thunderer," "Princess Charlotte," "Dido," and "Asia." Also present are one letter to his brother Edward Herbert Bunbury, five letters to friends, his marriage certificate (1838), a letter of commendation by Captain W. F. Wise, and a certificate (1836) from the Royal Humane Society for an act of "distinguished courage and humanity" in rescuing a seaman fallen overboard. 

Bunkley, Allison Williams, 1925-1950

Bunkley Research on Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
Consists of 13 notebooks compiled by Bunkley while in South America doing research for his book on The Life of Sarmiento (1952). The notes refer to published and unpublished material concerning Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811-1888), president (1868-1874) of Argentina, and the history and governments of Chile and Argentina in the 19th century. 

Bunn, Benjamin Franklin, 1875-1971

Benjamin Franklin Bunn Papers
Consists of papers of Bunn (Princeton Class of 1907). Known as "Mr. Princeton," Bunn managed the Princeton University bookstore for forty years, served as trustee, treasurer, secretary, or advisor to many University clubs and associations, managed the Triangle Club (1908-1958), and was mayor of Princeton Borough (1927-1929) and Princeton Township (1940-1950). Included are correspondence with many Princeton and Phillips Exeter Academy (Class of 1903) classmates, Princeton administrators, and family members, and financial, business, and administrative records which Bunn maintained for Princeton clubs and associations during his 50 years at Princeton University. The largest files relate to the Class of 1907, The Daily Princetonian, the Princeton Triangle Club, and the Committee of Supervision. The Daily Princetonian records contain extensive correspondence with Princeton trustees Whitney Darrow, Ivy Lee, Jr., and Julius Ochs Adler, and the Triangle material contains letters from F. Scott Fitzgerald and notable members of stage and screen. 

Burgess, John Stewart, 1883-1949

John and Stella Burgess Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, photographs, a commonplace book, a genealogy, and printed matter of Burgess (Class of 1905) and his wife, Stella Fisher Burgess, poet and translator. The collection contains articles and speeches, many written during the years (1909-1915) they spent in China with the Princeton-in-Peking Program and, later, at Yenching University (1919-1926); a typescript of an unpublished autobiography by Burgess; and manuscripts of poems and stories by Stella Burgess. There are also photographs of the Burgess family and professional colleagues, such as Edward S. Corwin, and of Peking, Yenching University, and other Chinese scenes, as well as a genealogy of the Fisher family. 

Burne-Jones, Edward Coley, Sir, 1833-1898

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones Letters to His Daughter
Consists of 48 letters by Burne-Jones to his daughter, Margaret Burne-Jones (1866-1953), who married (1888) J. W. Mackail (1859-1945), a biographer of William Morris. Some of the letters mention Morris, a fellow pre-Raphaelite artist, and many contain drawings. Also present are a few miscellaneous letters including a Burne-Jones letter to his son, Philip, and a letter (1885) by Bram Stoker to Burne-Jones. 

Burr, Aaron, 1716-1757

Aaron Burr (1716-1757) Collection
Consists of Burr manuscripts, correspondence, and documents dating from the period (1748-1757) he was president of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton. Included are original manuscripts of sermons, a Latin oration, and letters and documents, as well as photostats and copies of additional material. There are also a contemporary silhouette of Burr and a letter, dated 1761, presenting a bill to his estate. 

Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836

Aaron Burr (1756-1836) Collection
Consists of 54 letters and 5 documents of Burr (Class of 1772), 1 letter (1780) from Robert Troup, and assorted photostats and facsimiles of additional Burr material. Addressees of the letters include Jeremy Bentham, Theodosia Burr (his wife), Theodosia Burr (his daughter), Mrs. Payne (Dolley Madison's mother), and George Washington. In the latter letter, dated 1779, Burr resigns his rank and command in the army; many of the other letters deal with legal cases and legal advice.

Fuller Collection of Aaron Burr (1756-1836)
Consists of Burr (Class of 1772) correspondence and documents, collected by C. P. G. Fuller. Included are papers relating to the case of the Bank of the United States vs. Aaron Burr and John Nicholson, other court cases of Burr, and letters from his friends and comrades during the Revolution as well as persons involved in the famous duel between Burr and Hamilton. Among the correspondents are Burr's daughter, Theodosia Burr Alston, Nicholas Biddle, Henry Clay, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Marshall, John Vanderlyn, William Peter Van Ness, George Washington, and James Wilkinson. Specific items include the coroner's report regarding the duel, a letter recommending Burr as a presidential candidate, and General Schuyler's letter to his daughter upon the death of her husband, Alexander Hamilton. 

Burr, Anna Robeson, 1873-1941

Burr Family Papers
Consists of correspondence, passports, and calling cards of the Burr family of Philadelphia. The collection contains letters by Anna Robeson Burr in England (1916-1918) to her mother, Mrs. Thomas Leaming, including observations on World War I; letters by Edward Holton James, Katharine P. Loring, and Ralph Barton Perry about Burr's book Alice James, Her Brothers--Her Journals (1934); letters by Harrison Smith Morris, Simon Flexner, and Agnes Repplier regarding her book Weir Mitchell, His Life and Letters (1930); letters to her daughter Pamela Burr; correspondence of her husband, Charles H. Burr, including letters to him by Lord Southborough; and letters by her daughters, Pamela and Dorothy Burr. In addition, there is an extract of a letter (1773) by Frederica Planta regarding George III's children. 

Burr, Nelson R. (Nelson Rollin), 1904-

Nelson R. Burr Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, scrapbooks, juvenilia, and printed matter of Burr (Class of 1927). The collection contains the typed manuscript (carbon) and photographs for Burr's book Education in New Jersey 1630-1871 (1942), based on his Ph.D. thesis at Princeton, as well as undergraduate notes and essays, and letters written to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harris L. Burr, during undergraduate (1923-1927) and graduate school years (1928-1932) at Princeton and New York University (1929). 

Burrough, Marmaduke

Marmaduke Burrough Papers
Consists chiefly of correspondence, both personal and official, covering the years Burrough served as an American consular official in Veracruz, Mexico. Included are letterbooks, financial records, documents--articles of agreements, certificates of apprenticeship, and mercantile tribunal proceedings--and printed matter, as well as some correspondence by people other than Burrough. 

Burt, Nathaniel, 1913-

Nathaniel Burt Papers
Contains holograph manuscripts, typescripts, typesetting copies, and galley proofs of some books of Burt (Class of 1936), such as Leopards in the Garden, Palaces for the People, about art museums in the United States, The Perennial Philadelphians, and Scotland's Burning, as well as short stories, poems, and musical compositions. The collection includes correspondence between Burt and family members Struthers Burt, Katharine Newlin Burt, and Julia Burt Attebury, and with friends, publishers, and organizations. Also present are papers concerning the history and finances of the Burt family property at Three Rivers Ranch, Wyoming, which is now part of the Grand Teton National Park. 

Burt, Struthers, 1882-1954

Struthers Burt Papers
Consists of manuscripts, typescripts, and proofs of some books (Along These Streets, The Delectable Mountains, Diary of a Dude-Wrangler, Ink & Blood, Philadelphia: Holy Experiment, Powder River: Let 'er Buck), plays, short stories, essays, and poems (War Songs and When I Grow Up to Middle Age) of Burt (Class of 1904), as well as notebooks containing his ideas for stories, novels, and articles. The collection also includes correspondence from editors, friends, and associates, notably Max Perkins, James Boyd, and other Princetonians, and signed copies of an author's manifesto, written by Burt in 1941 and circulated to well-known American authors, urging U.S. aid to England. The main family members represented in the correspondence are Julia Burt, Nathaniel Burt, Katharine Newlin Burt, and Alice Burt Riley. 

Butler, William Allen, 1825-1902

Butler Family Papers
Contains the papers of three generations of Butlers: Benjamin Franklin Butler (1795-1858); William Allen Butler (1825-1902); William Allen Butler (1853-1923) and Howard Russell Butler (1856-1934), both members of the Class of 1876; Charles Henry Butler (1859-1940); Mary Russell Marshall Butler (l827-1919); Harriet Allen Butler (1861-1914); and Mary Marshall Butler (1857- ). The papers reflect the many legal, political, and educational interests of the family, as well as the members' busy domestic lives. 

Byzantine Coinage

Consists of Byzantine coins beginning from 498 A.D. To the current 1710 pieces should be added the approx. 2980 Byzantine copper coins from the excavations at Antioch-on-the-Orontes which are now stored in the University Library. Descriptions of recent additions can be found by searching on "Coins, Byzantine" in the subject field of MASC, the Dept.'s database. 

Byzantine and post-Byzantine Inscriptions Collection

Consists of manuscript copies of Greek inscriptions from Orthodox churches, monasteries, and icons in Greece, Asia Minor, the Greek islands, and Serbia. Compiled and written on slips of paper (12 x 22 cm.) in the late 19th and early 20th century by the Greek epigrapher Giorgios Lampakes.


Cabrera Infante, G. (Guillermo), 1929-

G. Cabrera Infante Papers
Contains original drafts and corrections of Cabrera Infante's work from 1964 (manuscripts of two earlier works were not retained), as well as selected correspondence. Included are the novels Tres Tristes Tigres and La Habana para un Infante Difunto, several essay works (O, Exorcismos de Esti(l)o, Arcadia Todas las Noches), the book of vignettes Vista del Amanecer en el Tropico, and seven screenplays (1966-1972), including Cabrera Infante's film adaptation of Lowry's Under the Volcano which was directed by Joseph Losey. Correspondence includes letters by Losey about the film, as well as the letters of Calvert Casey, Julio Cortazar, Virgilio Pinera, Manuel Puig, Manuel Scorza, Nestor Almendros, Reinaldo Arenas and Emir Rodriguez Monegal. 

Çakmak, Fevzi, 1876-1950

Fevzi Çakmak Diaries
Consists of diaries, a notebook, and a calendar of the Turkish military leader and government official Fevzi Çakmak which primarily document Çakmak's experiences and observances during his military career in Albania and the Balkans (1911-1921). Prominent in the diaries are entries about the Balkan Wars and World War I. Two small diaries cover the first several months of 1950 and include the final four entries made before Çakmak died.

Caldwell, Lucy

Sin, One Way, Economy Class by Lucy Caldwell
Consists of a typescript, with a few corrections, for Sin, One Way, Economy Class (1976) by Caldwell, widow of Charles Caldwell (Class of 1925), concerning her work in Vietnam in support of the American armed forces during the Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975. 

Caldwell, Robert Granville, 1882-1976

Robert Granville Caldwell Autograph Collection
Consists of letters by several prominent 19th-century Americans collected by Caldwell, including seven signed, autograph letters (1823-1830) by Henry Clay, six signed, autograph letters (1850-1871) by Horace Greeley, and six signed, autograph letters (1844-1861) by Sam Houston. Autograph letters by P. T. Barnum, Millard Fillmore, James Garfield, Belva Lockwood (1st woman candidate to run for president), Cotton Mather, Winfield Scott, and William Sherman--among others--are also included. 

Calvert, Frances Pery, 1767-1859

Frances Pery Calvert Diaries
Consists of forty-three diaries by Calvert, a well-connected lady of the Regency period who was married to a member of Parliament. Collectively entitled Mes Souvenirs, the diaires date from September 30, 1804, through August 11, 1847. (Volumes covering the periods from June 17, 1806, to February 14, 1807, and from July 22, 1840 to August 8, 1845, have been omitted.) Calvert comments in her diaries on domestic matters, politics, and visits to London and abroad. 

Calypso Music Collection

Consists of programs, broadsides, and printed matter relating to calypso music from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, in the British West Indies. 

Cameron, Henry Clay, 1827-1906

Cameron Family Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, Princetoniana, financial material and documents, photographs, and printed matter of Henry Clay Cameron (Class of 1847), his son Arnold Guyot Cameron (Class of 1886), and Arnold Guyot, mainly reflecting their involvement with Princeton University. There is also material related to Mina Chollet Cameron, Henry Clay Cameron's wife (and niece of Arnold Guyot). 

Campbell, C. Lawton (Charles Lawton), 1896-

C. Lawton Campbell Papers
Contains ninety-four drafts, fragments, and fully-conceived plays by Campbell (Class of 1916), as well as poems, essays, and an autobiography covering fifty years of his life as a devotee of the theater. In addition, the collection includes family correspondence as well as letters to friends and business associates, and scrapbooks, photographs, and memorabilia covering Campbell's earliest years as a boy in Montgomery, Alabama, through his years as a playwright and advertising executive in New York City. Among Campbell's correspondents are Andrew Turnbull and Nancy Milford, authors of Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, respectively, regarding the Fitzgeralds, and there is a special section of memorabilia and printed matter dedicated to ANTA (American National Theatre and Academy), during the years, 1945-1970. In the series devoted to papers of others, there is a project devoted to Stark Young containing copies of letters written by Young to Sir Julian Huxley, Ellen Glasgow, Allen Tate, Maxwell Perkins, Charles Scribner, and other authors, editors, and theater people. 

Canal Feijóo, Bernardo, 1897-1982

Bernardo Canal Feijóo Correspondence
Consists of correspondence of Argentinian poet Bernardo Canal Feijóo with other writers and artists, including Macedonio Fernández, Eduardo Mallea, Manuel Mujica Lainez, Ricardo Rojas, Carlos Sabat Ercasty, and Emilio Pettoruti. Canal Feijóo was a lawyer and poet who wrote and lived in Santiago del Estero, a city in Argentina's interior. Mallea wrote several of his letters to Canal Feijóo while he was literary critic of La Nacion. The letters of Macedonio Fernandez discuss Fernandez's aesthetic beliefs and theories on prose writing. Pettoruti and Ramon Gomez Cornet are two artists whose correspondence documents artists' activities in Argentina in the 1933-1940 period. 

Card, Virginia, 1919-

Virginia Card Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, phonotapes, and printed matter of Card. The collection contains the autograph manuscript "The Moccasin Telegraph" (1987); a copy of a diary entitled "Family Folklore" (1983); a scrapbook of Helen Arnell, which includes a biography by Card (1987); correspondence between her and Princeton curator, Alfred Bush, in which she describes her work with Indian organizations in Southern California, comments on her family and friends, and reminisces about the past; phonotapes of songs and dances of the Maidu Indians and "Music of the American Indians: Precolumbian to the Present" (1978), with a copy of a radio script to be used in conjunction with the tape; and printed matter, including offprints of articles about Indians.

Carrighar, Sally

The Glass Dove, Novel by Sally Carrighar
Consists of the manuscript, with author's corrections, final galley proof, and foundry proof of Carrighar's novel, The Glass Dove

Carson, John Renshaw, 1886-1940

John and Robb Carson Letters to Their Parents
Consists of the personal letters of John Renshaw Carson (1886-1940) and his twin brother, Joseph Robb Carson (1886-1953), to their parents from 1903 to 1908. The bulk of the letters date from the period (1903-1907) both were undergraduates at Princeton (Class of 1907).

Carteret, Philip, 1639-1682

Philip Carteret Collection
Consists primarily of autograph letters written by Philip Carteret, First Governor of New Jersey (1672-1682). Seven of the letters were written by Carteret to his mother and brother, Peter, Governor of North Carolina. In his letters, Carteret describes his debts and asks for money and aid in settling his financial affairs.  He also makes observations about his family, including quarrels with his uncle, Sir George Carteret.  Another letter, written by Carteret's wife, Elizabeth, announces his death. Translated typed transcripts are provided.  Additional materials include a document in French dated 1677, and other letters relating to Carteret claims on New Jersey lands, 1821-1824.

Cartoon Collection

Consists of several hundred drawings by late 19th- and early 20th-century cartoonists, such as Homer Davenport, Louis Glackens, Joseph Keppler, Albert Levering, F. Opper, and Louis Raemakers. 

Cartwright, Levering, 1903-1981

Levering Cartwright Collection on "Death Valley Scotty"
Consists of papers of Cartwright (Class of 1926) relating to the association of "Death Valley Scotty" (Walter Scott, 1872-1954), an eccentric prospector, Wild West show entertainer, and hoaxer, with his friend and financier, Albert M. Johnson, an insurance company executive. Included are many newspaper clippings about Scott, copies of Best's Insurance News containing Cartwright's article "A Sacrifice to Death Valley," two tapes with transcripts of interviews with William F. Keys, a prospector and friend of Scott, photographs of Scott, Keys, and Scott's home, "Death Valley Castle," and correspondence concerning Cartwright's article. 

Castro, Fidel, 1926-

Fidel Castro Photographs Collection
This collection contains approximately 130 black and white photographs (ranging in size from 4x5 to 8x10) of Fidel Castro.  Thirty of these were taken during a state visit to the Soviet Union and picture Castro with several high-ranking Soviet officials, including Leniod Brezhnev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikita Kruschev, and Anastas Mikoyan.  In addition, there are photographs taken in Cuba of Castro and other notable figures, such as Baudilio Castellanos, Camilo Cienfuegos, Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado, Ernesto Che Guevara, and Celia Sanchez.  This collection also includes several photographs of "Balseros."

Cattle and Horse Brands Collection

Consists of lists with drawings of cattle brands recorded in Contra Costa County, Calif. (1852), Buenos Aires, Argentina (1854), and Italy (1600s); records of military brands used for horses during the Mexican Revolution (1913); and samples of brands burned into hide, leather, and wood. 

Cattle Ranch Account Books

Consists of ten account books for two cattle ranches: 1) nine volumes of accounts for the N. R. Davis & Company cattle ranch in Cheyenne, Wyoming, containing personal and business accounts of various financial transactions from 1871, when N. R. Davis and Clarence King formed a partnership for the purpose of buying, breeding, and selling cattle, up to 1893; and 2) one account book (1884-1889) of the Bell Ranch of New Mexico, containing receipts for goods, such as saddles, clothing, and groceries, many of which are made out to Wilson Waddingham, an entrepreneuer who gained a controlling interest in the Bell Ranch around 1872. 

Cecil, R. A. (Robert Arthur), 1921-1994

R. A. Cecil Correspondence
Consists of letters to Cecil, great-grandson of T. Adolphus Trollope (1810-1892) and Theodosia Garrow, and a curator of the Wallace Collection in London. The letters primarily concern the writing and publication of books about the Trollopes. Included are letters by N. John Hall, Helen Heineman, author of Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century (1978), Katharine M. Longley, Claire Tomalin, author of The Invisible Woman, The Story of Nelly Turner and Charles Dickens (1990), Herbert Van Thal, Harold Acton, and Lloyds Bank concerning the estate (1954) of M. R. Trollope. Also present are a small file of correspondence (1946-1947) of Cecil's mother, Beatrice Cecil, with Roger Senhouse, Michael Sadleir, and Bradford Booth, concerning her objections to parts of the book The Trollopes (1945), by L. & R. P. Stebbins, and photostats of the wills of Frances Eleanor Trollope and T. Adolphus Trollope. 

Centeno, Augusto, 1901-

The Intent of the Artist, Edited by Augusto Centeno
Consists of the printer's copy of the manuscript for The Intent of the Artist, edited by Centeno and published by the Princeton University Press in 1941. In addition to an introduction by the editor, the volume contains essays by Sherwood Anderson, Thornton Wilder, Roger Sessions, and William Lescaze, writing as artists on their respective crafts. 

Cerf, Bennett, 1898-1971

Bennett Cerf Correspondence Regarding the Ezra Pound Controversy (1946)
Consists of responses from the public to Cerf's appeal (1946) to readers of his "Trade Winds" column in the Saturday Review of Literature on the question of the exclusion of Pound's poetry from an anthology of English and American poetry being published by Random House. The appeal was made in the Jan. 9 issue of SRL, and the results and extracts of the letters were published in the March 16 issue. 

Cham, 1819-1879

Cham Lithographs from Charivari
Consists of approximately 650 lithographs done by Cham for the French journal Charivari. The bulk of the prints (550) are satirical and political cartoons from the series "Actualite." There are also approximately 100 miscellaneous items; one group of 22 are caricatures from another Charivari series entitled "Les Representans Representes." 

Chambers Family Papers

Consists of diaries, correspodence, documents, scrapbooks, and printed matter of the Chambers family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The diaries were kept mainly by the women of the family, the earliest written by Mary Stokes (1797) when she was thirteen and the latest by Mary B. Chambers (1962), who kept a diary for seventy-two consecutive years. Also represented by a large number of diaries is Fanny Clarke Chambers who kept one from 1839 until 1888. There are many postcards sent by family members while traveling in the United States and abroad, some included in scrapbooks. The collection also contains documents such as deeds, wills, mortgage agreements, and indentures, as well as bankbooks, financial accounts, and some business records of the Tide Water Pipe Company, Ltd. of Titusville, Pa. In addition, there are maps, commonplace books, and recipe books. 

Chambers, Alexander

Alexander Chambers Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, maps, a bank book (1864), financial reports, and printed matter of Chambers of Newtown, Pa. The collection contains correspondence with banks, commodity and customhouse brokers, and with Chambers' commercial agent in Guatemala, H. H. Scheel. Much of the collection deals with Scheel's descriptions of an unsuccessful court case (1921-1929) in Guatemala involving the loss of monies paid to ex-president Manuel Estrada Cabrera in return for the granting of sugar export licenses, and Scheel's efforts to regain the money from the Guatemalan government. There is also material concerning dealings with the United Fruit Company, and the Catawba Gold Mining Company, including forty of its gold bond certificates issued in 1921. Also present are documents, contracts, reports, correspondence and maps relating to the Ulua Commercial Company and the Olancho Mineral Company, both concerned with gold and mineral mining in Honduras in the early 1900s. 

Champney, Benjamin, 1817-1907

Benjmain Champney Collection
Consists of seven watercolor views of Boston by Champney.

Charles Scribner's Sons

Archives of Charles Scribner's Sons
These archives consist of virtually all of the surviving records of Scribners (1846-1984), the New York City publisher, and reflect aspects of all of its publishing functions (soliciting and acquiring books, editing manuscripts, printing and manufacturing books, advertising and publicizing publications) and business concerns (book and magazine publisher, retail bookstore, subscription books department, educational books department, printing press and bindery, rare books department). Included are files of editorial correspondence with authors, manufacturing records about book production, advertising records, author contracts, a collection of dust jackets, book catalogs, ledgers, and photographs. While there are gaps in most of the series or record groups, there are records representative of all of the firm's former permutations: Baker & Scribner, Charles Scribner & Co., Scribner, Armstrong & Co., Scribner, Armstrong & Welford, Scribner & Co., Charles Scribner's Sons. The bulk of the material (1880s-1970s), however, dates from the period when the publisher bore its most familiar name, "Charles Scribner's Sons." There is also material related to early publishers' organizations and international copyright.

Chavkin, Samuel, 1913-1994

Samuel Chavkin Papers
Consists of 59 audio recordings and selected correspondence and articles by Chavkin, an American journalist, who covered events in Chile for various publications in the 1970s, primarily after the military junta of 1973. Included are recordings taken from the radio shows, "Radio Habana, Cuba" and "De Chile y Para Chile," of interviews (1974-1978) with Augusto Pinochet, Joan Jara, Carmen Castillo, Laura Allende, Miguel Schweitzer, Beatriz Allende, and others, and many other recordings of interviews conducted by Chavkin with various people discussing Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda, and the political, social, and economic conditions in Chile. Also present are a typescript of an interview with Harald Edelstam, Swedish Ambassador to Chile; various articles and editorials by Chavkin about Chile; a small amount of correspondence with Ximena de la Barra MacDonald, G. Perotti, Harald Edelstam, and others; photographs of Chile under military rule; and a typescript, with autograph corrections, of an unpublished English translation of Chile: The Executioners (Las Fuerza Armadas de Chile, 1976), by Fernando Rivas Sanchez and Elizabeth Reiman Weigert. 

Chaytor, James

James Chaytor Papers
Consists of ship's papers, a diary (1841), and correspondence of Chaytor relating to some of the ships for which he was commander or shipmaster. The bulk of the collection is comprised of accounts of the brig of war Independencia, such as listings of weekly provisions, expenditures, receipts, monies paid to officers and crew, listings of the numbers and kinds of sails, master's and boatswain's stores, bills of health, and weekly expenditures. The collection also includes ship's papers for the merchant ships Herald, Chesapeake, and John. In addition, there are also some of Chaytor's personal and business accounts. 

Chile Photographic File

Consists of 223 slides and 77 photographs taken during the last years of the Pinochet regime in Chile. Included are images of pro-democracy, anti-dictatorship, and human rights demonstrations; political graffiti; and various presidential and senatorial campaigning and celebrating (Aylwin, Buchi, Errazuriz, Lagos, Pinera, Palestro, Frei, etc.). There are also slides showing the casting of votes and of the general ambience during the elections. 

Chinard, Gilbert, 1881-1972

Gilbert Chinard Collection of French Historical Material
Contains miscellaneous French manuscripts, correspondence, documents, photographs, and broadsides and other printed matter collected by Chinard: 1) 18th-century material of the Tarbe family, including manuscripts of poems, songs, and theatrical works, correspondence, and printed matter of Louis-Hardouin Tarbe (1753-1806), and correspondence of his father, a Sens (France) printer; 2) miscellaneous 18th- and 19th-century papers of the Sorrel family, including letters written by Antoine-Francois Sorrel (1737-1830) to his father before becoming a cartographer and engineer on Saint Dominigue, West Indies; 3) letters by the French writer Jules Claretie (1840-1913); 4) bound manuscripts, a treatise on the "respective powers and prerogatives of the royal power", a French textbook on geometry for children, 19th-century French specifications for artillery emplacements and carriages; 5) letters by Pope Pius VII, cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, and archbishops of Sens; 6) documents, chiefly from the Revolutionary and Republican periods, including letters (1788-1797) from the French consul in Baltimore concerning political and economic relations between France and Maryland; 7) some material about the American explorer, John Charles Fremont, including a brief biography, a pencil portrait, and a letter by him to Alexander Vattemare; 8) several folders of 18th-century Louisiana material; and 9) about 90 letters (1699-1889) in English, mostly by minor writers. 

Christophe, Franz, 1875-

Franz Christophe Drawings of Baron Munchhausen
Consists of 26 pencil drawings illustrating the adventures of Baron Munchhausen, including title page and chapter headings for a proposed Random House edition, 1931. 

Church, Alonzo, 1903-1995

Alonzo Church Papers
Consists of the writings, correspondence, notes, and subject files of Church (Princeton Class of 1924), the renowned mathematical logician who taught at Princeton University from 1929-1967 and the University of California at Los Angeles from 1967 to 1990, and who was the editor of reviews for the Journal of Symbolic Logic (JSL) from 1936 to 1979. Correspondents include Paul Bernays, Rudolf Carnap, Frederic B. Fitch, S. C. Kleene, E. L. Post, W. V. Quine, J. Barkley Rosser, Alfred Tarski, and Alan Turing, in addition to the many contributors to the JSL during the years in which Church was editor.

Cicellis, Kay

Kay Cicellis Papers
Consists of papers of Cicellis, including manuscripts of some of her novels, short stories, radio scripts, translations of Greek works into English, and correspondence with friends and associates. Cicellis was born in France of Greek parents, moving to Greece when she was nine. She spent some time in England, but later settled in Athens where she worked as a translator, writer-adapter for the Greek Broadcasting Institute, and writer, primarily in English, of articles, reviews, stories and novels. Included in these papers are autograph and typed manuscript drafts and notebooks of No Name in the Street (1953), her first novel, Ten Seconds from Now (1957), a novel, The Way to Colonos (1960), three novellas, and many drafts of stories to be included in an unpublished work, The Painter and His Model (ca. 1978). In addition, there are translations from Greek into English by Cicellis of Koula (1991) by Menes Koumantareas and The Wife of Candaulus (1954) by Margarita Lymperake, as well as a libretto for an opera composed by Arghyris Kounadis called "The Return" (1962) based on The Way to Colonos


Circus Posters Collection
Contains circus posters from Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey, the McCaddon Circus, and a touring spectacle called the "Fall of Babylon," as well as other miscellaneous circus posters. There are also color slides of the posters.

Miscellaneous Circus Collection
Consists of subject files on all aspects of the circus: acts, organizations, and specific performers and circuses. Included are photographs, programs and other ephemera, and clippings. There are files on acrobats, clowns, elephants, and miniature circus, as well as on the Circus Fans Association, the Circus Historical Society, Ringling Brothers, and Tom Thumb. Also includes various issues from circus related magazines including: Circus Ring Magazine, Circus Review, Tent Topics" Newsletter, etc.

Civil War Photographs Collection

Cosists of photographs of Civil War views and portraits of President Lincoln, military officers, and soldiers taken by Matthew Brady and other photographers.

Clark, Marsha L.

U.S.S. Princeton Collection
Consists of research materials for the book Carrier Down: The Sinking of the "U.S.S. Princeton" (1990), co-authored by Thomas I. Bradshaw and Marsha L. Clark. Included are typed transcriptions of tape-recorded interviews, newspaper clippings, and recollections written by individual men who served on the carrier when it was bombed by the Japanese October 24, 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf; subject files of materials used in writing the book, such as photocopies of the Navy War Damage Reports, lists of survivors, and information on types of Japanese aircraft; and photographs that appeared in the work. 

Clarke Family Collection

Consists of documents of the Clarke family which lived and farmed in the Stony Brook - Quaker Bridge area of Middlesex County, New Jersey, now known as Clarkesville of Mercer County, which was created in 1838 by taking parts from adjacent counties. Included are twenty deeds, seven wills, and five mortgages of various generations of Clarkes; papers relating to family members who died intestate; inventories of household goods, documents, and receipts concerning the estates of William Clarke (1734-1802), Matthew Clarke (died ca. 1820), Caleb Hulfish (died ca. 1860), and David B. Hill (died ca. 1888); and a diary (1886-1900) kept by William H. Clarke (d. 1906). Also included are miscellaneous documents such as a receipt (1794) for use of the (Quaker) Friend's School at Stony Brook, a New York marriage contract (1735) between John Clarke and Sarah Field, and an indenture (1865) binding an apprentice to John H. Clarke. 

Clarke Family of New Jersey Collection

Consists of correspondence and documents of the Clarke family of New Jersey; represented members include Benjamin, Elisha, and James Olden Clarke. Among the documents are deeds, wills, receipts, account books, estate memoranda, inventories of goods, bonds, statements of account, articles of agreement, receipt books, maritime insurance policies (1845) on ship cargo, and a survey map (1749) of land owned by David Brearley in Maidenhead, now Lawrence Township; also two autograph albums, a school copy book, a day book, a ledger, two school books having to do with mathematics exercises (1715, 1810), and a diary (1689-1720). 

Clarke, Thomas Shields, 1860-1920

Thomas Shields Clarke Collection of German Legal Documents
Consists of eight German and Italian legal documents, in German and Latin, collected by Clarke (Princeton Class of 1882). The documents range in date from 1572 to 1802. There are five German documents, including bills of sale, from Wurttemberg, Bamberg, and Nuremberg, by Prince Christoph Franz, bishop of Bamberg, Friderich, bishop of Wurtemberg, Hieroymus Engelhardt, Friedrich III, Margrave of Brandenburg, and others. The three Italian documents (1585, 1684 and 1691) are by Innocentius XI, Pope, Franciscus Maurocene, and Stephanus a Franciscus. 

Clawson, Isaiah Dunn, 1822-1879

Clawson Family Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, and printed matter of the Clawson family of Salem County, N.J. Represented in the collection are Isaiah Dunn Clawson (Class of 1840) and his wife, Martha, his father, William, Israel R. Clawson, Margaretta Clawson Shinn and her husband, William J. Shinn, and Samuel S. Shinn. Included is an essay, "The Stability of our Government," by Isaiah Dunn Clawson, as well as printed matter relating to his terms in the New Jersey Assembly (1854-1855) and Congress (1855-1859). The bulk of the correspondence is comprised of letters to family members about legal, business, social, political, and temperance matters. The collection includes documents such as judgment bonds and warrants, bills, promissory notes, receipts, claims, indentures, wills, mortgages, and bank account forms. 

Clay, Sidney P. (Sidney Payne), 1800-1834

Sidney P. Clay Collection
Consists of correspondence, documents, and photographs of Clay (Class of 1821) and his family, and includes some correspondence of the Reed family. The collection contains correspondence between Clay and his father, General Green Clay, and his mother, Sally Clay, written while he was a student at St. Thomas's College in Springfield, N.Y. (1817), and at Princeton (1818-1820), as well as correspondence with his brothers and sister Cassius, Brutus, and Paulina, and a famous cousin, Henry Clay. There are letters by Clay in Kentucky to his second wife, Isabella Reed Clay, and Reed family letters. Also included in the collection are wills and correspondence with other relatives and friends. In addition, there are typescripts of a large number of the original letters and a typescript containing selections from Clay's correspondence with editorial comments by his great grandson, Clay Judson. 

Cleland, T. M. (Thomas Maitland), 1880-1964

Thomas Maitland Clelland Collection
Contains prints and drawings by T. M. Cleland, chiefly illustrations, printers' ornaments, and advertisements. The collection also includes letters from Cleland to Elmer Adler, a self-portrait photograph taken by Cleland, and an article about Cleland and his work in American Artist magazine

Clements, Colin, 1894-1948

Clements/Ryerson Papers
Consists of selected correspondence, manuscripts, published works, and memorabilia of Clements and his wife, Florence Ryerson Clements. The correspondence consists of few or single letters of twenty-five individuals, including S. Foster Damon, Emily Dickinson [to Maria Whitney], Marie Dressler, Sinclair Lewis, and Willard Huntington Wright. One screenplay, "The Wizard of Oz" (mimeo), and two playscripts, "Years of the Locust" and "Harriet," are included. 

Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908

Grover Cleveland Collection
Contains several holograph addresses of Cleveland, miscellaneous correspondence, and photographs. A large part of the collection consists of over 400 original shorthand letters dictated by Cleveland to Julian B. Beaty, a Princeton student (1902-1906) working his way through college with stenography and typing, with typed transcriptions of these letters which have been organized by Beaty under various subject headings. Original letters to Beaty by both Cleveland and his wife, Frances, are also included. 

Cliosophic Society

Cliosophic Society Archives
Consists of records of the Cliosophic Society (1770-1941), which served as a major political, debating, and literary force both on the Princeton campus where it was founded and in the nation where members such as Aaron Burr became future leaders. Included in the records are minutes, treasurer's books, committee documents, attendance rolls, membership lists, constitutions and by-laws, and publications. The material documents the growth and development of the second-oldest literary and debating society in the United States, from its inception from the remnants of the Well Meaning Club in 1770, through its rivalry with the other campus literary organization, the Whig Society, to its final merger with Whig in 1941. 

Cobb, Lemuel

Selected Papers of Lemuel Cobb
Consists of surveying documents, deeds, correspondence, and assorted other papers of Cobb relating, for the most part, to the Boudinot family, particularly the brothers Elias and Elisha and their nephew Tobias. 

Cobo Borda, J. G. (Juan Gustavo), 1948-

J. G. Cobo Borda Papers
Consists of the personal and working papers of Cobo Borda, Colombian poet, journalist, and diplomat. The collection primarily contains manuscript poems, nonfiction, and speeches and interviews dating from the 1970s to January 1997, and correspondence from 1969 through January 1997, though there are more recent unprocessed additions. The strengths of the collection are the autograph and typescript manuscript poems which document the author's creative process in writing poetry, numerous nonfiction manuscripts primarily on Colombian literature and art, and correspondence with other Latin American authors. 

Cochran, Samuel, 1871-1952

China Papers of Samuel Cochran
Consists of notes, letters, photographs, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings of Cochran (Class of 1893) during the years (1898-1926) he served as a Presbyterian medical missionary in Hwaiyuan, Anhwei Province, China. Letters to his mother, Anne Carter Cochran, form the bulk of the material, but there are also journals and notes kept by Cochran, and photographs of him, Hope Hospital, and Chinese friends in Hwaiyuan. 

Cockerell, Sydney Carlyle, Sir, 1867-1962

Letters of Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell to Janet Camp Troxell
Contains approximately 175 letters by Cockerell, written after Cockerell's retirement as director (1908-1937) of the Fitzwilliam Museum, to Janet Troxell, an American collector of rare books and manuscripts, discussing, in part, William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the Kelmscott Press, and Cockerell's rare book and manuscript collections. Also present are correspondence between Dorothy Webster Hawksley, the artist, and Janet Troxell, some photographs of Cockerell, and photographs of drawings by Hawksley. 

Coit, Daniel Wadsworth, 1787-1876

Daniel Wadsworth Coit Letters
Consists of 485 pages of photostatic copies of letters, 1815-1828, by Coit to his family in Connecticut--mostly to his father, Daniel L. Coit, with a few to his brother, sister, and cousin--originating from Lima, Peru, and various cities in Europe, and letters, 1844-1851, to his wife, Harriet Coit, from the Western United States, Mexico, and San Francisco, California. The letters discuss Coit's travels, the War for Independence in Peru, business ventures in international trade, local affairs and customs, and his plans for buying and selling gold dust in California after the gold rush of 1849. Also present are typescript copies of 16 letters to Pelatiah Perit, a New York merchant. 

Cole, Timothy, 1852-1931

Timothy Cole Collection
Consists of 40 wood engravings, many of which are copies of paintings by other artists such as Millet, Rembrandt, Romney, Velasquez, and Vermeer.

Coles, Edward, 1786-1868

Edward Coles Papers
Consists of the papers of Coles, including writings, correspondence (1807-1867), and related documents (1816-1825), as well as correspondence and writings of several others. Numbering some 400 items, the collection documents Coles's life-long moral and philosophical repugnance towards slavery; his role as secretary to President James Madison (1810-1815); his semi-diplomatic mission to Russia and subsequent European travel (1816-1817); his move to Illinois (1819), where he emancipated his slaves and became register of the land office at Edwardsville and, later (1822-1826), the state's second governor; and his return to the East (1832), to marriage and life in Philadelphia, as a private but politically discerning individual. 

Collins, George Roseborough, 1917-

George Roseborough Collins Papers
Consists of notebooks and notes taken by Collins during his years as an undergraduate and graduate student at Princeton (Classes of 1939, 1942) in the fields of art and architecture, as well as lecture notes, photographs, subject files, and newspaper clippings for lectures delivered by him at Columbia University in the fields of art history, domestic Chinese and Japanese architecture, French Renaissance architecture, Italian, French, and Renaissance painting, and French Gothic sculpture. 

Collins, Varnum Lansing, 1870-1936

Varnum Lansing Collins Collection on Stephen Sayre
Consists of notes, drafts, transcriptions of articles, a typescript, and correspondence gathered by Collins (Class of 1892) in preparation for his biography of Stephen Sayre (Class of 1757). 

Comfort, John W., 1844-1893

John W. Comfort Papers
Consists of a letter, hand-drawn map, detailed narrative, military service history, and  photograph of the career soldier John W. Comfort. The map and narrative document Comfort's experience fighting Big Foot's Sioux band at the Battle of Wounded Knee, 29 December 1890.

Comfort, Samuel, 1837-1923

Samuel Comfort Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, photographs, diaries, memorabilia, and printed matter of Comfort. The collection contains correspondence between Comfort and his family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, especially with his father, George Comfort, the bulk of which covers the years (1861-1865) Samuel served in the Union Army in a company of Pennsylvania volunteers. The collection reflects his involvement in the war at various campsites including the headquarters of the Army of the Ohio (Huntsville, Alabama), Camps Buell and Fry (Louisville, Kentucky), Scott Barracks (Nashville, Tennessee), and a camp near Cumberland, Maryland. Also included are such documents as Comfort's commission in the Union Army, a diary he kept during 1864-1865, and a bound typescript of extracts of letters, "One Man's Experience in the Union Army during the War of the Rebellion," written by him to his family. 

Commins, Saxe, 1892?-1958

Saxe Commins Papers
Consists of papers of Commins, primarily compiled while he was chief editor, 1933-1958, at Random House. The author files contain a large section of Eugene O'Neill material including 60 letters (1920-1948) to Commins; galleys for Morning Becomes Electra, Ah, Wilderness, The Iceman Cometh, Days Without End, and A Moon for the Misbegotten; miscellaneous correspondence; about 160 letters by Carlotta O'Neill; and photographs of the O'Neills. In addition, there are letters to Commins and his wife, Dorothy, by Gertrude Stein, W. H. Auden, Sherwood Anderson, Budd Schulberg, Albert Einstein, S. N. Behrman, Isak Dinesen, Edgar Snow, Bennett Cerf, Robinson Jeffers, Peter van de Kamp, Margaret Mead, and many others. Typescripts and photographs of various authors are interspersed among the files. 

Condit Family Papers

Consists of account books and ledgers, a diary (1750), documents, photographs, a few letters, and printed material of the Condit family of East Orange, N.J. The collection contains material from the Oranges and Newark including a paper by Jotham H. Condit, "An Easy History of Orange," 19th-century newspapers of the Orange and East Orange areas, and miscellaneous clippings. The diary chronicles a trip by John Condit and Daniel Lawson from Newark to London. In addition, there are eighteen issues of The New York Times for April, 1864, detailing the assassination of Lincoln and subsequent events. 

Conklin, Edwin Grant, 1863-1952

Edwin Grant Conklin Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, and other material of Conklin. Included are manuscripts and notes of articles, lectures, and speeches, many of which reflect his life-long interest in three organisms, crepidula, cynthia (styla), and amphioxus, as well as Darwinism, and heredity and environment; correspondence regarding scientific, academic, and personal matters; material relating to professional (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research) and academic (Phi Beta Kappa and The American Scholar, and various groups at the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton) interests; and papers regarding organizations in which Conklin was involved, such as the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, the American Association of University Professors, the American Philosophical Society, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the Carnegie Institution, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, and the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology. The collection also contains many slides used by Conklin to illustrate his lectures. 

Conkwright, P. J. (P. Jefferson), 1905-

P. J. Conkwright Collection
Consists of Conkwright biographical material, correspondence (1939-1985), appointment calendars, printing job files regarding some of the books he designed, subject files, and printed and other material, most of it related to his work at the Princeton University Press. 

Connett, Eugene V. (Eugene Virginius), 1891-1969

Archives of Derrydale Press
Consists of correspondence and business papers of the Derrydale Press from its foundation in 1926 by Eugene V. Connett III (Princeton Class of l912) through its liquidation in 1942. Included are letters by the authors and illustrators of most of the sporting books published by Derrydale, such as Ernest R. Gee, Roland Clark, Paul Brown, and Gordon Grand. There is also a great deal of correspondence by Connett and his staff concerning the acquisition and editing of manuscripts, sales, and distribution, and promotion of the books. 

Constantine, Dimitris, fl. 1850s

Dimitris Constantine Photographs of Greece
Consists of a numbered series of 71 large albumen photographs of Athens and other places of antiquity in Greece by Constantine [Dimitris Konstantinou]. Constantine was the first photographer to be associated with the Hellenic Archaeological Society, for which he photographed antiquities in Athens and objects in the Society's collection. Many of his photographs were sold in albums to foreign visitors to Greece. These photographs were assembled for Sir Horace Rumbold (1829-1913), British Ambassador to Greece, who served in Athens in 1862, 1866-1867, and 1884-1888.

Constantinople Photographs Collection

Consists of 30 albumen prints of Constantinople and its surroundings that were published in 1880. Included is a three-part panorama of the harbor likely taken from the Galata Tower. The majority of the images are credited on the negative to Sebah & Joaillier, and only two are credited to P[ascal] Sebah. The photographs measure approximately 10 x 8 inches, and are mounted on card (15.5 x 12 inches).

Cook, Eugene B. (Eugene Beauharnais), 1830-1915

Chess Papers of Eugene B. Cook
Consists of correspondence, copies of classic chess manuscripts and diagrams, and memorabilia of Cook (Class of 1850), as well as notes and printed matter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. The collection contains personal correspondence--with individual chess enthusiasts such as Charles Gilberg, chess clubs, including the Hoboken Chess Club of which Cook was president for many years, importers and publishers of chess books, and newspapers regarding chess columns--and miscellaneous financial correspondence dealing with subscriptions to chess magazines and equipment. There are copies of manuscripts and diagrams of famous chess problems, including the Bonus Socius, Wolfenbuttel Extravaganza, Al Hakim, Alphonsine, Boncompagni, Codex Vaticanus, De Ludo Scaccorum, and Picardese. In addition, the collection contains notes and printed matter relating to meetings, social functions, trips, and miscellaneous financial material of the Appalachian Mountain Club. 

Cooley, Eli Field, 1781-1860

Eli Field Cooley Papers
Consists of sermons, correspondence, documents, diaries, commonplace books, and miscellaneous financial papers of Cooley (Class of 1806). The bulk of the collection is comprised of sermons written by Cooley while he was pastor of the First Church in Ewing Township, New Jersey, some of his correspondence, and letters to Emma L. Rose Cooley (Mrs. William L. Cooley) by several of her relatives. Also included are Cooley's diaries for the years 1826, 1828, 1831, 1836-1840, 1842-1860; indentures and lists of goods and chattel; and financial notebooks, cancelled checks, and receipts. 

Cooley, John, 1749-1813

Cooley Family Papers
Consists of papers relating to the Cooley family of Alexandria, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Included are 19th-century deeds, bonds, land surveys, and mortgages for the John Cooley farm, which was acquired through James Parker (1725-1795) who was acting as agent for Sir Robert Parker; receipts, bonds, diaries, lists of accounts, and miscellaneous documents of William Cooley (1791-1872) and Paul P. Cooley (d. 1907); and correspondence (1929-1938) of Harvey Cooley. Also present are genealogical notes, clippings, copies of wills and deeds, and photographs for the Apgar, Carhart, Cooley, Parker, and Van Buskirk families, as well as newsletters of the Cooley Family Association of America. 

Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. (Ananda Kentish), 1877-1947

Stella Bloch Papers Relating to Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, drawings, photographs, printed material, and postcards of the American dance critic, art historian, and artist Stella Bloch (1898-1999). This collection documents the relationship between Bloch and the Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) art historian, philosopher, and author Ananda K. Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) who embodied the roles of mentor, husband, and friend. The papers primarily contain correspondence by Coomaraswamy to Bloch, as well as a small amount of other letters. Writing was a vital form of communication for Coomaraswamy and Bloch, especially during their marriage, since they always resided in different cities; he lived in Boston while she lived in New York. There are also drawings by Coomaraswamy and by Bloch, as well as photographs--some taken by Coomaraswamy--that include portraits and assorted images from their travels to India and Southeast Asia. The articles in both manuscript and printed form provide a sampling of Coomaraswamy and Bloch's writings on art, religion, and philosophy. Furthermore, there is a small selection of printed material about Coomaraswamy and Bloch, and a series of memento postcards.

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Papers
This collection covers a broad spectrum of Coomaraswamy's work in the fields of art history, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and religion, and social criticism. Present in these papers are typescript drafts, proofs, and revised published copies of many of his articles and a few of his books (A New Approach to the Vedas, Time and Eternity, Yaksas). Many retyped and edited versions of Coomaraswamy's work prepared for the Bollingen Foundation by Dona Luisa Coomaraswamy after her husband's death may be found with the manuscripts, as well as many illustrations which accompany the works that appear in these papers. 

Correa, Miguel, 1956-

Miguel Correa Novels
Consists of various manuscript versions of two novels by Correa, Fragmentos del discurso humano (1987, unpublished) and Al norte de infierno (1983). Both of these works reflect Correa's experiences in Cuba prior to his immigration to the United States in the Mariel flotilla of 1980. Al norte de infierno won the Jesus Castellanos Prize for the Novel during the 1983 Miami Festival of Arts Commemorating the Third Anniversary of Mariel.

Cortázar, Julio, 1914-1984

Julio Cortázar Papers
Consists of manuscripts, notes, and notebooks of the Argentine novelist and short story writer Julio Cortázar. While most of the manuscripts are unpublished, there exist several works (complete unless otherwise indicated) that were published, such as Adiós, Robinson y otras piezas breves (1995) [two short plays], Los autonautas de la cosmopista: O, un viaje atemporal París-Marsella (1983), Diario de Andrés Fava (1995), El examen (1986), Pameos y meopas (1971) [selected poems], Rayuela (1963) [notes and short manuscript excerpts], and Teoría del túnel (1947). Though Cortázar is not generally thought of as a poet, poetry is heavily represented in the collection, including a notebook of poems he wrote at the age of 12 (1927). There are also Spanish translations of some of Jean Cocteau's poetry, and lecture notes from two courses that Cortázar taught. Furthermore, the papers contain a small selection of quotations collected from the work of others, and notebooks that include an assortment of prose, poetry, and notes.

Cottier, Hamilton, 1900-1979

Hamilton Cottier Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, photographs, account books (1925-1975), financial papers, and printed matter of Cottier (Class of 1922, professor of English, 1925-1962), and material relating to "Southlawn," the home of his father, Alonzo Cottier, in Scarsdale, N.Y. The collection contains copies of correspondence (1969-1970) between Cottier and Laura Riding, the wife of Schuyler B. Jackson (Class of 1922, professor of English, 1925-1962), regarding a projected memorial for Jackson to appear in the Princeton Alumni Weekly and a small 19th-century autograph collection including letters by Angus McDonald, Robert Newell, and Millard Fillmore. Also included are 19th-century deeds and copies of several newspapers, Baltimore Patriot & Mercantile Advertiser (May 22, 1823), The Maryland News Sheet (March 6, 1862), and the Daily Dispatch (July 29 and September 10, 1856). The material about "Southlawn" includes photostats of architectural blueprints, photographs, magazine articles, and miscellaneous correspondence.

Coulborn, Rushton, 1901-1968

Rushton Coulborn Papers
Consists of Coulborn's typescripts of his University College (London) doctoral dissertation, The Economic and Political Preliminaries of the Crusade of Harry Despenser, Bishop of Norwich in 1383, a book entitledThe Origin of Civilized Societies (1959), articles, reports on conferences, notes, commentaries, and a bibliography, as well as several unfinished manuscripts. In addition, there is some correspondence with professional colleagues as well as letters to Coulborn regarding the publication of The Origin of Civilized Societies

Couper, William, 1806-

William Couper Collection
Contains correspondence between William Couper and his family, particularly with his brother Samuel, during the years (1831-1844) when he was a tea merchant traveling abroad to Canton, Macao, Edinburgh, and London, as well as to Philadelphia and Newcastle, Delaware. The collection includes miscellaneous documents and an engraving of Couper and one of his brother James. 

Courses for British Commonwealth Service Men and Women, World War II

The Courses for British and Commonwealth Service Men and Women Collection documents a program initiated at Princeton University at the suggestion of a Princeton alumnus serving in Great Britain who had participated in a program at an English University , the purpose of which was to introduce United States military personnel to the customs of the United Kingdom through a series of courses sponsored by the university. A similar program was adopted by Princeton University for military personnel from the U. K. serving in the U.S.

Cowper, William, 1731-1800

Charles Ryskamp Collection of William Cowper
Consists primarily of copies of works and correspondence by Cowper collected by Charles Ryskamp, as well as correspondence, notebooks, and miscellaneous material of Neilson Campbell Hannay, a Cowper scholar and collector. There are copies of Cowper's works at the Huntington, Yale University, and Bodleian Libraries, letters at Princeton (1783-1799), including some in the Hannay Collection, and letters not at Princeton (1790-1799). The collection contains original correspondence (1925-1961) between Hannay and Cowper scholars, collectors, and rare books and manuscripts dealers, including M. King Martyn, Catharine Barham Johnson, and Kenneth Povey. There are four notebooks kept by Hannay listing autograph letters by Cowper in Hannay's possession, miscellaneous data relating to Cowper and his circle, a list of negatives of Cowper material, a bibliography, and Xeroxes of miscellaneous research material. Also included are photographs of Cowper's portraits, family, and friends, and topographical photographs relating to Cowper. In addition, there are negative plates of Hannay's Cowperiana, printed matter such as Sotheby's catalogues, and newspaper clippings.

Joseph Hill Collection of William Cowper
Consists primarily of correspondence of Joseph Hill with Cowper and with members of the Cowper circle of family and friends. Four letters by Cowper are included. The collection also contains miscellaneous financial documents, engravings, and a copy of a poem about Cowper.

Kenneth Povey Collection of William Cowper
Consists of letters, manuscripts, documents, and memorabilia relating to Cowper, collected by Kenneth Povey. Correspondents include John Johnson, William Hayley, and John Newton. The collection includes one signed, autograph letter of Cowper; a document signed by Cowper in 1758 as Commissioner of Bankrupts; a copy by John Johnson of a fragment of a diary by Cowper, published in the London Mercury, 1927, as "Cowper's Spiritual Diary"; and a volume containing 20 watercolor "Illustrations from Cowper's TASK" (1837) by "NN".

Neilson Campbell Hannay Collection of William Cowper
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents and memorabilia of Cowper and his circle of family, friends, and editors, collected by Neilson Campbell Hannay. Original manuscripts of Cowper include a collection of poems ("The Norfolk Ms," 11 pp.), 10 manuscripts of individual poems, and 39 poems included in letters by Cowper. The correspondence includes 404 letters by and 221 letters to Cowper, as well as a number of letters about Cowper. Among the correspondents are Sir John Carr, William Hayley, John Newton, John Johnson, Samuel Teedon, and Joseph Johnson. Among the memorabilia and miscellaneous materials are engravings of Cowper, receipts signed by Alexander Pope, and tombstone rubbings of Cowper's family.

William Cowper Collection
Consists of a manuscript, letters, documents, and memorabilia of Cowper, and correspondence and documents about or relating to Cowper. The manuscript by Cowper is a translation of a passage in the 20th Book of the ILIAD. Correspondence in the collection consists of 9 letters by Cowper and 20 letters about Cowper. The collection also includes 4 documents signed by Cowper. Among the correspondents are John Flaxman, William Hayley, John Johnson, Joseph Johnson, John Newton, and Thomas Park. 

Coxe, Louis O. (Louis Osborne), 1918-1993

Louis O. Coxe Collection
Contains over sixty autograph and typescript manuscripts of verse by Coxe (Class of 1940), as well as sixteen of the poet's notebooks. One of the notebooks consists of verse written in the years 1943-44 during Coxe's naval service, most of which appear in the volume The Sea Faring. Manuscripts for The Strait and Other Poems (early version of the published collection The Last Hero and Other Poems) and the play Uniform of Flesh (early version of Billy Budd, co-authored with Robert Chapman) are included. There are several additional folders of Billy Budd material, including notes, drafts, worksheets, and galley proofs, as well as papers related to the play's production and publication (contracts, financial statements, programs, etc.).

Louis O. Coxe Letters to William Meredith
Consists of approximately 110 letters by Coxe (Class of 1940) to his former classmate, fellow poet, and friend William Meredith, primarily during the 1940s and 1970s. The letters offer support and criticism of Meredith's poetry and mention such friends and poets as Allen Tate, Louis Untermeyer, and Willard Thorp. Also present is a small group of verse by Coxe. 

Cozzens, James Gould, 1903-1978

James Gould Cozzens Papers
The collection illustrates the literary and military careers of Cozzens in manuscripts, notebooks, diaries (1920-1970), war journals (1911-1945), correspondence (general, family, and business), documents, memorabilia, clippings, and photographs. Ten of his novels--Ask Me Tomorrow, By Love Possessed, Castaway, Guard of Honor, The Just and the Unjust, The Last Adam, Men and Brethren, Morning Noon and Night, Son of Perdition, S.S. San Pedro--as well as short stories, poetry, articles, and introductions, are represented by drafts, typescripts with author's corrections, and/or galleys. 

Crafts, Frederick, fl. 1850-1860s

Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection
The Frederick Crafts Photographs Collection consists of ambrotype and tintype photographs, and a pony skin box of the American photographer Frederick Crafts.

Craig House

Craig House Medical Records on Zelda Fitzgerald
Consists of psychiatric evaluations, correspondence, and reports concerning Zelda Fitzgerald when she was a patient at Craig House, Beacon, N.Y., under the care of Dr. C. Jonathan Slocum. Included are 18 letters, telegrams, and notes by F. Scott Fitzgerald, letters by various doctors and from Mrs. A. D. Sayre (Zelda's mother), copies of reports, some in French, and statements from Johns Hopkins Hospital and Prangin, Switzerland, as well as a stenographic transcript (114 pp.) of a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dr. Thomas Rennie in 1933. 

Crane, Edward M. (Edward Matthews), 1922-

D. Van Nostrand Company Collection of Edward M. Crane
Consists of records compiled by Edward M. Crane, Jr. (Class of 1945) relating to the D. Van Nostrand Company, publishers of trade, technical and scientific books, originally based in New York City, but located after 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. Included are letters by family and friends to David Van Nostrand (1811-1886), the founder of the company (1848); correspondence and documents of the Crane family mainly concerning investments in the Van Nostrand Company; letters of congratulations for Edward M. Crane, Jr., on becoming president of the company in 1964, the fourth member of his family to head the company since 1888; financial statements and ledgers, budget records, profit and loss statements, departmental breakdowns, director's and general meeting minutes, and stock and bond certificates; personal and business photographs; catalogs of Edward M. Crane's rare book collection, D. Van Nostrand book catalogs, miscellaneous printed matter, and a large framed architect's drawing (1955) for the D. Van Nostrand Company office building in Princeton, N.J. 

Crawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-1909

F. Marion Crawford Novels
Consists of four autograph manuscripts of Francis Marion Crawford: Corleone, Paul Ratoff, A Maid of Venice, and The Three Fates

Crawford, Robert M. (Robert MacArthur), 1899-1961

Robert M. Crawford Songs
Consists of sheet music of songs, mainly with patriotic themes, by Crawford (Class of 1925), some in his hand but most of them in printed form, including the U.S. Air Force's theme song, "The Army Air Corps." In addition, there are two packages of records (78 rpm) of his songs. 

Crawshaw, Nancy, 1914-

Nancy Crawford Papers
Consists of correspondence, photographs, and writings of Crawshaw, as well as copies of her published work.  Her writings include work on her book The Cyprus Revolt (1978), lectures, broadcasts and articles from her career as a journalist, and her notes and other writings.

Creese, James, 1896-1966

James Creese Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and printed matter of Creese (Class of 1918), as well as some papers of others. The collection contains poetry and essays written by Creese as an undergraduate and graduate student at Princeton, and speeches delivered during his tenure as president of Drexel Institute of Technology (1945-1963). There are letters by him written from Princeton, diaries (1942-1944) kept while he was president of Stevens Institute of Technology, and photographs of the Princeton campus, president Harold W. Dodds, and Creese and friends. There is also printed matter relating to the various committees he either chaired or served on as president of two colleges as well as material regarding the Class of 1918 of which he was president. The collection contains a journal kept by Samuel George Morton, a Philadelphia physician, while touring Europe in 1822, and includes a scrapbook of botanical specimens collected on the trip. In addition, there are letters by Edmund Wilson and Alfred Noyes.

James Creese Letters to Thomas H. English
Consists of approximately 175 letters by Creese (Class of 1918) to his Princeton classmate and friend Thomas H. English, who became a professor of English at Emory University, Georgia. Creese's letters span the years from 1918 to 1965, covering his career as secretary to the American Scandinavian Foundation (1922-1928), vice-president of Stevens Institute of Technology (1928-1945), and president of Drexell Institute of Technology (1945-1963). Also present are a few notes by Margaret Creese and others to English, and a memorial upon Creese's death. 

Crispin Family Genealogical Papers

Consists of transcripts of books and notes of genealogical interest to the Crispin family, dating back to their 11th-century French ancestors. 

Croker, T. Crofton (Thomas Crofton), 1798-1854

T. Crofton Croker Collection
Consists primarily of letters by Croker or other Noviomagians, members of the English antiquarian society which Croker founded, called the Noviomagus Society. Included are 22 signed, autograph letters (1827-1854) by Croker to Robert Balmanno, New York publisher, bibliophile, and member of the society; 20 signed, autograph letters by other Noviomagians to Balmanno; 6 signed, autograph letters (1854-1855) to Balmanno by T. F. Dillon Croker after his father's death; printed minutes of Noviomagus Society meetings (1844-1855); Noviomagus manuscripts and circulars; and related newspaper clippings and pictures. 

Croll, Morris W. (Morris William), 1872-1947

Morris W. Croll Papers
Consists of Croll's notes for lectures, articles, and books focusing on the use of prose by John Lyle, Sir Fulke Greville, Shakespeare, Milton, and the "Attic" prose writers of the 16th century, and also contains material on the Romantic poets and the rhythm of English verse. 

Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878

George Cruikshank Collection
Contains personal papers of George Cruikshank, reflecting his active participation not only in the world of the illustrator and caricaturist but also in the temperance movement of Victorian England. Included are manuscript material, drawings, correspondence, and documents. There is miscellaneous material relating to Cruikshank's participation in the 48th Middlesex Volunteers; material dealing with the controversial Robert, the Bruce, Monument; and papers relating to his estate, a testimonial fund, a memorial at St. Paul's, and his posthumous autobiography. Many letters and manuscripts exhibit working sketches of Cruikshank, and there is a large number of bound volumes of original sketches and drawings Cruikshank created for published works.

Richard Walden Meirs Collection of George Cruikshank
Consists of about 1,000 of Cruikshank's caricatures and over 100 of his drawings, collected by Richard Walden Miers (Class of 1888).  A number of these artworks are now available at Cruikshank Artwork at the Princeton University Library

Cuba, Spanish Military Documents Relating to

Consists of Spanish legal and military documents concerning the administration of Cuba in the 19th cetnury.  Among the subjects covered in the documents are trials of officers and soldiers for corruption, abuse of power, and drunkeness; disciplinary laws and regulations on desertion and the organization of military courts; and salaries, pensions, promotion, and recruitment.  There are many printed circulars of orders from Madrid addressed to the general in charge of the island of Cuba.


Cummings, Hubertis M. (Hubertis Maurice), 1883-1963

Hubertis M. Cummings Papers
Consists of works, some accompanying correspondence, and photographs of Cummings (Class of 1907). The collection contains manuscripts of miscellaneous poetry and essays, studies of Shakespeare, a eulogy of Emily Cummings, reveries of his travels in Europe, and Fables and Phantasms (1926), a book of prose vignettes. Also included is an unpublished history of several churches and parishes, entitled Pastors and People, Presbyterians of Old Paxton, Derry and Hanover Churches (Pa.). 

Cunliffe-Owen, Marguerite, 1859-1927

Sutton and Cunliffe-Owen Collection
Consists of selected papers of E. F. Sutton (Class of 1895), a physician and poet, and his collection of papers of his longtime friends, the former Countess Marguerite (de Godart) Cunliffe-Owen and her husband, Frederick Cunliffe-Owen. After losing their European fortunes, the Cunliffe-Owens came to the United States in 1885 from France, and they began writing careers. Frederick wrote for newspaper editorial and society columns concerning, for the most part, European affairs and the social life of the nobility, and Marguerite published a series of biographies and novels. Their papers include correspondence with family, friends, and such persons as John Whitelaw Reid, Jules Jusserand, Theodore Roosevelt, and German and English ambassadors; manuscript pages, book contracts, family documents and genealogies, many photographs (mainly of Marguerite), and watercolor drawings; and letters, photographs, and documents relating to the New York City Police Department of which Marguerite was a benefactress and honorary deputy chief (ca. 1920). In addition, there are personal objects such as cigarette cases, seals, a flask, photograph frames, small daggers, medals, and decorations. 

Currier & Ives Lithographs Collection

Contains Currier & Ives lithographs of American presidents, African Americans, the tree of life, steamship disasters, and river views.


Dahlgren, Ulric, 1870-1946

Selected Papers of Ulric Dahlgren
Consists of writings, correspondence, and subject files of Dahlgren (Class of 1894), a professor in Princeton's Department of Biology. The collection contains his history of the department and his outlines of seminars in the biology and zoology departments. There is correspondence from colleagues, including Edwin Grant Conklin, Bradley M. Davis, H. E. Jordan, and J. Sterling Kingsley, and letters relating to the Apgar Club. The subject files have material on the Princeton Mosquito Committee (1914-1918), the Committee on University Extension (1915), and readings recommended to candidates for the degree of Ph.D. in biology (1915). 

Dalby, John Watson, 1799-

Dalby / DeWilde Collection
Contains mostly works and correspondence (1826-1871) between the poets John Watson Dalby and George James De Wilde. Dalby's letters often include verses of his poetry, excerpts of Leigh Hunt's works, and discussions on other contemporary authors. There are 7 manuscripts, including "Constancy" and "An Apology," and various notes and articles by Dalby. Also included are 13 letters to Leigh Hunt by John Hunter, Maria Wilby, and others, 5 letters by Leigh Hunt (four of which are copies), and a document pertaining to the Leigh Hunt Memorial Fund in the hand of Robert Browning. Miscellaneous correspondence includes letters of Charles Cowden Clarke, Harry B. Forman, and Thornton Hunt.

Dallas, Robert Charles, 1754-1824

Alexander D. Wainwright Collection of Robert Charles Dallas
Consists of correspondence and manuscripts by and related to Robert Charles Dallas collected by Alexander Dallas Wainwright (Princeton Class of 1939). Included here are one letter (1811) by Byron to Dallas, five letters (1798-1801) and one promissory note by Dallas to the publishing firm of Cadell & Davies, a letter each to Thomas Maurice and Miss Smith, and letters by John Poynder and Sarah Smith to others. Also present is a bound volume (195 pp.) of autograph verse by Dallas, apparently unpublished, entitled Poems on Various Occasions (Bath, 1782).


Dance Subject Files
Consists of dance-related subject files from early 20th century through 1980s, including material about set/costume designers (Leon Bakst), dancers (Mikhail Baryshnikov, Carmen Amaya), ballets ("Giselle," "The Sleeping Beauty," "Swan Lake"), ballet companies and schools (Bolshoi Ballet), and international dance troupes and styles (les Ballets Africains, Balinese dance, Spanish dance). Among the material are clippings, photos, programs, promotional materials, and dance school brochures.

Miscellaneous Dance Files Collection
Consists of printed programs, souvenir programs, clippings, and reviews of various ballet companies and choreographers, including Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo,  Joffrey Ballet, New York Ballet, Princeton Ballet Society, Royal Ballet, Sadler's Wells Ballet, George Balanchine, Serge Diaghilev, Martha Graham, and José Limón.

Daniels, Thomas

Thomas Daniels' Collations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Short Stories
Consists of collations by Daniels of over forty of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories in American and British magazines, but mainly the Saturday Evening Post, including tearsheets (some Xeroxes) and notes. 

Daniels, Winthrop M. (Winthrop More), 1867-1944

Winthrop M. Daniels Correspondence
Contains selected correspondence of Daniels (Class of 1888), a professor of economics at Princeton University, 1895-1923, and at Yale, 1923-1935. Included are letters concerning his appointment to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Commissioners, 1911, and his resignation from the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1923. Correspondents include John Grier Hibben, Oswald Garrison Villard, Joseph Tumulty, Walter Howe, James F. Fielder, and George L. Record. Also present are documents and correspondence related to Daniels' property on Mercer Street in Princeton, New Jersey.

Winthrop M. Daniels Collection
Consists of the manuscript, page proofs, and related correspondence  (135 letters) of "The Passing of the Old Economist," an article Daniels published in the Harvard Business Review (April 1934). An economist who worked for the Interstate Commerce Commission, Daniels satirized New Deal economic ideas in his article. Most of the letters are from his supporters from the business and academic communities.

Darley, F. O. C. (Felix Octavius Carr), 1822-1888

F. O. C. Darley Collection
Consists of Darley drawings in pencil, pen-and-ink, and wash, most of which are sketches for unidentified books and magazines, though there are some illustrations for published books by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Lawrence Lovechild, and Charles Dickens. There are 14 pieces of juvenilia: the earliest is a scribble done when he was six years old; a year later, his drawing of a teddy bear already shows artistic precociousness.

Darrow, Whitney, 1881-1970

Friends of the Princeton University Library: Whitney Darrow Collection
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and miscellaneous materials relating to the Friends of the Library Dinner given for the Pulitzer Prize winners, May 4, 1933; the Annual Dinner, April 26, 1934; and the Southern Dinner, April 25, 1935. Among the manuscripts are speeches given at the 1933 dinner by James Truslow Adams, Willa Cather, Henry James, and Elmer Rice. Correspondents with Darrow (Class of 1903), secretary of the Friends, include Edna Ferber, Robert Frost, Zona Gale, Hamlin Garland, Ira Gershwin, Ellen Glasgow, William Lyon Phelps, and Thornton Wilder. 

Darrow, Whitney, 1909-

Whitney Darrow, Jr., Collection
Consists of 20 pen-and-ink and wash caricatures and cartoons by Darrow that were used to illustrate his father's informal account of the beginnings of the Princeton University Press, published by the Press in 1951.

Dashiell, Alfred, 1901-1970

Selected Papers of Alfred Dashiell
Consists of papers of Dashiell (Class of 1923) related to his editorial work at Scribner's and The Reader's Digest. There are several folders of Thomas Wolfe material, including letters, memorabilia, and four incomplete manuscripts, including one for "The Train and the City." Other authors represented in the collection, generally by one or two letters, include Struthers Burt, Henry Seidel Canby, Robert Frost, Hendrik Willem Van Loon, H. L. Mencken, James Thurber, Franklin P. Adams, Thomas Hornsby Ferril, John Dewey, and Carl Sandburg. A brief disclaimer in the hand of Ernest Hemingway, which appeared with the serialization of A Farewell to Arms, is also included. 

Daumier, Honore, 1808-1879

Honore Daumier Lithographs from Charivari
Consists of approximately 60 lithographic cartoons and caricatures by Daumier from the French journal Charivari. The prints primarily represent French politcal figures and typical Parisian scenes and characters. The largest group (22) comes from the Charivari series entitled "Les Representans Representes." 

Davenport, Fanny, 1850-1898

Fanny Davenport Collection
Consists of papers of Davenport, an actress and theater manager. Included in the collection is correspondence of Davenport with Frances Aymar Mathews, a playwright, T. Henry French, Elizabeth Marbury, Victorien Sardou, and other actresses, actors, real estate brokers, bankers, theater owners, costume designers, friends, and fans. Theater-related materials include scripts for Fedora and Gismonda, costume sketches, contracts with the Tremont Theatre and with Frances Aymar Mathews for her to write the play Warrior, and reviews of Fedora and Sarah Bernhardt. There is a large group of financial papers consisting of a log book of salaries paid to actors in various cities, over 1600 cancelled personal checks (1878-1896), journal pages of expenses for 1888 performances, 26 envelopes of accounts of performances for 1896-1898, and several hundred receipts for personal and company related purchases. Memorabilia includes two small silver-plate souvenir trays, a menu, stationery, notes, and newspaper clippings. There is also an account book (1859-1861) for the Howard Athenaeum kept by Davenport's father, Edward Loomis Davenport.

David Lloyd Agency

David Lloyd Agency Files of Pearl S. Buck
Consists of correspondence and legal documents relating to the publishing activities of Buck during the period (1928-1950s) she was a client of the David Lloyd Literary Agency. Files illustrate Lloyd's role as liaison between Buck, her publisher John Day (often represented by the president, her husband Richard J. Walsh), and many publishing houses and popular magazines concerning translations, foreign publishing rights, and serializations of Buck's novels, short stories, and articles. Thirty-six different languages are represented in the collection.

Davidson, John, 1857-1909

John Davidson Collection
Contains over 350 letters by Davidson, most of which are addressed to Grant Richards, his friend and publisher. There are nine autograph manuscripts in the collection, including The Testament of John Davidson (1908) and Fleet Street and Other Poems (1909). Also included is a folder of reports prepared by Davidson for Grant Richards, in which the author gives his assessment of materials under consideration for publication. There are a substantial number of letters written by Mrs. Davidson to Richards concerning her husband's disappearance and subsequent suicide in 1909. Other items include galley proofs with Davidson's holograph corrections, documents, and clippings pertaining to his literary career. 

Davies, John D. (John Dunn), 1918-

John D. Davies Collection of Hobey Baker
Consists of research materials collected by Davies (Class of 1941) for his book The Legend of Hobey Baker (1966). Included are correspondence, research notes, manuscript drafts, photographs, and printed material--all pertaining to Baker's career as an ice hockey and football athlete at St. Paul's Preparatory School and Princeton University, and as a member of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. 

Dayton, Elias, 1737-1807

19th-Century Receipts for New Jersey Military Supplies
Consists of receipts and invoices for disbursements of provisions by Elias Dayton, general store owner and contractor, signed by Commander [Tim?] Taylor of the 13th Regiment at Elizabeth Town Point (now Elizabeth), New Jersey, in April, May, and June of 1800. 

Dayton, Jonathan, 1760-1824

Dayton Family Papers
Consists of the papers of the Dayton family of Elizabeth, N.J., and contains works, correspondence, and documents for Aaron Ogden Dayton (Class of 1813), Elias Dayton, Jonathan Dayton (Class of 1776), William Dayton, and William B. Dayton. Included are an address by Aaron Ogden Dayton to the Cliosophic Society and a Fourth of July oration by him. Two letters by Elias Dayton were written during the seige of Yorktown in 1781. 

Dayton, William L. (William Lewis), 1807-1864

William L. Dayton Papers
Consists, for the most part, of correspondence and documents illustrative of the role of Dayton (Class of 1825) as U.S. minister to France (1861-1864) during most of the Civil War. Included are diplomatic dispatches, legation accounts, personal correspondence, documents pertaining to household affairs in Paris (insurance policies, leases, etc.), and material relating to his sudden death. In addition, there is a box of others' papers, most of which contains correspondence of Dayton's son, William (Class of 1858), who was assistant secretary of his father's legation at that time. 

De Coppet, Andre, 1891?-1953

Andre De Coppet Collection
The collection represents the American history-related collecting activities of Andre de Coppet (Class of 1915), one of the foremost American collectors of his generation. Ranging in period from the Spanish colonization of Florida (1566) to Truman's senator years (1942), the collection has three major foci: the Revolutionary War, the Federal Period, and the Civil War. It is an "autograph" collection, consisting largely of personal letters from the hands of important American historical figures. Most prominently represented are the presidents of the United States, including all from Washington through Truman, with those of Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, and Theodore Roosevelt forming the major groups. Holograph prose, entitled "When a Man Comes to Himself," by Woodrow Wilson, and poetry, "Wants of Man," by John Quincy Adams are examples of what manuscripts are included. 

De la Mare, Walter, 1873-1956

Walter de la Mare Letters to Olive C. Jones
Consists primarily of letters by De la Mare to Olive C. Jones, his secretary during the 1930s and, later, editor of Methuen's children's books. Included are 192 autograph and typed letters, notes, and postcards. The earliest letter in the collection is actually from Colin de la Mare, written on 5 Oct.1927, on his father's behalf, giving Ms. Jones the train schedule for her first visit to Taplow to meet De la Mare on 8 October 1927. De la Mare's first letter (13 Oct. 1927) is a request that Jones begin work on Monday the 31st. The subsequent letters concern all manner of personal and professional matters including De la Mare's work, answering correspondence, local and family news, his own and Jones's health, research projects, travel plans, Jones's editorial advice, her contribution to the production of anthologies De la Mare was compiling, mutual friends, the Second World War, book reviews, old age, books De la Mare is reading, his ideas on writing, and many other subjects.

De Mille, William C. (William Churchill), 1878-1955

William C. and Cecil B. De Mille Collection
Consists of playscripts by William, and some co-authored by his younger brother Cecil. Several are complete plays; others are drafts; "In 1999" consists of a set of "sides," or individual scripts for each actor that contain only the pertinent dialogue.

De Morgan, William, 1839-1917

William De Morgan Novels
Consists of manuscripts of four of De Morgan's novels:  Somehow Good (1908), It Never Can Happen Again (1909), A Likely Story (1911), and When Ghost Meets Ghost (1914). Generally, these works are represented in typescripts with holograph corrections, though much of the autograph manuscript for A Likely Story is also present.

Dean, Prentice N. (Prentice Northrup), 1897-1981

Prentice N. Dean Papers
Contains correspondence, diaries, photographs, memorabilia, and printed matter of Dean (Class of 1920). The collection includes correspondence (1920-1923) with his family, primarily his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Dean, from the period when he was an instructor and was earning a master's degree at the American University of Beirut. There are also letters pertaining to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade when Dean was an economist with the United States Tariff Commission in the 1940s and 1950s. In addition, there are eight volumes of extracts of his diaries (1925-1934).

Deeds, Miscellaneous American and English

Contains deeds and indentures for various counties in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, spanning the years 1728-1862 and including the signatures of Ebenezer Green, Richard Patterson, John Lard, Robert Morris, Samuel Bayard, Benjamin Clark, Richard Stockton, and Robert Stockton. Also present are 19 English deeds and indentures from 1615 to 1828. 

Dekavalles, Antones, 1920-

Antones Dekavalles Papers
Consists of papers of Antones Dekavalles (Anthony Manganaris-Decavalles), a Greek-American poet, professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and editor of The Charioteer, A Review of Modern Greek Culture. The collection includes approximately 500 pieces of correspondence (1949-1991) with his friend and fellow poet, translator, and editor, Kimon Friar (1911-1993). There are signed autograph and typed letters by Friar with many drafts and carbons of replies by Dekavalles, and miscellaneous manuscripts of articles and reviews by and about Friar. Also present are a general file of correspondence (1950-1989), mostly in Greek; manuscripts, drafts, notes, and reviews of several of Dekavalles' works of poetry ; miscellaneous verse translated into English by Dekavalles, Kimon Friar and others; files related to his involvement with Books Abroad, The Charioteer, and the Modern Greek Studies Association; and subject files compiled by Dekavalles of manuscripts, letters and related material of a number of Greek writers such as Odysseas Elytes, Kimon Friar, Nikos Kazantzakes, Spyros Plaskovites, Panteles Prevalakes, Antones Samarakes, George Seferis, and Angelos Sikelianos.

Delacroix, Eugene, 1798-1863

Eugene Delacroix Lithographs for Hamlet, Suite de Seize Sujets
Consists of 16 lithographs from the series Hamlet, Suite de Seize Sujets, published in 1864 by Bertauts. 

Delafield, John Ross, 1874-1964

Delafield Family Papers
Consists of the papers of the Delafield Family and related families, most prominently the Livingstons, containing both personal papers and papers collected for their genealogical/historical significance. Central to the collection are the papers of John Ross Delafield (1875-1964), his grandfather, Joseph Delafield (1790-1875), and his father, Maturin Livingston Delafield (1836-1917). Also represented are John Delafield (1748-1824), Violetta White Delafield (1875-1949), Prosper Wetmore (1798-1876), Henry Delafield (1792-1875), Henry (d. 1856) and Susan Delafield Parish (1805-1861), and James Ross (1762-1847). The Hudson River Valley region, including the Delafield estate in Annandale-on-Hudson, Montgomery Place, forms a natural background to much of the period covered by these personal papers. 

Delarue, Allison, 1902-

Allison Delarue Collection
Consists of the draft manuscript of Delarue’s unpublished autobiography, Memoirs of a Balletomane, photographs of Delarue, and approximately 250 letters (1930-1990) received by Delarue from various European and American friends, associates, and people involved in dance and the theater. Correspondents include Marian Hannah Winter (133 letters), also a dance historian, Anibal Navarro (80 letters), Eugene Berman (25), Paul Bowles (29), Stanislav Buzek, Paul Cadmus, Anton Dolin, Margot Fonteyn, John Hall, Pavel Tchelitchev, Alice B. Toklas, and others. There is also an extensive series of letters (1941-1960) by Delarue to Alexander D. Wainwright, lifetime friend and Princeton classmate. An addition to the collection consists of approximately 170 objects collected by Delarue, relating to the ballet and its history, including porcelain figurines, paintings and portraits, drawings, engravings, costume designs, lithographs, prints, posters, musical scores, and printed books.

Denby, Edwin H. (Edwin Hooper), 1873-1957

Edwin H. Denby Papers
Consists of drawings, correspondence, photographs, documents, a genealogy, financial papers, and printed matter of Denby. The collection contains material for his unpublished books Meandering Way Round the Mediterranean, Most of Europe and the Near East, and A Treatise on Lettering Modules; architect's record books, order books, contracts, checkbooks, mortgage receipts, an accountant's report (1938), and ledgers (1906-1923); photographs of buildings designed by the architectural firm of Denby and Nute; architectural drawings for the Yonkers (N.Y.) Public Library and the Mt. Vernon (N.Y.) Public Library; blueprints, architectural renderings, a collection of drawings and rubbings of Romanesque capitals, moldings, and borders; and two notebooks describing Denby's mnemonic system based on a numerical device. Also present is a diary, 1879-1899, kept by Denby detailing his European travels including his time as a student of design in Paris.

Edwin H. Denby Collection
Contains two sketchbooks and 13 architectural drawings by Denby. The sketchbooks include drawings of the human figure and architectural details of buildings and monuments in various European cities; most are rendered in pencil, although there are a few in watercolor. The architectural drawings include two elevations for the Yonkers Library, eight floor plans and elevations for unnamed houses, two elevations for an unnamed gun club, and a scale drawing of the Le Puy Cloister done in watercolor.

DePol, John, 1913-

John DePol Collection
Consists of woodcut prints, printed broadsides, trial proofs, and printed ephemera of DePol, a self-taught American artist. Included are 16 woodcut prints with his commentary dating from 1982 to 1997. An appreciation of the NBC radio commentary Ben Grauer provides examples of DePol's wood engravings from an earlier period (1951-1980).

Denny, George L. (George Littrell), 1878-1958

Notes of George L. Denny on Woodrow Wilson Lectures
Consists of four notebooks of Denny (Class of 1900) containing notes on lectures in history, politics, and jurisprudence delivered by Woodrow Wilson in his courses at Princeton. 

Derrom, Donald L.

Donald L. Derrom Papers
Consists of papers of Derrom, including correspondence, notes, a diary (1952), legal documents, notebooks, a commonplace book, a reading log, photographs, maps, and printed matter. The bulk of the collection deals with the building of a rock crushing plant for the Rock Products Corp., Ltd., of Tel Aviv, Israel, and includes correspondence with and reports to Derrom's firm, Kennedy Van Saun Mfg. and Eng. Corp., in New York City, especially to M. Maurice Shafer. In addition, there are notes regarding a cement manufacturing plant near Sultan Hamud, Kenya. 

Derry, Georges, 1886-1960

Letters from Aubrey Beardsley to Leonard Smithers, Edited by R. A. Walker
Consists of Walker's related correspondence, his annotated typescripts, and galleys--as well as photostats of Aubrey Beardsley's letters in the Huntington Library--for the First Edition Club's edition of the Letters of Aubrey Beardsley to Leonard Smithers (1937), which was edited, with notes and an introduction, by Walker (pseudonym, "Georges Derry"). Some of the correspondence also concerns the Print Collector's Quarterly in London and other matters related to Beardsley; included is correspondence between A. J. A. Symons of the First Edition Club and Oliver W. F. Lodge. 

Derrydale Press    see Connett, Eugene V.

Dewald, Ernest Theodore, 1891-1968

Ernest Theodore Dewald Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, diaries, photographs, notes, and printed matter of Dewald (Class of 1916), professor in the Department of Art and Archaeology specializing in medieval Italian art and director (1946-1960) of the Princeton Art Museum. The collection contains his lecture notes and articles on Byzantine art, early Italian painting including Duccio's "Maesta," and German art. There is both professional and family correspondence, including letters regarding his book Italian Painting, 1200-1600 (1961), as well as diaries of travel to Italy and France in 1931, 1939, 1945, 1952, 1956, and 1965-1966. Included are personal photographs of family and friends, photographs of art reproductions, sculptures, and stained glass, negatives of the Hamilton Psalter and Psalterium Aureum, and photocopies of Greek and Latin manuscripts. The collection contains reports, correspondence, lists, and photographs regarding the years (1944-1966) Dewald spent as director (1946-1960) of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Subcommission of the Allied Commission in Italy during and after World War II. The collection reflects his work in locating and returning large numbers of paintings and sculpture carried off by Hitler's forces to Austria. Also included are Dewald's army papers, such as citations, assignments, and appointments, and American and international decorations, medals, and honors. 

Díaz Quiñones, Arcadio, 1940-

Arcadio Díaz Quiñones Papers
Consists primarily of manuscripts and correspondence (1961-1997) of Arcadio Díaz Quiñones, professor of Romance Languages and Literatures at Princeton, with Puerto Rican and Cuban writers, primarily, but also with writers, artists, and scholars from other Latin American countries, Spain, and the U.S., and with former students of his. The collection also includes numerous manuscripts of others that were sent to Díaz Quiñones for his criticism. These manuscripts include the writings of the Puerto Ricans Vanessa Droz, Rosario Ferré, Lorenzo Homar, José Luis González, René Marqués, and Luis Rafael Sánchez; and Cubans Víctor Fowler and Fina García Marruz. 

Dicke, Robert H. (Robert Henry), 1916-1997

Robert H. Dicke Papers
Consists for the most part of professional correspondence and working papers of Dicke, Princeton physicist, educator, and author. In addition, there are his research/subject files concerning the Office of Naval Research, NASA, the National Science Board, and the National Science Foundation, as well as many other topics, arranged alphabetically.

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870

Charles Dickens Playbills
Collection of original playbills, programs, advertisements, and other pieces, some with annotations in a familiar (though so far unidentified) contemporary hand, relating to dramatic productions of Dickens's works. Together 87 pieces, mostly single or double sheets, from 1845 to1890.

Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886

Pershing Collection of Emily Dickinson
Contains correspondence, photographs, documents, ephemera, and printed matter relating to Margaret Jane Pershing's collection of over 200 volumes of Emily Dickinson's works, which were donated to the Department of Rare Books in 1969. There is a significant amount of material relating to the Seven Gables Bookshop of New York City. 

Dickinson, Lowes Cato, 1819-1908

Lowes Cato Dickinson Correspondence
Consists primarily of letters from pre-Raphaelite painters to Dickinson. Correspondents include Ford Maddox Brown, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and John Ruskin. Also included is a letter from John Bright, whose portrait was painted by Dickinson.

Diego, Eliseo, 1920-

Eliseo Diego Papers
Consists of papers of Diego, Cuban poet, author, and translator, comprising 20 letters (1946-1990) by Gaston Baquero, Alfonso Reyes, Eugenio Florit, and other friends and writers to Diego; 29 letters (ca. 1960-1990) by Diego to various friends and family members; 56 additional letters (ca. 1940-1960) by Diego to his wife, Bella Garcia-Marruz Badio; and an undated, typed manuscript entitled "Los Zapatos Vacios" by Reinaldo Arenas with autograph annotations by Diego.

Dissertations, Princeton University Doctoral

Consists of most of the doctoral dissertations completed at Princeton since 1877 when the first degree was awarded and currently represents over forty graduate departments. Of the few degrees awarded by the first departments with doctoral programs, only about half are preserved in the Archives. Because President McCosh supported the creation of a school of science, it is not surprising that a slight majority of the degrees awarded during his tenure (through 1888) were in the sciences. The modern dissertations represent 45 graduate departments and tend to be substantially lengthier than the earlier papers. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1950s and later; the 1980s require over 500 linear feet of shelf space. Some security-classified dissertations from the 1940s through the 1960s are not in the collection and could not be located. 

Dodds, Harold W., WWII Subject Files

Dodds, Harold W., WWII Subject Files

Dodge, Bayard, 1888-1972

Bayard Dodge Collection of Photographs of the Middle East
Consists of 62 black-and-white photographs, ranging in size from 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" to 11" x 14 1/2," collected by Dodge (Princeton Class of 1909). Most of the photographs are of the buildings and students of Al-Azhar, the Muslim university in Cairo; others depict mosques and other scenes in Istanbul and Afghanistan. Two photographers are cited, C. Zachary and James A. Cudney, and several photographs have inscriptions in Arabic.

Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905

Donald and Robert M. Dodge Collection of Mary Mapes Dodge
Contains manuscripts, correspondence, financial records, and photographs of Mary Mapes Dodge, as well as an unfinished biography of her by Spencer Mapes--collected by Donald and Robert Mapes Dodge. Manuscripts of Mary Mapes Dodge include 4 pages of Donald and Dorothy, 11 pages of Hans Brinker, and 7 poems. In addition, there are poems by John Greenleaf Whittier, Charles Henry Webb, Celia Thaxter, Emily Huntington Miller, and Dora Read Goodale. Correspondents include Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Booker T. Washington. Included in the correspondence relating to the biography of Mary Mapes Dodge are letters from Faith Baldwin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Albert Payson Terhune, and Clement Wood.

Wilkinson Collection of Mary Mapes Dodge
Consists of manuscripts and correspondence concerning St. Nicholas magazine, and correspondence, documents, photographs (including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes), and memorabilia relating to the Dodge family, particularly James Mapes Dodge--collected by Mrs. H. Bernard Wilkinson, granddaughter of Mary Mapes Dodge. The collection contains several pages of Mary Mapes Dodge's Hans Brinker, as well as manuscripts for Louisa May Alcott's Eight Cousins and Under the Lilacs (47 pp.), Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Lord Fauntleroy, and a biography of Douglas Jerrold. Correspondents include Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Rudyard Kipling, Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Kate Douglas Wiggin. In addition, there is material about the Dodge Coal Storage Company, including a copy of its articles of incorporation, and various patents.

St. Nicholas Correspondence of Mary Mapes Dodge
Consists of letters to Dodge in her capacity as editor of St. Nicholas magazine from contributors and literary friends. Included are autograph letters of Amelia E. Barr, John Burroughs, Susan Coolidge, Rebecca Harding Davis, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Constance Cary Harrison, Bret Harte, William Dean Howells, H.H. (Helen Hunt), Rudyard Kipling, Lucy Larcom, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mrs. Oliphant, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Ruth McEnery Stuart, Celia Thaxter, Edith Matilda Thomas, and John Greenleaf Whittier. 

Donoso, José, 1924-1996

José Donoso Papers
Consists of personal papers of Donoso (Class of 1951), the man and the writer. Included are typescript drafts of such works as Este domingo (1965), El obsceno pájaro de la noche (1970), Historia personal del "boom" (1972), Tres novelitas burguesas (1973), Casa de campo (1978), La misteriosa desaparición de la Marquesita de Loria (1980), Cuatro para delfina (1982), La desesperanza (1986), Naturaleza muerta con cachimba (1990), Donde van a morir los elefantes (1995); correspondence from family members, publishers, and literary friends, such as Latin American writers Carlos Fuentes, Ernesto Sábato, Gustavo Sáinz, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Gabriel Garcia Márquez, his agent Carmen Balcells, and filmmaker Luis Buñuel; manuscripts of short stories, articles, speeches and lectures, filmscripts and screenplays; and material about Donoso, such as interviews, essays, newspaper clippings, and a filmscript on his life. 

Doolittle, F. W. (Frederick William), 1883-1950

F. W. Doolittle Railroad Collection
Consists of miscellaneous railroad material collected by Doolittle (Class of 1905), including reports on electrification, cost analyses, and operating expenses. The reports reflect those periods in Doolittle's career when he was a consultant on the cost of railway operation for the Wisconsin Railroad Commission, an executive with the North American Company, a public utilities company, a director of the American Electric Railway, and an independent consultant. 

Doubleday, Ellen McCarter, 1899-1978

Ellen McCarter Doubleday Papers
Consists of papers of Doubleday, wife of Nelson Doubleday (1889-1949), president of the publishing firm Doubleday & Company, 1928-1949, and daughter of Thomas N. McCarter (Class of 1888), president of the Public Service Co. of New Jersey and Princeton University benefactor. After Nelson Doubleday's death Ellen Doubleday served on the board of directors of the publishing firm Doubleday & Company until she moved to Hawaii in 1965. Included in the papers is correspondence of Ellen and Nelson Doubleday with Daphne Du Maurier, W. Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward, Sinclair Lewis, Thomas Costain, Ellen Glasgow, Edna Ferber, Kenneth Roberts, Booth Tarkington, and other Doubleday authors, as well as Du Maurier's typescript for a play entitled Mother and a photocopy of her notebook for Rebecca (1938). Also present is a great deal of social correspondence with English and American friends; correspondence with their children and other family members; correspondence with doctors and others concerning Nelson Doubleday's illness and letters of condolence on his death; and documents concerning the estates of Frank Nelson Doubleday (1862-1934) and Nelson Doubleday and various trust disputes. 

Doubleday, Frank Nelson, 1862-1934

Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection
Consists of letters, manuscripts, and galleys of Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, T. E. Lawrence, W. Somerset Maugham, and others; drawings by Kipling and his father, and by A. B. Frost and his sons; the typescript of Frank Nelson Doubleday's memoirs, The Secret Memoirs of a Publisher, written in two installments, 1926 and 1933, for private circulation; letters from over 100 correspondents, including J. M. Barrie, Helen Keller, and Booth Tarkington, to members of the Doubleday family; notes and reports of Frank Nelson Doubleday on the Red Cross Mission in the Orient, 1918; some business correspondence, mostly 1928-1929; and a few photographs and clippings. 

Downer, Alan S. (Alan Seymour), 1912-1970

Alan S. Downer Collection
Contains correspondence of Downer, Princeton professor of English (1946-1970), much of which is related to Princeton's Spencer Trask lecture series, the Voice of America radio series, and invitations to notable members of the theater to address Downer's classes; works by Downer, including articles, lecture notes and course material, miscellaneous research notes, and unfinished projects; papers of various lecture series, and articles, notes, and photographs relating to American theater; and reports and miscellaneous papers dealing with McCarter Theatre. There is also material concerning various professional organizations of which Downer was a member, as well as scripts. Photographs include portraits of such actors and actresses as Sarah Bernhardt, Florence Eldridge, Mel Ferrer, Julie Harris, Helen Hayes, Audrey Hepburn, and Frederic March. 

Drenttel, William

William Drenttel Menu Collection
Consists of ornamental and illustrated menus for restaurants and private dining societies in Paris, Rome, and other European cities at the turn of the century. There are also culinary ephemera with die-cut covers and lithograph illustrations. 37 items.

Du Chaillu, Paul, 1835-1903

The World of the Great Forest by Paul Du Chaillu
Consists of the autograph manuscript of Du Chaillu's book The World of the Great Forest

Duffield, Edward Dickinson, 1871-1938

Edward D. Duffield Correspondence with Josephine Curtis
Consists of correspondence between Duffield (Class of 1892) and his future wife, Josephine Reade Curtis of Troy, New York. Their letters to each other span the years from 1890 to their marriage on April 21, 1897. Duffield studied law in Newark, N.J., after graduating from Princeton University, and from 1895-1896 was managing clerk for the law firm of Depew & Parker in Newark. In 1906 Duffield became general solicitor of the Prudential Insurance Company of America, later becoming its president, a position he held until his death in 1938. Also present is a small amount of correspondence from 1899 to 1903, and two family photograph albums. 

Duffield, John T. (John Thomas), 1823-1901

Duffield Family Papers
Consists of sermons, correspondence, genealogies, documents, photographs, memorabilia, and printed matter of the Duffield family of Princeton, N.J. One hundred sermons (1849-1871) and correspondence of John T. Duffield (Class of 1841, professor of mathematics, 1847-1898) form the bulk of the collection. Other family members represented include Duffield's daughters Helen K. and Sarah J. Duffield and his sons Edward Dickinson Duffield (Class of 1892), acting Princeton president (1932-1933) and chairman of the university's board of trustees, and Henry Green Duffield (Class of 1881), treasurer of the university (1901). There are photographs and memorabilia of Princeton, school grades of various family members, and several issues of Princeton Boys' News, 1887-1888, a student newspaper edited by and his sons Edward D. Duffield. 

Dugan, Raymond S. (Raymond Smith), 1878-1940

Raymond S. Dugan Papers
Consists of Dugan's articles, correspondence, lecture notes, material for his astronomy classes at Princeton, and printed matter. The collection contains typescripts of articles, course outlines and final examinations, and copies of biographies of astronomers written for reference books, such as the Dictionary of American Biography. There is correspondence with publishers, academic colleagues, scholarly journals, astronomical societies, and directors of observatories, including ones at Harvard (Harlow Shapley) and the University of Arizona, as well as some personal correspondence. The collection also contains reports by Dugan to members of Commission 27 (Commission des Etoiles Variables) of the International Astronomical Union. 

Dunham, Barrows, 1905-

Man Against Myth and Giant in Chains by Barrows Dunham
Consists of the typed manuscripts of two books of philosophy by Dunham (Class of 1926), Man Against Myth and Giant in Chains

Dutch Treat Club Dinner Video Recordings

Consists of three video recordings of two Dutch Treat Club dinners: one recording of a dinner held on May 1, 1994, as a gala tribute to Kitty Carlisle Hart, and two recordings for the dinner held on May 2, 1995, the club's 90th anniversary. The Dutch Treat Club was founded in New York City, N.Y., in 1905 as an informal social club, meeting weekly, with an annual dinner. Its members are drawn primarily from among practicioners of the creative arts. 

Dwiggins, W. A. (William Addison), 1880-1956

W. A. Dwiggins Collection
Consists primarily of pen-and-ink line drawings by Dwiggins, many of which are illustrations for the Random House edition (1929) of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In addition, there are examples of photomechanical line plate reproductions, a title page design for Willa Cather's A Mortal Enemy, illustrations for the Peter Pauper edition of Gulliver's Travels, Colophon ephemera, and decorative elements and fleurons.

Dyckman and Martine Family Papers

Consists of correspondence, a diary, legal papers, and newspaper clippings of the Dyckman and Martine families of Westchester and Dutchess Counties, New York. One family member well-represented is Jonathan Odell Dyckman. The legal papers include army appointments, wills, deeds, bonds, mortgages, indentures, and property appraisals. There is a diary (1825-1833) of church services whose entries include the chapter and verse of each day's homily and a precis of the sermon. In addition, there is also material of the Andrus family, particularly that of John E. Andrus. 


Early Photographic Techniques Collection

Contains photographs made with various early photographic printing techniques. The collection includes a cyanotype and three prints made by the Fizeau process.

Eccles, Henry E. (Henry Effingham), 1898-1986

Henry E. Eccles Writings on Naval Logistics
Consists of mimeographed copies of Eccles' working papers, articles, and lectures dealing with naval logistics and the Naval War College. Much of this work was done under the sponsorship of the George Washington Logistics Research Project. Over twenty-six articles (1955-1961) are included in a collection called Notes on Military Concepts, which forms the core of Eccles' book Military Concepts and Philosophy. In addition, there are collected papers entitled "Command Logistics" (1956) and "Military-Political Notes" (1961-1965). 

Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758

Jonathan Edwards Collection
Consists of holograph sermons, letters, and documents of both Jonathan Edwards, the father (1703-1758) and the son (1745-1801, Class of 1765), as well as photostats and facsimiles of additional Edwards material. Among the correspondents are Joseph Bellamy, Aaron Burr (1716-1757), and Benjamin Trumbull. Included are the father's letter (1752) to Burr about his proposed trip to Great Britain to collect funds for the College of New Jersey, three substantial sermons by the son, and a broadside (1795) reporting his dismissal as pastor of the White Haven Church of New Haven, Connecticut. 

Edwards, Jorge, 1931-

Jorge Edwards Collection
Contains drafts of the novels El peso de la noche, Persona non grata, Los convidados de piedra, and El museo de cera. Drafts of several short stories, essays, and articles, as well as notebooks (1953-1970) and correspondence (1957-1982) with literary figures, politicians, and his extensive family, are also included. Jose Donoso, Sergio Edwards, Jaime Laso, Enrique Lihn, Pablo Neruda, Luis Pascal, Jose Rodriguez Feo, Jorge Sanhueza, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Claudio Veliz are some of the correspondents. 

Egerton, George, 1860-1945

Selected Papers of Mary Chavelita Bright
Consists of manuscripts, biographical notes, family correspondence, and letters to Bright (pseudonym, "George Egerton") from many eminent literary and theatrical figures. 

Eichenberg, Fritz, 1901-1990

Fritz Eichenberg Collection
Consists of 115 wood-engravings and lithographs by Fritz Eichenberg, of illustrations for: A Raw Youth, The Diary of a Country Priest, The House of the Dead, Gulliver's Travels, The Once and Future King, Rainbows Are Made, Das Volksbuch Von Till Eulenspiegel, and The Brothers Karamazov, spanning the artist's entire career. Eichenberg regularly retained proofs of his book illustrations to preserve a record of his artwork printed in ideal conditions, realizing that a book printing firm could never match the quality of workmanship achieved in a printmaking studio. Most of these prints have been taken from the original blocks, on superior paper, and in editions as small as fifty copies. 

Eighteenth-Century French Documents

Consists of approximately 100 miscellaneous 18th-century French documents. The bulk are engrossed copies of notarial documents (1770-1789) concerning land titles and rents in the parish of Saint Christophe, Tours. Many of the documents were prepared by Francois-Claude Bigot and Francois Solomon, public notaries in Tours. Also included is a record book of financial receipts and livestock lists (1815-1816). 

Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955

Albert Einstein Duplicate Archive
Consists of a photocopied duplicate archive of the original Albert Einstein Archive at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, divided into scientific and non-scientific sections, including published and unpublished manuscripts, articles, lectures, notebooks, notes, travel diaries (1925-1933), family papers, and correspondence. The papers span Einstein's entire career and are augmented by additions through 1979.

Fantova Collection on Albert Einstein
Contains 57 undated, mostly black-and-white photographs of Einstein, and a few other unidentified people and places. Most of the Einstein photographs were taken later in life. Also present are photostatic copies of several manuscripts in German, "Zur Einheitlichen Feldtheorie" (incomplete), "Die Struktur des Continuum," and miscellaneous fragments and letters; a poem, "Tiger an Hanne" (1945), by Margot Einstein; and correspondence (1957-1958) between Hanna Fantova and Leo Perlman about Einstein's estate. In addition, there are 28 letters and 15 poems from the late 1940s by Einstein to Hanna Fantova, all in German.

Einstein in Japan Collection
Consists of memorabilia from Einstein's 1922 trip to Japan. Included in the collection are a lacquer box for writing tools, an album of drawings by school children presented as tributes to Einstein, three photographs, and miscellaneous invitations (in Japanese).

Einstein, Alfred, 1880-1952

The Italian Madrigal by Alfred Einstein
Contains the typescript of the original, unpublished German manuscript of Einstein's The Italian Madrigal which was published in English translation in 1949 by the Princeton University Press. The collection includes the musical examples used in the book. 

Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler, 1876-1965

    See Luther Pfahler Eisenhart Collection on Woodrow Wilson under Wilson, Woodrow

Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965

T. S. Eliot Letters to Emily Hale
Consists of approximately 1200 letters and related enclosures by T. S. Eliot to Emily Hale (1891-1969), a teacher, actress, and secret muse to Eliot. The letters span the years from 1930 to 1956.

T. S. Eliot Collection
Consists of disparate accessions of Eliot material, primarily of correspondence but including several photographs, typescripts of poems, and corrected proofs. A collection of over twenty letters by Eliot to Luigi Berti, concerning the latter's translations of Eliot's work into Italian, comprises the largest subunit.

Ellender, Raphael, 1906-1972

Raphael Ellender Collection
Consists primarily of Ellender's design drawings and prints of motion picture posters and other advertisements. Films represented in the collection include: Paris Holiday; Paths of Glory; Run Silent, Run Deep; The Pendulum; The Pride and the Passion; and Witness for the Prosecution.

Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939

Havelock Ellis Correspondence
Consists of 12 letters, 1931-1932, by Havelock Ellis, the pioneering sexologist and prolific author, to Mrs. William B. D. Field, and three drafts of Mrs. Field's letters to Ellis. The letters discuss Mrs. Field's trip to Russia and her proposed book on its social, sexual, and political conditions and birth control, and offer advice on writing. Also included is a photograph of Ellis in his Sussex garden, and a carbon typescript of Mrs. Field's article "The New Father," written by her in response to a chapter entitled "The New Mother" in Ellis' book More Essays of Love and Virtue.

Elmer, Robert P. (Robert Potter), 1877-1951

Archery Papers of Robert P. Elmer
Consists of works, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, and printed matter of Elmer (Class of 1899). The collection contains manuscripts of two books, Archery (1939) and Arab Archery (1945)--the latter of which was translated from a 1500 A.D. manuscript by Nabih Amin Faris and edited by Elmer--and various articles about archery. The correspondence includes letters about the United Bowman of Philadelphia, an archery club, as well as general correspondence with friends and associates relating to archery. In addition, there is a bound, typed manuscript of an "Account of the Annual Shooting for the Antient Shooting Arrow, Commonly called the Scorton Arrow from 1673-1906" sent to Elmer by Capet Pownall, a fellow archer in England. 

Elphinston, John, 1722-1785

John Elphinston Papers Relating to the Russo-Turkish War
Consists of log books, letter books, letters, and documents preserved by John Elphinston, rear-admiral in the service of Catherine the Great. Includes his certificate of service signed by the Empress Catherine [see the image below]; his unpublished manuscript memoirs (1773) in four volumes; a narrative of the Russian expedition by sea (1769-70), with an account of his reception at the Court of St. Petersburg and his meetings with Catherine the Great, who had asked the British government to loan her some senior naval officers to rehabilitate the Russian fleet; and Elphinston's own letter book and log book for the expedition. There are also manuscript narratives of the expedition edited by his grandson Captain Alexander Elphinstone; petitions to the Russian Emperors Alexander (1777-1825) and Nicolas (1868-1918) for the reward due to his grandfather; and autograph letters in English, French, and Russian.

Emery, Steuart M. (Steuart Mackie), 1891-

Steuart M. Emery Papers
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed matter of Emery. Included are approximately 40 short stories, some of which relate to World War I, such as "Aces of Hate," "The Brand of Silence," and "Skies of Steel"; two plays, Dinner Is Served and The Scalawag; several war poems; scripts from his Lawrenceville School student days; miscellaneous notes and synopses for plays and stories; and tearsheets and clippings of his stories and reviews. There are letters (1909-1922) to his mother, affectionate letters (1930-1936) from "Naomi," and miscellaneous personal and business correspondence. Also present are army documents (1917-1919), income tax returns, publisher's statements and contracts, and photographs of Emery, his family, and an unidentified military training camp. In addition, there are two war stories by Theodore Emery. 

Engstrom, Elmer W. (Elmer William), 1901-1984

Elmer W. Engstrom Papers
Consists of Xeroxes and photographs of Engstrom's diplomas, certificates, and honors (1902-1970), as well as copies of addresses delivered and papers written (1933-1970) for both scholarly and popular periodicals during his career as an electrical engineer, and as president (1961) and chief executive officer (1966) with the Radio Corporation of America. The documents chronicle Engstrom's life beginning with his baptism in 1902 until his retirement from RCA in 1970. 

Enright, Sara, 1888-1963

Sara Enright Papers
Consists of papers relating to Enright's role as theatrical agent to performers, many of whom were and are well-known, as well as to aspiring actors and actresses. The collection includes legal contracts (originals and carbons), correspondence of Enright, miscellaneous material containing commission receipts, and playbills. The correspondence contains requests for interviews by young performers, announcements by actors of their imminent return from military service during World War II, requests to be "kept in mind" by clients whose present plays are ending, cover letters in which commission checks are enclosed, and friendly letters by long-term clients. Besides actors and actresses, the correspondence includes letters from producers such as Moss Hart, Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse, Brock Pemberton, and Richard Aldrich. Some of the older performers represented in the collection are Madge Evans, Zasu Pitts, Monty Woolley, and Louis Calhern. 

Eppley, Marion, 1883-1960

Marion Eppley Collection of World War I Photographs
Consists of an album of 38 photographs (5" x 7" and 9" x 11") taken during World War I, collected by Marion Eppley (Class of 1906). The photographs show undated scenes of soldiers, ruins of buildings, convoys, trenches, guns, and prisoners, at the French fronts at the Somme, the Marne, Vosges, and elsewhere, and many taken at the Greek front at Salonika, the seat of the Greek provisional government in 1916. There are also several photographs of French officers and statesmen, such as Maurice Paul Sarrail, Aristide Briand, Albert Thomas, Jean-Baptiste Marchand, and Joseph Jacques Joffre. The photographs have autograph captions in French.

Essays by Jewish-American Immigrant Women

Consists of about three hundred typescripts of first-hand accounts of the lives of mainly Jewish women who immigrated to the United States between about 1900 and 1927. They were written for an essay contest sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women, administered through English language and Americanization classes organized and funded by the Council. The winning entries were originally published in The Immigrant, a journal published by the Council. Included in this collection is an article from that journal on the judging process, entitled "What the Judges Say." With a few slight deviations, the format of the essays is that of responses to set questions or topic choices. Topics include "My First Impressions of America," "The Most Important Day of My Life," and "My Plans and Ambitions for My Children." These essays served multiple roles, functioning as writing exercises, contest entries, personal tributes to the Council, and publicity for the Council's programs; now they provide windows into the daily lives, exceptional experiences, opinions, and aspirations of these immigrant women as they dealt with such issues as poverty, antisemitism, female work experience in the early twentieth century, World War I, the Russian Revolution, marriage, motherhood, and cultural assimilation. 

European Prints Collection

Consists of prints by various European artists, dating from the late 16th century through the late 20th century. The collection includes numerous works by Wenceslaus Hollar, Emil Krause, and Anders Leonard Zorn. Printing techniques represented in the collection include drypoint, engraving, etching, lithograph, and woodcut.

Exhibitions Collection

Consists of material from and about the exhibitions held by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections in Firestone Library.


Fagles, Robert, 1933-

Robert Fagles Translations of Greek Drama
Consists of drafts and proofs for Fagles' translation of Sophocles' The Three Theban Plays (Antigone, Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonus) and Aeschylus' The Oresteia (Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides). 

Farrand, Wilson, 1862-1942

Selected Papers of Wilson Farrand
Consists of selected papers of Farrand (Class of 1886), including letters by Theodore Dreiser, John Grier Hibben, Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry van Dyke, Booker T. Washington, and Andrew F. West, as well as addresses and articles of Farrand that are primarily concerned with various aspects of secondary and college education and college entrance examinations. There are memorials on Charles W. Eliot and others associated with higher education, and miscellaneous addresses on such topics as "Tennyson, the Man and His Work," "Leif Erikson and the Norse Discovery of America," and "The Jew in Our Midst." In addition, there are materials related to Farrand's position as a Princeton University trustee (1908-1920), Carteret Book Club pamphlets, essays written as a Princeton student, and newspaper clippings. 

Farrar & Rinehart, Inc.

Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., Files of Hemingway and Pound
Consists of selected files from the offices of Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., New York City publishers, which later became Rinehart & Company, Inc.: 1) Ernest Hemingway correspondence with Rinehart & Company, 1951-1952 (6 letters by him, 9 letters to him), concerning the publication of Philip Young's biography Ernest Hemingway (1952); and 2) Ezra Pound material, 1932-1951, consisting of 3 letters by him, 2 letters to him, 2 contracts, and approximately 70 letters by the staff of Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., and others primarily concerning various sections of Pound's Cantos

Faulkner, William, 1897-1962

William Faulkner Collection
Consists of manuscripts and letters of Faulkner and related materials, including manuscripts of Maurice Coindreau's translation into French of four Faulkner novels: As I Lay Dying, Requiem for a Nun, The Sound and the Fury, The Wild Palms. Among the eight letters included in the collection two are addressed to Coindreau, dated 1932 and 1937, in which Faulkner offers his assistance and gratitude to the translator. There is a small, pencil-drawn map in the hand of the author of the mythical town of Jefferson, along with eleven typed manuscripts of essays, speeches, and short stories, many of which have holograph corrections. 

Federal Theatre Project (U.S.)

Federal Theatre Project Collection
Consists of records of the Federal Theatre Project established during the Depression by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) with Hallie Flanagan as the national director. The collection contains documents and printed material, including state and local historical records of the WPA for 1936 of play programs in New York City depositories, play programs and notes by states, information releases, notices, reviews, performance details, issues of Federal Theatre (the bulletin of the Federal Theatre Project), and miscellaneous material on the Children's Theatre and marionettes unit. In addition, there is some correspondence on "The Edward Rice Case," regarding Edward Le Roy Rice and his firing from the Project. 

Fehon, Charles

Charles Fehon Set Designs
Consists of eight watercolor stage designs--with pencil sketches of details--drawn for the University Players while Fehon (Class of 1950) was on the staff of McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Fergola, Nicola, 1757-1824

Nicola Fergola Papers
Consists of approximately 90 items relating to Fergola, who was a professor of mathematics at the Regia Universita degli Studi, Naples, and the author of books on geometry and on Isaac Newton's mathematical principles. Included are correspondence (1781-1824), documents (1769-1824), notes on geometry and mathematics (n.d.), a manuscript concerning meteors observed after earthquakes from 460 B.C. to A.D. 1759 (n.d.), and an itemized appraisal of Fergola's library compiled by Gennaro Terrei around 1820. 

Fiedler, Leslie A. (Leslie Aaron), 1917-

"Nude Croquet," Short Story by Leslie A. Fiedler
Consists of the autograph manuscript and typed manuscript of Fiedler's short story "Nude Croquet." Also included is a screenplay and an outline of action for a film version of the story. 

Film Posters Collection

Consists of posters from two distinct eras in the American film industry, the mid-1930s and the 1950s and 1960s, reflecting the artistic differences between the two periods. 

Film Stills Collection

Consists of approximately 20,000 stills and publicity portraits of actors and actresses in the American film industry covering almost eighty years. 

Fitch, Noël Riley, 1937-

Noël Riley Fitch Papers
Consists of papers of Fitch relating primarily to her two books Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation (1983) and Walks in Hemingway's Paris (1990), as well as her thesis, dissertation and other writings about Sylvia Beach (1887-1962), the American proprietess of the bookshop "Shakespeare and Company" in Paris, France. Included are notes, typescripts, and galleys for her works on Beach; correspondence and transcripts of interviews with former friends and associates of Beach, such as Berenice Abbott, Carlos Baker, Morrill Cody, Malcolm Cowley, Marcelle Fournier, and Maurice Saillet; a file of correspondence (1977-1997) with the poet Robert McDougall, who wrote on Beach's friend Adrienne Monnier, with typed copies of his A Selection of Poems (1957) and other poems; and 23 audiocassettes of Fitch's interviews with Elizabeth Bishop, Frederic Dennis, Helen Eddy, Marthiel Mathews, Francois Valery, Priscilla Veitch, and others, reminiscencing about Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. There are notes, manuscript drafts, and galleys of Fitch's Walks in Hemingway's Paris book, with an audiocassette of an interview (1990) with Dutch journalists concerning the book and Ernest Hemingway.

Fithian, Philip Vickers, 1747-1776

Philip Vickers Fithian:Journal and Letters, 1767-1774, Edited by John Rogers Williams
Consists of the typed manuscript (carbon) of the textural material used by John Rogers Williams for his edition (1900) of Philip Vickers Fithian's journal and letters, including copies of letters, exercises, and lectures while Fithian was at Princeton (1770-1772, Class of 1772), journal notations and letters while he was a tutor at Nomini Hall in Virginia (1773-1775), and journal entries during two western tours (1775-1776) and the Revolutionary period (1776). Also present are letters received by Williams concerning his preparation of Fithian's journal. 

Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940

F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers
Consists of manuscripts of all of the major literary efforts of Fitzgerald (Class of 1917), as well as related documents and correspondence, thus providing a comprehensive record of America's best-known writer of the "Jazz Age": novels, short stories, tear sheets, articles, drama scripts, motion picture scripts, radio scripts, and poems; letters sent and received; photographs, drawings, and cartoons; clippings; memorabilia; scrapbooks; family papers; and papers of persons other than Fitzgerald.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Additional Papers
Consists of additional (i.e., in addition to the F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers) writings, including published juvenilia, letters, documents, photographs, tape recordings, and memorabilia of Fitzgerald (Class of 1917), and material of others about him. Included are 6 boxes of papers presented by several of Fitzgerald's friends of the 1930s and 1940: Bertie Barr, EsquireMagazine, which published many of the Pat Hobby stories, Sheilah Graham, Laura Guthrie Hearne, and Marie Shank. There are also two film versions of Tender Is the Night, David Hertz' screenplay (1947) and that of Ivan Moffat (1961).

Hear F. Scott Fitzgerald reciting in 1939
John Masefield, "On Growing Old" (first stanza). From beginning to 1' 11" 
John Keats, "Ode to a Nightingale," vv. 1-29 (Stanzas I-III, with an interruption at the end). 1' 12" - 3' 8"
William Shakespeare, Othello, Act 1, sc. 3: vv. 76-94; 128-139; 145-169. 3' 8" to end of recording 

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Books
Fitzgerald's library and his own published works have been one of the chief holdings of the department since 1951. There are 300 volumes by and about Fitzgerald on the shelves in the rare book collections, including first editions of all but four of the 34 separate publications of FSF. Fitzgerald undertook personally to educate his close friend, Sheilah Graham, in a course of study which came to be known as the College of One. In 1968, Graham presented Princeton Library with the books which she used in her College of One education. Some are formally inscribed by Fitzgerald, but others have notes by him in the margins, as well as casual jottings such as grocery lists. There are 246 volumes in the College of One Collection.

See also Ginevra King Collection Relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald
See also John Biggs Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald Estate Papers
See also Archives of Harold Ober Associates
See also Archives of Charles Scribner's Sons
See also Arthur Mizener Papers on F.Scott Fitzgerald
See also Zelda Fitzgerald Papers

Fitzgerald, Zelda, 1900-1948

Zelda Fitzgerald Papers
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, miscellaneous notes and related material, documents, pictures, clippings, and photographs of Fitzgerald. Included are the typescript, set for printer, of Save Me the Waltz, manuscripts (mostly typescripts) of short stories, articles, and her playScandalabra, and tear sheets of some of her published articles and stories: "Big Top," "Caesar's Things," "Choreography of an Idea," "Janno and Jacob," "Other Names for Roses," "Show Mr. and Mrs. F. to Number...," and "Unembellished." Also present is a portrait drawing by Zelda of her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and several other drawings. There are letters to her daughter, Frances Scott Fitzgerald (married name, Scottie Fitzgerald Smith), correspondence with other people, such as Ludlow Fowler, Charles Kalman, Margaret Turnbull, George Nathan, and others, and correspondence between various family members. Correspondence between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald is gathered in his Papers (C0187). Check here for a list of original art work by Zelda in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.

See also Craig House Medical Records on Zelda Fitzgerald.

See also F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers.

Fleet, William A. (William Alexander), 1883-1918

William A. Fleet Papers
Consists of selected papers of Fleet, the first American Rhodes Scholar, 1904-1907, at Oxford, Magdalen College, and, later, an instructor in classics, 1907-1908, at Princeton University. Due to his father's ill health he returned home and became an an instructor at his alma mater, Culver Military College, Indiana. After the outbreak of World War I, Fleet returned to England in 1916 to become a Second-Lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards and died in the line of duty on May 18, 1918. The papers include a scrapbook of photographs, letters, and clippings related to his military service, passports, commission certificate, posthumous awards, family photographs, and autograph copies of letters of condolence to Mrs. Fleet. In addition, there are are applications (1894) by Fleet's father, Alexander F. Fleet, for membership in the Society of Colonial Wars, and a few letters, 1923-1983, about William A. Fleet. 

Flemish Prints Collection

Consists of prints by various Flemish artists, dating from the mid-16th century through the late 17th century. The collection includes numerous works by Gerard Edelinck, Paulus Pontius, Cornelis Schut, Lucas Emil Vorsterman, and Hieronymus Wierix. Printing techniques represented in the collection include etching and engraving.

Florovsky, Georges, 1893-1979

Georges Florovsky Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, and memorabilia of Florovsky, reflecting his career at various academic institutions, such as Saint Vladimir's Theological Seminary in New York (1948-1956) and Harvard Divinity School (1956-1964), teaching patristics and Russian religious thought, and later at Princeton (1964-1972), teaching Slavic languages and literatures. The collection contains articles and papers written in several languages, mostly Russian and English, but also French, German, Rumanian, Italian, and Greek; card files; his notes and bibliographic references; and bibliographies of his writings. Much of the material concerns his work in the World Council of Churches, as a member of the Executive Committee and the Commission on Faith and Order. Correspondence pertains, among other things, to his involvement in the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergei in London, the Parisian Russian emigre community, and activities at Harvard. Correspondents include include Svetlana Allilueva, Nikolai Arsenev, Nicholas Berdiaev, Father Sergius Bulgakov, Peter Struve, and George Vernadsky. In addition, there several boxes of Florovsky family correspondence. 

Fonblanque, Albany, 1793-1872

Albany Fonblanque Collection
Consists primarily of letters sent to Fonblanque as editor of the Examiner (London). Among the correspondents are Marguerite Blessington, William Lisle Bowles, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Rosina Lytton, the comte d'Orsay, George Grote, Sir George Cornewall Lewis, and Lord John Russell. Also included are two letters by Fonblanque to Lord Lytton, one unidentified manuscript, and one autograph manuscript by Charles Reynell regarding Leigh Hunt's censorship trial. 

Foote, Ebenezer, 1756-1829

Ebenezer Foote Papers
Consists, for the most part, of Foote's correspondence and legal documents regarding his land dealings in Delhi, Delaware County, New York. The collection includes indentures, mortgages, leases, bonds, boundary statements, deeds, articles of agreement, tax lists, receipts, an inventory of goods, and powers of attorney. 

Forain, Jean-Louis, 1852-1931

Jean-Louis Forain Lithographs
Contains approximately 80 lithographs by the French print-maker Forain. The prints are primarily small in size and depict individuals or portraits, mostly of women, several of which are dated 1920. 

Forbes, Esther, 1891-1967

Paradise, Novel by Esther Forbes
Consists of "about the third draft" of Forbes's novel Paradise, which was published in 1937 and is set in New England during the time of King Philip's War. 

Forbes, Malcolm S. (Malcolm Stephenson), 1919-1990

Malcolm Forbes '41 Collection of American Revolutionary War Soldiers
Consists of 39 handpainted, lead, toy soldiers, representing all of the regiments that participated in the Battles of Trenton (12/26/1776) and Princeton (1/3/1777). The finding aid provides complete description--with images--of the regiments' uniforms, as well as information about the participation of the regiments in these two battles.

Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939

Ford Madox Ford Collection
Consists of manuscripts and correspondence of Ford. The collection contains five manuscripts by him: two collections of his poems, entitled New Poems (holograph manuscript, 34 pp.) and Poems in Two Keys (typed manuscript, 26 pp.); a preface to Robinson Crusoe (typed manuscript, 10 pp.); a poem, "Claire de Lune" (holograph manuscript, 3 pp.); and "Epilogue" (ca. 1917, both holograph and typed manuscript, 16 pp.), an unpublished work. The rest of the collection consists of approximately 90 letters by Ford, along with related correspondence from publishers, authors, and relatives, including Alec Waugh, Eden Phillpotts, and Violet Hueffer.

Naumburg Collection of Ford Madox Ford
Consists jointly of letters and works of Ford and letters and works about Ford collected by Edward Naumburg (Class of 1924). Ford's papers contain letters to Joseph Conrad, Douglas Goldring, W. H. Hudson, Edgar Jepson, James B. Pinker, and others, spanning the years from 1910 to 1935. There are manuscripts for "Conrad and the Sea," "Dedicatory Letter to Isabel Paterson," The Good Soldier" (title page only), "The Nature of a Crime" (co-authored with Joseph Conrad), and "Romance: An Analysis," and miscellaneous typescripts and proofs for the Transatlantic Review. Also included are photographs and caricatures of Ford and clippings and tearsheets of his articles. 

Ford, Henry Jones, 1851-1925

Ford Family Papers
Contains correspondence, documents, and photographs of Ford, Princeton professor of politics (1908-1920), his wife, Bertha Batory Ford, and their children, John Howard Ford and Bertha Dorothy (Dolly) Ford Hildt. Also included are two letters by Bertha Ford's father, Ignatius Batory, genealogical material relating to the Ford, Jones, Cole, Anderson, and Preston families of Maryland, a biographical sketch about Henry Jones Ford by Edward S. Corwin, and printed articles by and about Ford. 

Forrest, Edwin, 1806-1872

Edwin Forrest Letters to James Oakes
Consists of 178 letters (1849-1872) by Forrest, the American Shakespearean actor, to his friend James Oakes. The letters are posted from Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, and other cities, and discuss personal and theatrical matters. One letter of 1849 concerns the Astor Place riot in New York, caused by the rivalry between Forrest and the English actor William Macready. There is one letter (1869) by James Oakes to Forrest. 

Foster, Ernest Moore, 1881-1955

Ernest Moore Foster Collection
Consists of five journals and photograph albums of Foster. Included are a narrative journal (rewritten from his diary) of a trip taken with his father from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to Portland, Oregon, in the summer of 1905, with an album of photographs of the Foster family, the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland, and other views of various Western states. The following year (1906) Foster kept a journal, which also contains maps, photographs, and clippings, of his experiences with the U.S. Geological Survey team while touring through the southern half of the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, in preparation for the opening up of the territory to settlement. This journal is also accompanied by an album of photographs of Seattle, logging operations, Colville Indians, the survey camp at Spirit Lake near Mount St. Helens, and other campsites. 

Foster, John W. (John Watson), 1836-1917

Selected Papers of John W. Foster
Consists of diplomatic and personal papers relating to the treaty of Shimonoseki and the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), documenting Foster's role as consultant to the Chinese commissioners in the negotiations. Included are the diary (1/30-6/8/1895), begun at Kobe, which Foster kept during his mission; letters to his wife (12/1894-5/1895) from Japan and China; his copies of the Chinese and Japanese diplomatic papers--drafts of the treaty, counter-drafts, memoranda--of the plenipotentiaries (Li Hung-Chang and Ito Hirobumi) involved in the treaty negotiations; passports and other personal papers; and his souvenirs from Japan. 

Foulke, C. Pardee (Calvin Pardee), 1906-1974

    See C. Pardee Foulke Papers under Wilson, Woodrow

Fox, Frederic, 1917-1981

14 Africans vs. One American by Frederic Fox
Consists of the corrected typescript and corrected galley proof of the book 14 Africans vs. One American (1963) by Fox (Class of 1939), which describes his experiences in Northern Rhodesia at the Africa Literacy and Writing Center teaching journalism and writing to 14 young Africans from different countries. 

Foxcroft, Thomas, 1697-1769

Thomas Foxcroft Correspondence
Contains letters to Foxcroft from Aaron Burr (1716-1757), Jonathan Dickinson, Moses Dickinson, Jeremiah Halsey, and Experience Mayhew. Also included are a printed sermon and the manuscript of a sermon by Jonathan Dickinson (1729), and an incomplete theological dissertation by Experience Mayhew. 

Frankl, Paul, 1878-1962

Paul Frankl Papers
Consists of selected papers of Frankl, a native of Prague who came to the United States in 1938 and shortly afterwards settled in Princeton, where he was associated with the Institute for Advanced Study until his death in 1962. Included here are correspondence (1974) and notes of Josepha Weitzmann-Fiedler about Frankl, some printed materials, with a copy of Frankl's Die entwicklungsphasen der neureren baukunst (1914), autograph and typed manuscripts, photographs, and illustrations for The Gothic (1960), Frankl's contribution to the Pelican History of Art, and typescripts for his Zu fragen des stiles (1988). 

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790

George Simpson Eddy Collection of Benjamin Franklin
Consists of material by and about Franklin divided into two main sections: the 20th-century papers of Eddy and the 18th-century material of Franklin. The Eddy section, which comprises the bulk of the collection, contains correspondence between Eddy and members of the Franklin family, booksellers, collectors of Frankliniana, and scholars, as well as Eddy's notes, notebooks, and manuscripts relative to the various projects and studies he undertook about Franklin. Included in the Eddy section are pamphlets, books, and periodicals collected by him. 

Franqui, Carlos, 1921-

Carlos Franqui Collection
Contains works and correspondence of Franqui, who moved to Europe in 1968 after becoming dissatisfied with Castro's Cuban regime. Included are manuscripts for Diario de la Revolución Cubana (1976), Cuba: libro de los doce (1977), and Retrato de familia con Fidel (1981) concerning the Cuban revolution of 1959 and Franqui's association with Fidel Castro. There is correspondence with Latin American intellectuals, cultural leaders, and politicians, such as Guillermo Cabrera Infante and Guillermo Comacho, as well as interviews with prominent figures of the revolution. Also included are transcripts of Cuban radio broadcasts (1957-1958) given by Franqui and others, papers (1957-1958) concerning the Movimiento Revolucionario 26 de Julio, government documents (1958-1962), transcript of various speeches by Che Guevara, and a large collection (1959-1962) of typescript and printed speeches and interviews of Fidel Castro. 

Frantz, Alison, 1903-1995

Alison Frantz Papers
Consists of selected papers of Frantz, a classicist, photographer, and research fellow for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. In 1967 she received a grant from the American Philosophical Society to study, draw, and photograph the temple ruins (ca. 200-300 A.D.) on the island of Sikinos in the Aegean Sea. Included in the papers is her notebook from this trip containing notes, drawings, and 88 (2" x 3") photographs. Also present are three other notebooks of architectural drawings, measurements, and notes on ruins at Thasos, Sikinos, Paros, and Amorgos; an Italian phrase book; and 92 (approx. 7" x 9") photographs, probably taken in the 1960s and mounted on cardboard calendar pages dated 1973-1980, of people, everyday scenes and ruins in various Greek cities, islands, and a few other places, including Thasos, Byblos, Corinth, Parma, Tunis, Maktar, Acropolis, Rome, Crete, Salonica, and Alexandroupolis. 

Fraser, Claud Lovat, 1890-1921

Claud Lovat Fraser Collection
Contains rhyme sheets, chapbooks, and broadsides with hand-colored illustrations by Fraser, published by Flying Fame and the Poetry Bookshop.

Fraser, George C. (George Corning), 1872-1935

George C. Fraser Journals
Consists of seven journals (1914-1922) containing typed notes, photographs, and postcards of Frazer (Class of 1893) kept during his trips to the Southern and Southwestern United States with different family members and one journal (1886-1889) from several trips as a youth to Europe and the Middle East. The journals contain descriptions and particulars of ordinary life, noting historic events and scientific phenomena such as vegetation and soil erosion, on trips covering areas of Utah, Arizona, California, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In addition, there are loose papers removed from the journals, such as maps, letters, photographs, and printed matter relating to the trips. 

Fraser, Russell A. (Russell Alfred), 1927-

Russell A. Fraser Correspondence
Consists of correspondence of Fraser with friends, family, and associates of R. P. Blackmur used in preparation of his biography A Mingled Yarn: The Life of R. P. Blackmur (1981). Correspondents include Elizabeth Blackmur, Malcolm Cowley, R. D. Darrell, Mrs. Philip (Tessa) Horton, Lincoln Kirsten, Robert Penn Warren, John Marshall, Katharine Brown, and Allen Tate. Also present is one letter (1949) by R. P. Blackmur to John Marshall. 

Freeman, Don, 1908-1978

Don Freeman Lithographs
Consists of five lithographs by Freeman based on theatrical themes, such as "Dress Rehearsal: 'Of Thee I Sing'" and "First Nighters' Intermission." 

French, Lewis

French Family Collection
Consists of correspondence, journals, photographs, a cemetery plot deed, and printed matter of Lewis French and his family of Frenchtown, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Blue Grass, Illinois, including papers of his brother, David S. French. The correspondence and journals contain comments regarding preaching, religious beliefs, visits among family members, personal monies, and farm conditions. 

Friar, Kimon, 1911-1993

Kimon Friar Papers
Consists of the papers of Friar, a Greek-American poet, translator, and editor. Included are manuscripts of Friar's English translations of The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel by Nikos Kazantzakis; poetry by Odysseus Elytis, Yannis Ritsos, and other modern Greek poets; and articles, reviews, poetry, dramatic productions, and lectures by Friar. There is extensive correspondence with George Seferis, Nikos Kazantzakis, and many other Greek and American writers. Also present are photographs, manuscripts of other writers and poets, and sound recordings of poetry readings. 

Friedman, Arthur

Arthur Friedman Collection of Programs and Playbills
Consists of bound scrapbooks of opera programs and playbills for theater and concert performances covering eighty years of regular attendance by Friedman in New York City at the Metropolitan Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, and various legitimate theaters. 

Friend, Albert Mathias, 1894-1956

Albert Mathias Friend Papers
Consists of personal papers of Friend (Princeton Class of 1915), ranging from 1913 to 1955, the year before he passed away.  These include his undergraduate and graduate notebooks, course plans and lecture outlines for seminars and classes he gave at Princeton, correspondence and souvenirs from all aspects of his life (military, academic, and personal), papers he delivered at Dumbarton Oaks symposia, research notebooks from his time abroad, and his scholarly notes, drawings, and photographs. Professor Friend's notes and papers are primarily on the subjects of medieval iconography and the architecture of cathedrals and theaters in ancient Greece, Rome, and other Mediterranean cultures. The notes also cover medieval painting and mosaic, classical Greek sculpture, and Byzantine art and architecture.

Albert Mathias Friend Collection of 18th-Century Set Designs
Consists of fifty-six 18th-century set designs, mainly by Bibiena and Platzer, although other Italian and Austrian artists are represented in this collection of Friend (Class of 1915). 

Frost, A. B. (Arthur Burdett), 1851-1928

A. B. Frost Collection
Consists of 21 mostly humorous drawings by Frost used to illustrate stories in Scribner's Magazine between 1904 and 1917. Drawn with pen-and-ink, wash, and gouache

Frothingham, Arthur L. (Arthur Lincoln), 1859-1923

Frothingham Family Collection
Consists mainly of correspondence between family members of Frothingham, Princeton professor of archaeology (1886-1905), including his father, Arthur L. Frothingham, mother, Jessie Peabody Frothingham, and sister, Jessie Peabody Frothingham, a writer who also received letters from her publishers and friends, such as Jesse Lynch Williams and Mrs. Grover Cleveland. In addition, the collection contains a box of family photographs. Also present are manuscripts concerning Arthur L. Frothingham's study (ca.1912) on memorial and triumphal arches in Rome and throughout the Roman Empire.

Fry, Christopher

Collection of Playscripts for Venus Observed
Consists of 12 typescript and bound copies of the play, most with mss. notes, stage directions, and cast members. Each script contains about 113 leaves of text. Playscripts are numbered 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 24; others are unnumbered.

Fuentes, Carlos, 1928-

Carlos Fuentes Papers
Consists of personal and working papers of Carlos Fuentes, Mexican author, editor, and diplomat: notebooks, manuscripts of novels and novellas, short stories, plays, screenplays, nonfiction writings, speeches and interviews, translations of fiction and nonfiction, correspondence, juvenilia, drawings, documents, photographs, audiocassettes, papers of others, scrapbooks, and printed material. Included are manuscripts and some galleys and page proofs with holograph corrections of the novels La cabeza de la hidra, Cambio de piel, La campaña, Constancia y otras novelas para vírgenes, Cristóbal Nonato, Una familia lejana, Gringo viejo, La muerte de Artemio Cruz, El naranjo, o los círculos del tiempo, La región más transparente, and Terra Nostra; and draft manuscripts and some galleys and page proofs for the English translations of the novels listed above and for the novels Aura and Diana, The Goddess Who Hunts Alone. There are also drafts of short stories collected under the titles Agua quemada, Cantar de ciegos, Chac Mool y otros cuentos, Cuerpos y ofrendas and Los días enmascarados; drafts of plays Todos los gatos son pardos, El tuerto es rey and Orchids in the Moonlight (English and Spanish versions); drafts of program scripts for the television series The Buried Mirror, and Spanish language version El espejo enterrado; and drafts of the companion books to the TV series.

Fuentes, Rafael, 1901-1971

Rafael Fuentes Papers
Consists of personal and working papers of Rafael Fuentes, a Mexican diplomat, lawyer, and father of the writer Carlos Fuentes. Rafael Fuentes served as first secretary of the foreign service delegation from Mexico to the U.S. in the period 1934 to 1939, as counselor to the U.S., Chile, and Argentina from 1940-1944, as ambassador of Mexico to Panama from 1953 to 1959, and ambassador to Italy from 1964 to 1966. The papers consist of Rafael Fuentes' diplomatic correspondence and writings, as well as clippings and printed material. There is also some correspondence, mostly from the years 1941 and 1966, which document activities of the Fuentes family, including Carlos Fuentes. 

Fund for the Republic

Fund for the Republic Archives
Consists of the archives of the Fund for the Republic, which was established in 1952 by a grant from the Ford Foundation to examine the impact of corporations, labor unions, the mass media, and other aspects of modern society on freedom, justice, civil rights and liberties. Included are annual reports, records of meetings, correspondence of William O. Douglas, Clinton Rossiter, Henry P. Van Dusen, Harvey Wheeler, and others, articles, studies, interviews, and press releases. Subjects include such issues as censorship, blacklisting, minorities, race and housing, the American Indians, communism in the United States, religion, political process, and the American character. Also present are various social research studies, records of grants and fellowships, files of the Ford Foundation, material on the Pacem in Terris Convocation (1965), congressional records (1953-1956), and papers of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions which was established by the Fund in 1959. 

Fundamental Laws and Constitutions of New Jersey

Consists of photostats of fundamental legal intruments of government (1664-1961) under which people have lived in New Jersey for the last 300 years. The collection contains concessions, agreements, and constitutions together with instructions from Queen Anne to Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, who was colonial governor of New York and New Jersey (1702-1708). These copies were gathered by Julian P. Boyd for the book Fundamental Laws and Constitutions of New Jersey (1964), which he edited. 

Funding of the Arts Collection

Consists of government reports, copies of employment contracts, pamphlets, and printed matter regarding the financing of the arts in the United States and Great Britain during the 1950s and 60s. There are miscellaneous reports of the 86th through the 89th Congresses covering the establishment of national arts foundations, copyright and patent law revision, economic conditions in the performing arts, and cultural presentations of the Department of State. There are copies of contracts between the Actors' Equity Association and the League of New York Theatres, Inc., as well as pamphlets of Equity rules governing employment. The collection also contains agreements between the Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc., and the American Guild of Musical Artists, and there are miscellaneous agreements between various orchestras and unions. Pamphlets and clippings dealing with the financing of the arts in the United States and Great Britain are included in the collection. 

Furman, N. Howell (Nathaniel Howell), 1892-1965

N. Howell Furman Papers
Consists of scholarly papers, correspondence, miscellaneous material relating to the teaching of chemistry at Princeton, and printed matter of Furman (Class of 1913), professor of analytical chemistry. The collection contains his lecture notes, articles, papers, and notebooks, as well as his professional correspondence. There are files of student papers, laboratory work, notebooks, and undergraduate and Ph.D. general examinations. Also included are reports of chemical analyses, minutes of departmental meetings, records of supplies and equipment, notebooks of students' grades, files regarding the Atomic Energy Commission, and material relating to his interest in polarography. In addition, there is printed material including abstracts of papers and offprints of articles by Furman and others. 


Gamble, Sidney D. (Sidney David), 1890-1968

Sidney D. Gamble Photographs
Consists of 11 photograph albums of Gamble (Class of 1912), two of which contain photographs taken during his senior year at Princeton, including some of football games, Princeton president Hibben, and President Taft. The remaining albums are filled with photographs which reflect the life he knew in China as a Y.M.C.A. official (l918-19, 1924-27).

García Ponce, Juan,

Juan García Ponce Papers
Contains the personal and working papers of Juan García Ponce, a Mexican novelist, dramatist, storywriter, and critic.

Gardner, John Dunn, 1811-1903

John Dunn Gardner Papers
Consists of selected papers of Gardner, a 19th-century High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire who traveled a great deal in Europe, Greece, and Turkey. Included are a journal of a trip, primarily by rail, through Paris, Western Europe, on to Constantinople and other cities and villages in Turkey, from October 1855 to January 1856, with some reference notes in Greek; an autograph manuscript and notes for Gardner's pamphlet, "The Ionian Islands in Relation to Greece...." (1859), discussing the governing policy of England over these islands which were under a British protectorate from 1815-1864; and clippings of reviews of the work. 

Garland Publishing, Inc.

Garland Publishing, Inc., Records
Consists of correspondence of various Garland Publishing, Inc., staff members with authors, editors, and others, concerning permissions, copyrights, and production and editorial matters relating to their publication of facsimile and reprint editions of works by established writers. Such subjects include James Joyce (company correspondence of Michael Groden, Danis Rose, A. Walton Litz), Le Corbusier (correspondence of Andre Wogenscky, Jerzy Soltan), William Faulkner (correspondence of Noel Polk, Joseph Blotner, M. McHaney), Virginia Woolf (correspondence of Quentin Bell), Walter Gropius (correspondence of Dr. W. Nerdinger), Louis I. Kahn (correspondence of Julia Converse), and F. Scott Fitzgerald (correspondence of Matthew Bruccoli, Alan Margolies, and others).  There are correspondence files of the late Gavin Borden, founder of the firm in 1969, who with his wife Libby Borden, now president, built the company into a significant publisher of academic reference works and science textbooks. Also present are company catalogs and brochures arranged in two series, chronologically (1987-1996) and by subject.

Garrett, George, 1929-

Meriwether Collection of George Garrett
Contains three early holograph drafts and galleys of Which Ones Are the Enemy?, a novel published by Garrett (Class of 1952) in 1961. Also present are galleys for Finished Man (1959); Xerox copies of the typescripts of Do Lord Remember Me (1965) and Entered from the Sun (1990); galleys, page proofs, and typescripts for various articles, stories, plays, and poems; cassettes of Garrett reading from his Death of the Fox, and Enchanted Ground; and an interview with him. There are also journals, paperback books, and offprints containing articles, stories, or poems either edited or written by Garrett. 

Garrett, Robert, 1875-1961

Robert Garrett Papers
Consists of correspondence, financial material, and printed matter of Garrett (Princeton Class of 1897). The collection contains correspondence between Garrett and Ernest Cushing Richardson, Harry Clemons, and James Thayer Gerould of the Princeton University Library regarding his gift (1942) of mainly Islamic books and manuscripts; correspondence, invoices, and lists of purchases from rare books and manuscripts dealers, including Bernard Quaritch, Ltd.; correspondence with William Gates concerning the Mesoamerican Manuscripts Collection; correspondence concerning the University Committee on Humanistic Collections; and offprints of articles about the Garrett Collection. Additional correspondence (1941-1942) of Robert Garrett with Philip K. Hitti, A. S. Yahuda, Harold W. Dodds, and Julian P. Boyd concerns the Yahuda Collection of Islamic Manuscripts.

Robert Garrett Collection
The Garrett Collection, collected by Robert Garrett (Princeton Class of 1897) and donated to the Princeton University Library, chiefly in 1942, is comprised of more than 11,000 bound manuscripts and other handwritten items in Western and non-Western languages, spanning five millennia of recorded history. Access to different portions of this rich and extensive collection varies by the manuscript series, each with its own shelf numbers. Some series of manuscripts have online descriptions or published catalogs, while others are only described in unpublished inventories and shelf lists available in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. For the availability of access tools for manuscripts in the Garrett Collection, researchers should go to the following descriptions of major groupings:

Garro, Elena, 1920-

Elena Garro Papers
Consists primarily of correspondence of Elena Garro (1920- ), Mexican novelist, short story writer, and playwright, and of her daughter, Helena Paz (1948?- ), a published poet in French and Spanish. There are also a few manuscripts of a novel, short stories, and nonfiction by Elena Garro, as well as documents, photographs, and printed material. 

Gates, Caleb Frank, 1857-1946

Caleb Frank Gates Papers
Consists of Gates's works, correspondence, and printed matter dating from part of his tenure as president of Robert College, Istanbul, including the years on leave (1922-1923) that he served as adviser to the United States high commissioner at the peace conference on Near Eastern affairs in Lausanne, Switzerland. The collection contains typescripts of articles, lectures, addresses, and reports relating to Turkish politics and government, history, economics, and education, as well as a typescript of a history of Robert College. There are also reports and copies of letters regarding the Lausanne conference. 

Gauss, Christian, 1878-1951

Christian Gauss Papers
Consists of papers of Gauss reflecting his years at Princeton as one of the original preceptors under Woodrow Wilson (1905-1907), chairman of the Department of Modern Languages (1913-1936, 1943-1946), and dean of the college (1925-1943). Included are manuscripts for his books A Primer for Tomorrow (1935) and The Teaching of Religion in American Higher Education (1951), and an unpublished autobiography; poetry; articles written on education for journals and newspapers such as the American Scholar, Saturday Evening Post, The New York Times, and Ladies Home Journal; miscellaneous writings, notes, and notebooks for projected articles, books, and reviews; academic lectures for the Department of Modern Languages; speeches before Princeton alumni groups, branches of Phi Beta Kappa, private and public secondary schools and colleges, and various service organizations; photographs of friends and colleagues including John Hersey, J. William Fulbright, Harold W. Dodds, Edward S. Corwin, and Frederick P. Keppel; diaries (1892, 1896, 1927-1929, 1941-1942); and a commonplace book (1894-1895). 

Gekle, William F.

    see    Machen, Arthur

Geographical Playbills Collection

Consists chiefly of theater playbills from the United States, but Great Britain, Canada, Bermuda, France, Germany, and Japan are also represented.

George Braziller, Inc.

Archives of George Braziller, Inc.
Consists of records, including press releases, reviews, correspondence and business files, of George Braziller, Inc., an independent publishing firm founded by George Braziller in 1955. The firm is best known for its art and architecture titles and for literature from abroad, but it also published works in the fields of history, philosophy, music, and the social sciences. Braziller also published a number of series of works, such as The American Artist series, begun in 1965, The Library of Illuminated Manuscripts, which included facsimilies of The Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry (1969) and The Hours of Catherine of Cleves (1966), The Masters of World Architecture, Arts of Mankind, and The Braziller Series of Poetry, begun in 1970. A few of the many authors published by Braziller include Meyer Schapiro, Emmanuel Leroy Ladurie, Pavel Kohout, Octavio Paz, Ned Rorem, Beryl Bainbridge, Erich Kahler, Ronald J. Glasser, Anselm Kiefer, Jean-Paul Sartre, Claude Mauriac, and David Malouf. 

German Authors Collection

Consists of autograph letters and occasional manuscripts of various, primarily 19th-century, German writers, including Hermann Bahr, Richard Dehmel, Marie Ebner-Eschenbach, Carl Hauptmann, Arno Holz, Heinrich Laube, Max Mell, and Arthur Schnitzler. 

German Prints Collection

Consists of prints created by German artists. Print media represented in the collection include: wood, copper, and steel engravings; etchings; woodcuts; linocuts; aquatints; mezzotints; drypoints; photogravures; and lithographs.

Gerould, Gordon Hall, 1877-1953

Gordon Hall Gerould Papers
Consists of material related to Gerould's work at Princeton where he served as a professor of English from 1905 to 1946. Included are the manuscripts of Chaucerian Essays, 11 articles, class lectures, and notes grouped by subject. The collection also houses some correspondence and documents mainly pertaining to the Mediaeval Academy of America, examinations, and 2 short bibliographies compiled by students. 

Gerould, James Thayer, 1872-1951

James Thayer Gerould Papers on Jonathan Edwards
Consists of selected papers of Gerould, Princeton librarian (1920-1938), accumulated during the preparation of a bibliography of the works of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), Congregational clergyman and Princeton president, which was published in 1940 by Thomas H. Johnson. Included are correspondence with various university and public libraries, notes, lists, typescripts, and Princeton University Press galley proofs (1937). 

Ghani, Qasim, 1898-1952

Qasim Ghani Papers
Consists of correspondence and manuscripts of Ghani, including material relating to his proposed biography of Kamal ol Molk

Ghiselin, Brewster, 1903-

Brewster Ghiselin Papers
Consists of selected correspondence and works of Ghiselin, a professor of English at the University of Utah, literary critic, editor, and poet. The correspondence is predominately with Allen Tate and Ellis Foote, but also includes letters from John Ciardi, John Peale Bishop, Stanley Kunitz, John Crowe Ransom, Theodore Roethke, Robert Penn Warren, Thornton Wilder, and others. His works are represented by typescripts, proofs, galleys, Italian translations, phonograph records, and related correspondence for Country of the Minotaur (1970), a book of poetry, and notes and typescripts for "The Burden of Proof," Ghiselin's review of John L. Stewart's The Burden of Time: The Fugitives and Agrarians (1965) for the Sewanee Review. A heavily annotated copy of the published book is also included. 

Gibson, James, 1837-1912

James Gibson Papers
Consists of scrapbook pages and a diary kept by Gibson from May, 1858, to May, 1859. while traveling in the United States and Canada, and attending a session at the Princeton Theological Seminary. Gibson, the son of an Irish Presbyterian minister, had been attending the Belfast Theological Seminary. Both the scrapbook, containing newspaper clippings and photographs (mostly of Princeton), and the diary document his travels, beginning with the voyage across the Atlantic on the ASIA and thence to New York, Washington, D.C., west by railroad to St. Louis, Missouri, by rail and boat to Chicago, Ontario, Toronto, Niagra, Montreal, and then back to New York and Princeton, New Jersey. At the seminary Gibson enjoyed the lectures of Charles Hodge and Addison Alexander. He was licensed by the Presbytery at Rahway, N.J., but chose to return to Ulster in May, 1859. Also present is a brief sketch (7 pp.) of the life of James Gibson written by his son, Thomas, in 1932. 

Gilbert and Sullivan Collection

Consists of playbills, programs, and some other printed material relating to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, dating from early to mid-twentieth century. Collection is organized into folders of specific drama companies such as the D'oyly Carte Opera Company, as well as individual musicals, including H.M.S. Pinafore, Mikado, and Pirates of Penzance.

Gilbertson, Norman, 1920-

Norman Gilbertson Photographs of Greece
Consists of 57 black and white photographs (5"x7"), with notes, taken by Gilbertson of the aftermath of an earthquake on the Ionian island of Cephalonia, mainly at its capital city of Argostolion, in August 1953. The photographs depict the destruction of many buildings and streets, the disruption of daily life, and relief services carried out by the British Royal Navy. 

Gilder, Richard Watson, 1844-1909

Richard Watson Gilder Collection
Consists mainly of letters by Gilder to Maria Hornor Lansdale and includes autograph manuscripts of poems written or copied for Lansdale. In addition, there is an address by Gilder, "Literature as an Art for Service," given at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, on Founder's Day, November 6, 1902, as well as some photographs, pamphlets, programs, and newspaper clippings. 

Gillispie, Charles Coulston, 1918-

The MongolfierBrothers and the Invention of Aviation, 1783-1784 by Charles Coulston Gillispie
Consists of the working papers--a collection of photographs and photocopies of original documents primarily in the Musee de l'Air (Paris), the Montgolfier family archives, and the Archives de l'Ardeche (Privas)--used by Gillispie while researching his book The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation, 1783-1784 (1983). The book deals with the invention of the balloon as a means of flight and the subsequent inventions and technological developments in combustion and steam engines, locomotives and railroads, bridge-building, and the start of aviation. 

Gillray, James, 1756-1815

James Gillray Collection
Consists of etchings and engravings by James Gillray, a renowned and prolific British caricaturist. Political topics addressed in the collection include elections, taxation, John Bull, the Napoleonic Wars, and various members of Parliament and the royal family. Social topics include fashion, fox hunting, marriage, remedies for physical ailments, and university students.

Gimson, Sydney A. (Sydney Ansell), 1860-1938

Sydney A. Gimson Correspondence
Consists of 44 letters received by Sydney A. Gimson, elder brother of Ernest Gimson (1864-1919), the furniture designer and architect. Included are letters by William Morris, his daughter May Morris, Eden Philpotts, Sydney Olivier, and Henry Bentinck. Many of the letters discuss lectures and meetings of the Fabian Society, a socialist group founded in 1884. 

Gipson Family Correspondence

Consists primarily of correspondence written by members of the Gipson family of Caldwell, Idaho, as contributions to a family chain letter. The collection contains letters by Lina West Gipson (1852-1950) and Albert Eugene Gipson (1848-1937) and their eight children: Mary Gipson Stalker (b. 1874), Albert West Gipson (1876-1970), Ruth Gipson Plowhead (1877-1868), a magazine writer and editor, Lawrence Henry Gipson (1880-1971), professor of history at Lehigh University, Alice Edna Gipson (b. 1882), professor of English and college administrator, James Herrick Gipson (1885-1965), publisher, The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Margaret Gipson (1888-1983), and Edgar Varney Gipson (1891-1949). In addition, there is a copy of The Gipson Family History and Genealogy with biographical notes by members of the family and a Gipson family tree. 

Girri, Alberto, 1919-1991

Selected Papers of Alberto Girri
Consists almost exclusively of original typescripts, with corrections, of published works by Girri, and a corrected typescript of Questiones y razones, a series of interviews of Girri by Jorge Cruz. Included are Casa de la mente (1967), two versions of Valores diarios (1969), En la letra, ambigua selva (1971), two versions of Diario de un libro (1971-1972), Quien habla no esta muerto (1974), Árbol de la estripa humana (1976-1977), Lo proprio, lo de todos (1979), Monodias (1984), and his latest work Existenciales. There are also translations of several of Girri's poems by Gilbert Chase, some correspondence with Manuel Mujica Láinez, Italo Calvino, Octavio Paz, and several others, and some photographs of Girri. 

Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898

William and Maude Ottley Collection of W. E. Correspondence
Consists of correspondence of Gladstone (and related persons) collected by Edward and Maude Ottley. In addition to letters by prominent government officials and statesmen, a number of literary and artistic figures are represented, including Robert Browning, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Samuel Langhorne Clemens ("Mark Twain"), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll"), Kate Greenaway, Joseph Joachim, Andrew Lang, James Russell Lowell, Robert Bulwer Lytton, George MacDonald, Sir John Everett Millais, Anne Thackeray Ritchie, John Ruskin, George Augustus Sala, Anthony Trollope, Mrs. Humphry Ward, and Charlotte M. Yonge.

Gläser, Arthur, 1895-

Arthur Gläser Papers
Consists of Glaeser's works, correspondence, diaries (1923, 1938, 1940, 1942, 1945-1948), a sketchbook of pencil drawings (1920), a bibliography, ledgers (1916, 1925-1942), and printed matter. The collection contains an autograph manuscript of Das Schwarze Buch (1923) along with a diary Glaeser kept during the writing of the book, and the typed manuscript with holograph corrections of Der Wind Vor Tag (1948), which he wrote under the pseudonym of "Albrecht Homer". Included among his works are poems to his wife, Kathi Albrecht Glaeser, essays, literary criticism, and epigrams. In addition, there is a bibliography of magazine articles (1929-1939) written by Glaeser and his wife. 

Glaser, Lulu, 1874-1958

Lulu Glaser Papers
Consists of various artifacts, letters, photographs, and other items belonging to Lulu Glaser, a popular singer and actress during the early 1900s. Included are production files and family papers. Glaser broke into show business at age seventeen and quickly proceeded to become a leading star. After several years of extreme popularity, however, Lulu Glaser faded from the front stage, making her last stage appearance in 1917. For the remainder of her life, she lived on her Connecticut farm in a hermit-like seclusion. 

Globes and Astronomical Intruments

Consists of an open collection of globes and astronomical and navigational instruments. Currently, there are twelve globes, including an early example from the first American globe-maker, James Wilson (his 1819 nine-inch terrestrial globe), and a globe once owned by former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. Other globe-makers include E. Steiger & Co., George F. Cram Company, Rand McNally and Company, and Replogle Globes. A well-preserved 1794 orrery by W. and S. Jones (London) highlights the astronomical instruments. 

Glover, George W. (George Wright), d. 1918

World War I Letters of George W. Glover
Consists of letters written by Glover from England to his friend George Madison Priest (Class of 1894, professor of Germanic languages, 1912-1941) in Princeton, N.J., concerning the progress and details of World War I. 

Gödel, Kurt, 1906-1978

Kurt Gödel Papers
Consists of papers of Godel relating to all periods of his life, including scientific correspondence, notebooks, drafts, unpublished manuscripts, academic, legal, and financial records, and additional loose notes and memoranda. Correspondents include Paul Bernays, William Boone, Rudolf Carnap, Paul J. Cohen, Gotthard Gunther, Jacques Herbrand, Arend Heyting, Georg Kreisel, Karl Memger, Oskar Morgenstern, Abraham Robinson, Paul A. Schilpp, Dana Scott, Gaisi Takeuti, Jean van Heijenoort, Oswald Veblen, John von Neumann, and Hao Wang. 

Godine, David R.

David Godine Collection
Consists of 19th-century English illustrations given to Princeton University by David Godine. Artists represented in the collection include Hablot Knight Browne ("Phiz"), George Cruikshank, Robert Cruikshank, and John Leech.

Godwin, Parke, 1816-1904

Parke Godwin Papers
Consists of a wide range of published and unpublished manuscripts of Godwin (Class of 1834), including History of France, A New Study of the Sonnets of Shakespeare, A Playspell Abroad, Teachers of the Nineteenth Century (3 chapters of this projected book), numerous essays (several on the Civil War period), 4 plays, 5 stories, 2 folders of poetry, and notes and fragments for other works. In addition, the collection houses a folder of correspondence, a list of sub-committees for the American Committee of the Statue of Liberty, and 6 folders of unidentified papers of others. 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832

Benno Elkan Collection of Goethe
Consists of Goethe material collected by Benno Elkan: poems, correspondence, documents, miscellaneous material, watercolor paintings, a pencil sketch, and an etching. 

Gordon, Caroline, 1895-1981

Caroline Gordon Papers
Consists of correspondence and manuscripts of most of Gordon's published works, as well as some unpublished manuscripts, dating mainly from the 1930s to the 1970s. There are typescripts, often with holograph corrections, for 10 novels, 2 nonfiction works, an anthology, 28 short stories, approximately 21 lectures, 20 essays, a play, several poems, and a recorded series of dreams. Included works are The Glory of Hera, The Malefactors,None Shall Look Back, and How to Read a Novel. There are also documents, photographs, journals in which her stories and articles appeared, clippings, and papers of other persons containing manuscripts of Ashley Brown, Charles Hallett, Stark Young, and others, and correspondence of her daughter, Nancy Tate Wood.

Caroline Gordon Collection
Consists of miscellaneous papers of Gordon and her correspondence with various family members, friends, and literary associates, such as Matthew Bruccoli, Allen Tate Wood, Nancy Wood, Sally Wood Kohn, Joseph Horrell, Amelia Wood Silver, Madelaine L'Engle, and Sister Eileen Campion. Also included are Gordon's review of Robert Fagles' translation of Oresteia and a few photographs of Gordon.

Caroline Gordon Letters to Morris Gordon
Consists of 45 letters by Gordon to her brother, Morris Meriwether Gordon, and his wife, Polly.

Ashley Brown Collection of Caroline Gordon
Contains six manuscripts (1959-1972) by Gordon in typescript form with autograph corrections: "The Dragon's Teeth" (incomplete), "Horarium" (a daily plan), a book review of Katherine Anne Porter and the Art of Rejection by William L. Nance, "A Narrow Heart, the Portrait of a Woman" (incomplete), a lecture given at the University of Michigan, and a poem about Robert Fitzgerald entitled "To a Survivor of a Southern Literary Festival, A Tribute in the Form of an Admonition." There are also 77 letters (1956-1980) by Gordon to Ashley Brown, one letter (1957) by Malcolm Cowley to Gordon, and one letter (1963) by Allen Tate to Gordon.

Gordon, Ernest, 1916-

Ernest Gordon Manuscripts
Consists of two works by Gordon: 1) the original autograph and typed manuscripts, galley proofs, and photographs of Through the Valley of the Kwai (1962), an account of Gordon's personal experiences during three-and-a-half years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in Thailand during World War II and how those experiences led him to a vocation in the ministry; 2) typescripts of Meet Me at the Door (1969), based on Gordon's early years counseling students during his chaplaincy at Princeton. 

Gordon, Max, 1892-1978

Max Gordon Papers
Contains personal correspondence covering twenty-four years after Gordon had achieved renown as a theatrical and film producer. Correspondents include theater and film notables, such as Fred Astaire, Carol Channing, Judy Holiday, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir John Gielgud, Elmer Rice, and Edward Albee, writers like Arthur Krock and John O'Hara, and people in government including Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, Senator Jacob Javits, and Governors Nelson Rockefeller and James F. Byrnes. In addition, there are production materials, such as correspondence, contracts, summaries of earnings, financial sheets, and miscellaneous notes of plays Gordon produced, including Born Yesterday, The Solid Gold Cadillac, My Sister Eileen, and the film, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, as well as letters and script reports relating to Columbia Pictures. 

Gorman, Herbert S. (Herbert Sherman), 1893-1954

Herbert S. Gorman Papers
Consists, for the most part, of manuscripts, galleys, and notes for six of Gorman's historical novels--The Scottish Queen (1932), The Mountain and the Plain (1936), The Brave General (1942), Wine of San Lorenzo (1945), The Cry of Dolores (1948), and The Breast of the Dove (1950)--and one unfinished semi-autobiographical novel, The Piper's Son, but the papers also contain an unpublished collection of Gorman's poems, adaptations of novels for radio, such as Pere Goriot and Don Quixote, several articles, reviews, and fragments of a play, Ygraine, which Gorman wrote at age 16. Although Gorman is known for his two biographies of James Joyce, only four pages of notes on this subject exist in the collection. Also included are several photographs of Gorman, bibliographies of his works, and a small amount of correspondence. 

Gosnell, Harpur Allen, 1890-1959

Naval Papers of Harpur Allen Gosnell
Consists of personal papers of Gosnell (Class of 1912), including his articles on naval history and naval subjects, such as "The First American Steamboat" (1932) and "The White Squadron Passes" (1936), his diplomas from Lawrenceville School and Princeton University, a large collection of illustrations and photographs (with some glass negatives) of naval vessels of all sorts, and printed matter. 

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928

Edmund Gosse Collection
Contains approximately 160 letters of Gosse, with related correspondence and miscellaneous materials. Also included are two manuscripts of poems by Gosse: "Fresh with all airs of woodland brooks . . ." (n.d.) and "Ballade of La Belle Disparue" (1894). 

Gould, Bruce, 1898-1989

Bruce and Beatrice Blackmar Gould Correspondence
Consists of correspondence of Gould and his wife, Beatrice Blackmar Gould, relating primarily to their co-editorship (1935-1967) of the Ladies Home Journal, published by the Curtis Publishing Company. There is some early correspondence (1920s-1930s) concerning Bruce Gould's work for the Saturday Evening Post, and the Goulds' co-authorship of various short stories and plays, including Man's Estate.

Gray, James B., fl. 1850s

James B. Gray Scrapbooks
Consists of 10 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings compiled by Gray from various newspapers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Subjects include slavery and other contemporary social and political issues, and there are holograph transcriptions of articles from the Pensylvania Inquirer regarding a course of public lectures given by Rev. John Lord.

Graziano, Frank, 1955-

Frank Graziano Working Files for Alejandra Pizarnik: A Profile
Consists of Graziano's working files for his book Alejandra Pizarnik: A Profile (Durango, Colo.: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1987). Included are the translation and publishing agreement for the work, manuscript notes and drafts of parts of it, a signed copy of a portrait of Pizarnik by Silvina Ocampo, and related correspondence with Ana Maria Becciâu, Jill Levine, and others.


Early Photographs of Greece Collection
Consists of an open collection for general photographs of sites and subjects in Greece. Included are three photographs (each 6 x 8.5") that form a panorama of Athens ca. 1880, an 1852 photograph (calotype) of the Parthenon attributed to Eugáene Jean Baptiste Piot (1812-1890), and seven others by unidentified photographers (of the Parthenon, great theater of Herod, the Acroplis, Temple of Jupiter). [See also specific photgrapher collections for more photographs of Greece.] 

Greek Coinage

Consists of over 2100 Greek coins including "pseudo-autonomous" coins of the Roman period. ("Greek Imperials" bearing the names of Roman emperors are classed with the Roman coins.) Two exceptionally large groups within the collection are: Tarentine silver (over 300), the donation of Baldwin Maull, Class of 1924, and Parthian silver and bronze and Sassanian silver, the gift of J. Christy Wilson. Among the types of coins represented are gold staters, silver drachms with their multiples and fractions, silver obols with their multiples and fractions, and bronzes. Descriptions of recent acquisitions can be found by searching "Coins, Greek" in the subject field of MASC, the Dept.'s database.

Greek Posters and Prints Collection

Consists of approximately 65 prints and posters by contemporary Greek artists, including a portfolio of reproductions (1932) by Panagiotis Zographos about the Greek War of Independence and a portfolio (1990) of six colored lithographs by Manoles Charos. Other artists represented include Eudoxia Carayanni, Droungas, Moralis, and Jannis Tsarouchis. There are also six cartoons and posters of anti-American propaganda issued in England in 1970 by the National Union of Greek Students.

Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848

Ashbel Green Collection
Contains works, correspondence, and documents of Green (Class of 1783), dating mainly from his term (1812-1822) as president of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton. Included are sermons, reports to the trustees and faculty, and addresses to the students of the college. Correspondence contains letters to fellow clergymen, family members, and friends, such as John N. Abeel, John Bradford, Jacob Green (son and faculty member), Francis Scott Key, and Jedediah Morse. Also included are sermons and day books of Ashbel's father, Jacob Green (1722-1790), and miscellaneous letters of his sons, Jacob and Ashbel Green, Jr. (Class of 1846). There is some mention in the material of the college students' riot of 1817. 

Green, Harrington DeGoyler, 1891-1914

Harrington DeGolyer Green Letters to His Parents
Consists of letters of Green (Class of 1912) to his parents, James Albert Green and Louise Coy Green, of Peoria, Illinois, and later of Cincinnati, Ohio. The bulk of the letters were written while Green was an undergraduate at Princeton from 1908 to 1913, and they provide a first-hand account of student life at that time. Also included are letters sent from summer camp at Pointe au Baril in Ontario, Canada, in 1906; letters written while vacationing in Europe during the summer of 1908; copies of written examinations given at Princton in history, English, politics, economics, and philosophy; letters written from New York City in 1913 as Green sought employment; letters of condolence upon his sudden death in August, 1914; and a book of his poems that was privately published in 1917 by his brother Robert and fiancee, Grace Morgan. 

Green, Henry Woodhull, 1804-1876

Green Family Collection
Consists of correspondence, documents, and printed matter of the Green family of Trenton and Mercer County, New Jersey, including Henry Woodhull Green (Class of 1820), his parents, Elizabeth and Caleb Green, his brother, John Cleve Green, and his son, Charles Ewing Green. The collection contains correspondence between Henry Woodhull Green and family members, correspondence on legal matters between Green and clients, and letters relating to his position as a justice of New Jersey's supreme court (1846-1860), as well as correspondence among other Green family members. There are also New Jersey documents including deeds, wills, indentures, articles of agreement, mortgages, military commissions, lists of sheriffs' sales, petitions, releases, estate accounts, and property maps. In addition, the collection contains miscellaneous correspondence and documents of Princeton University, the Presbyterian Church, and the Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as bills of the New Jersey Assembly in which Green served for one term (1842-1843). 

Green, James (of Bath, England)

James Green Correspondence Collection
Consists primarily of letters sent to James Green from various correspondents regarding subscriptions to his poetry books. These correspondents include Edward Byam, William Bengo Collyer, Robert Fletcher, Earl John Russell, Earl of Shaftesbury, J. Pye Smith, Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd, and Durke of Wellington. Also included are signed manuscript copy of the poem "Stanzas from a poem written in the vicinity of Saint Bees" by James Hale and a small selection of clippings.

Greene, Arthur M. (Arthur Maurice), 1872-1953

Arthur M. Greene Collection
Consists works, correspondence, and memorabilia of Greene, as well as papers of others. The collection contains essays, articles, lectures, and notebooks by Greene and includes correspondence, much of which was written by friends and colleagues in 1921 congratulating him on his appointment to Princeton as dean of the newly formed School of Engineering and chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In addition, there are notes (1935-1936) taken by John W. Landis (Class of 1947) of Greene's lectures in theoretical physics and problems in Daugherty's hydraulics, reports by Landis on the various departments of the Inland Steel Company (1938), and a dissertation on a design of a power system by Edward Dunbar Purvis, William Mcafee Hanna, and James A. Wadsworth. 

Gregory, Alyse, 1884-1967

Alyse Gregory Correspondence
Consists of correspondence of Gregory with her friend A. H. Degenhardt, including approximately 140 autograph letters (1944-1967) to Degenhardt, with typed transcripts (1944-1963) of some of them, and 10 letters (1947-1954) by A. H. and William Degenhardt. Gregory was the widow of the novelist and essayist Llewelyn Powys (1884-1939), and many of these letters discuss Powys and his works. Also present is a pamphlet entitled "Honey and Gall" by Llewlyn Powys and inscribed by Gregory. 

Griffin, Gillett G. (Gillett Good), 1928-

Gillett Griffin Collection
Consists of works by or about Gillett Griffin, curator of the Princeton University Library Graphic Arts Collection rom 1952-1966. Included in the collection are a holiday card with self-portrait drawing, a three dimensional self-portrait constructed from heavy paper, a portrait drawing of Albert Einstein, and an invitation to Griffin's 70th birthday celebration which was held at Princeton University in 1998.

Grubb, Davis, 1919-

The Watchman, Novel by Davis Grubb
Consists of both the final, corrected draft and the corrected carbon of the final draft of The Watchman, a novel by Grubb. 

Guild Family Collection

Consists of correspondence and documents of the Guild family of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, including papers of brothers Benjamin and Ralph Guild. The collection contains deeds, wills, bonds, receipts, indentures, a memorandum of agreement, a vendue list, and a deed of manumission. 

Gulick Family Papers

Consists of correspondence and documents of the Gulick family of Middlesex and Somerset counties, New Jersey. The collection contains some personal family correspondence and documents, especially of William Gulick, but consists mainly of material regarding the running of stagecoach lines of those counties, including the Columbia Coach Co., Federal Coach Lines, and the New Union Line. The correspondence deals with such subjects as the care of horses, repair to coaches, stables, extra loads, and steamboat connections. The documents include bills, receipts, wills, a genealogy, bonds, deeds, mortgages, bills of sale, arrest warrants, an insurance policy, a promissory note, general statements of account, and a certificate of stock shares. 


Hackle, Sparse Grey, 1892-

Selected Papers of Sparse Grey Hackle
Consists of the typescript and proofs of Hackle's collection of short stories Fishless Days (1954), the typed manuscript of his story "Vocabulary" (1954), two letters, and his collection of 18th- and 19th-century regulatory documents relating to fishing in the Delaware, Hudson, South, Raritan, and Hackensack rivers of New Jersey. 

Hadas, Moses, 1900-1966

Moses Hadas Photographs of Greece
Consists of photographs (ca. 1944-1946) of Greece and Greek partisans taken by Hadas, a classical scholar, during his civilian appointment as a research analyst and liason officer for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). After British and Greek troops liberated the country from the Italians and Germans in 1944, Communist guerrillas waged a civil war (1944-1949) during which the Greek government received U.S. aid under the Truman Doctrine. Also present are an OSS map (1939) of Athens and its surroundings and a few related documents. 

Haines, Wilder Haydn, 1893-1980

Wilder Haydn Haines Papers
Consists primarily of four albums of photographs taken by Haines (Class of 1915) during a trip to China and Japan from Oct. 27, 1920, to July 2, 1921. In 1921 Haines was an instructor in accounting and transportation at the Princeton Center in Peking. Included are views of Peking, the Great Wall, Tientsin, Shanghai, Nanking, the Yangtze River, Hong Kong, Yokohama, Nagasaki, and Kyoto. The photographs are accompanied by a transcript of a journal kept by Haines and his wife, Mildred Haines, during their trip, and by pamphlets, memorabilia, and a small amount of correspondence, 1921-1923, with T. M. Tsoh, a Chinese banker. 

Hall, Douglas Kent, 1938-

On the Way to the Sky, Novel by Douglas Kent Hall
Consists of the original, typed manuscript of Hall's first novel, On the Way to the Sky, accompanied with printer's typescript, galley proofs, master proofs with holograph corrections, and photographs of Hall. 

Halliburton, Richard, 1900-1939

Richard Halliburton Papers
The papers span Halliburton's short but adventurist life: from his telling fifth form, Lawrenceville School essay "Disillusioned," through his Princeton University years (Class of 1921), his years of worldwide travel, lecturing, and writing, to his posthumously-published "autobiography" of letters to his parents (1940). Autograph and/or typescript drafts of seven of his books--The Royal Road to Romance (1925), The Glorious Adventure (1927), New Worlds to Conquer (19299), The Flying Carpet (1932), Seven League Boots (1935), A Book of Marvels (1937), Second Book of Marvels (1938)--are present, as are some short stories, essays, and notes from his school days. There are also passports, publishing contracts, memorabilia, maps, and newspapers clippings. 

Halliburton, Wesley, d. 1965

Wesley Halliburton Correspondence
Consists of four small groups of correspondence between Halliburton and others after the death of his famous son Richard in 1939: 1) with Wilfred Crowell (1939-40) about Richard's fatal trip on his Chinese junk, the SEA DRAGON, and subsequent business matters related to its disappearance; 2) with Burton Holmes (1940-41) concerning Holmes's interest in developing an illustrated lecture on Richard's life; 3) with Arthur Stringer (1945-48) regarding his use of Richard's research material for a biography of Rupert Brooke, later published as Red Wine of Youth (1948); and with several of Richard's old friends and former Princeton University roommates (Class of 1921), particularly John H. Leh and J. P. Sieberling. 

Hamilton, Donald Ross, 1914-1972

Donald Ross Hamilton Papers
Consists of notebooks, design calculations, and computer printouts of Hamilton (Class of 1935) and several graduate students of Princeton's Atomic Beam Group. 

Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963

Edith Hamilton Collection
Contains typescript and galley proofs of Hamilton's work The Ever-Present Past, 29 notebooks on various topics relating to Greek/Roman civilization, and correspondence, consisting of letters to John Mason Brown (1931-1961) and from Storer B. Lunt, her publisher at W. W. Norton (1957). There are also copies of letters to Hamilton from John Mason Brown (1930-1963), some newspaper clippings, and some obituary material. 

Hamilton, Ian, 1938-

Ian Hamilton Working Papers for J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life
Consists of papers of Hamilton used in preparation of his biography J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life, which was never published as a result of judicial decisions in the case of J. D. Salinger vs. Random House and Ian Hamilton (1987). Included are manuscript notes, drafts, and extracts of letters for the book, correspondence of Hamilton with alumni of schools attended by Salinger, Valley Forge Military Academy (Class of 1936) and Ursinus College, and copies from various institutions of Salinger correspondence (1934-1973). There are also legal briefs and depositions from the suit brought by Salinger, who sought to prevent Hamilton from quoting or closely paraphrasing his unpublished letters because such use infringed upon "fair use" as defined by the laws of copyright. Also present are uncorrected proof copies of the New York and London editions of J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life (1986) and copies of related newspaper clippings. 

Hamilton, Sinclair, 1884-1978

Sinclair Hamilton Papers
Consists of a manuscript and correspondence of Hamilton (Class of 1906). The collection contains the typescript, notes, and proofs of his Early American Book Illustrators and Wood Engravers, 1670-1870 (1950), a catalog of the Hamilton collection of American books, illustrated, for the most part, with woodcuts and engravings, which is housed in the Princeton University Library. There is also correspondence with libraries, museums, bookshops, and dealers concerning the acquisition of books for his collection and its transfer to the library.

Sincalr Hamilton Non-Book Collection
Consists of loose material removed from books in the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books: handwritten notes by Sinclair Hamilton; correspondence between the publisher and the artist of the book; note cards with dealer descriptions of the books; correspondence between Sinclair Hamilton and book dealers, or other institutions that own other editions of the book; ephemera; and some original drawings.

Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759

James S. Hall Collection of George Frideric Handel
Includes ten volumes of musical manuscripts of Handel by various 18th-century copyists, mainly anonymous but some identified, collected by James S. Hall, a surgeon by profession and a Handel scholar and collector by avocation. Included are manuscripts of Belshazzar (ca. 1744), the nearest in relation to Handel since it is entirely in the hand of John Christopher Smith, Sr., Handel's chief copyist and amanuensis; Alexander Balus (ca. 1748) by the copyist "S5", so called by scholar Jens Peter Larson; Joseph, also written by S5; Israel in Egypt (ca. 1760) in various hands; Odes for St. Cecilia's Day  (1739) and Queen Anne's Birthday (1714), one volume in the hand of several copyists; the Ayelsford Collection, a set of miscellaneous manuscripts; and Messiah and Coronation Anthems, part-book for a bass. 

Hanford, James Holly, 1882-1969

James Holly Hanford Correspondence
Consists of letters to Hanford, most of them concerning his studies of John Milton. Correspondents include Cleanth Brooks, Lewis Gannett, Paul Green, Hiram Haydn, Howard Mumford Jones, and Louise Tharp. 

Hardy Players

Hardy Players Collection
Consists of typewritten scripts, photographs, programs, announcements, and other items relating to amateur theater productions of plays adapted from Thomas Hardy novels and short stories. Six scripts, or actors' sides, contain notations believed to have been made by Thomas Hardy. The collection was compiled by E. J. Stevens and his daughter, Vera Stevens Mardon, both members of "The Hardy Players," an amateur theater company in Dorchester, England, formerly the Dorchester Debating and Dramatic Society.

Hardy, Hugh, 1932-

Hugh Hardy Set and Costume Designs
Contains eighteen set designs and two watercolors of costume designs for Desire Under the Elms and one watercolor costume design forDon Giovanni, submitted as projects by Hardy (Class of 1954) for the scenic design examination for the United States Scenic Artists Union at McCarter Theatre. The collection also includes six designs for the 1962 PJ & B (Princeton Junction & Back) production of Anything Goes at McCarter Theatre. 

Haring, Norman Walter, 1898-1944

Norman Walter Haring Papers
Consists of works, a diary, and undergraduate lecture notes of Haring (Class of 1919). The collection includes his notes from Professor Charles Rufus Morey's lectures on medieval art and Roman sculpture and miscellaneous lecture notes on French Renaissance, miniature painting, and Flemish and Dutch painting, as well as undergraduate essays, poems, stories, and reviews. In addition, there are lectures of Haring on the history of art given at Dartmouth College (1923), where he taught for thirteen years, and on Spanish painting of the 15th through 17th centuries, delivered at Columbia University. 

Harper & Brothers

Selected Records of Harper & Brothers
Consists primarily of editorial and business correspondence of selected Harper authors, such as Andre Maurois, Hesketh Pearson, and Sumner Welles, together with several folders of publisher Cass Canfield's correspondence regarding the 1956 Presidential campaign of Adlai E. Stevenson. The collection also includes some manuscripts and proposals for books by various authors. 

Harper, George McLean, 1863-1947

George McLean Harper Papers
Consists primarily of papers related to critical work by Harper (Class of 1884) on the English poet William Wordsworth: the holograph manuscript of Harper's William Wordsworth, His Life, Works, and Influence (1916), with reviews of the book; letters and documents concerning his book Wordsworth's French Daughter (1921); letters to Harper by Emile Legouis, the French Wordsworth scholar, and by Gordon Wordsworth, grandson of the poet; and offprints of articles about Wordsworth. In addition, there are manuscripts for some of Harper's poems, stories, articles, and speeches; many letters (1907-1935) to his sister, Mary Harper McCreary, from England and France, including many written during World War I; and letters by Woodrow Wilson, a long-time friend and colleague, Booth Tarkington, and Thomas Hardy. 

Harris, Frank, 1856-1931

Frank Harris Papers
Consists primarily of typescript manuscripts, often with holograph corrections, representative of Harris's literary life: books, plays, stories, essays and articles, and biographical portraits. Also included is a small amount of correspondence, documents, and printed material. A major part deals with his criticism and interpretation of various works by Oscar Wilde, his biography of Wilde, and his own biography, My Life and Loves.

See also Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris

Harris, Sam H. (Sam Henry), 1872-1941

Sam Harris Collection
Consists of bound typescripts of 121 plays, most of which were produced by Harris in the 1920s and 1930s, written by such well-known playwrights as George S. Kaufman, Otto Harbach, John Golden, and Noel Coward. Several of the plays have never been produced. 

Hart, John S. (John Seely), 1810-1877

John S. Hart Papers
Contains speeches, essays, English lectures, sermons, and poems written by Hart (Class of 1830), as well as family correspondence and letters which reflect Hart's professional role in teaching and administration at the Edgehill School, Central High School in Philadelphia, the State Normal School of New Jersey, and at Princeton University. Also included is material pertaining to Hart's Elementary Grammar of the English Language (1873). 

Haskell Institute

Haskell Institute Scrapbook
Consists of a scrapbook entitled "Annual Report of the Girls' Advisors of Haskell Institute, 1935-1936." The scrapbook chronicles the activities of girls at this secondary school in Lawrence, Kansas, that was run for Native Americans by the U.S. Dept. of Interior's Office of Indian Affairs. The material covers the student council, girls clubs, girls dorms and gardens, gym classes, dances, campus queens, letters to parents, work programs, religious and social activities, and pageantry as a means of educating the public about Indian culture and history. Included are numerous photographs of students and Haskell Institute scenes. 

Haskins, Charles Homer, 1870-1937

Charles Homer Haskins Papers
Consists of selected papers of Haskins reflecting his academic career and government appointments. Included are correspondence files concerning his membership on and participation in the Edward M. House Commission to Prepare Data for the Peace Conference ("The Inquiry," 1917-1918), the American Commission to Negotiate Peace, of which Haskins was chief of the Division of Western Europe (1918), and the Versailles Peace Conference (1919). 

Hasson, Liliane

Liliane Hasson Collection of Reinaldo Arenas
Consists of 60 letters by Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990) from Miami and New York City to Liliane Hasson in Paris, France, from 1983 to 1990, and copies of three manuscripts by Arenas, ADIOS A MAMA (1995), VIAJE A LA HABANA (1990), and his autobiography, ANTES QUE ANOCHEZCA (1992). The latter contains corrections by Hasson and Margarita Camacho. Also present are drafts of a speech for a conference on "Thirty Years of the Cuban Revolution: An Assessment," in 1989 in Nova Scotia. Hasson, a translator and writer on Cuban literature and history, has published French translations of Arenas' ADIOS A MAMA and VIAJE A LA HABANA, among other works. 

Hathaway, Calvin S. (Calvin Sutliff), 1907-1974

Calvin S. Hathaway Collection
Consists of correspondence (especially with Florence C. Quinby), photographs, postcards, offprints, slides, and newspaper clippings of Hathaway (Class of 1930) relating to his collection on equestrian statues of the world. 

Hays, H. R. (Hoffman Reynolds), 1904-1980

H.R. Hays Correspondence with Latin American Writers
Consists of a selection of correspondence of H. R. Hays with 10 Latin American writers and poets. Hays received degrees from Cornell University (B.A., 1925) and Columbia University (M.A., 1928) and had a long and varied career as a poet, novelist, critic, playwright, translator, social anthropologist, and educator. His correspondents, from Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, include Jorge Andrade Carrera, Nicolas Guillen, Manuel Moreno Jimeno, Lino Novas Calvo, Jose Revueltas, Winett and Pablo de Rokha, Jaime Tello, and Antonio de Underraga. Some letters are addressed to Hays' wife, Julie Hays. The letters exchange literary information on poetry, authors, publications, and translations as well as touching on social and political issues. Many of the letters concern Hays' research for his anthology 12 Spanish American Poets (1943) and Dudley Fitts' Anthology of Contemporary Latin-American Poetry (1942) for which Hays wrote the biographical and bibliographical notes.

Heaslop, C. P.

C. P. Heaslop Letters to His Wife
Consists of 150 letters (1870-1880) by Major C. P. Heaslop to his wife describing his service in the Royal Marine Artillery while stationed primarily in the Mediterranean. Letters from the HMS "Resistance" are from Plymouth, Devonport, Gibralter, and Lisbon, while those from the HMS "Achilles" are mainly from the Sea of Marmara, Malta, Constantinople, and various Greek islands. The HMS "Achilles" was part of the British fleet which was sent to Turkey to deter the Russian threat to Constantinople. 

Heath, Roy, 1917-1991

Roy Heath Collection of Interviews for the Class of 1954 Advisee Project
Consists of material comprising a study that Heath, a clinical psychologist, conducted on 36 members of the Class of 1954 during their years at Princeton. As the students' faculty advisor all four years, Heath kept extensive records of their progress at the University academically, socially, and emotionally. Most of the documents are transcriptions of interviews Heath conducted with the students on a regular basis. The students are coded by number, but Heath provided a list to enable individuals to be identified once the collection is opened in 2035. Heath's work was published in The Reasonable Adventurer (1964), which spawned a follow-up volume comparing the study participants with other members of the Class of 1954 as part of the class's 25th reunion activities. 

Heath, William, 1795-1840

William and Henry Heath Caricatures and Cartoons
Contains 118 colored etchings and prints by William Heath ("Paul Pry", pseudonym) and Henry Heath (fl. 1824-1850) of caricatures and cartoons dealing with English social and political issues. One group of etchings concerns men's and women's fashions in England around the 1820s. Many of the etchings were published by Thomas McLean in McLean's Monthly Sheet of Caricature

Heaton, Clement, 1861-1940

Clement Heaton Collection on Stained Glass
Consists of material concerning the making and history of stained glass compiled by Heaton, an English artist and glass worker who moved to the United States sometime after 1911. Included are files of original artwork and photographs of French, German, English, Rhenish, and Italian stained glass and monuments representative of the 12th to 16th centuries, and many notes, articles, and some correspondence on general studies in Medieval and Gothic art, craftmanship, glassmaking, and cathedrals, such as Heaton's article "The Decadence and Disappearance of Glass Painting..." and "Stained Glass in the Making," an address given at Princeton University in 1924. 

Hellyer, David

David Hellyer Business Records
Consists of Hellyer's bills, receipts, indentures, and ledgers relating to his weaving business in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as well as holograph copies of poems and a copy of a newspaper, the Bucks County Intelligence (July 14, 1874), which contains a feature article about him. 

Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961

Scribner Hemingway Files: 1925-1961
Consists of a mini-collection of works (copies), editorial and personal correspondence, photographs, and printed material within the archives of Hemingway's publisher, Charles Scribner's Sons.

Ernest Hemingway Collection
Consists of the autograph and typed manuscripts of two articles, "Bullfighting, Sport and Industry" and "Cracking the Siegfried Line"; a signed, autograph manuscript of the short story "A Day's Wait"; the uncorrected galleys of Death in the Afternoon; and a signed carbon of The Torrents of Springwith an inscription to Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Also included is correspondence with friends, as well as photographs, printed material, and other related items.

Ernest Hemingway Documents and Tax-Related Papers
Contains material relating to Hemingway's income tax preparations for the years 1940-1945, including two notarized documents concerning his travel to the Orient and boat depreciation and ten pages of his notes and calculations on income, exemptions, expenses, deductions, and contributions. An additional file of approximately 600 items of correspondence, tax returns, and legal documents consists primarily of correspondence between Hemingway's attorneys, Maurice Speiser and G. Campbell Becket, and the Treasury Dept. concerning their request that Hemingway not be required to make one large payment to the IRS for For Whom the Bell Tolls but, rather, that he be able to average his income over a 5-year period. This case resulted in an amendment to the tax laws for the benefit of future writers and artists.

Hemingway/Lanham Correspondence
Consists of the letters of Hemingway to General C. T. Lanham during World War II and after, letters to General Lanham's wife, and to Max Perkins. Also included are photographs of Hemingway and General Lanham.

Ernest Hemingway / Milford J. Baker Correspondence
Consists primarily of correspondence between Hemingway and Milford J. Baker. The two drove ambulances together on the Italian front in 1918, and later shared big-game hunting and gun-collecting interests. Also included are several photographs of Hemingway and others taken during World War I, as well as newspaper clippings and printed articles about Hemingway.

Patrick Hemingway Papers
Consists primarily of photographs covering a wide variety of subjects, including Patrick Hemingway, Ernest (alone and with others), various scenes, and a large quantity of miscellaneous images. The collection also contains a selection of family correspondence between Ernest, Patrick ["Mouse"], Gregory [Ernest's second son with Pauline, "Gigi"], Jack [Ernest's first son with first wife Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, "Bumby"], and Pauline. Included are letters of Pauline's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pfeiffer, Martha (Gelhorn) Hemingway [Ernest's third wife], Mary (Welsh) Hemingway [Ernest's fourth wife], Elizabeth Hadley (Richardson) Hemingway Mawre [Ernest's first wife], Virginia Pfeiffer [Pauline's sister], and Winston Guest, as well as 21 letters received by Ernest and Pauline on the occasion of their wedding (1927). Other materials in the collection include Ernest's will, Pauline's passports, ephemera, Patrick's school papers, postage stamps, postcards, negatives, and assorted clippings. 

Hemingway, Patrick, 1928-

    See under Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961

Henderson, David English, 1832-1887

David English Henderson Collection
Consists of: original pencil and pen-and-wash travel sketches Henderson made during a trip through Virginia and Tennessee in 1856-1857; seven small wood engravings; and a file of Henderson ephemera.

Henry Holt and Company

Archives of Henry Holt & Co.
Consists of correspondence and manuscripts of authors published by the firm, letterbooks, financial records, inventory records, copyright records, advertising records, trade catalogs, stockholder records, and a series consisting of photos, publicity materials, and clippings relating to Robert Frost. Authors represented include Robert Frost, Henry Adams, William James, Carl Sandburg, John Dewey, Albert Schweitzer, Hamlin Garland, and H. L. Mencken. 

Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878

Joseph Henry Collection
Consists primarily of letters by Henry, who was a Princeton professor of natural philosophy (1832-1848) and a trustee (1864) at Princeton, and secretary and director of the Smithsonian Institution (1848-1878). Included are letters by him (95), documents (4), and numerous photostats of Joseph Henry letters in institutions other than Princeton, such as the Smithsonian Institution. Also included are one letter each by George M. Dallas, Theodore Sedgwick, and Reverdy Johnson. 

Henry, O., 1862-1910

Collected Memorabilia of William Sidney Porter
The collection of Porter (pseudonym, "O. Henry") material was assembled in two stages--by Porter's friend and publisher, H. P. Steger, and by his biographer, C. Alphonso Smith. The Steger material consists of unpublished articles, reminiscences, and correspondence, most of which is about Porter. Although there are no original Porter letters or manuscripts, there are transcriptions of letters to family and friends. The Smith material consists primarily of letters sent to Porter. Among the correspondents are Andy Adams, Wallace Irwin, and Meredith Nicholson. In addition, Smith collected miscellaneous material related to Porter's writing, including photographs of the Ohio State Penitentiary where Porter served time and several unidentified manuscripts which were probably given to Porter, as well as a transcript of 40 pages from Porter's humorous weekly, Rolling Stone, published in Austin, Texas, covering the period from November 10, 1895, to May 24, 1896. 

Henry, Thomas Maxwell, 1858-1934

Thomas Maxwell Henry Translations
Consists of corrected typescripts of English translations by Henry (Class of 1879) of Edmond Rostand's CYRANO DE BERGERAC and three of Theophile Gautier's short stories: "Avatar," "Arria Marcella," and "At the Frontier." Also present is an undated photograph of Henry. 

Hess, H. H. (Harry Hammond), 1906-1969

H. H. Hess Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, photographs, documents, seismological charts, slides, and printed matter of Hess (Class of 1931), professor of geology at Princeton. The collection contains papers, articles, reports, lecture notes, on-site field notes, and notebooks of Hess, and professional correspondence with colleagues in academe, the U.S. government, geological organizations, and scientific societies. Much of the collection includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed matter related to his work with the National Academy of Sciences' Space Science Board, which advises the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on scientific matters, and the academy-sponsored Project MOHOLE, which had the objective of drilling a hole through "Moho," the Mohorovicic seismic discontinuity separating the mantle of the earth from its crust. The collection also contains work Hess did for the Office of Naval Research of the Navy Department, including material relating to his theory of continental drift, as well as charts, graphs, reports, photographs, maps, and slides of geological sites pertaining to the Princeton Caribbean Research Project, organized and directed by him, which explored every aspect of Caribbean geology. 

Heyden, Jan van der, 1637-1712

Jan van der Heyden Collection
Consists of 18 engraved plates for Heyden's Brandspuiten-boek (fire engine book), co-authored by Jan van der Heiden: Beschryving der nieuwlyks uitgevonden en geotrojeerde slang-brand-spuiten en haare wyze van brand-blussen, tegenwoordig binnen Amsterdam in gebruik zynde, published in Amsterdam by Jan Rieuwertsz, Stads-Drukker, en Boekverkooper, 1690.

Hine, Al, 1915-

Al Hine Novels
Consists of manuscripts for three novels by Hine (Class of 1938): corrected typescripts of An Unfound Door (1951) and The Birthday Boy (1959) and corrected typescripts and galley proofs of Lord Love a Duck(1961). 

Hinks, R. P. (Roger Packman), 1903-1963

Roger Hinks Papers
Consists of the original diaries (with typed transcriptions) of English art historian Roger Hinks, with early and final drafts of The Gymnasium of the Mind: The Journals of Roger Hinks, 1933-1963 (1984), the publication edited by John Goldsmith that resulted from them. Included are some related correspondence, photographs, and estate material.

R. P. Hinks Letters to R. A. Cecil
Consists of approximately 200 letters and postcards, 1950-1963, by R. P. Hinks,  written from various places in Greece, Italy, and France, to his friend, and curator of the Wallace Collection in London, R. A. Cecil. 

Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945

Adolf Hitler Collection
Consists of letters (1912-1940) to and from Hitler and correspondence files (1915-1945) of various members of the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei), including Hitler's adjutants Wilhelm Bruchner and Fritz Wiedemann, as well as Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, the Hohenzollern family, and Rudolf Hess. Original Hitler material consists primarily of birthday wishes, New Year's wishes, and such. Other letters and documents concern Nazi Jewish policy, the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald, military issues, and the Joe Louis/Max Schmeling boxing match (1939). 

Hodder, Alfred, 1866-1907

Alfred and Mary Gwinn Hodder Papers
Consists of Hodder's writings, correspondence, documents, photographs, miscellaneous material, and printed matters, as well as similar papers of his wife, Mary Gwinn Hodder. The collection reflects Hodder's personal life as son, husband, lover, and father, as well as his professional career in the municipal arena of New York City during the first decade of the century. Although there is little material attributable to Jessie Donaldson, Hodder's mistress, his relationship with her permeates much of the collection. Hodder's writings include personal, political, and fictional works, but correspondence with his wife forms the bulk of his part of the collection. In addition, there is some correspondence with his mother, Mahalia Riley Hodder. There are also many photographs of Hodder, some of his rooms at the San Remo Hotel in New York City, and several unidentified ones of individuals and places. Printed matter consists mainly of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. 

Hodge, Charles, 1797-1878

Charles Hodge Papers
Contains the personal papers of Hodge (Class of 1815), including lectures, speeches, articles, books, and correspondence dealing with questions of Presbyterian theology in the mid and latter l9th century. Included are manuscripts for Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (1835) and What Is Darwinism? (1874). The papers reflect Hodge's lifelong association with the Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) where he taught Biblical literature and theology and supplement manuscript material in the PTS library. The collection also contains personal correspondence between Hodge and his wife, Sarah Bache Hodge, his brother, Dr. Hugh Lenox Hodge, as well as with his mother, Mary Blanchard Hodge, and children. In addition, there are papers by his son, Archibald Alexander Hodge, also a clergyman and, later, his father's successor at the seminary as professor of theology. 

Hogarth, William, 1697-1764

William Hogarth Collection
Consists of etchings and engravings created by William Hogarth. The collection includes several series of prints, including Four prints of an election, The four stages of cruelty, The four times of day, A harlot's progress, Industry and idleness, Marriage a-la-mode, and A rake's progress

Holden, Arthur Cort, 1890-1993

Arthur Cort Holden Papers
Consists of the papers of Holden (Class of 1912), an architect, including extensive correspondence files, mostly from the 1960s to the 1990s, but also including Holden's World War I correspondence and papers, Class of 1912 Princetoniana, and correspondence from his 100th birthday celebration. Also present are business papers, early family papers, printed matter, material related to Frank Lloyd Wright, correspondence of his wife, Miriam Y. Holden (1893-1977). 

Holden, Miriam Y. (Miriam Young), 1893-1977

Miriam Y. Holden Collection
Contains personal papers of Holden, including lectures, speeches, articles and correspondence, reflecting the views of American feminists during the post-19th Amendment, pre-Feminine Mystique era, especially the early efforts to pass an equal rights Amendment. However, a large portion of the collection consists of Holden's subject files about women, and the collection contains records of the National Woman's Party, with bound volumes of correspondence, pamphlets, Equal Rights, and a detailed record of the 1947 schism within the party. There are also records of the World Center for Women's Archives, including an extensive correspondence (1936-1963) with Mary Beard. 

Holden, Raymond, 1894-1972

Raymond Holden Papers
Consists of various drafts of books of Holden (Class of 1915)--Death and the Strange Star (unpublished), Murder Breeds Murder (unpublished), The Arrow at the Heel, The Reminding Salt, Selected Poems, The Merrimack, All About Famous Scientific Expeditions, Famous Fossil Finds: Great Discoveries in Paleontology, Secrets in the Dust, and Wildlife Mysteries--as well as versions of some of his short stories, poems, and articles. Included is sizeable correspondence from John Hall Wheelock, Raymond T. Bond, John Holmes, Morton Dauwen Zabel, and Vilhjalmur Stefansson, and there is correspondence from contemporary poets in response to a 1946 survey conducted by Holden and Sara Henderson Hay. The collection concludes with documents, printed material, and papers of other persons. 

Holmes, Theodore, 1928-1971

Theodore Holmes Papers
Consists of the papers of Holmes (Class of 1951), a biology major who later switched to literature and poetry as avocation and occupation. He published his first book of poetry, The Harvest and the Scythe, in 1957, subsequently becoming the Kenyon Review fellow in poetry for 1958. Holmes lectured at Harvard, 1960-1963, received a Fulbright Fellowship to Oxford, 1963-1964, where he met and married Barbara Whitehead, then returned to the states in 1964, teaching in Maine and New York before finally settling in Falcarragh, County Donegal, Ireland, where he died in 1971. 

Homar, Lorenzo, 1913-2004

Lorenzo Homar Correspondence
Consists of letters received by Lorenzo Homar, Puerto Rican graphic artist and calligrapher. Many of the letters are requests for posters by Homar for various exhibitions, such as the Biennale Internationale d'Art de Menton, International Poster Biennale-Warsaw, and the Norwegian International Print Biennale. Also included are letters from Elmer Adler, Stuart Barrie, Rockwell Kent (1963-1969), La Casa del Libro, the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, the Library of Congress, the Seabury Press, and Erich and Lili Wronker. Other correspondents include the German calligrapher Herman Zapf (1967-1982), the Mexican engraver Leopoldo Mendez (1958-1960s), curator William S. Lieberman of the Museum of Modern Art, and artist Raphael Soyer. The collection includes examples of stamps designed by Homar.

Lorenzo Homar Collection
Consists of original drawings and sketches, printed programs and posters, ephemera, and engraved wooden plaques, reflecting the wide range of work by this Puerto Rican graphic artist and calligrapher. Included are watercolor drawings from his army days; drawings and sketches of jewelry; exhibition, ballet, and theater programs (many for the Festival de Teatro Puertorriqueño) he designed;  and a significant number of posters (over 90) he created for various exhibitions, conferences, and performing arts events--many of these are limited and signed/inscribed by Homar.There are also two hand-engraved wooden plaques: one showing an alphabet and the other bearing the sign "Sala Fray Bartolome de las Casas." The latter, apparently his last engraved work, was made in 1992 and hung until 1999 outside the seminar room of Princeton's Program in Latin American Studies in the Joseph Henry House.

Horton, Arthur J., Collection on Coeducation 1968-1980

In January 1969, Princeton's trustees voted to make the undergraduate college coeducational, breaking the
224-year tradition of an all-male student body. The Patterson Committee, made up of faculty and administrators,
had studied and advocated the chan ge. The one dissenting voice on the committee was Arthur J. Horton '42, the
university's director of development; he wrote a minority report and became a rallying point for those opposing the
move. Horton's collection of materials on coeducation contains his annotated copy of the committee's report, his
memoranda to the committee's chair and university administrators, official university releases and letters to alumni,
and newspaper clippings regarding the change and campus issues in general. A quarter of the collection is letters
from alumni, some welcoming coeducation but most strongly opposed.

Hosack, David, 1769-1835

David Hosack Collection
Consists of selected papers of Hosack (Class of 1789). Included are correspondence of Hosack and his brother-in-law, Thomas Eddy, with Ebenezer Bowman, John Coyngham, James Griffin, Jacob Cist, and others, as well as a small amount of correspondence of Hosack's son, Alexander E. Hosack, and Eddy's son, Thomas Eddy, Jr., and some miscellaneous letters. The correspondence mainly concerns tracts of land owned by Hosack in the Lackawanna River valley of Luzerne County, Pa. Also present are deeds and indentures (1797-1859) of the Hosack family in New Yory and Pennsylvania; wills, inventories, and other estate papers for Henry A. Coster (1820), Hosack (d. 1835), and Sophia Hosack (d. 1891); and various survey reports, notes on coal deposits, lists of land warrants, and maps (1815-1829) of the land tracts in Luzerne County. 

Hoskins, John Preston, 1867-1935

Student Notebooks of John Preston Hoskins
Consists of eighteen notebooks of lecture notes taken by Hoskins (Princeton Class of 1891) on German phonetics, syntax, grammar, and literature (Goethe, Schiller, etc.) while he was a graduate student in Germany (1891-1892). Hoskins later became a professor of German at Princeton, where he taught for forty years (1895-1935). 

Hotchkiss, Thomas W. (Thomas Woodward), 1866?-1953

Selected Papers of Thomas W. Hotchkiss
Consists, for the most part, of Hotchkiss' articles (in both manuscript and published form) on a variety of historical topics, with related newspaper clippings, correspondence, and notes. Included are "History of the Gracie Mansion," "The True General Grant," notes on the history of early American flags, and the January and December, 1892, issues of the Magazine of American History and the January, 1892, issue of Outing, all of which contain Hotchkiss' articles relevant to the history of Princeton University. Noteworthy items include letters, one each, from Hamlin Garland (n.d.), James Truslow Adams (1921), and Hjalmer Rued Holand (1909). 

Hottenstein, Marcus S. (Marcus Stephen), 1876-

Migrant Pennsylvanian, Autobiography by Marcus S. Hottenstein
Consists of a typescript copy (carbon) of Hottenstein's Migrant Pennsylvanian, an unpublished autobiography in which he reflects on the changes in transportation, economics, politics, and entertainment which took place during the decades from his birth in 1876 up to 1966. Hottenstein began his law practice in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was appointed (1913-1916) as a special assistant attorney general to assist in the enforcement of the anti-trust laws under Woodrow Wilson's administration, and resumed his law practice in 1917 in New York City focusing on big business. In the course of his reminiscences he discusses the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia, the Standard Oil Company, the United Fruit Company, Shell Oil Company, the presidential administrations of Grover Cleveland through Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and World War I, theater and motion picture developments (Julia Marlowe, the film Birth of a Nation, the Metropolitan Opera, etc.), the replacement of the horse and buggy by the automobile, prohibition, and, briefly, World War II. 

Houghton, Norris, 1909-

Advance from Broadway by Norris Houghton
Consists of the typescript (carbon) of Houghton's book Advance fromBroadway and a manuscript index to the book. 

Houston, Peyton, 1910-1994

Peyton Houston Papers
Consists of the papers of Houston (Class of 1932), a businessman who pursued a second career as a poet and  freelance writer. Houston spent forty years as vice-president of the Equity Corporation, a New York investment company and through mergers and  acquisitions transformed the company into Wheelabrator-Frye, Inc., a leading company dealing with     environmental systems. Concurrent with his business career Houston maintained a lifelong interest in poetry and writing. His papers include many poetry notebooks spanning the years 1932 to 1994, drafts of several of his published volumes of poetry, such as Sonnet Variations (1962), For the Remarkable Animals (1970), and The Importance of the Unicorn (1992), and manuscripts of other poetical and prose works including chapters for an unpublished novel, Thomas Fantasy. There is also correspondence (1925-1994) with his family, friends, writers, publishers, and organizations in which he had an interest.

Houston, William Churchill, 1746?-1788

William Churchill Houston Collection
Consists mainly of (1) legal documents reflecting the career of Houston (Class of 1768) as a lawyer and clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court and (2) correspondence with Robert Morris and Michael Hillegas covering the period 1782-1785 when Houston served as receiver of Continental taxes in the state. The collection contains such documents as land grants, copies of wills, notices of debt, boundary settlements, precedents, legal papers pertaining to John Hart, deeds, and documents from the Monmouth, Burlington, and Hunterdon County Common Pleas Courts. In addition, there are documents relating to Houston's estate. 

Howard, Joseph, 1833-1908

Joseph Howard Scrapbooks
Consists of Howard's scrapbooks of press clippings of articles he wrote over the years for several New York City newspapers--The Sun, The New York Herald, The New York Recorder, and The Star--often writing under the heading "Howard's Column," Howard's Letter," and "Howard's Gossip," or under the byline "Jugg." The scrapbooks include some letters, photographs, and memorabilia. 

Howe, Edward L. (Edward Leavitt), 1870-1952

Selected Papers of Edward L. Howe
Consists of papers from Howe's estate: correspondence, documents, and memorabilia, as well as Woodrow Wilson material (primarily inaugural), a James Madison document (1809), copies of early American newspapers (1763, 1771, 1785), and an 1883 map of Bay Head, N.J. Correspondents include Jesse Carter, Roscoe Conkling, Henry Jones Ford, Lindley Miller Garrison, Carter Glass, Alonzo Hepburn, and John Wingate Weeks. 

Howell Family Papers

Consists of papers of various members of the Howell family of Morris County, New Jersey. At least six generations of the family are represented: a will, letters, court dockets, and documents of Benjamin Howell (1725-1798); letters, documents, and estate papers of his son John (1759-1834); correspondence, accounts, leases, etc., of John's sons Benjamin (1786-1852) and Samuel Farrand (1788-1860); diaries, school reports, and correspondence of Benjamin's sons Lemuel C. (1829-1862, Class of 1850) and Monroe (1819-1883); and correspondence and a school report of Monroe's grandson Benjamin Franklin (1891-1976, Class of 1913). Also present are correspondence and documents of Andrew, Louis, and Lemuel Cobb (relatives of the Howell family by marriage), and miscellaneous 18th- and 19th-century letters, sermons, property maps, memoranda and account books, and documents. 

Howell, Samuel Ladd

Howell Family Collection
Consists of receipts for miscellaneous purchases by Howell and other members of the Howell family of Woodbury and Princeton, New Jersey; documents such as promissory notes, statements of account, conditions of sale, and land evaluations; and some correpondence. 

Howell, Wilbur Samuel, 1904-

Wilbur Samuel Howell Papers
Consists of works, articles, lectures, reviews, notes, and correspondence of Howell, professor of rhetoric and oratory (1952-1972) at Princeton. Included are his original manuscripts, relevant correspondence, and reviews for Eighteenth-Century British Logic and Rhetoric (1971) and Poetics, Rhetoric, and Logic: Studies in the Basic Disciplines of Criticism (1975), and various lectures, speeches, and reviews of other works on rhetoric. Also present are English Dept. course bibliographies on rhetoric; letters (1971-1977) of recommendation for students; correspondence and reports reflecting Howell's position as chairman (1948-1972) of the board of trustees of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society at Princeton; and correspondence with Irving Dilliard, William Edinger, James J. Murphy, Julian P. Boyd, Norman Thomas, and others. In addition, there is correspondence with Barbara Warnick as well as a copy of her manuscript for Fenelon's Letter to the French Academy (1984). 

Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920

William Dean Howells Collection
Consists of the manuscripts of 6 articles, 1 poem, and a fragment of a story by Howells and 97 of his letters. The manuscripts in the collection are "Edward Bellamy," "English Feeling Toward Americans," "The Fiction of Eden Phillpotts," "The Fiction of Leonard Merrick," "Recollections of an Atlantic Editorship," a review of George William Curtis' books, "Bitter the things one's enemies will say..." (poem), and "Editor's Easy Chair" (story fragment). 

Hubbell, Walter, 1795-1845

Hubbell Family Papers
Consists of correspondence, documents, a diary (1838), genealogies, documents, legal papers, financial records, and printed matter of the Hubbell family of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. The collection contains all the personal and professional papers of the Hubbells--mainly those of Walter Hubbell (1795-1845), his brother, Levi Hubbell (1807-1876), and Walter's son, Walter Seymour Hubbell (1823-1892), all lawyers--including New York State Supreme Court records, legal cases involving the Hubbells, legal reference volumes, wills, deeds, diplomas, indentures, land agreements, legal notebooks, records of the Canandaigua Academy, bills, receipts, account books, and property maps. In addition, there is material on the family of Eliza Maria Phelps Hubbell (1798-1839). 

Hudson, Hoyt H. (Hoyt Hopewell), 1893-1944

The Praise of Folly by Desiderius Erasmus, Translated by Hoyt H. Hudson
Consists of the printer's copy of Hudson's 20th-century translation of The Praise of Folly, the 15th-century work by the Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus. 

Hughes, Edward Robert, 1851-1914

Edward Robert Hughes Letters
Consists of approximately 155 letters by Hughes to his friend and patron Mrs. Sydney Morse. Hughes painted romantic and historical genre pictures and portraits, and was the nephew of Arthur Hughes (1832-1915) and assistant and friend to W. Holman Hunt (1827-1910), all Pre-Raphaelite painters. Also present are several letters to Sydney Morse and Corydon [Morse?]. 

Hulett, G. A. (George Augustus), 1867-1955

G. A. Hulett Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed matter of Hulett (Class of 1892), professor of chemistry at Princeton (1909-1935) and authority on "standard cells." The collection contains his papers, notes, notebooks, and professional and personal correspondence, including letters by Woodrow Wilson and some by students and colleagues sent to Hulett on his 75th (1942) and 80th (1947) birthdays. Also included is material which reflects his year (1912) as chief chemist with the U.S. Bureau of Mines, his years during World War I with the American Scientific Mission investigating the use of chemical and physical effects of gases and with the United States Chemical Warfare Service, and later years when he served as a member of the U.S. Assay Commission. In addition, there are bound volumes of the off-prints of his published papers. 

Hungarian Prints Collection

Consists of prints created by 20th-century Hungarian artists. The collection includes works by Joseph Pecsenke, Imre Reiner, Marcel Vertes, and Adam Wurtz. Printing techniques represented in the collection include drypoint, etching, lithograph, screen print, and wood engraving.

Hunt Family Collection

Consists primarily of photostats of letters, deeds, wills, indentures, receipts, and other documents of the Hunt families of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and Urbana, Ohio, dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Papers for Barr, Benjamin, Daniel, Manuel, Mary, Ralph, and William Hunt are included. 

Hutton, Laurence, 1843-1904

Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death Masks
Consists of approximately 100 life and death masks of mainly prominent English and American literary and political figures collected by Hutton. Several other masks have been added to the collection over the years. Included subjects are Aaron Burr, Robert Burns, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Oliver Cromwell, Dante Alighieri, Elizabeth I, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, John Keats, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Franz Liszt, Mary, Queen of Scots, Napoleon I, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Paine, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sir Walter Scott, Laurence Sterne, Jonathan Swift, William Makepeace Thackeray, George Washington, Walt Whitman, and William Wordsworth.

Laurence Hutton Correspondence
Consists of Hutton's correspondence, reflecting a wide acquaintance among artistic, literary, and theatrical celebrities of the last quarter of the 19th century. Persons most amply represented are Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Lawrence Barrett, Edwin Booth, H. C. Bunner, Clara Erskine Clement, Kate Field, James Fraser Gluck, Joseph N. Ireland, Mark Twain, Charles Dudley Warner, and Francis Wilson; additional personalities in the collection include Mary Mapes Dodge, Hamlin Garland, William Dean Howells, Helen Keller, Henry Cabot Lodge, James Whitcomb Riley, William Rossetti, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Owen Wister. In addition, the collection contains occasional manuscripts of some of the correspondents, miscellaneous autographs and clippings, and printed material.

Laurence Hutton Papers
Contains the manuscripts of eleven of Laurence Hutton's stage and theater books, such as Actors and Actresses of Great Britain and the United States, Curiousities of the American Stage, Plays and Players, Portraits in Plaster, and four of his literary landmarks books, covering London, Oxford, Florence, and Scotland. Also included are many shorter works representative of Hutton's interest in collecting books, autographs, and death masks (see the inventory) and of his work in the history of the theater. In addition, the papers include some of Hutton's correspondence, mainly from 1885-1895, several documents, some photographs and illustrations, and some works on the theater written by other people. Bound volumes include letterbooks (1868-1904), clippings of Hutton's contributions to the press, and several volumes of family photographs.

Laurence Hutton Photograph Albums
Consists of several hundred photographs removed from 11 photograph albums, compiled by Hutton. Included are numerous portraits of prominent 19th-century artists and literary, political, and historical figures, as well as photographs from Hutton's "literary pilgrimages" to the homes, gravesites, and monuments of significant authors. [Boxes 6 and 7 contain the empty, original albums.]

Laurence Hutton Letters to Edwin T. Evans
Contains over 300 letters by Hutton to his long-time friend Edwin T. Evans (d. 1909?), who was general manager of Anchor Lines, Great Lakes shippers, a few carbon copies of Evans' letters, and several letters by Mrs. Eleanor Hutton and Mrs. Evans. Also present is a bound volume of typed abstracts of all the letters, compiled by Pierre E. Letchworth, Evans' grandson. 

Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963

Goodwin Weinberg Collection of Aldous Huxley
Contains approximately 110 letters by Huxley written to various friends and associates, including Arnold Bennett, Basil Ashmore, Edith Sitwell, Osbert Sitwell, and the American photographer Sanford Roth, collected by Goodwin Weinberg (Class of 1929). Included with Huxley's letters to Roth are typescripts for his foreward to Roth's book of photographs, The French in Paris (1953), and two of Huxley's essays, "Stars and the Man" about the astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) and "A Conversation with Stravinsky" (1922) about Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971). Also present are Huxley's poem "Fifth Philosopher's Song," his contract (1931) for the play World of Light, and several letters by Julian and Leonard Huxley. 

Hyatt and Mayer Collection

Consists primarily of correspondence between Alfred Marshall Mayer (1836-1897), physicist, his son Alfred Goldsborough Mayor (1868-1922), biologist, and Alpheus Hyatt (1838-1902), zoologist and paleontologist, and colleagues in their various fields. Also included are eight volumes of photographs taken by Alfred M. Mayer during scientific expeditions to the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Hyde de Neuville, Anne-Marguerite-Henriette Rouille de Marigny, baronne, 1749?-1849

Baroness Hyde de Neuville Collection
Consists of correspondence, photographs, and printed matter concerning the Baron and Baroness Hyde de Neuville. The collection contains Xerox copies of letters exchanged between the baron, who was the French ambassador to the U.S. under Louis XVIII (1816-1822), and Thomas Jefferson and a Xerox of a letter by Jefferson to James Madison, as well as photographs of the Hyde de Neuville house outside of New Brunswick, N.J., where the baron and baroness lived part of the time during their years of exile (1807-1814) from the Napoleonic reign in France. There are also catalogs of 20th-century exhibitions of the baroness' pencil sketches and watercolors of Indians, common people, and buildings of architectural interest such as the First Presbyterian Church of Princeton then under construction (1813). 


Iams, Jack, 1910-

Jack Iams Mystery Novels
Consists of first draft typescripts, as well as many of the outlines, notes, summmaries, and revised typescripts, for seven mystery novels of Iams (Class of 1932): The Body Missed the Boat (1947), Girl Meets Body (1947), Prematurely Gay (1948), Death Draws the Line (1949), Do Not Murder Before Christmas (1949), A Shot of Murder (1950), What Rhymes With Murder? (1950). Included also are book jackets and many of the master galley proofs and page proofs associated with those works, plus two letters from his editor at William Morrow and Company and one carbon of a letter by him. 

Imbrie, Andrew C. (Andrew Clerk), 1875-1965

Clerk Imbrie Papers
Consists of papers of Imbrie (Class of 1895), including undergraduate letters sent home (1891-1895), Princeton University records (1906-1942), and an Imbrie family genealogy. Among subjects touched upon frequently in his student letters are housing, campus customs, campus organizations, buildings and grounds, the course of study, campus figures, honors, football, and skating on the local canal. 

The Independent

Editorial Correspondence of the Independent
Consists of selected editorial correspondence of the New York weekly The Independent, founded in 1848 by Henry Chandler Bowen as a Congregationalist journal which later expanded in scope to include articles on literary and social topics. Successive editors were Theodore Tilton, 1856-1861 and 1864-1871, Henry Ward Beecher, 1861-1864, William Hayes Ward, 1868-1916, Kinsley Twining, literary editor, 1880-1899, and Hamilton Holt, 1897-1921. The collection contains approximately 85 letters, 1882-1899, to Kinsley Twining (1832-1901), a Congregationalist minister, William Hayes Ward (1835-1916), a Congregationalist minister, orientalist, and professor of Latin and natural science, Miss [Susan Hayes] Ward, and Hamilton Holt by various contributors to The Independent.

Indic Manuscripts

The Princeton University Library holds approximately 340 Indic manuscripts in an array of languages (e.g. Sanskrit, Pali, Siamese), scripts (e.g. Singhalese, Burmese round script), and physical formats (e.g. palm-leaf books). The basis for consideration here is the purview of H. I. Poleman’s A Census of Indic Manuscripts in the United States and Canada, American Oriental Series, vol. 12 (New Haven, CT: American Oriental Society, 1938), which list a portion of the Indic manuscripts at Princeton.

Of the approximately 340 Indic manuscripts, 300 are in the Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections (located in Firestone Library). Most were purchased and deposited by Robert Garrett in the 1920s, then donated to Princeton in 1942. Another important collector is John Mason (Batak). In addition, there are some 40 Indic manuscripts in the Gest Oriental Library (located in Jones Hall). Only a fraction of these manuscripts have been identified, listed, and described in Poleman; and not all items listed for Princeton in Poleman can be found. Descriptions in quotation marks are from Poleman.

Not included in this count of Indic manuscripts are Indo-Persian manuscripts (Persian, Urdu, and Pushtu), which were written or copied in the Indian subcontinent and neighboring areas but are considered Islamic from a linguistic and cultural perspective. These manuscripts form a significant though undetermined portion of the 2,500 or so Persian manuscripts found in Princeton’s large holdings of Islamic manuscripts (approx. 15,000 texts) in the Manuscripts Division. All Persian manuscripts have been listed or described in either one or are described in two catalogs: (1) Descriptive Catalog of the Garrett Collection of Persian. Turkish and Indic Manuscripts including Some Miniatures in the Princeton University Library, compiled by Mohammad E. Moghadam and Yahya Armajani under the supervision of Philip K. Hitti (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1939); and (2) the unpublished "Preliminary Checklist of Uncataloged Islamic Manuscripts in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library," compiled by William M. Blair, Mohammad H. Faghfoory, and Karl R. Schaefer (Princeton: Princeton University Library, 1995).

Institut Français de Washington (D.C.)

Institut Français de Washington (D.C.) Collection
Consists primarily of printed material and some correspondence relating to the Institut Francais de Washington (D.C.), which was founded in 1926 to promote, in the United States, the study of French contributions to the development of civilization in America. Included are correspondence of Gilbert Chinard and Jules A. Baisnee, two trustees of the Institut, printed volumes (in French) in its Historical Documents series of publications, and many other small works published by the Institut, often edited by Chinard, relating to Franco-American studies. Also present is an autograph manuscript of James Dunn Hufham's English translation of Les Français sous les Treize Etoiles (1775-1783) by Andre Lasseray.

Irby, James East, 1931-

James East Irby Collection on José Bianco and Jorge Luis Borges
Consists of papers on the Argentine writers José Bianco (1908-1986) and Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) collected or written by Irby. Included are three letters (1970-1973) by Bianco to Irby; three letters (1970) by Irby to Bianco; photocopies of two typescript articles by Bianco, "El Angel de las Tinieblas" and "Pinera, narrador"; a photocopy of a printed article by Bianco, "El sentido de mal en la obra de Proust"; and various autograph and typescript drafts (with some holograph corrections) of an article entitled "Encuentro con Borges" by Irby based on an interview with Borges, with a copy of the journal Revista de la universidad de Mexico (Mexico, June 1962) in which it was published.

Irish Theatre Scrapbooks

Consists of several 20th-century scrapbooks on Irish theatre.

Isbister, William

William Isbister Collection
Consists of correspondence mainly from Victorian novelists and other writers to W. Isbister & Co., publishers of Good Words and The Sunday Magazine. Correspondence from other publishers, theological writers, printers and artists, the majority of which were British, is also included. Correspondents include Richard Doddridge Blackmore, B. L. Farjeon, Dinah Craik Muloch, Hesba Stretton, Mrs. Oliphant, Augustus J. C. Hare, E. H. Plumptre, and others. 

Isely, Jeter A. (Jeter Allen), 1913-1954

Jeter A. and Eizabeth Riggs Isely Collection
Consists primarily of manuscript material, notes, and notebooks of Elizabeth ["Lisette"] Riggs Isely's Ph.D. thesis, "George and Sophia Ripley" (1942). There is also correspondence between Jeter A. Isely and several university and public libraries regarding his Horace Greeley manuscript; a small selection of original Greeley letters (1856-1871), as well as copies of passages from assorted Greeley letters (1841-1872); transcripts of correspondence by George Ripley to Whitelaw Reid (1869-1881); copies of letters by Jerome Ripley to Lydia Ripley (1824-1840); and photographs and negatives of Greeley materials. 

Islamic Manuscripts

Princeton has the largest collection of Islamic Manuscripts in North America and one of the finest in the Western world. Included are some 12,000 Arabic, 2,000 Persian, and 900 Ottoman Turkish texts. While the world of Islamic learning is the chief emphasis, the collection includes many illuminated Qur'ans, illustrated manuscripts of Persian literary texts, and Indo-Persian miniatures.

For published descriptions of manuscripts, see (1) Philip K. Hitti, Nabih Amin Faris, and Butrus `Abd al-Malik, Descriptive Catalog of the Garrett Collection of Arabic Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, Princeton Oriental Texts, vol. 5 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1938); (2) Mohammed E. Moghadam and Yahya Armajani, under the supervision of Philip K. Hitti, Descriptive Catalog of the Garrett Collection of Persian, Turkish and Indic Manuscripts Including Some Miniatures, Princeton Oriental Texts, vol. 6 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1939); (3) Rudolf Mach, Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts (Yahuda Section) in the Garrett Collection, Princeton University Library, Princeton Studies on the Near East (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1977); and (4) Rudolf Mach and Eric L. Ormsby, Handlist of Arabic Manuscripts (New Series) in the Princeton University Library, Princeton Studies on the Near East (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1987).

Thousands of additional Islamic manuscripts (including most of the Persian and Ottoman Turkish manuscripts) are described in the "Preliminary Checklist of Islamic Manuscripts in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library" (1995).

These four printed catalogs and the unpublished checklist supercede earlier catalogs compiled by Enno Littmann (1904), Nicholas N. Martinovich (1926), and Ernest Cushing Richardson and Nabih Amin Faris (1934).

For Arabic papyri, see the Princeton University Library Papyrus Home Page. For a checklist of recently acquired collection of Arabic calligraphy, see William J. Trezise Collection of Arabic Calligraphy.

For digital images of 277 Persian miniatures in five illustrated Shahnamah manuscripts, dating from 1544 to 1674, in the Manuscripts Division, go to “The Princeton Shahnama Project.”  The manuscripts include Garrett Islamic MSS. 56G, 57G, 58G, and 59G, which were the gift of Robert Garrett, Class of 1897; and the “Peck Shahnamah” (Islamic Manuscripts, Third Series, no. 310), which was bequeathed to Princeton in 1983 by Clara S. Peck, the sister of Fremont C. Peck, Class of 1920.”

Istanbul Photographs Collection

Consists of 27 mounted albumin prints (8"x10") of Istanbul [Constantinople] and surroundings, partly with numbering and name of photograhers in the negative and with handwritten German descriptions on the mounts. Sixteen are by Abdullah Frères, five by Gulmez Frères. Included are city views, architectural sights (mosques such as Hagia Sophia), the Golden Horn, street scenes, and small villages outside the city.

Italian Drawings and Paintings Collection

Consists of gouache paintings of the sea and landscape around Naples, Italy; watercolors of the Middle East by Luigi Mayer; two pencil portraits by Carlo Pellegrini; a pen-and-ink drawing of a boy by Sabatini; a pen-and-wash drawing of a Catholic church interior by Paoletti; and a pencil drawing of the Mosque of Hebron by Sierotti.

Italian Prints Collection

Consists of prints by various Italian artists, dating from the early 16th century through the late 20th century. The collection includes works by Cherubino Alberti, Francesco Bartolozzi, Giulio Bonasone, Giuseppe Preziosi, Marc Antonio Raimondi, Guido Reni, Salvatore Rosa, Antonio Salamanca, and Zoran Music. Printing techniques represented in the collection include aquatint, chiaroscuro, drypoint, engraving, etching, lithograph, mezzotint, screen print, and woodcut.

Iturbe e Iraeta Papers

Consists of the records of three successive generations of the Iturbe e Iraeta, a prominent, Mexican merchant family of Basque origin, active in Mexican colonial and interregional trade from the 1760s to the 1840s. Comprised of ledgers, letterbooks, collected incoming correspondence, commercial and hacienda accounts, and some personal papers (some of it on microfilm), the collection documents the family's Mexico-based mercantile trade activities (in cochineal, cocoa, sugar, etc.) and landed wealth during an important period of economic growth and political change. Included are letters to and from a variety of noted Mexican government and church officials, as well as prominent colonial merchants, miners, and nobility.
See also "The Iraeta and Iturbe Papers" by Barbara Hadley Stein. 


Jackson, Sheldon, 1834-1909

Sheldon Jackson Collection of Indian Photographs
Consists of three portfolios of approximately 750 photographic prints of Indians compiled by Jackson, probably from negatives in the collections of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Many of the photographs are identified with labels taken from the Descriptive Catalogue of Photographs of North American Indians (1877) by William Henry Jackson. Included are photographs of Indians of most of the tribes of North America, such as the Apache, Dakotas, Comanche, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Yuma, Ute, Navajo, Hopi, Crow, and Sioux; photographs taken at the Indian School (1879) in Carlisle, Pa., Zuni Pueblo, Sheldon Jackson College (1881), and Sitka, Alaska; and photographs of ancient ruins in Colorado and Utah and cliff-dwellings in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942

William Henry Jackson Photographs Collection
Contains albumen photographs of Western America taken by Jackson for the Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey of the Territories, 1870-1880.

Jacobi, A. (Abraham), 1830-1919

A. Jacobi Papers
Consists of selected papers of Jacobi, professor (1865-1902) of children's diseases at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York. Included are many offprints (1884-1916) of Jacobi's writings and lectures on childhood diseases; a copy of A Treatise on Diptheria (1880) with many annotations; correspondence, memorials, and a copy of "Festschrift" in Honor of Abraham Jacobi (1900) for his 70th birthday; correspondence, speeches, and memorials on the occassion of his 80th birthday; and a few documents and newspapers clippings. Also present are correspondence and documents (1906-1920) of his daughter, Laura Jacobi, and a memorial volume (1917) for his wife, Mary Putnam Jacobi, who was also a physician. 

Jaeger, Benedict, d. 1869

Benedict Jaeger Collection
Consists of works, correspondence, and printed matter of Jaeger, professor of natural history and modern languages at Princeton (1832-1843), as well as papers of others. The collection contains notes, notebooks, and lectures in natural history, and several autograph manuscripts including "The Happy Families or Rural Life the Real Source of Comfort," "Victims of Infidelity," "The Importance of Studying Natural History," and an account of Jaeger's travels in Russia (1825). In addition, there is a log of Henry Hastings Strong describing his trip around the world on the schooner "Brunhilde" in 1885-1886, several miscellaneous letters signed by "Beatrice," and unrelated newspaper clippings. 

James, G. P. R. (George Payne Rainsford), 1799-1860

G. P. R. James Collection
Consists of correspondence of the English novelist and historian G. P. R. James. James wrote nearly a hundred novels, such as Richelieu (1825), The Gypsy (1835), Attila (1837), and The Mysterious Chevalier (1843), as well as many popular historical works, including The Life and Times of Louis XIV (1838), and some poetry and plays. Later in life he was appointed British consul for Massachusetts (1850) and Norfolk, Virginia (1852-1855), then became consul-general at Venice (1856-1860). Included in the collection is a large file of letters, 1828-1852, to Charles Ollier, publisher of Keats and Shelley. Other correspondents include John Aitken, William Jerdan, editor of "The Literary Gazette," Sir G. H. Seymour, William H. Harrison, John Murray, Charles Lever, William Harrison Ainsworth, and Alaric A. Watts. Also present are some miscellaneous prose and poetry, incomplete letters, and autographs of James. 

James, Marquis, 1891-1955

Marquis James Collection on Alfred I. DuPont
Consists of James's typed manuscript with holograph corrections of his biography of a member of America's most illustrious chemical manufacturing family, Alfred I. Dupont, The Family Rebel (1941), as well as some notes and correspondence between James, several family members, and others regarding details of Du Pont's life. 

Janes, Leroy Lansing, 1838-1909

Leroy Lansing Janes Papers
Consists of works, letters, photographs, and printed matter of Janes, a teacher at the Kumamoto Yogakko (Kumamoto School for Western Learning) in Japan (1871-1876). The collection contains his religious, historical, educational, and literary articles as well as letters written by Janes to his family. The photographs include pictures of Janes's family and scenes of Nara, Nikko, Kumamoto, and other Japanese cities. 


Jansenism in France Collection
Consists of a collection of papers related to the Jansenist controversy in France in the 18th century. Jansenism was a religious movement based on the teachings of the theologian Cornelius Jansen (1585-1638). His doctrines held that human beings cannot achieve goodness without the intervention of God's grace and that a minority of individuals has been predestined by God for salvation. Included are two printed pamphlets by Pope Benedict XIII (1728) and Pope Benedict XIV (1756) concerning the papal bull Unigenitus (1713), and 23 manuscripts, in Italian, Latin and French, primarily contemporary copies of letters and documents by Cardinal Louis-Antoine Noailles, Pope Clement XI, Pope Benedict XIV, Louis XV, King of France, and Pope Clement XIII to the Bishop of Liege, Cardinal Albizzi, G. Languet de Gergy, Archbishop of Sens, and others regarding Pasquier Quesnel's Jansensim. Also present are two songs (ca. 1752) in French and Italian, voicing popular opinion of the Parliament of Paris.

Jardine, William, Sir, 1800-1874

Sir William Jardine Illustrations for Contributions to Ornithology
Consists of Jardine's illustrations for Contributions to Ornithology(1848-1852), which have been mounted and bound in two volumes of 131 leaves: pencil drawings, pattern plates for the colorist, and uncolored proof impressions. 

Jefferson, Joseph, 1829-1905

Joseph Jefferson Collection
Consists of biographical newspaper clippings, two copies of Jefferson's autobiography, theatrical criticism and approbation, and clippings on family matters.

Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826

Thomas Jefferson Collection
Contains fourteen original letters and notes by Jefferson concerning both personal and governmental affairs, as well as several duplicates and transcriptions of his correspondence. An undated manuscript, complete with diagrams, outlines the proper procedure for the making of nails. Also included is a naval document, dated 1805 and countersigned by Secretary of State James Madison, certifying that the merchant vessel Sophrona is unarmed and requesting that she be allowed to pass freely. 

Jenks, Leland Hamilton, 1892-1976

Leland Hamilton Jenks Collection on the Cuban Sugar Industry
Consists of papers collected by Jenks, a professor of economics, concerning the Cuban sugar industry. Included are notes and interviews with people involved in the industry used in preparation of his book Our Cuban Colony, A Study in Sugar (1928). Also present are interviews conducted on a trip to Cuba in June and July, 1934, and notes, statistics, reports, and printed matter on costs, labor, wages, productivity, and other aspects of sugar growing, processing, and exporting in Cuba. 

Jerusalem (Orthodox patriarchate)

Constantinople Records of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Consists of administrative records of the Constantinople "metochion" of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Included are documents concerning property transactions of the Holy Sepuchre; promissory notes issued by the Holy Sepulchre in the 1820s; documents relating to publishing activities of the Holy Sepulchre (1824-26, 1853-57); early 20th-century Constantinople correspondence of a textile company named Sterea; and various other Greek and Ottoman documents.

Jewish-American Immigrant Women, Essays of

John Day Company, Inc.

Archives of John Day Company, Inc.
Consists of the John Day Company's editorial files from its founding in 1926 until 1969. The bulk of the archives is comprised of correspondence between the publishing company's editors and authors, such as Pearl Buck, but it also includes some business material relating to requests for permission to quote and foreign rights of authors, agents, and publishers. 

Johnson, Dorothy M. (Dorothy Marie), 1905-1984

Short Stories of Dorothy M. Johnson
Contains the manuscripts of 8 short stories by Johnson: "First Date," "Hold That Bull!", "A Man Called Horse," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "Marks of Honor," "Massacre," "Steady Girl," and "The War Shirt." Also included are letters from Johnson's agent and notes by Johnson concerning her short stories. 

Johnson, H. Wright (Horace Wright), 1924-

H. Wright Johnson Collection on Harley Granville-Barker
Consists of letters to Johnson (Class of 1948) by Sir Lewis Casson, Laurence Housman, Desmond McCarthy, Gilbert Murray, and others regarding Harley Granville-Barker, the subject of Johnson's senior thesis at Princeton. Included is correspondence between Johnson and George Bernard Shaw who worked closely with Granville-Barker in the English theater. 

Johnson, Howard Albert, 1915-1974

Johnson Collection of 19th-Century Japanese Theatrical Prints
Consists of twelve woodcuts of Japanese actors from the late 19th century collected by Johnson. 

Johnson, Thomas H. (Thomas Herbert), 1902-

Thomas H. Johnson Papers
Consists of essays, notes, correspondence, and printed matter of Johnson. Included are subject files on Emily Dickinson and his edition of her poems (1955) and photostatic copies and transcripts of Edward Taylor's poetry in the Yale University Library, with correspondence and notes of Johnson, gathered in preparation for Johnson's edition of the Poetical Works of Edward Taylor (1939). In addition, there are essays and notes on American literature and memorabilia from Johnson's Williams College undergraduate days. 

Johnson, Thomas Potts, fl. 1761-1838

Thomas Potts Johnson Collection
Consists of documents and miscellaneous financial papers relating to Johnson's legal practice covering the New Jersey counties of Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Essex; papers pertaining to his position as New Jersey attorney general; and two family photograph albums. The collection contains petitions, deeds, mortgages, estate surveys, articles of agreement, results of sheriffs' sales, indentures, wills, promissory notes, bills, and receipts. In addition, there is miscellaneous material on the Stockton family of Princeton. 

Joke Books Collection

Consists of American joke books and books of recitations for the use of speakers. 

Jones, Carl W. (Carl Waring), 1887-1957

Carl W. Jones Magic Collection
Consists of scrapbooks of publicity photographs--compiled by C. A. George Newman and collected by Jones (Class of 1911)--of some 19th- but mainly 20th-century mentalists, magicians, ventriloquists, and illusionists. A typed commentary accompanies most of the photographs, and many of them are inscribed to Newman. Included are photographs of well-known actors and actresses who also excelled at magic, such as Anna May Wong, Veronica Lake, Bela Lugosi, and Edmund Lowe. 


Kahler, Antoinette von, 1862-1951

Kahler Decorative Ribbons Collection
Consists of 32 decorative ribbons, each embroidered by Kahler to illustrate different themes. Included in the representations are flowers, classical/mythological figures, Biblical figures and symbols, operatic figures, Austrian folk dancers, ice skaters, and signs of the zodiac. The collection also includes copies of a memorial address by Herman Brock, photographs, postcards, and a biographical statement by Kahler's daughter-in-law, Alice L. Kahler.

Kahler, Erich, 1885-1970

Erich Kahler Papers
Consists of works, correspondence, photographs, and printed matter of Kahler and some papers of other people. The collection contains typed manuscripts with author's corrections of The Meaning of History (1964) and Out of the Labyrinth (1967) and a new preface to Man the Measure (1956), as well as addresses, articles, reports, essays, and lectures on Thomas Mann. There are letters to Kahler and his wife, Alice, by such correspondents as John Berryman, Jorge Guillen, Aldous Huxley, Lewis Mumford, and Sean O'Faolain, and copies of Kahler's letters to editors. Also included are original works of Lewis Mumford, Hermann Broch, and Thomas Mann, including a lecture (1936) by Mann on Freud, as well as photographs taken by Wright Morris and publishing contracts for Kahler's books. A recent accession is a group of approximately twenty letters relating to the festschrift for Kahler that was edited by Eleanor L. Wolff and published in 1951; among them is a fifteen-line carbon typescript of Albert Einstein's contribution entitled "Fleisszettel." 

Kahler, Hugh MacNair, 1883-1969

Hugh MacNair Kahler Papers
Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, documents, and photographs of Kahler (Class of 1904), with some papers of other persons. Included are extensive correspondence (1904-1931) to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Kahler, detailing his personal and professional life; photographs of James Boyd, Kenneth Roberts, Booth Tarkington, and others, as well as photographs taken by Kahler of the 1924 Princeton-Harvard football game; and Joseph Hergesheimer's holograph manuscript "The Triumph of George Royer," which is inscribed to Kahler. Of Kahler's own writings only the outline, notes, and various incomplete drafts of his novel Joy in Heaven, seven typed installments of Life Is Like That, and a few short pieces are present. 

Kahn, Otto H. (Otto Hermann), 1867-1934

Otto H. Kahn Papers
Consists primarily of correspondence (over 500 boxes) of Kahn during the last twenty-five years of his life when he was prominent as an international banker (with Kuhn, Loeb and Co.), philanthropist, and leader in the cultural life of both New York City and the nation. Much of the collection is related to Kahn's business interests in the financial community and in the arts, such as the Metropolitan Opera Co. where he was chairman of the board. The correspondence reflects not only his generosity as a philanthropist but also the active interest he took in the many groups he supported by serving on administrative and policy-making boards. The scope of Kahn's influence can be seen in the many letters, telegrams, and statements of sympathy from all over the world expressed at his death. As a patron of the arts and an international banking figure, he was often called upon to speak, and the collection contains many pamphlets of these printed speeches, as well as 25 bound volumes of correspondence and clippings regarding the speeches.

Kalmar, Mavis

Mavis Kalmar Papers
Consists mainly of correspondence (1917-1946) of Kalmar, an English stage actress. Also included are two diaries (undated), two sketchbooks, and photographs.

Karsavina, Tamara, 1885-1978

Tamara Karsavina Collection
Consist sof two cases of photographs of Karsavina: Case 1. At the Maryinsky: 1. Koniok gorbounok. 2. Le lac des cygnes.- 3. The fisherman and the pearl. 4. Javotte. 5. Javotte, with Lydia Kyasht. 6. Russlan and Ludmilla. 7. Die Puppenfee. 8. Paquita, with Oboukhov and Poliakova. 9. La source. 10. Paquita. 11. Giselle. 12. Koniok gorbounok. 13. Le corsair. 15. Fiametta. 16. The talisman. 17. Le pavillon d'Armide. 18. Chopiniana. 19. Le carnaval. 20-21. La fille mal gardâee. 22. Raymonda. 23. Le lac des cygnes. 24. Sylvia. 25. Dances to music by Couperin -- At the Coliseum, 1909: 26. Kosloff and Baldina -- With Diaghilev, 1909-1914: 30-31. Le festin. 32-33. Le pavillon d'Armide. 34. Les sylphides. 35. Clâeopãatre. 36. Le carnaval. 37. Schâehâerazade. 38. Giselle, act I. 39. Giselle, act II. 40. L'oiseau de feu. 41. Le spectre de la rose. 42. Narcisse. 43. Petrushka. 44. Le dieu bleu. 45. Thamar. 46. Daphnis and Chloe. 47. Jeux. 48. La tragâedie de Salome. 49. La lâegende de Joseph. 50. Le coq d'or --.Case 2. With Diaghilev, 1919-1926: 51. Les femmes de bonne humeur. 52. Les contes russes. 53. Parade. 54. La boutique fantasque. 55. Le tricorne. 56. Le chant du rossignol. 57. Pulcinella. 58. Le astuzie femminili. 59. Româeo et Juliette -- From the personal repertoire, 1921-1931: 60. Nursery rhymes : The queen of hearts. 61. Nursery rhymes : Little jumping Joan. 62. Slave girl. 63. The truth about the Russian dancers. 65-66. Serenade, Eine kleine Nachtmusik. 67. Le casse-noisette. 68. Russian dance. 69. Baroque angel. 70. Can-can. 71. Galop, with Keith Lester. 72. The fairy doll. 73. Mlle. de Maupin. 74. Le carnaval. 75. La revue intellectuelle. 76. Film. 77. With Anton Dolin at the gala for Nijinsky -- Tamara Karsavina, photograph by Nesta Macdonald -- Portraits (2 folders) -- A note by Sir Frederick Ashton -- A note on the collection.

Karsen, Sonja, 1919-

Sonja Karsen Papers
Consists of papers of Karsen, a professor (1957- ) of Spanish and modern languages at Skidmore College, used in her research on two Latin American poets. Karsen is the author of Guillermo Valencia: Colombian Poet, 1873-1943 (1951), Selected Poems of Jaime Torres Bodet (1964), and a biography, Jaime Torres Bodet (1971). Karsen's papers relating to Jaime Torres Bodet (1902-1974), the Mexican minister of education, foreign ambassador, director general (1948-1952) of UNESCO, author and poet, include eighty letters sent by Torres Bodet spanning 1952 to 1974, and copies of her letters sent to him, correspondence of Karsen about Torres Bodet, copies of various poems, articles and speeches by Torres Bodet, bibliographies, and printed reviews, dissertations and articles on Torres Bodet. Karsen's papers relating to the Colombian poet and politician Guillermo Valencia (1873-1943) include copies (transcribed by Karsen) of Valencia's poetry (1897-1943) entitled "Poesias Sueltas," copies of many of his translations into Spanish of various works by Baudelaire, Gautier, Hugo, Rilke, Keats, and others, correspondence (1943-1992) of Karsen about Valencia, photographs, clippings, and reviews of Karsen's book (1951) on Valencia. Other correspondence present includes that of Colombian essayist Baldomero Sanin Cano (1942-1951), Mexican writers Jose Maria Gonzalez de Mendoza and Rafael Solana, and professor and critic Carlos Garcia Prada. 

Kaufmann, Walter, 1920-1980

Philosophy Manuscripts of Walter Kaufmann
Consists of original manuscripts and translations by Kaufmann, professor of philosophy at Princeton. The collection contains typed manuscripts with holograph corrections and page and galley proofs for seven original works: Critique of Religion and Philosophy (1958), Faith of a Heretic (1961) and its German translation Der Glaube Eines Ketzers (1965), From Shakespeare to Existentialism (1959), Hegel (1965), Nietzsche (1956), Tragedy and Philosophy (1968), and a book of poetry, Cain and Other Poems (1962). There are also Kaufmann's translations of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil (1966), On the Genealogy of Morals (translated with R. J. Hollingdale) and Ecce Homo (1967), and The Will to Power (1967), and a group of poets in Twenty German Poets (1962). In addition, there are Kaufmann's Ph.D. thesis from Harvard, Nietzsche's Theory of Values (1947), an article on Nietzsche for the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and a mimeographed copy of his translation of Goethe's Faust (1961).

Kauzmann, Walter, 1916-

Walter Kauzmann Papers
Consists of correspondence and miscellaneous materials related to Kauzmann's work on the Manhattan Project and his career as a professor of chemistry at Princeton University. Included are letters by chemist George Kistiakowsky.

Kay, Alfred Goddard, 1899-1973

Alfred Goddard Kay Autograph Collection
Consists primarily of letters and documents of American and French historical figures of the Revolutionary War period, but also contains an autograph album of 19th-century American politicans and writers as well as several English manuscripts. Included are two autograph letters (1781) by George Washington to the Marquis de Chastellux, written at the start of the Yorktown campaign; an autograph letter (1778) by Silas Deane from Paris, with documents listing his accounts charged to the United States for services and supplies purchased on its behalf; an autograph letter (1851) by Charles Dickens to an American friend recalling a previous visit to the United States; and a series of over 45 letters (1867-1871) by an American working with an English theatrical touring company while on a trip around the world. 

Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833

Edmund Kean Collection
Consists of theater programs, newspaper clippings, and articles on Kean, and portraits of Kean in various dramatic roles.

Kearny, Philip, 1815-1862

Civil War Papers of Philip Kearny
Consists of selected correspondence and documents of Kearny while he was brigadier general of volunteers in command of the 1st New Jersey Brigade during the Civil War. Included are letters to him by R. F. Stockton, W. B. Franklin, Charles S. Olden, and W. R. Montgomery, a few notes and circular orders by Kearny concerning mainly routine army matters, miscellaneous correspondence of others, lists of ordnance stores, vouchers, and muster rolls for the 7th New Jersey Brigade.

Keats, John, 1795-1821

John Keats Memorial Volume Collection
Consists of the original articles, essays, and poems written by prominent literary figures as contributions to the John Keats Memorial Volume edited by G. C. Williamson, which was issued on February 23, 1921, by the Keats House Committee to mark the centenary anniversary of Keats's death. A signed note by Thomas Hardy accompanies his poem "At a House in Hampstead." Among the literary persons who contributed are Henry van Dyke, General Sir Iain Hamiliton, George Bernard Shaw, and Hugh Walpole. Included is a copy of the published volume that is extra-illustrated with clippings, photographs, portraits, and signed authograph letters and notes by various literary persons regarding their willingness to contribute to the memorial volume, such as Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy, H. G. Wells, A. E. Housman, Walter de la Mare, George Bernard Shaw, Osbert Sitwell, and John Drinkwater.

Keeley, Edmund, 1928-

Edmund Keeley Papers
Consists of correspondence and works spanning Keeley's (Class of 1948) career, as Princeton University professor of English and creative writing, director of the creative writing program (1971-1981), and chairman of the Hellenic Studies Program (1985), novelist, editor, translator, and administrator of such organizations as the Modern Greek Association (president, 1970-1973; 1980-1981), the Poetry Society of America (vice-president, 1977-1979), P.E.N.(member of the executive board, 1980- ), and trustee of the American Farm School. The papers contain drafts, typescripts, galleys, and proofs for many of Keeley's novels, studies of Greek literature and poetry, and translations or compilations of works by Greek writers, including The Libation (1958), The Gold-Hatted Lover (1961), Modern Greek Poetry (1983), School for Pagan Lovers (1993), C. P. Cavafy's Passions and Ancient Days (1971), and Collected Poems (1975), Ritsos in Parentheses (1979), and Odysseus Elytis' Selected Poems (1981). There is literary, academic, organizational, and personal correspondence of Keeley with authors such as George Seferis, Giannes Ritsos, Angelos Sikelianos, R. P. Blackmur, and others, and with organizations such as the American Farm School, the Modern Greek Studies Association, the Poetry Society of America, and photographs, personal papers, reviews of his works, audiotapes, papers of others, clippings, and student papers. 

Kelleher, Patrick J. (Patrick Joseph), 1917-1985

Patrick J. Kelleher Papers
Consists, for the most part, of articles, notes, photographs, and printed matter prepared and collected by Kelleher concerning the Holy Crown of Hungary, which was returned to Hungary by the United States in 1978. Also present is correspondence, 1959-1976, with various artists and associates primarily covering the period Kelleher was director (1960-1972) of the Princeton University Art Museum, and various diplomas, awards and certificates of Kelleher. 

Kelley, Maurice, 1903-1996

Selected Papers of Maurice Kelley
Contains correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed matter of Kelley (Princeton PhD 1934) as acting librarian of Princeton's Firestone Library (1951-1953). Also included are correspondence of Kelley and Hamilton Cottier, with a journal (1935), concerning the Princeton Bibliographical Society; correspondence and newspaper reviews of Kelley's book about John Milton, This Great Argument (1941); general correspondence; a few personal photographs; and newspaper clippings about a bicycle trip taken by Kelley in 1940 to Canada over Benedict Arnold's trail. 

Kendall, Edward C. (Edward Calvin), 1886-1972

Edward C. Kendall Papers
Consists of the papers of Kendall, encompassing his career in clinical medicine. From 1914 to 1951 he conducted research in the biochemical section of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as well as taught (1921-1951) physiological chemistry at the Mayo Foundation and the University of Minnesota. His research into the hormones of the adrenal cortex led to his discovery of the ability to synthesize cortisone, for which he was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1950 with fellow researchers P. Hench and Tadeusz Reichstein. Upon his retirement in 1951, Kendall became a visiting professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Princeton University, and did research at Merck & Co. in Rahway, New Jersey. 

Kennicott, Benjamin, 1718-1783

Benjamin Kennicott Collection
Consists of selected manuscripts by or related to Kennicott, who was born at Totnes in Devon, England, and became a biblical scholar who specialized in the collation, translation, and publication of Hebrew texts. He held positions as Vicar of Culham (1753-1783) and Radcliffe librarian at Oxford (1767-1783). In addition to his work on Hebrew manuscripts Kennicott also authored a few sermons and works of poetry. Included are three original, undated manuscripts--two sermons and a poem entitled "A Poem on Christmas Day"--and a commonplace book kept by John Cooke (b. 1742), also of Totnes, Class of 1760, Christ Church, Oxford, which contains copies of eleven poems by Kennicott, most of which are unpublished. Some of the poems concern people or events in Totnes, and one is a humorous parody of Hamlet's soliloquy "To be or not to be."

Kerr, Jay, 1945-

Triangle Club Papers of Jay Kerr
Consists of correspondence, original music, itineraries of tours, newspaper clippings, and reviews of four productions of the Princeton Triangle Club between 1963 and 1966, as well as papers relating to Kerr's year (1966-1967) as president of the club. Included are correspondence between Kerr (Class of 1967) and Joshua Logan, himself an alumnus of the Club, and letters by Sheldon Harnick, Stephen Sondheim, and Frank Loesser. There are also two original works composed by Kerr, a musical setting for a Gerald Manley Hopkins poem and a children's operetta. 

Kienbusch, Carl Otto von, d. 1976

Kienbusch Angling Collection
Consists of manuscripts and letters relating to the history and method of angling collected by Kienbusch (Class of 1906). These range from "The Art of Angling" (ca. 1651) by Thomas Barker to Edward Hewitt's "Articles on Fish and Fishing" (1947). Most of the works are by 19th-century English authors, with some by 20th-century Americans. Included are Joseph Crawhall's "The Compleatest Angling Book" (1881), Biblioteca Piscatoria by William Harrison, Fishless Days (1954) by Alfred W. Miller, Memoirs of Eminent Sportsmen by Frederick Pond, and The Natural History of Cornish Fishes (1884) by Jonathan Couch. 

Kilberg, Barbara Greene, 1944-

Barbara Greene Kilberg Collection on the Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case
Consists of copies of papers collected by Kilberg while serving as a White House presidential fellow and staff assistant to President Richard M. Nixon lobbying for administration support of the return of the sacred Blue Lake lands to the Taos Indians. Included are copies of correspondence and memoranda between administration personnel and White House staff and documents and policy statements pertaining to the history of the dispute, the National Committee for Restoration of the Blue Lake Lands to the Taos Indians, the Taos Pueblo Council, and the tribal celebration in 1971 of the official restoration of their lands. Also present are papers relating to the Taos Pueblo boundary question (Tract C) in 1976. 

Kilbourne, Katharine Skinner, 1872-1968

Katharine Kilbourne Photographs of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation
Consists of an album of 48 photographs taken on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, Dulce, New Mexico, by Kilbourne in 1931.  Included are photographs of various buildings and Indians on the reservation and members of the D. Harper Simms family.

King, Ginevra, 1898-1980

Ginevra King Collection Relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald
Consists of material relating to King’s relationship (1915-1917) with Fitzgerald. Included are King’s diary (1913-1914), typescript of her letters (11 Jan. 1915 - 7 July 1917) to Fitzgerald that he gave to her (in the 1930s?), undated carbon copy of "Love? Story" by King, ALS by Fitzgerald to King (21 July 1918), 2 TLsS by Dan Piper to King (1917), 6 TLsS by Arthur Mizener to King, and an issue of Town and Country magazine (1 July 1918).

Koch, Dolores

Dolores Koch Collection of Reinaldo Arenas
Consists of working papers of Arenas collected by Dolores Koch, his friend and preferred translator. Much of the material concerns the publication of Arenas's work and its translation into English. Explanatory notes by Koch accompany some items. Included are a corrected typescript of "Antes que anochezca,"a photocopy of the unpublished "Cecilia Valdes," and a typescript of Part One of "La loma del angel." The correspondence prominently features members of Arenas's publication team and includes material relating to the "Colchie affair," a 1993 conflict between Arenas's agent, Thomas Colchie, and the Camachos. Also featured are letters written by Dolores Koch to Julian Schnabel, suggesting changes to the script for his 1999 movie Before Night Falls. Correspondents include Dolores Koch, Roberto Valero, Thomas Colchie, and Jorge and Margarita Camacho.

Koenig, John, 1910-1963

John Koenig Papers
Consists of correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings of Koenig's life: from his involvement in theatrical productions as a student, through his career as a Broadway set designer, including his later years as a designer and assistant director of the Viriginia Museum of the Fine Arts. Part of the collection covers his tour of duty in the army during World War II when he worked on Irving Berlin's show, "This Is the Army." 

Konkle, Burton Alva, 1861-1944

The Life and Writings of James Wilson by Burton Alva Konkle
Consists of a transcript made by Julian P. Boyd in 1946 of Konkle's original and unpublished manuscript The Life and Writings of James Wilson (1742-1798), which is in the library of the American Philosophical Society. Wilson, Revolutionary activist, Continental congressman from Pennsylvania and, later, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, was a chief participant in the establishment of the U.S. Constitution. 

Korn, Richard, 1908-1981

Richard Korn Papers
The collection represents two disparate but intense interests of Korn: the Orchestra of America and the American Council for Judaism. As the founder, manager, and conductor of the orchestra, Korn helped to promulgate the cause of American music both through concerts and recordings, and the papers include correspondence by many established and fledgling composers of mid-twentieth-century music. The collection provides insight into not only the artistic endeavors of the orchestra but also the problems inherent in keeping an orchestra viable while creating an interest in new music which a concert-going public is cautious to accept. Also included are documents, photographs, miscellaneous material, and printed matter. 

Kraus, Joe Walker, 1917-

Joe Walker Kraus Collection
Consists of Kraus's working papers for histories of two American publishers, including bibliographies of the books they published: A History of Way & Williams (1984) and Messrs. Copeland & Day (1979). The collection contains the author's notes, typescripts, photographs, annotated proofs, printer's notes, and some correspondence. 

Kummer, Clare Beecher, 1886-1958

Clare Beecher Kummer Papers
Consists of the papers of Kummer, a song-writer, playwright, and poet. Born Clare Rodman Beecher in Brooklyn, New York, she was a grand-daughter of Edward Beecher and niece of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Included are manuscript plays, musical compositions, songs, verse, and correspondence. Also included are many acting editions of her plays published by Samuel French, scrapbooks for A Successful Calamity, Her Master's Voice, and Many Happy Returns, annotated prompt scripts, pages of unidentified script dialogue, royalty statements, contracts, over 200 copies of sheet music, photographs of Kummer and her family, and many forms of theatrical memorabilia.

Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-

Stanley Kunitz Papers
Consists of wide-ranging materials accumulated by Kunitz over a period of about seventy years. The collection includes various manuscripts and galley proofs of books, poems, fiction, nonfiction, translations (books and individual poems), and college writings by Kunitz. The bulk of the collection is correspondence exchanged between Kunitz and members of his family, friends, fellow literati, publishers, editors, and literary journals and institutions. Some of the major literary figures represented are Louise Bogan, Elizabeth Bishop, Peter Davison, Louise Gluck, Denise Levertov, Robert (Cal) Lowell, Marianne Moore, Theodore Roethke, Michael Ryan, Anne Sexton, Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren, and Richard Wilbur. There is also a good deal of correspondence with such institutions and corporations as the Academy of American Poets, the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, Columbia University, and the Atlantic Monthly Press.

Atlantic Monthly Press Author Files of Stanley Kunitz
Consists of the Atlantic Monthly Press author files (1965-1983) of the American poet Stanley Kunitz, including correspondence between Kunitz, director Peter Davison, and editor Emily Morison Beck, related publisher's correspondence and announcements, sample dust jackets, and press clippings, covering the period when Kunitz published The Testing Tree (1971), A Kind of Order, A Kind of Folly (1975), and The Poems of Stanley Kunitz, 1928-1978 (1979).


La Branche, George M. L. (George Michel Lucien), 1875-1961

Angling Papers of George M. L. La Branche
Consists of La Branche's works, correspondence, a diary (1911), photographs, miscellaneous financial papers, and printed matter relating to angling. The collection contains fragments of his autograph manuscript The Salmon and the Dry Fly (1924) and correspondence with fellow anglers, especially George E. M. Skues of England, which reflect his expertise in dry fly fishing. The correspondence also refers to La Branche's other book, The Dry Fly and Fast Water (1914), the Fly Fishers Club (London), and the Anglers Club (New York), as well as to the many fishing trips he took to England and Scotland. A diary records the places he fished and kinds of fish caught during the summer of 1911. 

La Farge, C. Grant (Christopher Grant), 1862-1938

American Architectural Drawings
Consists of approximately 5000 early 20th-century American architectural drawings (blueprints and trace drawings), primarily by C. Grant La Farge and various firms with which he was associated, including Heins & La Farge, La Farge, Clark & Creighton, La Farge, Warren & Clark, La Farge & Morris, and La Farge & Son. There are also groups of drawings by the architects Wilson Eyre, Pennington Satterthwaite (Class of 1893), Robert Gibson, and a few miscellaneous firms. 

Labatut, Jean, 1899-1986

Jean Labatut Papers
Consists of the papers of Labatut, professor (1928-1967) and director of graduate studies at Princeton's School of Architecture. Included are personal and professional correspondence with family, friends, colleagues, architectural organizations, and architecture schools; material about his involvement in various architectural projects, such as Concordia Seminary (St. Louis), the 1939 New York World's Fair, and Stuart Country Day School (Princeton, NJ); photograph albums of representative works by his students; material about architectural awards and competitions; files about local planning issues in Princeton (Labatut chaired the Princeton Township Planning Board, 1948-1958); and material related to Maybury Hill, the Labatut estate in Princeton. 

Ladenburg, Rudolf, 1882-1952

Selected Manuscripts of Rudolf Ladenburg
Contains selected manuscripts of Ladenburg with special emphasis on lecture and laboratory courses in physics taught at Princeton University in the 1940s. Included are Ladenburg's notes on nuclear physics and a bibliography of his works, as well as printed copies of some of them. 

Laflin, Louis E. (Louis Ellsworth), 1898-1976

Kernodle Collection of Louis E. Laflin
Consists of letters (Class of 1924) to George R. Kernodle (a friend from Yale Drama School), written over thirty-three years; Laflin's notes and papers on Asian/Indian, Egyptian, and Greek drama; copies of six plays written by him; and copies of two essays on the founding and history of Princeton's Theatre Intime.

Selected Papers of Louis E. Laflin
Consists of letters by Laflin (Class of 1924) to Helen D. Hill, covering his years at the Lawrenceville School and Princeton University, and typescripts of four of his plays based on religious themes. 

Lagorio, Arturo

Arturo Lagorio Correspondence
Consists of letters (1932-1984) to Arturo Lagorio, Argentine poet and author, by various Latin American and Spanish writers, including Samuel Eichelbaum, Maria Granata, Nicolas Olivari, and Cesar Tiempo.

Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834

Charles Lamb Collection
Consists of letters and manuscripts about Lamb as well as 12 of Lamb's letters to Maria Fryer and others. The collection includes an autograph manuscript of his poem "To Louisa Martin," signed and dated 1830. Writers of letters about Lamb include Mary Lamb, Henry James (1843-1916), William Hone, and Luther Livingston. There are also photostatic copies of notes in the hands of both Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 

Lambert, Gerard B. (Gerard Barnes), 1886-1967

Gerard B. Lambert Business Records
Consists of the business records of Lambert (Class of 1908), including correspondence, bills, invoices, and financial statements, which reflect his position as head of the Lambert Pharmacal Co. of St. Louis, developers and manufacturers of Listerine. In addition, there are two scrapbooks, one documenting Thomas E. Dewey's run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1940 and another filled with reviews of Lambert's autobiography, All Out of Step (1956). Additional papers contain a letter by Caroline Gordon Tate to Grace Lambert and a photograph of the actor Joseph Cotton with the Lamberts.

Lampersdorf Lutheran Congregation Registers

Consists of six bound volumes kept by the Lutheran Congregation in Lampersdorf, Silesia (now Zaborow, Poland), and chiefly comprised of handwritten copies of rescripts, official decrees, and other documents relevant to Lutherans in the Holy Roman Empire and Kingdom of Prussia from 1677 to 1822.

Lamson, Roswell H. (Roswell Hawks)

Roswell H. Lamson Papers
Consists of Lamson's correspondence, diaries (1864, 1870, 1887), photographs, documents, memorabilia, and printed matter. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence between Lamson and his wife, Kate Buckingham Lamson; letters to him by his mother, cousins, father, J. Lamson (in Oregon), and grandfather, Roswell Hawks; and copies in letterbooks of letters he wrote to them. Much of this correspondence covers the years he was a lieutenant and, later, captain during the Civil War (1861-1865) serving on several ships including the Wabash, Stepping Stones, and Gettysburg, and contains descriptions of military operations and naval encounters with the Confederate forces. There is also a notebook of naval terms with definitions and explanations kept by Lamson while a midshipman at Annapolis. 

Landor, Walter Savage, 1775-1864

Walter Savage Landor Correspondence
Contains some of Landor's correspondence with family members and friends, including holograph letters (1836-1864) to his brother Henry Eyres Landor, to his sister Elizabeth, and to his nieces Ellen and Kitty, as well as several letters to Lady Blessington, John Edmund Reade, and Leigh Hunt. There are also original letters by Matthew Arnold, Lady Blessington, Shirley Brooks, George Jacob Holyoake, and John Morley, and 20 letters (1865-70) by John Forster and his wife to Landor's niece on the subject of Forster's biography of Landor. 

Landshoff, Ludwig, 1874-1941

Ludwig Landshoff Papers
Consists of music transcriptions, notebooks, note cards, printed sheet music, and other printed matter of Landshoff. The collection reflects the years (1918-1928) he spent as director and conductor of the Munich Bach Verein, a society for the performance of older music, and it includes transcriptions of his editions of music by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782), Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868), Niccolo Jommielli (1714-1774), Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), and other German and Italian 17th- and 18th-century composers. Also included are notebooks and cards for a work on Vivaldi and his music, music programs covering performances of his wife, Philippine Landshoff, a soprano, and copies of printed music he either edited or conducted.

Langford, J. M. (Joseph Munt), 1809-1884

J. M. Langford Correspondence
Consists of editorial and personal correspondence received by Langford from an assortment of English authors and noblemen, including Sir Archibald, Alison, John Walter Cross, Charles Grey, Sir Arthur Helps, Alexander Williams Kinglake, Sir Theodore Martin, and Samuel Warren. Four letters are addressed to the Blackwoods, or the firm directly, not to Langford. Furthermore, there are three miscellaneous letters located at the end of the alphabetical list of correspondents; it is unknown if these are addressed to Langford. Also included is the indenture for Langford's apprenticeship as a stationer under James Nesbit.

Lanham, C. T. (Charles Trueman), 1902-1978

Lanham/Hemingway Papers
Consists, for the most part, of Xerox copies of correspondence between General Lanham and Ernest Hemingway, a chronology by Lanham of the years (1944-1945) when Hemingway was attached to his unit in Europe during World War II as a war correspondent, and correspondence between Lanham, Mary Hemingway, and others about Hemingway. Also included in the collection are correspondence between Carlos Baker and Lanham and a draft of Chapter 9 of Baker's biography Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story (1969) containing Lanham's notes. 

Lansdale, Maria Hornor, 1860-

Maria Hornor Lansdale Correspondence
Contains 573 letters to Lansdale, most of which (421) were written by her physician-friend Walter Biggar Blaikie of Edinburgh, with several containing comments on her book Scotland, Historic and Romantic(1905). Other correspondents represented are Henry Holt, Landsdale's publisher, regarding her translation of Grazia Deledda's Doppo il Divorzio (After the Divorce) (1904), Cecilia Beaux, the artist, and Ellen Douglas Deland, the novelist. In addition, there are several photographs of Blaikie and a few newspaper clippings. 

Larsson, R. Ellsworth (Raymond Ellsworth), 1901-

R. Elsworth Larsson Papers
Consists mainly of the autograph manuscripts of Larsson's poems, but includes an autograph prose manuscript, "Hemingway at a Scene's Edge," written to be used in Carlos Baker's biography of Hemingway, as well as some correspondence and pencil drawings.

Latin American Literature, Culture, and History

An annotated list of related collections and manuscripts in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. 


Latin American Prints and Posters Collection

Contains prints and posters by Latin American artists, in several distinct groups: political posters celebrating days of solidarity with oppressed countries; lithographs dealing mostly with peasants at work; a portfolio commemorating the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico; views of 17th century Veracruz and Mexico City; and exhibition posters from the Casa del Libro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Laurence Pollinger Ltd.

Laurence Pollinger Ltd. Files Concerning D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover
The Laurence Pollinger Ltd. Files Concerning D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover consists of manuscripts, correspondence, contracts, and clippings of the literary agency Laurence Pollinger Ltd. relating to the firm's involvement with the literary estate of D. H. Lawrence.

Lawrence, Reginald, 1900-1967

Reginald Lawrence Papers
Consists of typescripts of plays Lawrence (Class of 1921) wrote for theater, film, and television, as well as short stories, poetry, outlines and notes for various projects, some letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Included are a typescript and miscellaneous material for the Cole Porter musical Out of This World, the book of which Lawrence co-authored.

Le Riverend, Pablo, 1907-1991

Pablo Le Riverend Correspondence
Consists for the most part of correspondence of Le Riverend with Cuban émigré poets Lucas Lamadrid and Matías Montes Huidobro, and Spanish poet Miguel Luesma Castán. Included also are copies of poems and published articles. Le Riverend emigrated from Cuba in 1962 and taught Spanish at Heidelberg College (Tiffin, Ohio) from 1965 to 1972. He later lived in Newark, N.J., and edited Q-21 Poesia para Poetas.

Lea, Joseph, fl. 1799-1802

Joseph Lea Correspondence
Consists of correspondence (approximately 125 letters) between Lea and his father, Thomas Lea. Joseph writes from boarding school in Burlington, New Jersey, in 1799, to his father at Wilmington, Delaware. In September 1801 he asks for permission to attend Princeton, and given that permission he enters Princeton as a senior in November 1801, taking classes in chemistry, natural philosophy, and other subjects.

Lee, Henry F. (Henry Flavel), 1830-1912

Henry F. Lee Family Correspondence
Contains correspondence of Lee (Class of 1855), a pastor of the Mariners' Church in Philadelphia, Pa., with his daughter Annie Lee Willets and her husband William Willets who resided in Pittsburgh, Pa. Also included is correspondence between the Willets and their children, and various other family members, as well as miscellaneous financial papers, religious notes, clippings, and letters concerning the Mariners' Church and William Willet's Stained Glass Window Company. 

Lee, Rensselaer W. (Rensselaer Wright), 1898-1984

Rensselaer W. Lee Papers
Consists of articles, lectures, correspondence, printed matter, photographs, and research material of Lee (Class of 1920), Marquand Professor of Art and Archaeology (1961-1966) at Princeton. Included are files of professional correspondence (1930-1984), papers of organizations to which he belonged, such as the American Academy in Rome (president, 1968-1971), outlines and lectures for his art history courses, and a great deal of notes, letters, and photographs of works of art relating to the pictorial illustration of the works of the Italian poets Lodovico Ariosto (1474-1533) and Torquato Tasso (1544-1595) and the relationship of Renaissance painting and poetry. Manuscripts and related material for two books, Names on Trees: Ariosto in Art (1977) and Ut Pictura Poesis: The Humanistic Theory of Painting (1967), and a lecture, "Poetry Into Painting: Tasso and Art" (1970), are also included. 

Leeb, Alfred, 1850-

Alfred Leeb Collection
Consists of eight of Leeb's personal account books, two account books of his wife, Emma P. Leeb, and her checkbook with stubs, all of which describe household expenses relating to their home in South Orange, N.J. 

Lehman, Ernest, 1915-

Ernest Lehman Screenplays Collection
Consists of original manuscripts and multiple drafts of screenplay revisions for Lehman's works North by Northwest and Somebody Up There Likes Me. Includes mss. notes from Lehman that discuss his interactions with Hitchcock, Cary Grant, and others involved in the productions.

Lehmann, John, 1907-1987

Lehmann Family Papers
Consists of the extensive family papers of John Lehmann, an English author, poet, journalist, editor, and publisher. Lehmann was founder and editor (1936-1950) of New Writing, manager (1938-1946) of Hogarth Press, founder and director (1946-1952) of John Lehmann, Ltd. (publishers), founding editor (1953-1961) of London Magazine, and visiting professor at various universities. Lehmann also wrote or edited numerous works, including Forty Poems (1942), The Age of the Dragon: Poems, 1930-1951 (1951), Edith Sitwell (1952), I Am My Brother (1960), Demetrios Capetanakis, A Greek Poet in England (1947), and Shelley in Italy: An Anthology (1947). 

Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-1903

Charles Godfrey Leland Collection
Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and miscellany of Leland (Class of 1845). Several of the 31 letters by him were written while he was a student at Princeton (one gives a very entertaining account of his suspension, 1842), and others refer to the formation of the American Students' Union which fostered social correspondence between the classes of different universities. Some of these letters contain sketches, and the collection includes an ink sketch by the author of his room at Princeton. Among the nine manuscripts in the collection is a notebook, dated 1841 to 1843, titled "Essays and Extracts from Old Books and Writers," in which Leland kept extracts from Hobbes, Spinoza, and others, along with what appear to be his own essays. Manuscripts of verse include "Witch Songs," "Serenade," and "Educatio Diaboli." 

Leon, Marion

Marion Leon Collection of Pueblo Indian Paintings
Consists of seven ethnographic paintings by Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, depicting traditional tribal ceremonies and participants, such as corn dancers, buffalo dancers, etc. 

Letters and Diaries of Princetonians in Service, World War II

Letters and Diaries of Princetonians in Service, World War II

Levine, Esar

Esar Levine Collection of Frank Harris
Consists of the writings, correspondence, and printed matter of, and relating to, Frank Harris (1855-1931) as collected by Esar Levine (1899-?), Harris's disciple, agent and friend. Harris, an Irish-born, naturalized American citizen, was a prolific writer and journalist/editor who is perhaps best known for his scandalous autobiography, My Life and Loves, which was censored in both Europe and America.

Lewis, Adler and Laws (Firm)

Lewis, Adler and Laws Records
Consists of eighty-six letterpress copybooks of letters sent by the Philadelphia law firm of Lewis, Adler and Laws to its clients. 

Libbey, William, 1855-1927

William Libbey Correspondence
Consists of 207 letters from 1876 to 1925, received by Libbey (Princeton Class of 1877). In 1880 Libbey was appointed assistant professor of physical geography and director of the Museum of Geology and Archaeology and in 1883 full professor at Princeton. He was corresponding secretary of the American Geographical Society, a fellow of various geographical societies, and a leader and member of several scientific expeditions, including Robert E. Peary's arctic expeditions of 1894 and 1899. The letters are from 89 different correspondents associated with Princeton University, the greater scientific community, and friends, including the English author Amelia E. Barr, Frank M. Chapman, Wilson Farrand, New Jersey Governor James F. Fiedler, Arnold Guyot, Ivy L. Lee, John Maclean, Allan Marquand, Junius Spencer Morgan, Robert E. Peary, Joseph P. Tumulty (as secretary to Woodrow Wilson), Henry Van Dyke, William H. Welch, and one letter from Woodrow Wilson. Also included is a commencement program, June 1877, for the College of New Jersey.

William Libbey Collection of New Jersey Documents
Consists of fifty-two New Jersey documents collected by Libbey (Class of 1877), the bulk of which are deeds representing the counties of Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Hunterdon and the towns of Princeton, Rocky Hill, Montgomery, and Lawrence. 

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

Abraham Lincoln Collection
Consists of two signed, autograph letters and four signed documents by Lincoln, photostats and facsimiles of additional letters, and related material. In one letter ("private"), addressed to R. M. Corwin and dated 2 May 1860, Lincoln attempts to give the "lay of the land" as to presidential preferences of various state electoral delegations; in the other letter, addressed to Princeton President MacLean and dated 27 December 1864, he acknowledges the award of an honorary degree. Also included in the collection is a rare facsimile of the 1860 edition of Lincoln's Cooper Institute address issued by the Young Men's Republican Union with notes by Charles C. Nott and Cephas Brainerd, a letter (1911) by Nott which discusses the address, and a letter (1960) by Charles G. Osgood which adds details about Judge Nott. 

Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974

Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Papers
Consists of manuscripts of Charles A. Lindbergh's A Letter to Americans, which was published in Collier's magazine on March 29, 1941, with fan mail received as a reaction to the article, arranged by state of origin, and manuscripts for Anne Morrow Lindbergh's The Wave of the Future (1940) also accompanied by fan mail and a small amount of letters from well-known people, family, and friends. 

Lindsay, Vachel, 1879-1931

Vachel Lindsay Collection
Consists of a few holograph poems, a drawing, photographs, and correspondence of Lindsay. Included are fourteen of his love letters (1923-1925) to Elizabeth Mann Wills. 

Linton, W. J. (William James), 1812-1897

W. J. Linton Collection
Consists of 36 letters of Linton, with related correspondence and miscellaneous materials. Correspondents include Leigh Hunt and Charles Jeremiah Wells. There are three manuscripts of poems, presumably by Linton: "The Commonwealth" (n.d.), "Freedom's Triumph" (1884), and "Sir Richard Grenville" (1852). Also, there is a 238-page manuscript of a novel, In Exile, which appears to be credited to Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Among the miscellaneous materials are pieces of unidentified artwork as well as several photographs of Linton, Giuseppe Mazzini, and others. 

"Literary Landmarks of Princeton" Exhibition Collection

Consists primarily of author files related to the Princeton University Library's "Literary Landmarks of Princeton" exhibition in 1967, curated by Alfred Bush, which include his correspondence with and about the authors, information about the authors, as well as some photographs of authors or their homes in Princeton. The correspondence often provides unusual anecdotes about the authors, or their reaction to the exhibition and catalogue. There is also a small series of files for potential authors not included in the exhibition, and miscellaneous files that contain general notes and information associated with the production of the exhibition and the printed exhibition catalogue.

Lithgow, Arthur W. (Arthur Washington), 1915-

McCarter Theatre Papers of Arthur W. Lithgow
Contains correspondence and typescripts of plays from the time when Lithgow was executive director of McCarter Theatre, and includes some documents, press releases, and newspaper clippings. Much of the correspondence relates not only to the running of an active repertory theater--with letters to and by actors, playwrights, set designers, directors, and the Actors' Equity Association--but also to serving the needs of the community through its participation in arts festivals, such as the 1970 American College Theatre Festival in Washington, D.C., seminars, and student matinees. 

Litz, A. Walton (Arthur Walton), 1929-

A. Walton Litz Papers
This collection consists of the English literature course materials of A. Walton Litz. Included are his lecture notes on topics in modern literature, modern American poetry, modern British poetry, and the history of literary criticism, as well as syllabi, reading lists, handouts, and other reference material.

Livermore, Mary A. (Mary Ashton), 1820-1905

Mary A. Livermore Collection
This collection was formed by combining two separately acquired groups of material. The first accesssion (box 1) consists of autograph notes, drafts, typescripts, and reprints of several lectures, articles, such as "Abraham Lincoln" and "The Teacher as a Moral Force," and short stories by or pertaining to Livermore, together with a few manuscripts of poetry by Hezekiah Butterworth and Lillie J. Davis. The second accession (boxes 2-7) contains correspondence, two memoranda books, financial records, a baptismal certificate (1823) for Harriet Livermore, a few sketches of Indian burial mounds and artifacts, and other miscellaneous documents. Also included are drafts of lectures on women's rights and suffrage, temperance, antiquities of America, education, Italy, travels in America and Europe, Christianity, Buddhism, and brief biographies of Harriet Martineau, Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Fry, Columbus, John B. Gough, Abraham Lincoln, and Wendell Phillips. In addition, there are clippings and pamphlets on women's suffrage, magazines from the 1890s, and photographs, negatives, and glass plates of family portraits and pictures from Livermore's European travels. 

Livingston, Edward, 1764-1836

Edward Livingston Papers
Consists of the papers of Edward Livingston (Class of 1781) and other members of this famous Hudson River Valley family, including a large quantity of documents of Edward's sister, Janet Montgomery, and mother, Margaret Beekman Livingston, both of whom as widows successfully managed large estates. A substantial amount of papers of the family's surveyor/agent, John Cox, Jr., survives, as do the business papers and claims against the estate of an Albany-area merchant, Benjamin French, whose livelihood disintegrated during the first year of the American Revolution. There are also, though in comparatively smaller amounts, records of approximately three-dozen Livingstons, collateral relatives and others, including Richard Montgomery, Coralie Livingston Barton, Louise Livingston, and Auguste Davezac. 

Locker, Corinne, 1924-

Corinne Locker Collection on the Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case
Consists of papers gathered by Locker while she was (1) secretary to Oliver La Farge during his tenure as president of the Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA), (2) Southwest field secretary (1963-1966) for the AAIA, and (3) coordinator of the National Committee for Restoration of the Blue Lake Lands to the Taos Indians. Included are original and photocopied correspondence and documents of Oliver La Farge, James Haley, Paul Bernal of the Taos Pueblo Council, William Schaab, Clinton P. Anderson, Rufus G. Poole, and others; Locker's report (1966) concerning a conflict of interest among Pueblo attorneys; papers of the National Council of Churches, which replaced the AAIA as the Pueblo's Eastern representative in the Blue Lake case; congressional and senate files; financial data; publicity material; and other papers relating to proposed Blue Lake legislation. Also included are miscellaneous papers concerning the AAIA in New Mexico and the Pueblo Indians. 

Loeb, Harold, 1891-1974

Broom Correspondence of Harold Loeb
Consists primarily of the correspondence files, 1921-1924, of Broom, An International Magazine of the Arts, edited in Italy by Loeb (Class of 1913) in association with Matthew Josephson, Alfred Kreymborg, Malcolm Cowley, and Lola Ridge. Approximately half the collection consists of editorial and business correspondence between Loeb and his associates, while the balance contains few or single letters from over 150 American, British, and European authors and artists. Among the correspondents represented are Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Ford Madox Ford, Jean Cocteau, and Henri Matisse. 

Longstreet, Stepehen, 1907-

Stephen Longstreet Collection
Consists primarily of watercolor and ink portraits of artists, authors, poets, and musicians by Longstreet. Most of the portraits were drawn in Paris, England, New York City, and Harlem. The portrait subjects include: Matisse, Picasso, Louis Armstrong, Colette, T. S. Eliot, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Dylan Thomas, Virginia Woolf, and others. Also included in the collection is a watercolor which features spectators at a Princeton-Yale football game, and biographical materials regarding Longstreet and his work. 

Lonyay, Karoly, grof, 1886-1963

Rudolph, The Tragedy of Mayerling by Karoly Lonyay
Consists of the typed manuscript, with holograph corrections, of Lonyay's biography Rudolph, The Tragedy of Mayerling (1949), a work about Rudolf, the Crown Prince of Austria and only son of Emperor Francis Joseph, whose romantic attachment to Baroness Marie Vetsera resulted in their suicidal deaths in 1889. 

Loofbourow, Leon T.

Leon T. Loofbourow Collection of Mormon and Utah Poetry
Consists, for the most part, of manuscripts of works of Mormon and Utah poets collected by Loofbouruw, including Claire Stewart Boyer, Maurice Churchill, Clarence E. Eddy, W. Eder, Maude Blixt Frome, Mary Clark Kimball, Cleone Montgomery, Genevieve Selender, Jane Sheean, Lois V. Smith, and Rachel B. Taft. Also included are a notebook, "Contemporary Verse," by Percy Horne containing newspaper clippings of poems which appeared in The Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah); a collection of parodies of well-known poems, Utah Sings C.O.D., with contributions by various Utah and Mormon poets; transcripts of a play, The Viking King, and an essay, "Richard Strauss" (1908), by W. Eger; and a commonplace book (1858) by Hannah Topfield King. In addition, there are some of Loofbouruw's notes, his typescript of a critical appraisal of Clarence E. Eddy's poems written for the Salt Lake City Tribune (July 12, 1936), and a fragment of a typescript on Alfred Lambourne's poems. 

Loth, David, 1899-

Woodrow Wilson, The Fifteenth Point by David Loth
Consists of the printer's copy of Loth's biography Woodrow Wilson, The Fifteenth Point, dealing with Wilson's role in the writing of the Treaty of Versailles (1919). 

Lotka, Alfred J. (Alfred James), 1880-1949

Alfred J. Lotka Papers
Consists of Lotka's works, correspondence, photographs, and printed matter reflecting the years (1924-1948) Lotka spent as a statistician with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company working on population studies, human fertility, and United States demographics. The collection contains his papers for scientific journals, source material, notes, correspondence, and reviews of his book Elements of Physical Biology, as well as his course notes in organic chemistry and physics at Mason College, Birmingham, England (1894-1901). Also included is correspondence with professional societies and organizations, such as the American Statistical Association, Population Association of America, Inter-American Statistical Institute, and International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. In addition, there are reviews (including Lotka's), correspondence, and notes regarding Robert R. Kuczynski's book Fertility and Reproduction (1932). 

Louisiana Slavery and Civil War Collection

Consists primarily of two distinct, New Orleans-related groups of papers: 1) papers (1805-1864) concerning the estate of Marie Claire, manumitted slave, comprising documents--wills, tax receipts, bills, deeds of manumission, and other records--that suggest the process by which slaves bought their freedom and continued the practice by working, saving money, and freeing their enslaved relatives; and 2) miscellaneous papers (1861-1872), apparently of the law firm of Durant and Hornor, regarding various Civil War claims and cases of civilians against the Union Army to recover property or receive damages. Included are correspondence and legal documents (1862-1872) relating to Benjamin Franklin Butler and the claim of Cosgrove vs. Butler, printed material (1812-1867), letters by Henry Clay and Ulysses S. Grant, and two Louisiana historical manuscripts (1722, 

Lowrie, Walter, 1868-1959

Walter Lowrie Papers
Contains biographical material, works, correspondence, scrapbooks, and printed material of Lowrie (Class of 1890), as well as papers of Canon Howard A. Johnson who acted as executor of Lowrie's estate. Included are manuscripts of three books by Lowrie, A Short Life of Kierkegaard (1942), The Enchanted Island (1953), and The Soul of Plants; articles, addresses, prayers, and sermons by him; and reviews and clippings about his works. Much of the collection is devoted to correspondence between leading theologians and Kierkegaard scholars, such as Canon Johnson, Niels Thulstrup, Masuri Otani, and Frederik Riedel, concerning translations of and articles about Kierkegaard's works. The collection also reflects Lowrie's contributions to Kierkegaardian scholarship by making accessible through his translations the Danish philosopher's works. There is additional correspondence by family members to Lowrie, particularly letters from his mother, as well as letters exchanged between family members and correspondence between Lowrie and various publishers. In addition, there are scrapbooks of printed material about Kierkegaard, material (1907-1930) relating to Lowrie's principal parish, St. Paul's in Rome, and offprints of Lowrie's published works, as well as a thesis by Donald Fox, The Long Life of Walter Lowrie

Luchting, Wolfgang A. (Wolfgang Alexander), 1927-

Wolfgang A. Luchting Correspondence
Consists primarily of correspondence between Wolfgang A. Luchting and Latin American authors, particularly writers from Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. Born in Munich, Germany, in 1927, Luchting taught Spanish and comparative literature at Washington State University, Pullman, from 1966 until his retirement. In 1961, Luchting began publishing his German translations of Latin American authors, including novels by Ribeyro, Vargas Llosa, and Chilean writer Manuel Rojas, and numerous critical studies on Peruvian authors, particularly Ribeyro. 

Ludlow, James M. (James Meeker), 1841-1932

James M. Ludlow Manuscripts
Contains six unpublished, typed manuscripts with holograph corrections by Ludlow (Princeton Class of 1861) and some printed matter. The manuscripts consist of four volumes of essays--Science and the Bible, Andiron Stories, an untitled volume of miscellaneous essays, and a group of essays in autobiographical form--as well as a play, Jephthah, and a volume of short stories, Ghost Stalking in Italy. The printed matter contains several printed sermons by Ludlow and newspaper clippings. 

Lundy, J. P. (John Patterson), 1823-1897

J. L. Lundy Manuscripts
Consists of four book-length manuscripts by Lundy (Class of 1846): Monumental Christianity (1876), a treatise on ancient Christianity and symbolism; Prehistoric Worship in America; Prehistoric Rock-Inscriptions of North America; and Alaskan Legends from [Abbe] Petitot, including the Cree legend of Ayas and a series of six of his lectures on the aboriginal civilization and religion of prehistoric America. 

Lytle, R. Ridgely, 1891-1980

R. Ridgely Lytle World War I Collection
Consists of World War I memorabilia, letters, photographs, and documents collected by Lytle (Class of 1913) when he was a delegate in the province of Luxembourg for the Commission for Relief in Belgium and, later, a member of the American ambulance drivers in France. Included is a catalog of an exhibition of these and other materials held at Princeton University Library in 1916.